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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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thaa even goes ffr that can of paint....and lookkattthat mess. the caa was punctured... sending paint all over the place....but that was just the beginning of the problem thats what happenes whenever you do that whoah... what was that? that?áthatá was fumes from the ruptured can...hiiting tte pilot light on the officials say to be carefullabout the things you store in your house 3 3 fighting back against a fugitive on the run from justice tonight. welccme to the late editionn barnd.ff barnd..- and i'm jennifer gilbert. baltimore county police say he stabbedda man tt death...then set his body on fire. fire.keith daniels s live in
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be part of a deadly love triangle.. keith. keith. jenniferrand jeff.... we're live at thh fox hall aparttents on dunhaven place near walther boulevard..... the killing happened t an apartment behind me... 3 police have charged lled 3 llnnell ellis with first- degree murddr.... a 32-year-old man, still on the loose. detectivesssay he killed 21-year-old daryl augustts last saturday. in building number 7 when ned - ellis showed uu at a woman's apartment and found her with auggstts. police say the suspect stabbed augustussin the groin... then set the victim's body and pickkp truck on fire. police found the burned body ann truck in essex.. but detectives believe the killing happened hereein what neighbors call a quiet place to live. p3 "we're just freaked out and we didn't like how no one toald us what was going on for like days. so, we ended up ssaying at a hotel becauseeiiwas just
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sleep. it's just scary.. just the thought of someone dying right aaove your head is just not a good feeling." police say someone had reported the victim missing on the same day they found his burned body and trucc. meantime, police say if you know anytting about where ellis, the sussectt might be.. call baltimoreecounty police. live n carney.. late edition. 3 & we continue to follow breaking news... in... harford county.../police... arrest... a person... for murrer.../ ...after.. finding... human remains..//.that .. man... who diiappeared.. last week.../. bonsafo... aggei-kodie... last seen.. near his home.../on... terrapii terrace ... friday morning.../.police.. found.. parts of a body ...there.. today...//. and there is late word tonight that 21-year old alexanddr kinyua... has been - first degree murder.../, 3 alss in howard county police are investigating a serres of burglary aatempts inncolumbba.
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lasttnight suspeccs shattered glass at eeeven restaurants and businesses along dobbin road....dobbin center way...snooden river parkkay...aad oakland millss road. suspects stole cash if available. police have no leads do believe that all incidents may be related. prince georges county police are on tte verge of aquiring a new tool in the fight against c. crime.the county hopes to add a gun registry for convicted offenders. thh database would allow poliie to keep a close eye on felons ho've carrying guns.many hope the gun regiitry will help bring the number of gun crimes down. 43-59"if someone is convicted of a gun crime is put some parameters oo their release or sentencing and when you gee out of jail, quarterly or twice a year you've got to check in with the police department, so if you change youu address and don't ell us we can violate your probation". probation". the regiitry is nottpublic and wiil be run and detectivvs.the national - phe database -- callinggit a
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burdennto taxpayerssthat takke officers off the streets. some harford county parents are on alert .. after a disturbing incident invvlving an ice cream ttuck! truck!ii happeeed last thursday evening during a youth bassball gaae at reckorr road park in fallston. police say two white men in an ice cream truck pulled into the parking lot near the playground where three 8- year-old girls were playing. the passenger shouted to the ice cream. one of the irls started to walk over - but her friends stopped her. the childrennthen ran away and the truck took off. 3&207 i'm happy her friennssdid pull her away but as a parent you really do need to makee sure you keep an eye on your children no matter how old or how young they are 11 harford county authorities are investigating the incident. they're asking anyone with firsthand iiformation to give them a call.
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opponents of maryland's same sex marriage law have ssbmittee more than twice thee signatures needdd... to ring the law before voters. voters.they turned innthe signatures in annapolis yester they submitted more than 120- thousand signaturrs ... 55- thousand are needed tt put the issue n the november ballot. maryland's law legalizing same-sex marriage does nnt go into effect until january... and thattleft time for a possiile voter referendum. the state now has 20 days to vvrify signatures. supporters of same-sex marriage say reeent polls indicate maryland voters are leaning tooard upholding the law ii it is put to referendumm and that brings us to our question of the day.if enough you plan on voting on the same sex marriage referendum? referendum? go to our facebook page and about this hot button issue that appears to be heading for a vote in november. meantime,.. boy scouts ...who support ggy rights.. marched ...on the.. organizatioos annuaa meeting... in florida. florida. this
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afternoon,.. eagle scout.. zach wahls,,../ an... iowa olleee student... with lesbian parents... deliiered... a petitton... signatures ... to the scouts annual meeting... in... the ... scouts... purreet policy... bans gayy... from seering... as aduut eaders.../ and.. ome in the organization say it is time for a change. 3 "obviously the federal povernment has a policy marrrageeact that e of discriminates against people like my own parents and millions of otherrlgbt americans..however, i am unwilling to discard the entire organization just like i'm unwilling to discard this ccuntry bbcause of one single policy." a... spokesman for the boy scouts... says... there are no plans to change the policy,.... &p but... the prgannzation says.. they value freedom of expression. maryllnd is getting $60 million in housing assistance from a mortgaggessrvicing general doug gansler made the &announcm outlining how the funds will go toward legal help or hommowners and battling
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blight. governor martin o'mallly said the settlement will also support non- hotline call center... which helps distressed homeowners get in touch with housing counselors. o'malley: "iq: people that neighbors in baltimore.... oq: ssve youu home." home." this is the first installmenttof almost a billion dollars that maryland received in the settlementt funding will also go toward &pextra stafffrs at the attorne general's office to work specifically on housing issues and to inveetiiate foreclosuree 3 a.. california pilot.../ he... was forced to make an mergency landing.. tuesday.../. tuesday.../.he.. &pwas ffying.. an experimentall plane,.. which he just boughtt... when the plane's engine belt bleww.../the.. pilot.. landed in tte field.../ but... not before losing theeplane's propeller on someone's roof. p 32-46"i was just changing y shoes, sitting at the end of
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my bed and heard aaloud crashing noise and ran outside, saw the debrissin my pool. looked, turned aaounn and looked up and ssw there's a propeeler just laying there on the top of my roof." roof."no one.. was hurt in tte accident. the... first ybrid car.. is a mainstreem hit.../.accorddng.. to bloomberg, ..the toyota prius.. s the world's third best seeling carr.. just behind the toyota coroola.. and ford focus..../sales.. more thhn doubled ..when toyota introduced more of theeprius family.../.the. original prius... rolled out in 1997.. great day.. for actors other than hummns...// so.. why not a haaster?watch ... as... this littleerodent... shows off some big talent. talent.quick gunshoo nats nats tte haastee pulls one oscar
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worthy move... in thissvideo sayy.. the hamster was not o - the video. e making of - not... the kind of thing... voters will use... to choose... the leader... of the reeewoold.../ world.../ still... republican.. candidate... mitt romney's nnw mobile app,... embarrassingly... misspells... "america.".../ it... says.../ "yes, internet"... " welcome to amercia".../. the... gaffe,... by... some poor guy... hired by the campaign,... releases... the.. campaign's newly released wwtt their choice... of... 14... pro-romney slogans.../ suchh.. as... "i'm a mom for mitt,"".. "ooama isn't working"... andd.. "the ameeica we love,"...// and... then... share them... on social media.../ ffrmer... vice president dan uayle... says he álovesá the new campaign.../
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and.. sees nothing rong with it.../. 3 not quite as hoo as yesterday but will our weather shiit over. overnight. let's go to chief meteorologist vytas reid or a look attwhat's happening now. 3
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is president obaaa hiding civilian deaths happening under his orddrs? the new evidence that gives america a blank check to kill any adult around a ssspected terrorist. when you pop the big &pquestion, it's probably not a good idea to lose the ring.... find out the really stupid place whhre one brain surreon lostthis fiances engagement ring. of thousaads of your tax dollars, we're paying for his retirement. why the psa's jeff neely got a goldenn parachute after basically stealing from taxpayers. news of just how
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personally -- presiienttobama
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has been involved -- in the process of killiig scores of terror suspects -- has sooe enraged that he's playing politics with body counts. james osen explains hy some say the president is covering up the murder of civilians with fuzzy math. math. [natsound/june 2011/pakistan] this is usually what we see of the obama administration's expanded uue & terrorists... craterssin the grounn, sheet-covered corpses. but the white house is rejjcttng charges that it is now counting those corpses differently... the drone campaign.carneyyn - says: "yesterdaa, we have at our disposal tools that make avoidance of civilian casuallies muchheasier, and tools that make precision targgting possible in ways that have never existed n the past. the "new york times" on tuesday reported that president obama has ordered that all mmlitary-age males killed within range f a drone strike be counted as a eneey combatants...unless evidence surfaces to exoneeate the dead. military analysts believe the number is carefully calibrated as a matter of policy.scales says:
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"they're principibby lowballed becauseeof the conceen that the reaction to these ssrikes &pwould be so negative that it would impede the ability oo the commander in the region to keep up this mission." georgia, ranking repuulican on the senate intelligence committee, said he waa unaware of a change in accounting during theeobama administration... but that if ooe had been made, his committee shhuld haveebeen briefed n it. he also suggested civilian deaths probably áhaveá decreased uuder president obama's command.chambliss says: "i think there's no question that we're doing a better jjb. technology has allowed us to advance to a very, very precise position when it comes to the delivery f weapons cleer, stated policy of both the bush aaministration and the obama administtation to &pensure collateral damaae is held to a minimumm. unofficial tallles suggest the obama adminnstration has expanded the use of unmanned c-i-a drones, with their hellfire missiles, by almost 5000percent over the bush administrrtion. the
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commander-in-chief and his aides can cite more than a dozen top al-qaada, taliban, who havv perisheddin recent s drone strikes. but other estimates -- impossible to verify -- say hundreds, maybe even thousandss of civilians have perished, too.rosen says: "a senior white house official emphasized to fox news that drones strikes are almost allays conducted in remote areas. and that if a targeted terrorist appears to be surroonned by civilians, a drone can track the taaget for hours, even days, to strike once he is alone. in washington, james rosen, fox news." 3 3 3
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the beach is a rrmantic place to pop the big question, but not when you lose the ring.
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find out where this brain surgeon hid his engagement own head examined. 3 he abused your tax dollars, then he got a retirement fuuded by them. why the gsa's jeff neely is getting a six figure bailout 3 3 the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate.
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you don't exactly have that green thumb. but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. common sense says.... whateeer youudo... don't lose the ring. a marriage proposal on the beach in naples, florida, goes terribly wrong... steve and mary were visiting from denver... when steve decided o ask her to marry him..e buried the diammnd ring in the sand... so she could find it while she was digging. but she didnt. seconds turned into minutts... and finally professional beach comber. finally, after several hours... they were able to find it. of it all--the ring and what - &pnot. i uut really wanted to be engaged with her at that point, you know.")) know."))
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(("yeah, you gotta feel sorry for the guy who's been digging around in the rain for a &pcouple hours. how could you say no to that?")) that?")) thankfully she did say the wayy... the groom-to-be is actually a brain surgeon. common sense says...we shouldn't be paying ffr this taxpayers may be picking up the tab for jeff neeley.neeley is an official from the general services administration who oversaw an 800-thousand dollar lassvegas conference for g-ssa workers. the agency says he's no longer an employee there... but a congressional committee believes he could be rrtiring with an annual pension of more phan 100-thousand dollars a year... paid for by u-s &ptaxpayers. 3 aa skyyet become self aware? --- terminator fans know what i'm talking about. the new air force program that has combat robots making their own decisions without human help.
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. enroll in the program that's right for you at it sounds like something out
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offterminator, the first steps of skynet taking over... over...air force researchers are developing robots that can &plearn how to communicate with each ther and complete jobs. without any human interventionn the reaserch is going on at wright patterson air forre base in ohio.check out these smmll flying aircraft.the new technology will enabbe multiple aircraft o communicate and learn from each other.the air force will
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be able to use the robbts for scouting... i-e-d detection... and other dangerous tasks currently dooe by airmen. the orioles est player is hit by a pitch...and the birds aren't happy about it......bruce cunningham has the story next in sports unlimited. 3
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that's all for the late edition, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. let's go to bruue for a look at a night ii torrnto that had
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buck teaming madd sports unlimited starts right now. the orioles have tomorrow off...and it's coming at a very good time......after a stunning start, they have hit &ptonight, were trying to avoid a five straight defeat... defeat... not a very good niggt for oriole staater jason hammel, who had beaten toronto twice this ssason...6 and 2/3rds, 9 hits, 4 home runs..aal of them homers...including this one, botton 2nd..edwin left...a solo davis...smacks this one to lefttcenter...also a solo shot,,,toronto had the lead at 2-1......bottom 4th...more of the same...thisstime it's brett another solo was 3-1..they'' add yee another solo shot from colby rasmus......and if that frightening moment for the ii the 6th, bbandon morrow comes inside and gets adam jones on the game, but is being &pexamined..and his manager doesn't like the way that went down.. it was on this date that one of the greatest
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baltimmre sports legends got underway...exactly 30 years cal ripken junior began the - consecutive games strrak that would culminate with him ppssing lou gherig to become thh game';s alltime leader in that category...he played every single game, 26-hundred and 32 of them, until the end of the 1998 season...inducted into the hall of fame in 2007, ripken topped 3-thousand hits and 400 home runs, and won two mvp awards during hat timr. the ravens' defensive coordinator position is one of the most prized in the nfl... no fewer than four of them have ascended into head being chuck pagano, who left for the olts after last season...his replacement, dean pees, is using these ota's to
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settle into the new gig... morgan adsit picks up the story from here.. that'll do it for this edition offsports
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be ure to tune in to foxx5 morning news tomorrow -- [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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