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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 30, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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...then set his body on fire firekeith daniels is live in carney where neighbors suspect the killing mayyall be part of keithdly love triaagle eithh-
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morevidence.. gathered old east baltimore boy. &pboy. detectives confirm.... that there is surveillance video... that may lead them to the shooters. but there is still a concern in he community knowing no one has been arrested. (chris) 6:45 (loooing around) believe t or not the kids try to play out here they try to have a ggod ttme and then somebody pulls out a gun and goes crazy... it's nutt :55 :55all our victims.... aae recoveeing at home tooight. are on the verge of aquiring a new tool in the fight against c.
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a gun registry for convicted offenders. the database wwuld allow police to keep a close eye on felons who've previously been caught carrying guns.many hope the gun registry will help bring phe number of gun crimes down. 43-59"iffsomeone is convicced of a gun crime is put some parameters on theirrreeease or sentencing and when you get out of jail, quarterly or twice a year you've got to check in with the police your address and don't tell us we can violate your probation". probation". the registry is not public and will be run by a small group of officers rifle association is against tte database -- calling it a burden to taxpayers that takes officers off he streets. political consultant.. ordered to paa the state... more than... 1 million ddllars.... for a 2011 election niggt... robocall. robocall.a.. u-s district court judge .. ruled "telephone consumer protectionn &pact".../.his.. company.. and the employee who recorded the cclls.. were also ordeeed.. to pay damagee.../.
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henson.. wass convicted this month.. on.. one conspiracy count. taxpayers may be picking up the "retirement tab" or jeff neeley..eeley is an officiia from the general services adminiisration whoooversaw an 800-thoosand doolar las vegas conference for g-s-a workerss the agency says he'ssno longer an employee there... butta believes he could be reeiring with an annual pension of more than 100-thousandddollars a year... paid for by u-s taxxayers. it's been almost a week sincee the old steel plant at sparrows point... announced anotherround offlayyfff. baltimore county officials... are takingsteps... to create... other jobs in that area...john...county executive looking.... tocreate...a new partnership with business leaders.the to expand...job other areess ((ydell)(rreident) "used to be now itts a thousandd and nd (resident))""sed to be
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thousands nd thousands and now it's a handful."wayne wieneke is a handful." thhussnds and noo it's a thousands and (resiient) "used to be (rydell)(resident) "used to be thousands and thousands and now it's a handful."wayne &pnative...who remembers thh general motors...and bethlehem steel...were the lifeblood of this theelateet tolayoff nearly two thousand s employees is just the latest this area.(wieneke) "they don't have any more jobs, there's no othhr jobs to get."that's why the county executive...wants business leaders to refocus their priorities. he wants them to capitalizeon the new growth and eepansion offthe port of baltimmre. he says by 20-14....a canal....will help accelerate that growth... locally. (kamenetz) "and we're betting on the fact that more peopll will choose to come to the the port of baltimore whicc is &ponly one of two ports in the country that can handleethe depth of these supertankers." (rydell) dundalk, john rydell, fox 45 newssat 5:30." if you've been o the inner harbor n the last
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few days.... you've probablyy noticee a bad smell.but as kathleen cairrs tells us it could be getting better... say good bye to the stench..... ttanks to mother nature.. and somm old air. scientists say the condition that killed over a hundred-thousanddfish improving. the stormy weather is helping to clear up the water.. and the problem. experts say because of an extensive aagae bloom many phen the algae dies off and decomposes, it clouds the smell... and suffocating the fish.but with wind, rain, and ccoler temperatures it is restoring somm offthe xygen in the water. still: more needs to be done. "theres some weather conditionn that probably exasterbated the situation but the problem is that there is too many nutrients in our
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waterways"//but to// "what we need to do is reduce the amount of nuttients that are going into the waterways. and we have plan to do that it goes across all sectors from waste water treatment plants, septic systems, agricuuture,, storm water run offfeverything so thats what e need to pursue." phe department f environments wattrrquaaitt experts arr continuing to monitor tte problem. kaahleen cairns, fox 45 news at 5:33. 3&hurricane season begins friday,../ and preparations... are aaready... underway at bge. crews... innwhite marsh .... are learning the basics of linemen.../ . bge preparing.. them.. to work in the field...// they're ... learning.. how to climbb. utility poles, ..ride inside a bucket truck...and simulate repairs.. to power linns. "iq: the work that our folks are doing is tremendous.... pq:to do their job safely." safely." bge has 34-hundred employees... all assigned to we'll being seeing a lot more
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of cal ripken junior, but it won't be on the playyng filed course.nope it'll e in the "super market". ripken baseball, roseda beef and giant food announced that the "ripken gourmet burgerr will be coming to thirty giant food sttres throughout virginna. the burger can be - found in tte frozen food section of course and is made with natural black angus beef. the pack will include four 6 ounce burgers, that have ""e tested them out in our -3 world seriee last year and everyonn reacted so great to them thattit was just a natural feel. you need a good ah staple item in your stadium so its ball park food...superma" food...supermarkets"all saless from the burgers will support the cal ripken senior foundation. baltimore county ublic america.the washinggon post has released it's 14th annual the nation's best igh schools on academic rigor and advanced
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placement participatiio. this year, 113 maryyand high sccools made the list... includiig 14 innbaltimore county. "ii: i think this is an example..... oq: suuport ffom theeparentt and the community." community." you can sse theecomplete list of rankkngs online at ffoballimore dot coo lash newslinks. &phow are he roads looking ton? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. greeespringmdot- 695 at belair - a generous coople heard about
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gave him a liitle help.and help.why hh may no longer e taking thh bus tt ork. 3 flyiig noises noisesis this the future of the air force?how these robots leaan to work with each othee and the taskk they can bb used tt perform. 3&and n instant and fashionnbl manicure. we take a look at how well they work and if they're worth the price in our deal or dud.. coomng up. 3 3 --aablib weather tz--
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more... syrian aa... two more aaions.. puul out of syria.../. syria.../. joining the u-s,.. - britain and other nations.. innbringing home their ambassadors from syria... in... response o the brutal massacre... in houla last week.. that left more than... 100--people dead.../.the.. u-n reports-- was.. grrup -- 3 the killings../.u-n.. envoy ..kofi annan.. met with jordan's foreign minister... to salvage... a.. peace plan.../. 102-109"theedifffrent components of mr annan's plan have to be operationalised and most importantly thh politiial .
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component.115-127"the events in syria mean the world must takeeaccion, not only by talkiig, but by acting. these are crimms against humanity, and it is impossible that the inttrnatiinal community stand a" aloof."the u-s treasury... is tightening...economic pressure freezing its assets.. in the u-s.. p and... banning american firms -- from doing business with syriaa it sounds like something out researrhers are developing robots that can learn how to communiiate with eachhother and compllte jobs. without any human interventton. the reaserch is going on at base in ohio.check out these technology will enable multtple aircraft to communicate and learnnfrom each othee. 2:06-2:21they don't know each other's capabilities and just togetter then they discooer each other's capabilities. you justtadd a quudrotor and when ittsays 'we need someone to go
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there''the quadrotor says 'oh wwll i'll do that.' and so then they learn 'oh thh quadrotor can do that." that."the air force will be able to use the rrbots for scouting... i-e-d detection... and other dangerous tasks currently dooe by airmen. a.. pilot.. in california... was forced to make an emergency landing.. tu. &ptuesday.../.he.. plane,.. which he just bought,... when the lane's engine blew..../ the.. pilot.. landed in the field.../ but... not before losing the plann's propeller on someone's roof. 32-46"i was just ccanging my shoess sittiig at the end of my bed and heard a loud crashing noise and ran outside, saw the debris in my pool. looked, turned around and looked up and saw there's a propeller just laying here on the top of my roof." roof."no one.. was hurt in the accident. 3 a.. professional looking manicure.. that lasts 10 days.../.one.. new product promises ...that
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&pyou don't need to go... to a happen! but before you spend 10 bucks on "sally hansen salon effects nail poliih strips" ... megan gilliland finds out if they''e a deal or a dud. this season's hottest manicureebut if yyu don't have time toogo to the salon every wwek... one product says it's for we ppt "sally hansens' sslonneffects naii polish striis" to the deal or dud test. test.different youtube tutorial nats with music under uudee we found dozens of youtubb videos that make the dhesive brandd proctor heard we were n - testing these out on fox45 morning news... she immeeiately.brandi excited o try it natssuper excited im a nail polish junkie junkiei always see these and wonder if they work workwe followed the instructions... application natsmeg: peel the sticker... sally hansen salon effects nail polish
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strips cost about 10 dollars.. and you can get abouu one and a half manicures out of each bo. box.brandiisotoh thats cute dud?brandi sotit works!a dud??- works!for mooe information on "sally hansen salln effects nail pollsh strips"... log slass newlinns.megan gilliland fox45 news at 530. 3 how much do you tii?ten percent?... twenty? the amazing amount one waittr received. 3 &p--adblib weather tz-- - massive hail innoklahoma.a
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tornado was reported as damaging haii and winds whipped across arts of thee state.some of the hail was the size of deaths were reported but somm people were injured..the storm knocked out power and shattered car windows. cloudy skies toss to wx a.. 3 to wxcloudy skies toss cloudy skies toss to wx
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a.. warning &p...from the ddpartment of public wwrks...../ baltimore.. has.. 3---reservoors -- and... liberty.../ and.. three ..human- lake montebello... and lakke ashburton..../ temperatures n deep waters... drop quickly,... hiddee rocks and bbanches.../. those.. caaght swimming... at these places... can be fined and/or jailed. when news breaks.. you can accees the your cell phooe. download the fox45 mobile news app for your droid or i-phone. ittincludes weather conditions.. all at your fingertips. go to foxbaltimore ot com and look for "mobile" at top righthand corner of the ssreen. 3 the ravens beein their second
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besidds the playerr... who else was getting familiar with the team. 33 3p
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the ravens began the second of activities oday at their they're voluntary, so several veterans were absent, but this is more for their younger count. counterparts... while the newcomers use the ota's tt get familiaa with the system, the ravens are defensive coordinntoo...dean pees takes over from chuck pagaao, who took a head coachinn job with the colts, &pbecoming ttee4th ravens d- coordinator to get a head pob...and he doesn't plan to change very much.... 3
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the orioles have suddenly taken a turn for the orse..a lot worss...they've now lost 4 in a row and 7 out of their last's getting frustration, and ww saw thatt borne out ast night in ttronto. toronno... catcher matt wieters, who is the most even tempered guyy night in toronto...umpire doug 3 eddings was behind the plate, and had been strugging, and wieters took exception to, strike don't argue had played in 415 games ers - without an ejection... o's and jays highlights, and morgan adsit reports from owings mills tonight at 10:50 and 11:30 on sports unlimittd
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--toss to vytaa-- 3-tas---- chief meteorlogist vytas reid... reid.... can.. bad luck.. turn into.. good luck? for.. one texas mann..the answer is yes. yes.a houston waiter got quite a shock this weekend when his cussomers left him a whopping pive-thousann-dollar ttp! waiter at d'amico's in rice a village for 16 yeaas and in that time has had a list of regulars.workers there say it's common knowledge that rubar lost his carrin a severe sttrm several weeks ago and had been taking cabs and buses in order to get tt work.on saturday... a married ouple... who would not give
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their names... left him the best gift of all. 14-22"heejust said, 'here. we're still going to come in, put we're not going to tip you for a while.' he said, 'this is ffr you.' he said, 'this is enough money for ou to go and buy a nice car.'" car.'"rubaa says heedoes plan pew car. that'ssalllfor fox45 news at 5:30."famill feud" is next. neet.and we'll be back tonight the late editiin at 11... 11...we'll see you 3
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