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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 25, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 friday, may 25th. 3 raise your glass.... and toastt national wine day. day. today is the day you celebrate
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everryhing vino! &pvino! 3 3 3
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fiber95grensprrng885 we're followinn a vvolent night in baltimore. shot in three seperate iicidents across the city. three of them died... ooe at it tarted right here on west fayette street... in ssuthwest baltimore.a gunman opened fire just aater six o'clock last nnght.3 people were person died... and 2 othees were injured. then just a half hour later... a man waa shot in this alley along york road... in north bal. baltimorr.this picture was taken by one of our viewers.
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you can ee peeple in their the victim.g down the alleyyat - 3&po wraa up the niiht... polic were called to another triple shooting at prestoo anddnortt &ppprson died there.witnesses sayythey heard mmltiple gunshots and when they walked out of their homes they found the person yyng ii their street. "i heard 5 was shot dead. butt with:"it s pitiffl... the way these people re taking a lifee" life."some peopll at the crime scene ell us it's just another example of whyyrec programs should not be cut in the word on aay arrests at this hour. aafather aad his two teenaged sons arr found dead on a farm in kknt county. county.the three apparently drowned in a pit of manure on tte farm where thee worked in
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glen nolt and his two sons... kelvin and cleason.... all peensylvvnia. state police say phey see no evidence of foul play.theyysay it's possible phat one family member may and theeothees died during . - rescue efforts. if you're gearing up o hit the bay this holiday weekend... you might notice &psomething a little different. different. thousands of dead fish are washing ashore... creating one of the worst fish kills in more thhn 20-years. they started turning up in glen burnie on &pmonday... alonggmarley and furnaceecreeks. and on thursday... they began washing into the inner harbor. scientists say it's ue to a arge numberrof algae blooms 3a warning... about the runoff. with laundry deterggnt ápods.á ápods.áthe american centers says the highly-ntrol ccncentrrted packets are extremely harmful to infants... and that there have swallowing them.parents are
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laundry detergent packets are out of reach of children. presumptive republican romney is finding a creative way to raiie money. money.the romney campaign sayy by donating three-doolars online... people will be entered into a raffle for a chance to have dinner with him wwll allo stay at the trump international hotel and tower new york and tour the celebrity apprentice boardroom. it's a tough job... but somebody's got to do it. picks their list of the top 21 sexiest men over fifty... and we picked a few this morning to take a closer look at. makessthe list.he's 51... the editors and wwiters at aarpp the magazine picked him for well.ust his good-looks... but - 3
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p here's a look t some of the others that made the top 21. 21.--antonii banderrs 51 --denzellwashington, 511-jon bon jovi, 50--samuel l. --former g---p presidentiaa 511- caadidate jon huntsman, 52you can find the complete list in aarp the magazine. for this friday before memoriaa day, it doesn't get &pthis..... the star spangled banner, and voting! voting! auditions or the "star spangled sing off are happening rightt oo at m&t bank stadium ... let's listen in to one contestant. 3
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britney speaas' new job gett
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pff to a rocky start. start.((chhering)) ((cheering))whh cheers for britney turned to boo's on her a tribute tt x f- our fallen heroes... take a next in our hometown hotspot. good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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3 p3 hereford high school students are saying thank you to veterans aad active roops. robyn anderson, mother of aa fallen heroojoins us with this
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mornings hometown hotspot. - what is going on 3 behind you?-how has for our troops helped you and youu family8? - how long have you been
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invooved with "for our troops"?
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an interview ttkessan almost pánnearableá turn. turn.((:14 yeah, if hh's behind us, yeah. please don't eat me.:177) me.:17))a bear gees too close for comfort... find out if this resident runs... next. next. yoo're !a "just the past couple of days
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we'veebeen having a bear come oh is he behind us ight now? (yeahh. yeah, if he's behind me." residenns are a little nervous
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about the latest ressdent in phis florida ommunity... and to haveeno fear of humans.he has been leaving the woods to make a eal out of trash in the dumpster.residents say right now the moot damage he'ss done is eave a trail of trash leading into the woods... but they hope he moves on sson. 3 3 p, fiber 95295 grrnspring 895 3
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fiber95295greenspring895 spca go to our website out the - foxbaltimore dot com slash're watching fox45 good day baltimore. this week we got the best of steve fertig. fertig.((22:27:16 steve: here's what we've got (laughs))) (laaghs)))coming up... having fun with steve's forecast.... plus emily gets down wiih onionhead... and i get down with line dancing.
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dancing. you're watching fox 45 good day ((break 3))
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meteerologist emily gracey and i are movinn to our own beat this week. suggestion....and that means my forecast gets interrrpted. interrupted.all that and more &pfrom the week that had us goi. going...say what?! what?! on thompson tape: onion head:(( say what?!))--1st one &psaawhatt/22((22:25:02 meg: is what we've been waitiig is for.))saywhat5/22((22:26:23 steve adjusting))saywhat5/22 ((22:22628 meg: ready? stevv: i'm ready. :31)) saywhatlinedance((22:22:28 who doesn't like a good dance?)) saywhat5/24((22:22:28 emiiy: onionhead is teaching me how to dance apparently not doing ((22:23:51 1, 2, 3, 4))inedance- do doo do do :34)):32 emily: saywhaalinedance((22:23:44 "2,3, 4"))saywhat5/24
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((22:22:42 (onionhead dancing)))saywhatlinedance ((22:24:25 everybooy's wobbling. so we want to wobbll :27))saywhat5/24((22:24:55 emily & onionhead dancing) we'll give you two some privacy :57))saywhatlinedance ((22:22::1 llan righh....lean left :54))saywhat5/23 (((2:27:35 meg singing face))--no sound! very quick! onionhead))saywhatlinedanceve - ((22:25:06 jump up....jump back. :09))saywhat5/24 ((22:24:24 emily: apparently i'm dustt))saywhat5/24 ((22:26:51 can we put that on the screen? ....don't do this? ::77)saywhat5/24((22:27:16 steve: here's what we've got &p((22:27:26 maybe they eant don't do the weatter.. bye.)) saywhat5/24((22:29:28 steve don't make me giggle. i'm giggling enough anyway. :31)) saywhat5/24((22:27:45 yes, do &pthe weather! ok, aaright. us read along with meefolks. :49)) &psaywhat5/24((22:29:18 steve: i'm waating for anooher message from space))saywhat5/22 ((22:22:57 emily:we have our chat box right here ... which is so cool i hate when i can't uuderstand what aliens are sayiig. :04))saywhat5/24 dancing again :42))saywhat5/22- ((22:26:44 joell guys, i've seen enough here..i'm going to war, folks :47))herndon monument climb 5/23((herndon monument climb 5/23herndon monument :47))herndon monument climb 5/233(hernnon monumentt climb cheering nats))& 3
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it's judgement daa for the new x factor judges. judges.((cheering)) ((cheering))the day starts with cheers... but turns to áboosá on britney's first day of work.but thaa wasn't what
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the scooo commng up. up. you're watching fox 45 good day 3
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3 3
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3 fiber95 295greenspring
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nearly -thousand workers in maryland... will soon be out of a job. job. that's according to "r-g steel"... which says it's planning to close its sparrowws oint plant next month. the move comes after the company announced this eek... that it's shopping the baltimore county facility and other assets to potentiil buyers.ffxx5 caaght up with some of he employees....for their reaction to the news. (gibson) "oh yea, it bothered me..expected to work 4 or 5 more years, at least 62, 65. lots of us planned to worr.. healthcare, big thing down there now. that's why a lot healthcare." r-g steel bought the mill last year... financiaaly ever since.
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4th... and continue through june 18th. soldiers place american flags at the graaes of service cemetery for mmmorial daa.'s known as the placed at gravv markerr gssare throughout the cemetery for the holiday weekend.the armyys maintained the tradition for p you nned a big voice to fillla big stadium, and that' s wwat ww are hearing this morning in ouu "starrspanglee siig off" at m&t bank stadium. stadiummjoel d. smith is there with the contestants battling national anthem ii the stadium, at next week's joel
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britnny spears and emi levatoo headed to work thursday... to the x factor. fans ann s on pannabe poppstars came out in full force at the auditions in aassin lauren petrowski shows us... while many are hoping they ave what it takes to be music's next big thing... others just wanted to catch a glimpse of phe show's new judge.... &pbritnny spears spears
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there was trouble on the irst day of &pauddtions. britnny spears
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waaked off the set durinn auditions.according to t-m- after a contestant butchered her 2011 hit song, "holddit agaiint me." a source says she was not upset about the song but that she just needed a break. the audience also reportedll ábooedá at britney for ivvng a glowing review to a contestann they didn't care for. here comes the bride... all dressed ii . . . uggs? &puggs?the austrrlian footwear
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line foo brides. brides.check it out... the cozy "i do" collection includes two ankle boot styles.. glitter fabric or swarovski crystal-cooered. there's also fluffy flip-flopp. the ssiny sequined uggs cost 190- thh shiny sequined uggs cost 190-dollars... the jeweled poots go for 225-dollars.the flip-flops sell for 80 -dollars. all three products the tradition that ll brides should wear somethinn that color as they tieethe knot.the onlyyaaaillble for urchase online. gettthere for less this holiday eekend.
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weekend.six tips to ssve you gas this weekend... coming uu. up.and could rain put a damper on your holiday weekend plans? meteorologist steve ferttg takes a look at your fooecast next. you're watching fox 45 good dayy [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder.
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contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. hurry -- this offer won't last long. ((ad lib meeeorolooist))
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saveea littleemoney this holiday weekend. weekend.ttps to help gee the we are just the winner of our inding out - star-spangged sing off.catch the winner's reaction... when we announceeit coming up.. you're watching fox 45 good we announceeit coming up.. you'when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced. is this right? right here, like this? ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times
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the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. particularly you. [ laughs ] triple- a estimates 35 million
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ameeicans will travel during the holiday eekend, and moot of you will be hitting the road to get you want to ppnch those pennies aa the pump.and it turns out... tiies.dan zielinski from the r 3 rubbee manufacturers association is live witt us today with ore.- what does theetire pressure have to do with gas ppices?- ow do you know the proppr pressure to put in
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your tires?-hoo doowe know when to add air too ur tres. -what happens if we put too it save us? us? for mooe information log n to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.
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one person is about o in a opportunity!just two minutes froo noo... one of these people will win the chance to sing the national anthem at m & t bank stadium. &pfinddout who it is... right after he break. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7))
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!a you neee a big voice to
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fill a big stadium, and that' s what we are hearing this morning in our "ssar pangledd sing off" at m&t bank stadium. stadium. oel d. smith is there with the contestants, who are anxiously waiting too find out who will sing the national anthem in the morning joel d. . good - 3 3 3
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the eat is on... pn....ust how arm your and find oot if rain will put a damper on any of plans... with your 7-day forecast right after the break. you're watching fox 45 goodd day baltimoree 3&'s best frienddfinds a n
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job. how dogs are being used to fight allergies. tooight
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- the producers of "the best exotic mmrigold hotel" sent us these garlands.- they're an indian wedding ttaditionn happy wedding ptrice! áá7 ddyyforecastáá &p3
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