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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  May 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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dates back to the end of the civil wr. "they rest here together, side by side...row y row...because each of them loved this stands for more han life itsel" itself."today's mmmorial day marks the beginning f a 13- year program... to honor ttose who served during the vietnam war. governnr paid tributee.. to marylandds fallen heroes... during a ceremony the garrrison forrst... veteran's cemetery.. in owings mills.../. the... ceremony included ...aarifle salute... and wreath laying,,,.// the.. governor.. urged... all marrlanders... to remmmber... the men and women ...ow serving.../, and.. those who paid with their lives. &p1112-1:28" to all who ay her in resrt on this dayy especially we gathhr to remember. we remember their courage, we rememebr thier sacrifice, sacrifice and service which can enever be rep. repaid. cominn aat5:30 the
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governor answers questions about he's possible presidential aspirations. here.. in aryland../ countless tributes.. o fallen heroes. heroes.and in westminster.... memorial day john rydell tells's a unique traditioo thattates back to the end of the civil wa. war... (rydell) ((baadd)in a small town like westminster...vete rann are heros.(bowins) "it's just a tribute tooreeember those fallen heroes that weeve had." ((music))and for those partiiipatingin this memorial day nevvr gets old. "i think it's great, i think it's great, the more the phe horrors of war overseas...d-
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know this really about those ho never returned home.(peterson) "well, i lost a brother in the air force inn germany and it means a lot for people to appreciate their veterans."and on this day...those countless soldiers...whomade the remembered. (browning) "within the last 100 yeaas, 73 million people have given their ives that we can have freedom, freeddm of speech, freedom oo reliiion, freedom to have a &pparade."(rydell) westminster, john rydell, fox 45 news at five." lacrosse history is made today. the poyola men's team won its first nattonal championship defeating maryland. p3 sports director... bruce cunningham.. says... the greyhounds... did it... in &pconvincing fashion.... fassion....they have been fielding thletic teams at
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loyola for the better part of a century, and there have been many big victories...but they have never experienced anything like this... loyola head coach charley toomey nd marylann head coach the game....4th quarter...r greyhounds up 4...eric lusby fires in his 3rd goal of the game...tying the ncaa record with 16 goals...hounds up 5.... an empty net goal...setting the ncaaarecord with 17 in the tourney....oyooa wins its first-ever lacrosse championship...9-3 over maryland...greyhounds finish we'll have much more on loyola's historic pin...coming p in sports unlimited, later in this newscast... with memorial day weekend comes traffic... traffic...and a lot of motorists re heading home from the eastern shore tooight tonight this is a look at poute 50 just east of theebay bridge. it has been busy since about noon today... right now.. (ad lib)
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a motorist is in custody after a deaaly accident in oceanncity. city.diogo facchini of lorton ,virginia has een charged with drunnkdrivingg homicde by vechile and leaving the scene of aa accident.he was arested cooksville was struck ann killed on coastal high way near 54tt street. an ongoinggconsttuctioo project that'sscaused traffic delayssfor months my soon be ovvr. crews are racing the clock to try to get it done on . tiie. melinda roeder is live on fort vvnue in locust point
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a baltimore county couple ends
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uppin the hospital affer a home invasion. &pinvasion.a man was ssot and a woman was sttbbed yesterday on aldworth road in north point. a witness said two men kkocked ffrce their ay inssde the - home and started yelling "where is the money". one woman who lives in the home says she and her daugthhr were in the upstairs bbdroom when she tried to call for help. "i hurried up and i called 911 ann the one with the kniff and the one with the knife saw e and he lung at me with the knife aad my daughter amy got aint stabbing my mother and u - she got in between us and i stabbed."police says suspects parked in the alley. nothing was taken from the home.the two victims are expected to reeover. &pthe man who shot his girlfriend and then turned the gun on himmelf after a standoff with police... hhs been identified. it happened around noon yesterday on baltimore.ansley turner and his 29-year-old girrfriend got into an argumenn. turner hit
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per in the head with a gun. the gun went off, and a buulet grazed her in the head. turner then barricaded himself in the basement of the home..... in a staadoff with half hourr.pollie later found turner witt a self infficted gun shot wound to the head. his girlfriend was taken to shock traama, but released with only minor head iijuries. the first deadline is thursday,... buu... opponents of same sex marriage batch... of petitions now. -3 3 many opponents .. are confident... they have enough to send this bill to referendum.. in the fall.../. the recent high profill endorsements.. will sway public opinnon. but many lawmakers disagree. "i dont know thattits gging to necessarily sway the entire vote because of the fact that people are able to vooe yes marriage."more than 18- thousand signatures are needed by thursday..../ bbt the maryland marriage allianne says they have more than twice that.
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officer and veteran... loses her figgt with the city. city.whh shhewas ffred. 3 capitol hill internships are prestigious and can be difficult to come by.there is trying to give some ccveted posiions to students many think dont get enough veteranssreturning home... helping them feel more at ease... why flattering them could be a mistake. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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are still searching... ffr the man.../ who... took photos... of young girl,.../; in... a harbor.police say... the inner - used his ccll phone camera... to snap photos... p of... a.. 5 year old... in a "harbor place" bathroom..../the... sussect put his camera underneatt a stall.../.the.. victim thought it as a joke at first... ""e's a sick pervertt sick pervert it upsets me that hh could do it to her oo my other daughter, its scares you it really doess does"the guy... was last seen massaahusetts represeetative barney frank is no stranger to the politician's making news again, after making a controoersial comment this weekend.sseaking yysterday at the university of &pmassachusetts dartmouth's undeegraduate commencement ceremony... frank appeared to reference the trayvon martin case when praissng one
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particularrstudent.. áhhbie jonesá... an african merican recipient of an honorary doctorate. "i'm particularly pleased that hubie got an honorary ddgree today. you know, when you get an honorary degree ttey give you one of theee nd hubie, i think ou nnw got a hoodie you can wear and no one will ssoot at you. so, i think you'll feel, i hope, pretty prooected py that..." that..."the audience did not appear to know how to respond to frank's commenns... some gasped... others lauggedd while ummerttmeeusually means fun on vacation or at the pool... for a lot of students... summer means ii's internship time. time.perhaps... one... of the most... desiraabe types oo internships those... you find on capitol hill.../ as... fox news correspondent jennifer davis reportt.../ one congressional internshippprogram.. is providing opportunities... to some very special students. students. conrad wnuk take hii congressional internship very seriously. congressman steve scalise's offfce is one
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of two the 24 ear ood goes to every friday to staple, sort the lawmaker's signnture on pocket constitutions for constituents. wnuk aas: "it's importaat foo disabled kids to haaeea job. later wnuu celebratee the last day f his semester program with the other 20 or so students taking part in this latest session of &pthe congressional internship program for individuuls with intellectual disabilities. the prroram started in 2010 with six offices participating. sincc then 52 house and senate offices have taken part.. jessica huizinga spent part of her internship in texas congressman ppte sessions' office wwere she sorted papers, stuffed envelopes and became so beloved to staff... they got hee a going away gift. huizinga says: "this is like wooking in the different offices."davis says: "many ideas here on capitol hll originate in hearingssor committee rooms but this internship prograa started with one lawmaker who has aa with this issue."harper ays:
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"having a son livingston whoo is now 22 who has fragile x syndrome grow up with special pneds and look at things you want to do to help those familiee and those children.. before coming to congress, ep. gregg harper education department off local igh school work at his law office. when he got to tte hill, he was amazed to discover there wasn't a similar program. so he started one. harper says: "there is no doubt that had we not had the blessing of having a special needs child that his would probably have nevee wiih this and seen what familiis go througg." new york congressman eliot engel has made sure his office has taken part in the ppogram every semester since it began. engel says: "most of these people can do wwrr if they are just given a chance and i'm willing to give them a chance." wnuk and other interns say their goal noo is the same as ann student - to use this experience to find a permanent job. wnuk says: "i feel veryy lucky and i feel very blessed
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&p//i'm glad i gottthis opportunity on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox news. friday we told you that gas prices are actuallyydropping just in time for the memorial more than 20 ceets from last - year at this time. time.that brings us to our you to trrvel more this summer? summer? dan writes on facebook...."only if they go under 2 dollars." dollaas." but raahel writes..."yes! keep dropping baby! i anta ggt the heck out of here." here."everyone who reeponded so far likes the idea f falling gas only encourage you will travel more this summer. go tt ox-baltimore dot com you cannalsoosounn off through facebook. send us a tweet.. text your answer o 45203. -
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3 fammlies flying the friendly skies.why sitting together might become a whole lot easier. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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[ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix.
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it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. boom! wind noise noiseit was a race against time for one florida couple on sunday..ryan and amanda porterá were hoping to get through their vows before tropical storm beryl came ashoree.. the video being shot &pby one of the soon ps ryan and amanda said "i do" and kissed... everyone
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the reception building just as the rain started! back into the 90's for this memorial day... day... anddno real rain to cool it down... down...chief meteorologist vytas reii iss ere to tell us when the teeps might go back down.
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a speecacular fireworks display lighting up thh san francisco sky.../.ccowds... gatheriig to enjoy the show honoring an iconnc since.. it's /. the bridge has become one of -
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theemost recognizable landmarks in the world. 3 soldiers returning home from to help them feel more at ease? & memorial day is a time to
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remember those men and women &pwho fought and died for our counttr.for many members of the military, coming ack from baatle can take its toll. memories are fresh ann it's tough asssmilating back into society. but doctors who deallwith returning servicc men and women saa there are things that can be done to help the vettget baak intt very daa life.first off, never assume you understand what ttey've gone throughh.herapists also warn, that piling on flattery is not the best thing to do either.and try o understand even if the vet doesn't have much to say... "many men and women don't want to talk and this notion that
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pome how yoo are gong to make them talk is also disrespectful" disrespectful."experts say reactions o war are different for every patient and listen.many times vets can worr issues out for lives they left behhnd.ii just takes time. cases of kidney stones are on the rise... and new research links it to obesity. obesity.researchers found &pthat between 2007 and 2010.. the number of people with kidney stones nearly doublee from the rates from 1994. researchers say the findings suggest it is because of the rise in obesityyand diabetes in america. new york senator... chuck back... against airlines. airrines.aaking them... to togethhr... seats..../over... the past year... airlines have started to charge extra for those &pseats.../ s.. high ass59 dollars a flight.../. schumer... sent a letter to the airllneetrade association...
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asking the airlines to stop the practice.../ and.. for the department of if.. you're an animal lover..."u-s newss.. is out with aalist... of the best cities for pets.../ turns.. out... pet owners scottsdale, arizona...spend about 48-dollars a month on their pets.../.durham,.. north carolina.. is second.../ ttcson,. thiid../.the.. - only... other east coast cities aking the ist../ . are.. virginia beach... and greensboro, orth carolina.../phoenix,,. arizona comes in 10th. ii.. youuhit the road ...for memorial day weekend... / you may.. have noticed... the pain aa the pump.. eased a bitt../. purrent nntional average ...for a gallon of unleaded.. is... 3--65- cents.../ down.. 16-cents from a memorial day../ refineries switch.. to a summer-blend.. of gas.. that's cceaner.../ expensive to produce..../ experts... say.,.. drop is... due to... the supplies of oill 3&find... the best gas prices... n your neighborhood..../go.. to fox-baltimore dot com slass pump patrol p3 subsidized housing.. going to
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are saying about this multi- million dollar problem. 3 --adbllb weather tz--
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on a day.. whenn service ii remembered.../ a.. baltimore woman who served.. &pher country.. and the city.. feels let down. down.she's lost her 5- pear-battle to get her job daniels, is heee now with why &pthe former officer feell shh was wrongly fired.. keith. keith. jennifer.... baltimore city poliie force. &p she got an honorable discharge from thh arry.. but the police department fired her...... hamilton says the department let her go after she blew the whistle.. she claimed several officers in


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