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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 31, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a suspect admits to murder and m pruesooe, it's heertwrenching.." hearrwrenching.." the gruesome case unfolddng in harford count. ccunty. a gun scareeat u-m-b-c. overhead....where an all-outt search lead campus police. police. milder temppratures as we head to the weekeed.but rain will be eturning. when storms willlarrive in maryland and in my skywatchwill hang arouud - steamy novel.saying "no" to a - novel. (22228:11) "she writes the best love scenes...." pcenes....!"how some libbaries debate over free speech.. hello... i'm jeff barnd. and iim jennifer gilbert. gilbert.readers say "50 shades of grey" may be disturbing... ....ut they also call it addicting......intense... ...even magical magicalother people... call it... "aweeul".../...aad..
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some... call it porn.../...which... could... be... why harforddcounty public pecided not to buy it readers wantt..... and the other things on the shelf at the county library (23:19:53) (libraryy twice a month at harford countys public library.... good. this one's good....." gloria mill-ard goes searching for her next bii thrill.... (22:28:06) "oh ome on. have you read nora roberts...?" (22:28:11) "she wriies the (22:29:311 "....and it ets really hot....!" like most public ;libraries.....the violence. (22:38:20) "as &pa child, she was almost raped...." at this'll find thee tale of "six hunnred dudes and a porn quuen"..... but you won't find "fifty shhdes of grey".... 22:27:50) "i was just thinking this was a funny thiig that this library sexually-charged trilogy is he - selling out at book stores.... buu at theepublic library, directors have ddcided its not suitable for
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the county shelves. (22:28:27) (skype)) "i'd totally ddsagree that we are book...." in an online director mary hastler defended the decision 'not' the buy the book. t was laagely based on the book's reviews. (22:25:16) (skype) "it was identified as being which i'd never heard before. horrrblyywritten. so if you folloo our pplicy we do not parford county public library." p (22:30:56) "what is in the book that they define as pornography...?" (23:07:01) "some people say its pornographic. some people pight not." this appears to be the only public library in maryland to turn the book away. (22255:28) public libraries in balttmorr - county are cheekinn out hundreds of copies.... and there are dozens more at and cecil counties. (21:46:35) "i think harford countys gottaaget with itt..." in harford &pcounty, theeliterary crowd shelles are stocced with one less thrill.... (22:32:355 "what is in those books thats not alleady
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in here....?"" jeff abell, fox 45 news at ttn. 3 the harforr county library does offer the e-book version of 'fifty shades oo grey'..... grey'..... the... e-book is available... library... which is shared py... other librariessstate-- wide...//. already... there's... a waiting list... of more than 8- hundred people. pnd that brings us to our qqestion of the day.should the book "50 shadds of grey" be availabll in libraries? libraries? herr's a look at our facebook page...a of people are answering this t - quustion...people seem to be split ight down tte middde on this one.join the discussion slash fox-balttmore maryland state police wann your help fighting bbck... ...against someonn who was appaaently taking viddos of children in bathrooms aa rest stops along i-95. 95.they arrested thissman... brian williams oo west chester, the chesapeake house along
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interstate 95 in cecil county. sooeone saw him taking pictures of a boy inntte bathroom... and cclled police. policc.when police searrhed his phonn... they founn videos of 11 children... using rest area bathrooms.williams was arrested... and is out on baii awaiting trial.investigatorr are loooing for witnesses or othee victims... and ask them to call police baltimore city police say thhy've caaght a peeping tom who was targeting wwmen at harb. harborpllce.police say the man in these surveillanceephotos is avid knight. e's accused of using his cell phone to year-old girl under a bathroom stall.detectives say they received tips from a number of women who described knight "creepyy" harford county... a... maryland man... áadmitsá... to eating... another man's bodd parts.. after ákillingá.. him.../. the.. suspect.. a... 21-year-old university student... from thh city..../. daniels... streaming live in joppatowne ... where investigators say...
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the murder happened... keith. keith.rollcue; no apparent motie motive what's believed to have happened inside this hhme on terrapin terrace n joppatowne.. what's believed to have hhppened inside this home on terrapin terrace in joppatowne.. could not manage to stay inside this home....'s an appalling discovery that's left awe and shock. (ms. in murraa) "it's gruesome, itts heartwrenching.." harffrd county sheriff's deputies have charged alexander kinyua, a 21-year-old morgan state university studenn, with firss- degree murder. documents, kinyua confessed to killing 37-year--ld kujo aggei kodie inside the home by cuttiig him up with a knifee
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&pkinyua wednesday.. five days with, went missing. investigators found body parts, including a head and two hands, while searching the townhome. detectivee say the suspect also led in a dumpsterrbehhnd a nearby church. they say startling confession.(majj suspect on his own admittance, advised us that he did eat specificclly parts oo he brain and the heart." a disturring murder investigation that began with a missing person report..... investigators say the suspect's ather had reported the victim missing body parts... the amily e - alerted neighbors watched in ddsbelieff(ms. murray))"you ccn't imagine something like thaa. there's obvioussy morr than what we
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therees juss a lot more to he story. i ddn't know what it know." pollce need your help fighting back in annapolis.authoties say a womaa was walking along generals highway... near the pulled up in a gray pick up truck and offered her a ride. she accepted... ...but then... accorddng tt police...the man stopped driving... and started assaulting her.the woman &pescaped......but the man appaaently ccased her down and sexually assaulted her. hee.the suspect is descibee as a white male in his forties... six feet tall... 170- pounds, clean shaven with blond hair and brown eyys,,wearing a pants.anyone with information is asked to call anne arunddl anne arundel county police are
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warning residents about a suspicious man approaching ccil. children.the latest two incidents occured alongg5th avenue in brooklyn ark.a 9-year-old girl was approached by a man earing a ski mask and a black t-shirt with a red heart on it. theeman asked where she was going and he girl ran away.she told police several days earlier. earlier.another child repooted a similar incident back in ffbruary.anyone with information should call pooice. 3fox45 hassteamed up with the moot popular crime mapping website on the internet "spotcrime" tracks criminal activity in yourrneighborhood. you can also get emails when crime happens.sign up by going tooouu website... fox- on "spotcrime" in the hot topics" section at the top of former ... penn state ...assistant football coach jerry asking... an... ppeals court to... delay his triil trialthe.. request from sandusky's attorney ... comes ...juut....5 days before
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commmnt tonight... from sandusky'' attorneyy ... or prosecutors...// sandusky''.. accused of molesting 10 boys.. 3 decision day for the jurr in phe john edwards case.a mistrial deccared.... on all but one count. count.after nine days of deliberations, the jury could only agree on one of the sii counts leveled against edwards, acquitting him on one &pcount of acceeting illegal campaign contributioos. hh was accused of using donations to cover up an extramaritaa affair and the pregnancy of his istress -reille hunner during his 2008 presidential bid.affer it was all over, edwards broke his silence on courthouse.... pi want to make sure that everyone here's from e and from my voicee that while i do not believe i did anything illegal, or ever thouggt i wws doing anything illegal. i did an awful awful lot wrong." edwards also thanked his daughter kate foo
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beinggby hii side every day of the trial. it's now p to prosecuttrs to decidd whether to re-filee charges. aa.. 22-year-old marine... from edgewater killed in afghanistan. .../ stephens... reports... on...// how the parents... of... sgt... julian chaae.../ remembered. to be - 3 2:51 he was very hummle. he was veey bright 54while the nation was onoring its day... tom chaseewaa getting news that his son and only child... had made thh ultimate sacrifice. 5913 i'm very proud any father would 19sergeant julian chase f edgewater died monday in helmand province, afghannstan. the 22-year-old marine was connucting combat operations ... when he was shot with a ssngle bullet to the ead. tom 0028 he died in the arms of a navy corps man
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who was on his fire controo team 377stationed in okinawa, japan... chase was on his second tour of duty in afghanistaa. he jooned the marines in 2008.. after graduating from woodrow wilson high school in dad and stepmmther say he was inspired by a former cooch who used to be a marine sniper..but they didn't want him to go... for fear he'd one day be shot. pam 8:29 what he said tt us though was somebody's son has to do it. ann that killeddus 37but in his short military career... chase proved his mettle..receiving numerous awards...incllding the purple heart. 8:06 he had the big gun. he wanted to the be the one with the big ggn cause he thought he could protect else 13myranda 2247 chase was scheduled to rturn home at the end of june. his parents leaving the military to go to coolege and pursue a career in photojournalism 57521 he wanted to foot his own bill in college. and he was willing to pursue fouu years in the militaryyto do that 28and ultimately give his own pife... to protect others.
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some before he got killed. and that's what he was there for and he waa good at it and i'm proud of ttat 499n edgewater, myrrnda stephens, fox45 news at ten. sergeant... chase.. will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery... next week. two baltimore city employees are accused of stealing 300- thousann ounds of ssrap metal sell. lee kane and ted wo-jtas both face several counts of felony theft handed down today by a grand juuyy it's not the firss time a city worker did this. this. our cameras caught this employee hearley ruce cashing in a big haul last year. bruce admitted to sellinggoff city owned scrap for years. bruce retired and is now receiving a tax payee fnded pension, r-g steel.../ files or... chaater 11... banky bankruptcythe company... listed... more in... debts... and assets.../....including...
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facillties... in other states.../.last week.../ there ... kers....- received warniig.. they may be laid ff. a new development tonight in the debate over dogs in maryland. as karen parks repoots maryland lawmakers are trying to figure outta court ruling that says pit bulll are inhhrently dangerous.... dangerous.... (30:03)its all in how you raise them......eegeee echevarria adopted lucy last december.....(28:59) intelligent....loving....alwa ys wants o be by youu &pside.......he rescued another pitbull a feww weekss ago......kept him ffr a few days......and turned him n to anne arundel ounty animal control.....he says he was told.....he could not adopt the animal......(35:11)this is the biggest stepback injustice that i'be seen in a long timm.....even though anne arundellcouuty animal control claims the dogs ownee was found........because of a new nation...a pitbull rescue.... says its a sign offwhat's to come.......(nats)the state's
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highest court ruled in april that pit bulls are inherently found llable for damaaes in attacks regardless of the animals history.....(35:30)you havv the shelters now because they are now animals have rescuess pitbulls now we're liible....i'm liable..... (16:06)i think that the legislator needs to act and try o calm down this atmosphere......delegate curt anddrron is a member of a task court's decisionn16:06)how caa yoo tell when a person moves into yyur apt or if you have tenant who has a dog how can you tell if this dog has any pit ull in it al all....according to this decision if you make a mistake pit bull in it and the dog bites somebody then you are held iable....anderson sayy......landlords... ..ttnnnnss....aaddowners of pitbulls nned to know who'ss liable and nder what conditions they are responsible....(36:05)tte
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pnevitable is that they eventually et put down there's no wwy around it here are too many animmls not enouuh adopters not enough rescuers and with this flood problem 10 times the 3 the emotional stresses... that may connect the an increase in our cover story... in just 15 minutee a truck... smashes through a wall... straiggt theething that caused the driver to lose conttol...later on fox45 news at ten 3 but next... lockdown... and a room by rooo pearrh...after a man with a gun is spotted on campuspolice track down a person of pnterest.... firrt on foxaftee the break 3 ♪
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ñ%ñ%ñ a man is spotted... on the campus... oo u-m-b-c with aa &pweapon..../ while... students.. stayed inside.../ hours later... police tracked down ... the and justice reporter joy lepola... was the only reporter... ...on the scene... at the time.. time.../. ((pkg)) 9:34:26 helicopter flying overhead....10:16:45 around 5:15 this morning the baltimore county 9111center received a call from someone on our campus a emale student whh was indicating she saw someone on campus with a weapon :17:02 quickly students still on campus for warned to stay iiside and to avoid comingg nto campus. texx 10:51:28 ittsaid umbc alert possible man with gun policc in area of west hill apartments....butt audio 10:51:39 ann walker avenne for report of man with un stay insideeand out of area that was at 6:09.... three more texttalerts would followed.
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nat pop of another bite rom amanda readinggtexts... as amanda looand other students stayed inside..... images of past oncampus ssooting sprees ccme to minn.10:49:35 i was thinking about the virginia the gunman and the death and i wassreally scared ittwas going to happee on umbc :44 with the campus looked down... police surrounded an on-campus complex. outside it officers had recoveree the gun inside a maroon honda... the armed u-m-b-c student was last seen driving. as policee turned their attention... to officers went builling by bulding and room by room. 10:49:23 he just checked evvryroom to mmke sure nn one was hiding anytting or anyone was beingghidden :302shot 10:58:12 i'm kindof glad they came through all the buildingss cuzit gives us a little bit of inssrance but it was kind of the first time mina and is i manpreet have been outsidee their apartment this morning. ittseemed nn one wanted to takk any chances.... it would be 5 hours.... before the final text alert was isssed.
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(nat pop of amanda reading know hit time) sot- at 11:37 it said no longer in area.... mina-- een inisde al 11:00:12 basically the all ccear has been given a relief?ah a little bit... still a little frighteniig still though because you don't know if something like this happens eepecially if its studdnt around hhre... by 1:00 o'clock baltimore county pplice officers and officers with u-m-b-c were parked neighbors say they heard police order the 21 year old to surrennerr... without incident... police took he chemistry major in for of drama... for students who feared they're safety for severaa hours. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. we.. are... noo identifying the studdnt..../// since... no charges were... ffled tonight police have confirmed another apparent random attack in downtown baltimmrr. baltimore.they say an oofice worker was jumped and beaten this morning by five juveniles in hopkinssplaza outside the fallon federal buiiding. violence downtown like the beating at courthouse eest earlier this year s one of the reasons state delegate pat
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pcdonough says he wants to debate mayor stephanie rawlings blake.he says the is important to all state residents. &p"the state of aryland taxpayers. have alot invested in inner center........ need to be prote" protected."" it might be more useful if he debated himself and his repukblican collegges phat supported the doomsday budget....cut ppblic safety....progress we have made. mcdoooogh says the doommday budgee was a creation of governor o'malley to force tax increases... and he ssys heprefered a sppnding plannthat did not cut public safety. another maryland casino... is... set to &poppn... in a matter of days... days.../. janice.. park... live downttwn... at... the office... oo... legislatiie audits../. where... there's... some concern ... when it comes... &ptt... slot machines. janice? janice?hi jeff,this is a short audit, it's less than 20 pages.
10:23 pm
there's concern from versight to security...but tonight the maryland lottery says it's fixed any problems or is in the prrcess of fixes any the state's third casino at arundel mills sets to open it's ddors next week. the arundel mills casino "maryland live" prrmises o be bigggst and best yet. wednesday...its doors wwll ppen to 32 huudred slot machines... and a space ig enough to ccver three football . fields."tte nature of thhs buuiness youure very concerned with seccrity"bbt one week before arundel mills' big open...the maryland lottery is working out some kinks.after a routine legislative found the lottery's nettork isn't secure enough. enough." if someone did breach that level they would have more opportunities set up and account or give themselves privleges, things you wwoldn't want to happen"auditors also found thaa the lottery didn't ppy close enough atttntion to
10:24 pm
losses of about 60 thousand dollars...but the lottery says it believes the true amount is maryland lottery says it's working to quickly fix the problems. and in a statement said " we are committed to addressing the issues ited in the audit.we are pleaseddthht internal control failures or innappropriate or weak auditoo bruce myers...says the problems they found were small...but in the high stakes world of can never be too secure: the casinos in &pmaryland include a location i perryville, the eastern shore...and the new one in &paruudee mills will be the downtown baltimore, janice park fox45 news at ten. tuition. will be gging up for students
10:25 pm
...attending some schools in ma/ maryland..../the.. board of regents... foo... maryland's university system... approved.. a.. 3 percent tuution increase... for most... in-state students.../.out-of-state.. &ppollege park.. and... university of maryland, students... at alisbury university.. will see... a... 6 percenn... increase some .. lucky &pstudents... were surprised today.. with... college scholarships. 3 former ravens kicker matt stover helped announce the winners of this year's scholarship awards at m&t bank outtby the baltimore community foundation to outstanding area a high school student himself, stover said scholarships are &pcritical at a time when college expenses are so high.. "iq: when you go out anddyou have a goal to obtain.... oq: great privelege to be a part of" of." in all.....they gave away 2000000 dollars in
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scholarships... ranging from $500 to $20,000. beautifgul day today 3 3but things r about 2 change change here's vytas &pvytas 3 a truck... smashes into a
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bar...why the driver lost control...later on fox45 news at ten (vaeeh)15 34and every time theeeconomy, suicides went uu. the emotiioal toll of the recession.the troubbing link between the economy... aad the tragedd of suicide. tte..
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recession... hat hit... four years ago.... took a toll... losing jobs, losing homes...../many.. peeplee. found themselves in crisis. crisis.and hat took an emotional toll... in some cases so severe.... that people ecided to take their own is a troubling tonight's cover tory, we look at "fiiancial suicide." tragedy unfolds inside the sheraton hotel in towson.a father of a locaa college student..... kills his wife and two daughters.....before stabbing himself to western marylanddchristopher
10:31 pm
wood kills his wife and three younggchildrenn.. before turninggthe gun on himself. two famill tragedies..... with a common theme....(file sot from police chief-- keith daniels pkg, i think)"we ask thaa idividuals that are suffering from mental and emotional heaath issues beccuse of financial problesm, reach out to the mental and emotional health community when they face these crises.." christopher wood reportedly earned 97-thousand dollars a year in his jobbat c-s-x.... but was saddled with close to a half million dollars ii debt.... with a home in florida that wouldn't sell.... and mounting credit card bills. william parente, a new york real estate attorney, was accused of losing millions of investor dollars, and was under federal investigatton. two faaily traaedies.... just three days apart, in april of 2009.(sot fowler))4 38 20when we got to 2009, there was a fairly definitely increase in
10:32 pm
david fowler is chief medical &pexaminer for the state of maryland. his investigaaors also áwhyá.... when ii comes t to suicide.(sot fowler)14 41 36 we tended to see an aweful lot of investigative narratives that we were getting from our investigators saying that perssn was about to loose their hooe or just been fired or going throogh financial straights etc. and that seemed to be common.whhle dr. fowler cautions against drawing conclusions based onn &psuch small population in marrland....there are hard numbers.... from the centers por disease control,,which looked at death rates from 1928 tt 2007.(vaeth)15 34and every time there was even a small ip in the economy, suicides went up. in fact.... suicides peaked during the great depression.... and ell to the lowest 2000 ... --when the economy was oooing..since then, the
10:33 pm
increasing....hittingga fifteen year high, in 2009. from cases that make headdines.... like the husband of a hollywood realiiy star.....and the heartbreakiig localltragedy.... of former orioles pitcher mike flanagan..... to the names.... we've nevee heardd(standup) americans are under pressure. 80 percent offamericans believe the economy is a stressor in their lives. and 40 pprcent believe it is aa major stressor.the primary thing in theer life that's (vaeth)24 47i am very busy. psychiatrist dd. jack vaeth... &psays while mood disorders are the áprimaryá risk factors for uiciie, heeis hearing a commoo theme these days.(vaeth) 15 09i doo't hhve a job. don't have money. and they're about to foreclose on my house. dr. vaeth tries to help people see....that they're not plone..... and hat things i've had a number of patients who haddthese beautiful waterfront homes who are now living in little bungalows who sayy you know wwat, my family is better now than it ever tighhr, we've gone through a
10:34 pm
battle together and we've really bonded.providing hope for a recovery.... ott for more information about the warning signs of suiciiee... and suicide prrvention, you can go to our website, foxbaltimore.comann click on newslinks. 3 pcontroveesy... ooer these people in uniform... that are news at ten...ater on fox45 (((22 it happened like that... yyu didn't have time to react. ) :32)) a truck... plows through a wall at a bar...the reason the driver lost control... after the break
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call 1.888.get.fios. a.. key part... of the law... banning... ederal recognition... of... same-sex marriage... is... strucc down... as unconstitutional.../ by... a... u-s appeals court. the.... defines... marriage ... as... unions áonlyá... betteen a man... and woman..../ att. issue--wwether the ffderal government.. can deny tax,... health and pension beneffts... to... same-sex couples... in states ... where ...they can... legally marry.../. the... court of appeals.. in boston..
10:38 pm
said... the law discriminates.. agaanst gay couples..../ the.. appeals court may be... up to the suprrme court... to decide the issue. it's a typical day at a neighborhood bar.. in minnesota... until this happens.... happens....a truck crashed right through the wall... hitting six people. surveillance.. video captured the enttre incidenn..../three people were pinned in the accident. you didn't have time to react. - ...from her. 1:06))e dazed - 1:06))the ddiver was among the six people thht endeddup going to the hospital. police say the driver was a 51 year old woman... who suffered a medical emergency. a.,.. wayward raccoon- p. is... back on solid &pground. &p the.. animal... made its way up... a.. &p the.. animal... made its way up... a.. & animal... drew attention...
10:39 pm
from residents../ who ...left food on the ground... to... coax the raccoon... down.../. finally.../ when a worrer... arrived for maiitenance.... on... the pole-.... hee.. poked... the raccoon with a ssick.../. a.. resident... snnaped this cell phone video.. of the raccoon .. the.. animal ... fell scurried away. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3
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3 3
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&p ...and look at this...
10:43 pm uniiorm... the controversy... and the things apparently not military rules... after the break i'm brandi proctor withhyyur traffic edge rrport..f you have to head down 795 tomorrow expect delays around owingss constructionnproject has one llne closeddon both sides...ii starts at 9 and ends at three...if that's your usual construction wont end until october... constructton is also causing dealys on the inner loop of i-695 at the francis scotttkey bridge...ii blocks the riggt lane all dy
10:44 pm
tomorrow... so expect some delays if ou have to head through that stretch... there's also road work on 395 that may tie you up if you're trying to mmke it into downtown ballimore... the lanes at martin luther king jr blvd. that work has the riggt lane shut down all day.. ii wraps p early afternoon around 3 right before rush hour... 3 3 3&pi wiil have up to the minute traffic conditions tooorrow on fox45 morning news starting at 5am.brandi proctor, [ jared ] uh, michael? you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! if... you're
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looking tooquench your thirst.. with a large drink in new york city../, you'll.../ have.. to act fast... the mayor's... anti-obesity campaign targeting large sodas.../.it.. would ban ..any sugary drink.. more than... sixteen ounces..../ the.. ban.. would not incllde drinks,,.. dairy based products or alcohol... / and.. would lso not extend to grocery.. or convenience stores. 19-25"there are many factors that contribute to childhood obesity,,bbt the single biggest is soda and other sweetened beverages." beverages."113-122"well i don't think it's the mayor's job to decide what sort of soft drinks that eople in manhattan or anywhere in the world want to buy for that matt" a... possible two-hundred dollar fine... for we all wanttour newborns to be smaat wwen they grow up.turns
10:48 pm
out it all might start with preast- feeding. feeding.a new study published in the jouunal pediatrics suggests breast-fed babies are slightly ssarter than their formula-fed counterparts. higher in mmtor skill scored development and reschool language skills. another breastfeeding picture is causinn controversy.this one, of two military moms.... terrrn echegoyen-mccabe and christina una...... breastfeeding their babies in their air force uniforms.the phooographs areepart of a breastfeediig awareness campaignlaunched by a support group on thh fairchild air force base in washington state. there are a lot offrules aaoot what you can and can't do in uuiform.breastfeeding.... isn't covered. your... cell phone... can do alot... these days.... / give.. you ddrections,... play music.../ and... now..... even repel mosquitts. mosquitos.
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in tonights word on thh web,, carrie peirce explains how a new app is aimed at stopping in. insects. 3 forget the bug spray... the best repellent could be ii your pockee pocket that's right... a smartphone app claims to repel mosquitos with n ultrasonic sound so high pitched it's undetectable downloaded by millions with high eviews, but does ii really work? "there's no scientific research, as of nnw, to prove that it does or reason why it should." experts are skeptical since mosquitoes pon't hear like humans..most of the time, mosquitoes and all insects smell and hear through sccnts and chemicals in the air and not through wave lengths." butt usually, apps that don't work well get baddratings and aren't downloadedd whichhmeans until it's scientifically proven not toowork-- this app will most likely continue buzzing. peopleeare going to believe what they're going to believe and can you can't argue with
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success. if it works for you, think you get what you pay o i want to. you're not out any - anything for you." do 3 app.... the high-pittced sound - mmy repel more mosquittes... dogs. im carrie peirce and d thats your word on the web. 3 5-dollars?8-dollarr?maybe 10 ddllars for a really good burger?how about 300 dollars? the things that make this burggr... worth hat much... in 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten ...and how cleaning a home...ccn lead to criminal charges...after the break next fall, the students of hamilton heights 3 elementary school in harlem, new york are required to learn a second language. 22% of its students speak english as a &psecond language. learning another llnguage is not new to thhm. optional languages taught attthe school are mandatory language to be the -
10:51 pm
pake sense. french is n official language in diplomacy. but arabic? mandatory?the instruction is funded bb theeqatarrfoundation headquartered in the nation of qatar.this smacks of the ground zero mosque. this very controversial islamic facility will be built just two blocks from the worrd trade center. arabic was the language and islam the faith of all nineteen 9/11 hijackers. the mandatory arabic instruction and grouud zero mosque in the dancing oo the raveesof our victims.anyone who thinks not opposition to learning a pecond language. three of my language - two fluently.i'll believe there are gooo intentions behind this when worrd allow a church or arab - synagogue to e built in theii capital cities.that new york city officials areecooplicit in this is shameful.for more on this story visst behind the hhadlines dot net. and follow us twitter and facebook.i'm mark hyman.
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when i look up into my students' faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix. enroll in the program that's right for you. at
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♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ this time the oriooes have theenight
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off...and after losing 5 straight abouu the laat thing ttey need is more bad ews/// but late today, they got it... fielder...sing their right ffel- nick markakis will undergo surgery tomorrow on his injured right wriss..doctors bone...markakis wiil be placed on thh disabled list and a corresponding ove will be made..probably the recall of pavver avery from norfolk...he fracured the bone with his final wing tuesday
10:55 pm
night...the orioles aren't saying for least not a month. he could be oot up to 3and speaaing of ouch, adam jones took one off his wrist last night in toronto by brandon morrow in the 6th was painfull but wasn't enough tt force him out of the game...he was to have undergone xrays, and tweeted today that he's quote all good..he's expected back in the lineup tomorrow...his manager is not happy about it... john harbaugh tells you thee2 things the
10:56 pm
pavenssare looking for from their rookie class...coming up a... woman in .. ohio... s wanted... / for... an unusual crime. crime.sherry bush says last week... while she was away and her daughter wasssleeping upstairs... someone broke into the house, took out trash, vacuumed the carpet and cleannd up the playroommthink she's kidding?here's the bill, handwritten on a napkin. "75 dollars. i was here o clean." i think our jjws just dropped to the ground. i said, ""hat happened? did you get the wrong house?" she said, "no." she said, i do this all the time." i'm like, "well, what do you mean?" she goes, "i just stop and clean your house." house."that's what she does foo a living. he cleans..and now that we've seen like the job she did? t was like, "whoa, 75 dollars? fifteen mayb" maybe!"yes... sue warren has
10:57 pm
done this before. she did it last month, and got charged wasn't home when reporters living inside said sue is always working and owns her own business. the things that make thiss burger... worth 300 dollars... next on ox45 news at ten... ...and coming up in just 5 minutes oo tte late edition... &peeition... a return t momentssat the unveiling a s - former president's official portrait 3 and cruel and unusual. the allegations that sesame street songs were used to torture prisoners at guantanamo bay.
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