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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 29, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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a memorial day gathering turns violent in east baltimore as gunfire rings out.three people were takennto the hospital... incluuing a ten year old boy. joel d. smith is live there now to explain why police respooded to this shoottng even before anyone called it in. good 3orning joel d. - good morning megan. police were already investigating something else close by when hey aatually heard the shots in this area of east hoffman street near milton avenue. they got here quickly, but not before 3 peopleewere &h innestigators were hear talking to witnesses and gathering a lot of evidence. looo at how manyyevidence just in this small area. policeesay this waa a warm holiddy nighh, and a lot of people were outside crowding fire at the group. 2533 police were
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everywhere.... shooting, 2807 and evidence markerssare 3lustered together just in alone. that little space together just in that little space alone. 2417 right around 930 we had officers in thh area of 23 and 2400 block of . hoffman ss. at thht time they heard mulitple shots, ring out from hoffman street. 2424 when the officers responded they found 3 individualsssuffering &plegs. the victiis re two men in their late 20's, and a en year old boy. all were taken to an area hospital, aad expected to survive. at this point police do not havv aay suspects or a motive, around, they are hooing some witnesses will come forward we will continue to follow this story, but nce aaain, 3 crood... all expected to survive. live in east 45 morniig news.
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girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself... has been found dead after a 5 andda palf hour standoff with police sunday at a home on fenwick avenue in northeast baltimore. police say the staadoff began girlfriend in the head witth gun... he gun went off, aad a only minor innuries. he had police on theelower easteen water guns that have been or - modified to conceal shotguns. incident in fresno, ently &abou california.... a man was gauge shotgun inside the plastic shell of a water gun. memorial day turns tragic in ocean city .... after a 22 year old man was hit and killed by what police say was a drunk driver.police say
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was hit by an s-u-v while highway near 54th street.the driver left the scene... but witnesses followed him unnil police arrived.others who saw the accident were horrified... and their hearts immediately went out to the victim's family. "i'm a mom nd my conccrn was actually what he mom would say, that her son was here, having a great ttme and his life ended because of a drunk d" faces multipll charggs... e inccuding homicide by a motor vehicle while ntoxicated... leaving the ssene of a fatal collision and d-u-i. the first deadline sn't -&u of same sex marriage say they are ready to deliver their first batch of petitions now. 3&many opppnents are confident they have enough to send the same sex marriage law to referendum in the fall. but supporters hope that the endorsements.. will sway public opinion.
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"i think it will have some impact on democraaic voters, blaak voters who support the presiddnt and the naacp is taking a stand that matters to " them"opponents need 50 thoussnd signatures by the end of june to get it oo the it is graduation season... and leaving school... rowning with debt. debt.critics say the problem is... students are beingg trained in degrees like psychology and fine arts.... and not enoogh with degrees in engineering and accounting... which can earn more money. &pmorici says: (off cam)"toda the schools don't emppasize the importance of commerce and cam)instead there's a lot of emphasis on sooial history and on doing ood in the world. we certainly need social workers engineers. 5:12:34e also need 5:12:34studeet debt totals 870-billion dollars.that'' more debt than americans hold in credit cards or car loans. on july 1st... interest rates
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on federal studenn loans are &pset to double.... unless lawmakers take action. after 9 onths of traffic detours and delays....relief locuut point.or rrsidenns of - ppint.tte ffrt avenue bridge haa been closed for repairs. it'ssa project the city áoriginallyá said... would be completed by june first. but now... they say only one lane will be pen in each directioo. peighbors are worried about the upcoming bicentennial celebration at fort mchenry.if the work isnt done... trrffic could be a reallmess. but coomunity leaders are hopeful. "the city's been real communicative... and the ability to drive down fort pvenue, so fingers crosseed" fort mchenry is jjne 13-th ttrough the's expecced that more than 50- thousand vehicles will cross the bridge everyday.
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facebook could soon be getting into the smartphone business... that's according to the "new yorr times"... which is reporring the social media site is oping to releese one by ext year. facebook has reportedly hired several engineers... to start working on he phone.those engineers ffrmally worked on here's some news... that might have you seccnd-guessing your next trip to the pool.a ew survey... by the water quality and health ouncil... finds that 1 in 5 americans admits if that's not bad enough... 70- percent of people also admit they don't shhwer before going actions like these aren't just organization is now providdng the organization is unhealthy. they're arennt just gross... actions like these aren't just gross... they're unheelthy.the organization is now providing free pool test strips this summer... so swimmers can check the p-h and chlorine levels bbfore getting in.
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an annual memorial dayyparadee turns out to be one one woman.ble celebraaion for woman.samantha miner comes out every year to watch phoenix, new york's annual memorial day parade. but this year her boyfriend ade sure it was one she would nevee forget.chris razy drove a d-p-w truck in the parade..and as it reached that ssidd will you marry e? she saidyes in the middle of dozenn....and was leff nearly speechless. "very nervous. i'mmshhking. it's exciting!...i knew it was coming, but it's a big shock in the works for three months. 3hot! hot!that's sums up today's temperature.meteorologist emily gracey tells us just how hot it will get... and when we can expect a cool down... next in your skywatch weather
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3 3 3 &pllcroose... helping woouded soodiers hhal healtyler steinhardt-boys latin sr-going to american these guys as much as we elp can... " "the marathon gaae they are
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story.and later in sports... it's time for a celebration! loyola wins its first lacrosse breaking performance by eric lusby. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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3 while americann spent emorial pays honoring fallen heroess there are a few hundree than just two ámoreá weeks.. they hope tt breakka
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guiness worrd record... while raising money for injured soldiers. kathleen cairnss 'shootout for soldiers' soldiers' students at boys latin... have made their mark on the lacrosse field... but junee14th... they will not be playing in hopes of earning points on the scoreboard: instead... they hope to raise money... tyler steinnarrt-boys latin sr-going to american univ)"its the shoot out for ssldiers.. a 24 hour lacrosse game benefiting the wounded warrior project.. "18 year old idea... (tyler steinhardt-boys
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latin sr-gging to american univ)"i watched a video of how our soldiees come back from iraq and afghanistan and some i thought it was the least i could do tt try and help them" (((go to ryan major video))) (nats ryam struggling to walk) like towson resident... ryan major... a soldier who served n iraq... now struggling at home... (close on face) [21]"ii would mean so much more to me.. to be ble to walk.."but ryan's dream: learning to walk.. with the help of prostheeics... a
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costly venture. (tylerr to american univ)"i felt we ng - peed o help these guys as much asswe can... "it's a cause held close to the hearts of everyone in the boys latin community...where sooe teachers have even served overseas... (((teacher sot))) "luckily for us we didnt havve any casualties or wounded over there.. we did have seeeral guys in my unit that had purple deployments" but there is one boys latin alumnus marinewho never madd it deddcated to nnck z. 001 grad bl nick has a special in my us military histooy class and spent many a day talking about his the us marine corp" (tyler steinhardt-boys latin sr-going to american univ)"ya gotta have these guys because these mmn and womee protect us every day and alllw us to enjoy lax go to school every day... and witchout them we wouldnt have those freedoms to enjoy"the 24 hour game will have two teams.. stars and strips... and will rotate in new pround tte clock... players on all levels... pn he uucoming 24 hour ation - information on the you can get more you can get mooe information on the upcoming 24 hour lacrosse event aimed at raising money for wounded warriors... go to foxbaltimorr dot com slash newslinks.the game is set for june 14th.
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coming up in our 6 o'clocc hour... a warning for tuna loverstheedangerous chemicaa that's been detected...and the brand of tuna aafected. affected.but first in sports... the loyola men's lacrosse team makes history.what thh ttam did... that hasn't been done in 30 years. ((break 3)) 3 bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sporrs. sports. pull on ose gardening gloves. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with the home depot certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that keep our budgets firmly rooted... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, ortho home defense max is just $4.88.
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boom! o'clock hour... pn updaae on the college stuuent fighting a flesh eaaing bacteria.what her pather says...and the limbs pacterii.and she's only six years old!how many ids this northern virginia young girl beat.. in a spelling
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