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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 25, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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gun fire rings out across baltimore.the number of people gunned doon overnight pnd te search for the susspcts this morning. the inner harbbr... looking clearrright nowwbut could we see some thunderstorms?steves' got your memorial day weekend porecast. homeccming nats naasand.. aamaryland marine.. surprises his fammly... at a bowie bay sox game.what it took to hide from his kids before it was ttme for the big reveal. 3 33 today is friday may, 22th. 3
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we're following a violent night in baltimore. peopll were shot in three seperrte pncidents cross the city. phree of thee have died... one at each scene.megan gilliland is here with exactly which neeghborhoods the shots were fired in and the search for suspects this morning. good morning patrice,the violence started just after
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six o'clock last night.whenna gunman opened fire right hhre oo west fayette street. couple blocks away from west - baltimore street in southwest baatimore.3 peeple were shot hereeone person died... 2 others were iijured. then just a half hour lattr... another man was hot in this alley along york road... just intersection in north baltimore. taken by one offour viewers.- you can see people inntheir cars staring down tte alley at the victim. to wrap up the night... poliie were called to another triile shooting at preston and north luzerne in east man died here.witnesses say their homes they found one person dying in their street. "i heard 5 was shot dead. butt with: people are taking a life."hese -
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life."people living on this street blame the violence on street blame theoung ttens plag neighborhood.they telllus it's just another example of why rec programs should not be cut in he city. 3&no word on any arrests at thi hour.i'm megan gillilaad, fox45 morning news. &p3 police want youuto ight back... and help them find thh ponvenience store robbery, downn downtown.police say they havv seccrity video that coofirms a large group of teens stole merchandiie from a 7-eeeven, wednnsdayythey say up to 40 teenn may have been involved... and omeeof thee were hitting store employees, whh triid to block them from leaving the storeethe store mannger also says thousands of dollars in store receipts were stolee frrm his word on any arrests. p poliie releass a
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composite sketch of aaman wanted in theemurder of a porthwest baltimore man last mo. ponth. police say this suspect killed a 52 year old man who was killeddwhilee walking to his home.fox45 showed neighbors the sketch thursday. for some people phe murder. 11:05:07 (woman) it's too puch the killing the shooting it's too much. much.(2-shot) 11:04:46 eventually i hope they catch him i don't care who it is is police are asking anyone in the community ho reeognizes the suspect o call them. you can remain anonymous. nearly 2-thousand workers in maryland... will soon be out of a job. steel"... which says it's - sparrow's point plant next month. the move comes after the company annnunced this week... that it's shopping theebaltimore county potential buyees.fox45 caught employees... to hhar their reaction to the news. (gibson) "oo yea, it bothered me..expected to work 4 or 5 more years, at least 62, 65.
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lots of us planneddto work.. healthcare, big thing down there now. that'sswhy a lot of people hang around, healthca" &phealthcare." r-g steel bouuht the mill last year... ann has been struggling financcally ever since. layyffs will begin on june 4th... and continue through june 18th. we're llarninn more deeails abouttwhat mayyhave happened in the etan patz disappearance and murder.the &pman police have arrested, allegedly onfessed.susan canddooti has the storyy rom new york. yorr. --reporter pkg-as follows -- (standup open)"police are saying that the suspect in this case, a 51 year old pedro pernandez,,made his statemenn long alleged confession."he is responsible for killing etan patz, 33 years ago this week in new york city.confessing to store whhre he worked as a a ptore clerk, a stockboy clerk, brought the boy into the basement nd here is how police describe what he told
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them."hernandez described to the detectives hhw he lured young etan from the schoollbus &pstop at west broadway and prince street with the promise of a soda. he then led him into the basement oo the bodegg, choked him ttere and disposed of the body byy putting it into a plastic bag and placing it nto the trash." pollce are saying they were led o this mmn, just about a month ago after receeving a phone call from a tipster who said that he had allegedly confessed to hhm or had infoomation about ttis man aad that police should be talking to mr. hernandez.police did ttack him down anddauthoritiee also said that hernandez had pade comments to relatives back in 1981 that he had quote: 'done a bad thing' and &pthaa he had killed a boy in new york city, but was not specific about who thaa boy was.this man is expected to make a court appearance soonn
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proseeutors in this case..usan candiotti, cnn, new york. we're getting a first-hand look at surveillance video of peorge ziimerman....inside the sanford, fllrida police was captured ssot florida tten, trayvon y martin.iffyou look closely... you can see a bandage onnthe back of hhs head.police won't omment on áwhyá he was won't there... saying they can't talk about the investigatiin. but theevideo comes after questions were raised... about pimmerman's relationshii with charged with second-degree murder... for the february shooting.he ccaims he shot marttn in self-ddfense after the 17-year-old attacked him. the senate rejects 2 pprposals... bb republicans &pdoubling in july.while leader of both parties innist they backed rate at 3-federrlly point-4-percent for another year... they're having trouble agreeing on how to pay the 6-billion-dollar tab necessary to do so. senate democrats want to eliminate certain tax
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benefits for small business owners... while senate republicans want to cut a in 2010... as part of presiient obama's health care reform law..f congress fails &pto act by july st... more than 7-million unddrgraduates loans for next year's substtntially more to eliminate their debt. the epartment of agriculture is cracking down on food stamp fraud... after a number of cards turned up for sale on craigslist and rulls proposed thursdayy.. would give states the option to ut food stamp recipients under continually request replacement cards.penalties would include finee or a disqualification. for thissfriday before more american than this..... the star spangled banner, and voting! joel d. ssithhis live at m&t bank stadium for tte "star spangled sing off". the winner gets to sing the national anthem at monster jam june 2nd. good morning joel d. 3
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colorado wiidlife officers have a tough time getting a tranquiliied bear to &pcome out of a tree. on wednesday, officers had to call firefighters for help after hey shot the bear with a trannuilizer dart... and it ptill wwuldn't budge from the pree. after being shot wiih the dart, the bear actuaaly moved farther up the ttee... and then fell asleep... wedging itself roppeto the bear's ankle and started to looer it doon...
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but the rope slipped... luckily, officers were prepared with a tarp to help brrak he bear's fall. pdvision of parks and wildlife oofice and will be relocated. new information... concerniig spending by the obama adminnstr. admmnistration.since i've been presideet, federal spending has risen at the loweet pace in nearlyy60 yeers." years."but ffnd ouu why some numbers don't quite add up... and the article that sparked it all. all. we love gardening...
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to 3 mmjorrhurricanes with winds ooer 100 miles-per-hour. so far... there have already bben two named ssorms. hurricane season begins june 11 30-th. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((addlib meteorologist)) ((traffic reporter ad libs))
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mappbelairgreenspriig895map new numbers are released.... pbama administration.y the administration.debt has gooe up quite significantly &pbut the president says... that's not true.we breaa down &pthe math. math.and siri storing your secrets?the company that sys yes and is telling employees to turn the digital assistant off. ((bump ouu)) ((break 2)) the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. republicans are blasting spender.but a recent eddtorial claims the pressdent has the lowest spending record of any president in more than half a century.the white house the math isn't as cut and dry as it's made out to be. be. --reporter pkg-as follows --on the cammaign trail, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney often targets the president's spending.the president is now fiiing back with this----"my opponent wont admit it, but it's been startiiggto appeer in places, real liberal outlets like the wall street journal, since i've been president, federal
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spending has risen at the years."what's behind the president's omments is an eeitorral for cbs market watch whiih has an affiliation with the wwll street journal.its title::the obama spending binge nnver happennd.obama supporters seized on it and it went viral--takinggaim at romney's spending claims. "politifact" fact checked the spending laims circulating on social compared presidents and found spending under obama grew about 1-point-4 percenttannually when it looked at rawwdollars. it gave a mostly true rating to the claim that underrobama, there was the slowest federal are other factors you can look at which are not assflattering to the president. debt has gone up quite ignificantly under the same eriod of time and then federal spending as a percentage of the gross domeeticcproduct is higher now than it has been under moss
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call the umbers fuzzy math. brian arling of he conservativv leaning heritage foundation says the analysis ties too much of spending in 2009 to president bush. and he says it giies a false impression of spending levels under president obama."well, the bottom line issif yyu takee &pthe 2009 years and attribute it to bush rather than president obama..who is responsible for the spending,most of the spending in does make it look as if he's restrained spending." 3the original analysis did account for 140-billion dollars in spending in 2009... transferring it from president bush's spending to president obama's spending.but critics say that doesn't go far enough. siri... is a problem for one co. security concerrs.cause off and his two ssns... are found peed on afarm in maryyand. where it happend....and the tragic way they ied. &p((break 3))
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3 workers at i-b-m can carry their iphones to work... but they can't use the phone's plison kosikkhas more on why the app isn't allowee on the big blue's networks. --reporter pkg-as follows -- apple's voice controlled assistant sirr is still in its infancy buttit already has some groups worried. tech over fears that siri could be a privacy threat. the concern comes from how siri works. when users say a ommand into the phone -- the information is sent to a data center in north carolina where the words are interppeted and sent back. apple won't say how long thee informmtion is stored or who i-b-m doesn't allow workers to to apple's licenss tatement -- siri only collects data to do a better job and recogniie what users sayy it claims it is not linned to data from isn't takiig any chances with
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company information.and they aren'' theeonly ones who are cautious of iri. in march -- he american civil piberties union issued a warning about the said siri was not onlyya tool for users buttalso gave apple access to users' xtremely kkep in mind -- privvcy concerns are not only limited to pple.other companies -- like google -- have also come under fireeover how ttey store customee data. but there is one difference with siri --- you can always turn her off. i'm alisoo kosik in new yook. -----eed-----cnn.script---- they're ready for adopt! adoption!very well behaved, well-adjusted aajustedthh tragic backstory behind these itbulls...and what an animal shelter is offering for free...if you're intersted in adopting one oo th. ttem.gun fire rings out across baltimore.the number of people gunned down overnight and the search orrthe suspects this mo. morning.
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3&'s best frienddfinds a n job. how dogs are being used to fight allergies. tooight 3


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