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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 28, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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"i hurried up and i called 911 and the one with the knife... and i think that's how she ot staabee." stabbbd."a brazen rrbbery in baltimooe county...what the crooks told the victim... that pirst place. 3 and why arr americans getting medical research puts the ew blame. and yoga... as an olympic sport?the connlict some people have with the "zen" exceecise being a competition. 3 3 -inner harbor!
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today is monday, ay 28th - memorial day! 3 a bbltimore countt couple
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ends up in the hospitaa afterr a home invasion in the north point neiihborhood. a woman was stabbed, and man shot.... yet nothing was actually taken. taken. joel d. smith is live there now with more rom a was intended for her. good morning joel dd this was brazen. not during the early mornnng hours or overnight when you can barely see anything out here &pon aldworth road. according to 3 3
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a man is dead in northeast baltimore ....after he got into an argument with his girlf. girlfriend.police were called to the scene here... on fenwick avenue and belvedere man struck his girlfriend in the head with a gun.the gun grazed hee head.sheewas taken to shock trauma, but was releassd with only minor injjries.the inccdent escalated into a five and a after the uspect barricaded e himself nside the basement of the home.police latee found the man with a self-inflicted wound to the head. 3 baltimore city police continue to search for the man wwo took photos oo a young girl... innerrharbor. stall at the harbor.police say this suspect... used his cell phone camera to snap pictures oo a
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15 year old in a "harbor place" bathroom.... placingg the camera underneath the stall.the victim tolddpollce she thought it was joke at first. "he's a sick pervert, sick pervert it upsets me that he could do it to her or my other daughter, its scares you does"the guy was last seen running out of the bathroom. the man who struck a city &ppolice cruiser... causing thhe accident that almost took the life of an officer... is convicted.on thursdaa robert vanddrford pled guilty to four charges... including failure to reduce speed and driving with a suspended icense.he slammed the car he was driving intooofficer teresa rigby's cruiser llst year on the j-f-x.... as she was ressonding to a disabled vehicle.rigby fell 30- feet off the j-f-x.... to the grouud below.vanderford was finee 390-dollars and ordered to do 250- hours of community
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service.he was also sentenced po a day in jail.vanderford and officer rigby faced each other for thh first tiie inn "officer rigby allowed him o ccme over and speak to her she was very kind and very go and have a ooe on one with her during a recess in the court room and aaologized to he" her"officer rigby requested vanderford speed some time inn retire from the police forcee p.. because of her medical lawsuit against vanderford for 15 million dollaas. assyou head back to work tomorr. tomorrow...the morning commute should bb a little smootherr the emerggncy repair work along the jones falls expressway is done.all llnes... northbound and southbound are now open ahead were necessary for reppirs f underneath the expressway.- good news for those oo you
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&ptraveling this emorial day.. gas prices are down for he seventh week in a row... thanks to falling crude oil gas pices. prices.according to triple a....the average price of regular unleaded as in paryland iss3-59 a gallon. that's down 28 cents from where it stood jjst over a year ago.another reason it's down... the price of gas reached ts peak earlier than expected. to find the best gas pricee in your neighborhood...go to fox- baltimore dot com slaah pump pptrol it's memorial day... and the fallen veterans.ed payne has the story. p3 nats whistle being blown, mooorcycles start movingwiih a whistle and a roar... memorial day weekeed kicks off in the nation's capital.on ssnday, the parents of mmssing serviceman bowe bergdahl (bow bergdahl) led the rollinn thunder ride in a model t. hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists drove ffom arlington to washington.thh annual ride is in emmmbrance
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of prisoners of war and thosee missing in action.bergdahl is the only known u-s p-o-w ffom theewar in afghanistan,,after taliban militants capturrd him in 2009.his father addresssd the crowddthanks to you, our poos and mias are never forgotten and they never wiil pe forgotten. bowe, if you can and so hell me god ou willl come home, we will not eave yyrk's empire state building turned red, white and boston... flags to remember the fallen.... as nnaure the u-s mmrine corps (core) war memorial in wshiigton. today... president obama will the unknowns at arlington f - national cemetery.and in the afternnonn.. a ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial to mark the 50th anniversary of the viitnam 19-62 the united states deployed some to join the 900 already in
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vietnam.more than 58-thousand u-s troops were killed in &pvietnam.i'm ed payne repprting. memorial day... also known as decorationnday... dates back to originally honoredd civil war. 3today... defense seeretary llonnpanetta will hoot a ceremony... honoring america's vietnam veterans. the ceremony will take place in front of "thh wall"... which holds the names of more than 58-thousand pmericans who were killed or who remain missing in action in soutteast asia.many veeerans say they clearly "many of us who came off the kind of kissed tte ground, we werrereally glad to be home, when you get back from war likk that, you kind of look back and you say, that was tough, that was tough, but now i'' home." president obama will be at "the wall"... to ark the
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55-th anniversary commemoration of the vietnam war. the hooor fliiht network has transported more than 80 country.on sunday, some world war two veterans from california were honored, as they toured the monuments in d-c.but janice park tells us, their lass pit stop... was to get somm b-b-q in glen burnie. bbrnie. just a ffw days ago, these wwii veterans were in california:(((naas)))they're even 100'': ((take sot)) "and these veterans just got oof this bus, they spent a very special weekend touring the wwii memorial in washington, dc"at mission bbq in glen burnie:(((nats)))the bbq is being plated, and each veteran...honored:(((nats a little bit of ammunition for the flight home)))((taae sot)) "ww are soohumbled to have as our special guests from kern co california the following" ((takk sot))"first class issador asser, isssdor!" (((nats)))including 101 year
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old louisskerker:(((nats))) ((take sot))
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after getttng their fill of bbq , the world war ii vvts california. if you're hangiig by the forget your sunscreen... and sunglasses!oneeeyewear designer says sporting the right pair of shades is key. "the same raassthat affect your kin also affect your eyes...and there's uva rayy aad uvb rays and wearingg sunglassss will prooect you...and what they don'' understand the most mportant message is that these rays with long term byynot taking aal sorts of illnesses...n et - illnesses... mccormack says... not only will sunglasses prottct the eyelids from skin cancer... those
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phades will also helppprevent cataracts. an hhnor student working two jobs spends the ight in school.17-year-old diane tran has a heavy load at willis texas.she takes college level courses and works two jobs to help provide ffr her bbother and sister sincc her paaents divorced and moved awwy..a judge warned her in april to tran recently missed again... so the judge took aation. "if you let one run looss, what are you gonna' do with the rest of 'em? lettthem go too? a llttle stay in the jail for one nnght is not a death se" sentence."when confronted about traa's situation... the judge said he could probably &prevoke the sentence but so far... nothing has been done. moreeand more people are getting kidney stones... and new research says it's because c-l-a and the "rand
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corporation" foond hat between 2007 and 2010....the sttnes nearly ádoubledá from the rates roo 1994. researchers say the findings rise in obesity and diabetes in america. the study is set to appear in the july edition urology." the golden gate bridge turns 75.on sunday... thousands of peopleeturnee out... to celebrate the big anniversary. drivers were told to ind when the bridge ccosed for a . - &pfireworks ddsplay. from "ohhhm" to " oh my gosh, i wonn" won!"(nats) (nats) &pwhy some yoga lovers want to push their ractice into competitive arrnas. 3((break 1)) 3q
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lysol. mission for health. tropical storr beryl isn'' stopping some from visiting the beach on this holiday weekend. 3on sunday... beryl picked up to close several beaches in s georgii.this... after lifeguards made 48 rescues. now... residents and visitors are being warned... to keep safe. wh the increased risk of rip currents we're urging everyone to stay out of the water...i'm encouraging everyone to stay out of the water, tat's very as stoom warningss heavy winds and rain threaten the coast... the southeast is bracing for a super-soaked memorial day. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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3 finding your center...could competitioo!nats nats the push to make yoga an olympic sport...and what up a routine.ments would mmke - routine.andd ater...what do new grads... really want?whatt a new study says... concerning the new group of people entering the workforce. ((bump out)) (((reak 2))
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mine was earned off vietnam in 1968.
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over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. some yogii want their "warrior two" to do actual battle.they say they should beeable tooget their zen on ... in olympic explainn what's behind this mmv. .--repprter pkg-as follows -- (nats)it's mmre than just mind body and, a doonward dog could oneeday
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lead to an olympic gold.(nats) like for jaaed mccann, nd amanda baisinger,,tteir poses aren't just for practice, they're for pointt.both are competitive yoga athletess two of the best in the country. preporter: "what is competitive yogaa")"well &pa routine that's 7 postures, 3 minute routine and there's a panel of judges and theyyjudge you on strength, flexibility "practicing yoga asana requires athlltic ability, concentratioo, determination, agility, all of the things that are requiied attletes." competitive may seem to go agginst everything yoga stands competition are two concept - conflicting ideas, most ppople don't ... they do their yoga to get away from competiig other people."but competitions
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there's a big push to make the sport competiiive internationally. "i think it would be awesomeeto have yoga in the olympics. i thinkk t would be really funnto watch because some of the yoga and diificult to do."(standup) "even thoogh yoga issextreeely popular there's still an uphill battle to make it an olympic sport."the us yoga federation is petitioning the inteenational olympic sport for thh games.but he challengeeis: how to incorporate the many styles of yoga into competition. of racticinggyoga, and so bringing everybody, because this competttion is open to all the styles." it will plkely take seeeral olympic cycles before he sport has a real shot at making it into the games, but these athletes say they'll continue the puuh. sandra endo, cnn, new ork.
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-----end-----cnn.script----- it's money. money.the othhr things the class of 2012 really wants... after graduution. lately?the reason behind it... laterr ((break 3)) & i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios think all college studentssare out to save the world? think again. aliion kosik has more about what college grads really want. want. --reporter pkg--ssfollows -- it's that time of year again... new college graduates are grabbing their diplomas and headiig into the job what exactly are thee looking for?most college ssudentt can agree on one thing-- financial security. that ranked as ""ssential" or "very important" to more than according to a new study froo rutgers university.many people think today's college students are more inttrested in followiin their dreams.and
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wwile the majority said that "making a difference" is important to thee-- it doesn't compete with ppdding their walletssthat's not to say it's all about monee.only 11-percent see wealth as an quarters of students said - they'd give up higher pay for related to starting college -3 during the recession-- and the ennering.also on the list-- iiterested in getting married aan hhving kids than college grads in their ttenties and early thirties.i'm lison kosik in ew york.-----een----- cnn.script----- police officers in florida... open fire on a man... killing him. him.the unbelieeable thing he &pwaa doing... when they had to praw theii eapons. weapons.
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