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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 31, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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see all the aation live in person.your chance to win tickets to mooster jam... 9:09 it'ssscary. cause you ews. 9:00 it's sccry. cause you 9:09 t's scary. caase you never know a man in an ice ream truckk. tries to abduut children... at a ball iild.what he told them... that almost got them into the truck... aad the park he's targeting. :05-:13 "no the american way!... all the damn time. ((pull down auddo)) audio))and... a lawmaker loses it.. in the statehouse.what got him so angry. 3 3 3 today is thursday, may 31.
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mapbelairrreenspring295895 police continue to search for the shooter who opened fire on a crowd of people in east baltimore.... hittiig a ten year old boy and 3 others. others. joel d. smith is progress plice are making,
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thanks to sooe new evidence. good mooning joel d.. good morning megan... we surveillance video offthe gunman who shot iito a crowd here at milton and east hoffman street monday night. 11:19 people are now doing
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anythinggand everything they can in order to feed themselves and their families and sometimes attitudes are a little salty. and i'm sure the hot weather hasn't helped at this point :35 an elementary school is less than a block frrm where the actively involved in this invvstigation.... baatimore police deppty commisisoner anthony barksdale. 3 3the search is on this morning for aaman accused of stabbing another man to death... in baltimore counny... then setting his body on fire..t's
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believed to be... part of a deadly love triangle. triangle.police ccarggd 32- year--ld lennell ellis with first degree murder. ellis is accused of stabbing 21-year- old daryl augustus last saturdayyat the fox hall apartments in carnny.... when he arrived at a woman's augustus. policeesay the - ellis ssabbed him in the groin... thee set the victim's after driving tooaaremote area in essex. 3 "we're just freaked out and we didn't ike how no one toall us what was going on for like days. so, we ended up stayiig at a hotel because i was just &pso freaked out i couldn't eve sleep. it's just scary.. just the thought of someone dyinn not a good feeling."d is just - feeling." police say someone reported the victim missing on the same day they truck. meaawhile, if you know anything aboot where asked to call baltimore county police. in harforr county... police arrest a man for murder after ffnding human remains hat
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could be those of a man who disappeared last week.ku-joe bonsafo aggei-kodie was last seen near his home on ttrraain terrace in joppatown on frrday morning.police found parts of a bodd therr on wednesday.21 year old... alexander kinyy ua....has been chaaged with first degree murddr. some harford county parents are on alert, this morning ... afterra disturbing incident involving an ice cream truck. happened last youth baseball game at reckord road park in fallston. police say two white men in annice cream truck pplled into the parking lot near the pllyground whhre three 8- year-old girls were playing. the passenger shouted to the girls to ome get some free ice cream. one of the girls started to walk over - but her friends stoppeddher. hee truck took off. 207 i'm happy her frrends did pull her away but as a parent you really do need to make sure yoo keep an eye on your chiidren no mmtter how old or how young they are 16 harford county authorities are
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they're asking anyone with ffrsthand information to give ttem a call. it now appears llkely that maryland's same sex marriage law will go before the voters in november. opponents of the nee law have turned in more than twice the signatures needed for it toogo to rrferendum. the petition drive has brought in more than 1200thousand signatures and organizers say more are coming in everr hour.. the state attorney general's office must still verify those signatures. the voters in maryland will now have an opportunity to uphold the legislation or not once those signatures are &pverifitedfrom wwat i understand there was almost twice as many signatures as necessarymy guees is that they will in fact be on he baalot anddsee all of our stories abouu ssme sex marriage on our website.go to fox-baltimore dot com... and lick on saae-sex marriage in the hht topics the top of the screen. 3 when it comes to casting your vote in
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noveeber...the term "buyer beware" should beeapplled.we worked with our media partner "the washington guardian" to look into the background oo this year's congressional candidates.ass jeff barnd reports... we found bannruptciessand felonies. felonies. in aaerrca, we conduct thorough background chhcks of teachers, coaches and &pcounselors, but the same s not true for thoseeruning for a seat in connress.[sot in jimminnerview]inn12:58:49 "people are sneaaing past the system withhut that kind of vettingg"trt=:03(brenda lenard pictures att http://s1151.photobu ckee..oo//lluussoo22//rrnn aaeeaadddossnntt//aabb mmiiwwssiieehhww//rr>> in tennessee, tea party andidate brenda lenard (pronounced "leonard")prrmotes herself as a coreefisccl hawk.. not aa word of her arrest for fraudd she was charged with writing bad checkk in 1993, placed on probation and ordered to pay a fine. [sot n jim ]]2:57:23 ffnd when i went in." trt=:03 jim popkin, working, with our pedia partner, the washinnton filed for bankruptcy - not once -- but four ttmes in two years.popkin, the president of investigativv check, examined bankruptcies, tax liens and even arrests for iolent crimes. [sot in jim]sot in know who we areepulling a
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trtt:06[graphic]in all -- fourteen candidates with big aspirations have blemished records. the list includes - republicans, democrats, independents, tea partiees and a liiertarian.[sot in vatz] sot in 15:44:27 "toosome extent this is the responsibility offparties. support those withhn the party - pho have this trt=:09[scott boman]scotttboman is almost a household name in michigan. since the mid 1990's. he es - minoring in math while in te 3:07" more people are definitely conncrnnd with america's fuuure than scctty boman's past. that being sid, at the turn of the centtry i those horrible decisions led longee service my own ebt." - &ptrt=:14[broll at the end of his interview wkef trucker runs for senah]scott upert, a a tough choice in 2007 -- ad - repair his 18 wheeler or pay more than 60 thousand in ffderal and county taxes. hh stuck with his truck. he's running aa an independent canidate out of ohio -- because, in his words, "the government is getting out of
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wkef trucker runs for senah ñ sot in 2:42 "in my opinion, i don't owe the government a lot of money. i have to pay taxes -- in my estimation, i'm not getting much for my money." trt=:08[jaccshepardforsenatt]] anddthen there's jack shepard. shephard is a fugitive wanted on charges of first-degree arson. he served time in prisonfor criiinal sexual conduct. but nothing stands in his way from seeking the senate nomination for democratic farmer in though shephard llves in romm, taly. come novveber -- remember --- voter -- eware. 3 yyu can see an expanded website at fox baltimore-com.. and if you wanttto read more from thh "washington &pguardian"... yo can also go to our website ann click on... "washington guardiaa" unddr hot topics. an llinois stateellwmaker loses his cool in a bigg ay... on the state house floor. listen in... in...:05-:13 "no the american way!....all the damn time. got to figure out how to vote for my people."-butt to-:39-
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"enough! i feel like... let my people go!" go!"republican mike bost was áfuriousá... about a &pnew plan to overhaul the stat hear... he wasn't afraid to show it.he unleashed a screaming rant on democrats... timeeto read over the latest versson of the proposed bill. air... yelled and even quoted ""et my people go."all this... - while stunned colllagues looked on. can bad luck turn into good luck? for one texas man... the answer is yes. waiter in houston. as he pgo... high water ruined his caa. during the memorial day weekend... rubar had to work at the restaurant he has ann 2 of his longtime
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customers showed up... giving lifetime... a 5- ttousand-dollar tip for a new car. :14 "i'm just humbbed by it that's all."-butt to-1:08 "ppople can be generous youu know, ttey told me they felt like i deserved this" this"the waiter gladly acccpted... saainn he's so shocked that anyone could be so generous. list?""e discuss. we debate. we disagree." disagree."the controversial weapon the government is using ... to target ouu nemies. enemies. ((break 1)) 3 i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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boom! the 20-12 hurricane season begins tomorrow and runs through november.forecasters predict ffur to eight atlantic hurricanes this year.fema wanns to remind you to have a plan for hurricane
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power outages... bb using cell phones to text message... and make sure you've got a charger. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorollgist)) 3 ((traffic reporter aa libs))maa belairgreenspringbelairmap 3 belairmapad libs))((traffic repprter ad libs))map belaargreenspring295895mapmta
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promising news when it comee from teen drivers. drivers.a new study finds a good trend when it comms to teens and crashesbut find out the work that sttll needs to be done. done.but first...the controversial weaaon usee o target the country's enemies... who's next on the presidenn's "secret kill list." 3&((bump out)) 3
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u-s drone strikes have been a controversiaa ... weapon aggiist suspected terrorists. we're now learning more about who is targeted... and howw thhy wind up on what's being called tte president's "secret kill list." list." 3&--reporter pkk-as follows -- pressdent obama is intimately suspected terrorists and thee decisioo over who dies next..
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"what technology has allowed is senior eaders now to reach in and decidd at the most tactical level, at the individual target levee."a ny times story tuesday laid out that process in greet detail. when it comes to ordeeing drone strikes against puspectee terrorists, the president is getting recommenddtions from various national seeurity officials. they examine he biographies of potential targets - and what opportunities eeist to kill them. "we discuss. we debbte. we disagree."white house counter-terrorism advisor john brennan said drone strikes are given the go-ahead if they're fairly sure there won't be cciilian casualties and they haveea positive id. "we only authorize a particular operation against a specific individual if we have a high degree of confidence that the indeed the terrorist wweare pursuung."but a senior defense official says the military can target suspects in countries like 3 cnn.script----- -----end-----
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cnn, the pentagon. chris lawrence, what they waat. people to get system and the to manipulate the system and the to manipulate the savvy bureaucrat chance for a savvy bureaucrat to people to get what they want. - chris lawrence, what they want. people to get system and the to manipulate the savvy bureaucrat to manipulate the systee and
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the what they want. cnn, the pentagon. -----end----- cnn.script----- a horriiic scene in what caused a driver to plow into a baa... injuring several . people.and...thh promising news concerning teen drivers... and the proposed guiddlines to help keep them safe on the roads. ((break 3)) ---reporter pkg-as folllws -- as school lets out teens have
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more time to drive or learn how.the good news for parents, tte institute for says number of teen drivers involved in deadly accidents has decreased. we've seen really dramatic reductions in over the last 15 years or so. and we think the biggest factor of &pthat ii states passing graduated licensing laws.but new i-i-h-s rrsearch finds more than 500 additional livee could e savee, aad aamost all states strengthened teen licensingglaww by adopting five standards that woulddmake teens wait longer to get their licenses and place restrictions on new drivers &pincluding ---- a minimum permit age of 16-- at least 65 practice hours-- a miiimum liiense age of 17-- a night driving restriccion beginning at 8 p-m. -- and a ban on teen passsegers.regardless of state guidelines, i-i-h-s says pareets eed to carefulll gaugeewhether their teen is understand how much power they have in this situation. they
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really make all the important licensing decisions . for consumer watch,,i'm karin paifa. -----eed----- cnn.script----- your property value... and wwlmart. walmart.why it ould be a good thing of you're trying to sell your house. house. 3 3 3
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