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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  May 23, 2012 11:05pm-11:40pm EDT

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3 three years ago... the ggneeal motors anddchrrsler to keep them frommgoing undde. the govvrnment investtd 50 has paid ucc of that money back. but, nnw a viral video is attaccing g-m... claimiig theecompany, escued by taxppyers is moving overseas. parrn baskkrville is diigingg deeper into claims that g-m is - takkng your oney.. and mmoing &pjobs to china. china. 3video...00::0:06 - 00:00:200> " the american taxpayyer 3 ruun..80 billion tax dollars saved gm and chryslee from going uuder...did we bailouu & it coull be chinesee company..."bbogger vince waae goinngoo the ttack...accuuing -3& general motors of beinn china potors...questioninn the & bailout and what thattmeant forrtaxpayers...(pre-prr in)in a statement.... gm spokeswomann saass" g-m did not use u-s governmenn baalout money o build iissmanufacturing
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footprinttin cchna. siice tte bankruptcy, gm as announced facilities tttaling mre than - 7.1 illion dollars."(pre-pro & out)auto nalyst mike wall...of autommtive forecasting firm will double in 100 yearss..making it thhebiggest car market n the world...< -3 mikk wwll...autoo analyst....0:00:46 - 00:04:00 > " the biggest issuu we have -33 issthere is a chunk of ownership the uu owns in gm..and it's goinggtoo e a while bbfore we probably unnindd..and gge out of that...but areewe etter off now looking back...than we &pwould have beee...i dd think so..."(pre-pro in)lass - sales in & hina rose 18 percent too2226 & milllon rose seven percent to more thaa 519- china increased by 9 percent last more thha 2.4 - million vehicles...(preepro out)the gm ssokeswwman also told us...(preepro in)"other &pauto manufacttrers like ford, vw, aad bmw are now racing to &the hiia market in order to
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play caach up to gm's sales success."(pre-pro out)< 3& " since theebailout, 0 - percent of tte cars and trucks outssde the u-s, more and more that ppace ii china..."gm ays pt has a global policy of "build where thhy sell.. they believe it lowers the ccst for the ustomer...(ppe-pro in))- rrughly 70 percent offits pales aae geneeated ouuside of the u-s...doing business in pore thhn 120 ountries...more than 7-thhusand people work -3 for the company nnthe u- s...205--housand globally (pre-prooouu)< video...00000:00 - 00:09:11 > " akerson calls chiia the crown jewel innthe gm taxpayers may --3 wonder here that leeves the us f america..."< wall...0:01:55 - 00:02:11 > " 3 hhppening...they'reebuilding vehhclee here...for pprchase here...expanding hhre...aree they expanding at the same clii they are in hina....o..." 3 more than 18-
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3 milliin vehiclee were sold in chinaalast year...compared to -3 144millionnin thh u-s....all pt makes...which means generrl &pinvestments in products here in the u-s... 3 new deeeeopmeett... pn... the trayvvn marrii ase case the .... orlando - sentinel reports.../ 4 witnesses... áchhngedá... noo hurt... accused killer... george zimmerman's initially... said... she saw ...two peoppl ...on tte grrund ...// 3shooting.../ and.../ - didn't... know... whh... days later.../ she... said.../ it... was... zimmerman..../ zimmerman claiim... he acted./../ in.... eef-defense.../ when... he shot martin.../ pin... ebruary... &&pat this poinnt.. ww knowwabout driving.a couple whh were crittcclly injured in crashh by a driver whh was teeting 3 driver... buttalso the person -wwo sent the ext. & happpned ii new jersee... david and lindaa kuberttwent around a curve and saw a truck coming right at & thhm..avvd sayy the drivvr was
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&ppsing his elbows tt teer, had his hhad down and was texting. cell phone recorddsshow the driver was teettng his a pottnnially precedent sstting ase... the 3 saying tte girllknew her friend wws likely driving home. p3&p""f shannon colonna new hat pyle best was leaaing work and i believe she did, and she as texting him, tten i beliive responsible."47-59kyle beet plead guilty to charges but lawyer argue, he suit ssooll bb dismiised becaase a message sender" has oo ay to controo whhn, where or how a - "message receiverr aats after the message is rrnsmitted. a - whether tte kuberts cannmove forward and sse both texters. 3 3 a ... maryland -3 woman... has waited... á70 yearsá... for she's ffund him. him.this weekeedd.. / -3&p barbbraashultze...
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will... walkkdown he aisle.../ for... the -3first time...///.she mee... her... soon-to-be husbbad ... on... a... dating sste for seniors. ssultze sayy.... & she haa to kiss a lot of frogss 3righttone.. but rather bb alone.... haa... marry the wroog fiially proposed to hhr in... front of her entire pamily. 3 "he goo down onnhis knee nd pulleddthe chhir close just inn -&pcass he couldn't get back up." plaughss"and-i usee it too." too."the ccupll... wiil marry more han... 100---friinds and family../ . - pnnluding shultzees... parentt. &p3 bad day... - foo parents ...travvling ... with... small childrrn.../. united 3 thhm board aaly.../ if thee're... flyinggcoacc.../. hee- airlinn... made the change... last -3 pontt,.../ jooninn several.. other &p american airlines...///. united sayss... & the boardinng... -3 process....//// if... - first class.../ oo... & businnss class.../ yyu -3 can still... boord 3 3& a... game of a family in new jersey.and -3
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it's all caughh on ttpe. &tape.. you... can see... a father, ... playing... &pthe aae ... wwth... his hhld... 3 the id... in the washing machine... the... doors lock... 3 ssarts..sending... dad and mom into a ppnic.a 3& rushes... to... - the rescue,, and... movee ttbles away... tt... reveaalthh backk.. oo the machiins.. and cuus off the - power ... anddunlocks mos: "i thiin e'ssa hero , he's a hero you know heessved 3& the kid diee you know and phee when i pull the id out . i am reelly happy thhn.." then...tte father ... says he didn't know someone already put money in the machine. police -33 are tryynn to identify tte family to see if tte child is - pkayy nd... to slap daddy uu--sideethe hhad 3 some rain 3 moving through aaaai tonight. tonight. p3 let's go to chieff
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meteorollgist vytts reid or a 3 look at what's happeniiggnow..- now. - ,3 suing facebook after only fourrdays on wall street. why innestors say the ech &pompany nd nasdaa costtthem 3 3 he should be an - ammrican hero,,but he's
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rotting in a pakistani prison. hy one of the keyy en wwo hheped us get bin llden is 3& ids ring pot to school every aa, but not like this. how a kiidergartnerr ound up 3 time. &
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3 p faceeook makee some ggins... while ssme say the new york stock exchange 3&p'friendd.' but somm off its innestorr are saying 33 truthful before it went public. ... andra arr now uing facebook and &pipo. 3 facebook's 'timeline' as a public companyy as beenn &&procky... on the fourth day of tradiig he stock rosee share... reports are swirling hat theenew york stock exchangeewants to list the stock on thhir eechange. but the compaay also founndout it
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will have to face several sharehollers' llwwuits. & kessler says, "facebook really haasan obligationnto - do anything that theey &pshouldd't have donn." the impeeding lawwuits are -3 againsttfacebook ann organ stanley, he i-p-o's lead underwriter. rudman pays, "what we allege is ttat the registration statement prepared in coonection withh the ipo was materiallyyfaase and misleading because it failed to disclose a slowwown - in revenue growth." the - bottom line s whetter ffcebook or the unnerwriter had nformation abouttthe not disccooed. morgan facebook says the lawsuit is without meritt the two could be looking at damages worth somewhere around two point ffve billion dollars. rudman says, "ii will cover anyone who bbught stock in the facebook ipo r traceabll to the ipo." a source says facebook xxcctives have exchanged everal calls and emailsswith new york stock exchange ooficiall. thee new york stock exchange, however, says there haven't been any discussioos, and it
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wouldn't be aapropriate at "this as theesenate banking committee is doinn essarch into issuessregarding the - i-p-o to determineeif a heering i necessary. in new nnws." p3 3 p the man who helped america - theeman who 3 3 &
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3 he man who helleedammrica kill bin laden is rotting in a -3 pakastani prison. why he's pbeen convicted f treassn nd what ameriia is doing to get & him ut. &3 pot inn chools isn''t &pshocking, bbt ii a -3 kindergarttn classroom? why teaccer his fouu ounce stash and sccle. & 3 -3
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your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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3 says.... this guy shoulddbe - caaled a hero..ut instead... a ppkistani doctoo who helped phe u.s. trrckkdown ooama bin ladee-- was convicted of high & treason today.....and sentenced to 33years in prisoo. vaccination program for the -
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i-a.he actually vaccinaaed bin laden's fammlyymembers, and collected d-n-a... to help verify bin laaenns presence at the ompound in tte town of abbottabad whhre navy seals operation utraged paaistani 3 not told abbut it bbforehand.. senior u.s. officials have called for afridi to be releassd.... saying is work servee pakistani ann american 3 33 a flooidd fathhr is back behiid bars tonight after his son wenn tooschool with 3 is in kindergarten. the sii-yeaa-old showed his teaccee what he had in hiss bag, four ounces of marijuana and a scale. y the time dad rushed back to school to tty to get theebag back, the police. now, laary &pstephens is goong back to prison.he was just releaaed a few months ago and has a lengthy criminal record. & 3
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- 3 it's very sad to think thht a child grows up in environnmnt like this. and how does that affect he child, weereally &p pplice are still sorting &ttrough all the chhrges he &pmannis faccng for sending his stash with his son to school. 3 traaped on the rrof of p burning buulding. the pilots when there was no
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still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.
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glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. ,3& p a...
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catchee.. fire.. and... here's no where... to go.... por at least... a ddzen people. people. daring helicopter pilots risk their lives to rescue thoss people trapped in mexico city. city. 3 takeea lookkat the blue - helicopper. it has to hover 3 buulding beccuseethe roof can't support it's weight. -ptheepilot has to make tiny adjustments to keep ii steady & as people cliib in.. aaoutta dozen people were trapped on 3
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3 moot of he ravens.....were who was in sports unlimited.
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thh ate edition, i'' jeff barnd. barnd. 3 and i'm jennifer giibert. herres bruce cunningham with sports unllmited.. 3 we got our firrt look at thee their first ota of the sprinng..theefirst tiieewe'' seen them since that awful pight in fooborough...oif the 90 players o he roster... all but 7 there...morgan adsii has more ffom owings mills... mmlls....-
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3 the oriole's woond uppthhir this fternoon....nd they hhve been very successful in them .. in fact, they were going for 15 this season...that's how gooo they've been going... 3 ...tied at onn bbtttm seccnn &pand niik johnson gets a hold &pof this one...the first o two 66and the red sox scooe threee times...two of thhm hereeoff - thh baat of kelly phoppach...that made it 5-2.....- ...and then in the top of the 8th...anotherrlong ball. this - from scott osednik...and the &pree ox hand the orioles a finaa... 3 meanwhile...
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3 itts aaout to get easier ffr prospectt..19 year old phenom 3 from delmarvv anddffederick... the o'' top draat pick lass year, the young rrghthander deemarva.. in 8 games there, - bbndy was -0 with an eerned run average of 30 pnnings, heeallowed just 2 - walks and 55 its to go with 40 striieoutss..he will pitth this saturddy night in 3&pthht'll do it for this edition of sports unlimited...ann be sure to tune in to fox45
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- hey. could i get your lucretia mott on this? - what is this? - budget approval for travel and hotels for the moms. - the moms? what moms? - the staff moms that are gonna be on the mother's day show that nbc is making us do after their ill-fated decision to re-air the pilot of bitch hunter. - put the mimosas down! [gun cocks] bitch. - wait it's mother's day already? - did you forget? colleen is gonna kill you. - there's still time. jonathan. jonathan, call the florist and order a dozen--no. - necktie. - too late, jackie. [exciting jazz music] ♪ ♪
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- hey, why isn't my beautiful frank up on the wall? - ma, come on, that's just for the actors. - oh, here's a picture you can use. it's little frankie in the bathtub getting ready for the senior prom. - thank you. mom, what are you doing? you don't have to pay for the food. - honey, nothing is free. you remember that when a man buys you an expensive meal. - yeah that's happening a lot. hey, verna. well, you must remember my mom, margaret. - oh, yes, we met a few years ago when the girls lived in chicago. - you must have me confused with someone else. i have never been to chicago. i sexually assaulted scottie pippen in 1997. there's my baby! - oh, mommy! - look, tracy, this mother's day show is tomorrow, and we haven't been able to track down your mom. - i gave kenneth her information.
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- "her name might be cheryl, and she was wearing a red shirt in 1984." look, i don't want you to be alone up there with all the families, so what if i hire an actress to play your mom? - okay. but whoever she is needs to be someone as amazing as i am. i want to see a list of names. like when they was looking for john mccain's running mate. [laughs] i'm kidding. this needs to be taken seriously. - happy mother's day colleen. - i'm not here about mother's day, john francis. you know who's in my water aerobics class down in florida? - yes, mother, i've memorized the names of everyone in your water aerobics class. - patricia goodband, whose sister runs the friday night bingo game at our lady of reluctant integration in waltham. turns out last week that the game was won by anne o'connor who mentioned that her niece nancy donovan, got divorced


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