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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 18, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 a baltimore father dies in a weekend ire.he haa just before he flames broke out.if it weren't for the family dog... the rest of the family might not have made it out. out.megan giililand is here with ore on how first respoode haae been prevented. good mooning,fire officials tell uu there were no wooking famill's home.if it weren't foorpapa here... the famiiies four yeaa old pit bull.... who alerted thhm to get out... the rest of the family might have diee along with theirrfather. this was the scene around 111 o'clock saturday night... as smoke and flames shot out of the wagners home on eastbourne avenue.neighbors called 9-1-1. but not eeerybody made it out. bruce wagnee... a father and husband... died inside.he had
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just returned home from the hospital...where his family sayy he was treated for alcoholism.what could have been a fresh start... endee cat innide.losses that could - have been prevented withhone simple device. malia wagner, wiiow: 12242225 crawford, eegine 50: eddrick - 11.55.31-35 "having a smoke petector is a big difference between life and death."malia wagner, widow: 12.46.44 "this is the kitchen."(walking through burnt hallways) 12.47.2h fire department is reminding everyone... that they ggve away smoke detectors.if you call the fire department. as for the wagnerr... they tell us they're moornfully... counting heir blessings that some of them made it out.still nn word on what caused this fire.i'm megan gilliland,, fox45 morning newss a carroll cconty man is robbed by a coupll... after he met them to sell an ái- phoneá. phoneá.it haapened sunday man and woman were armed... e
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one with a hammer nd one with throat of the victim.the the - robbers took the ái- phone and &pcash....together worth more than a thousand dollars..he victim wasn't hurt. leaks disslosing classifiee national security information were a hot topic on the sunday talk peterrdoocy explains....the white house is calling the story a cs ... - distraction rom the importtnn . issues. president obama did not de-classify any information phat eventually leaked out accooding to white house seniir adviser david plouffe.. but plouffe declined to say whether or not his boss, tte plouffe said instead o et .. - theetwo u-s attornnys handpicked by he justice departtent do their job. plluffe says, ""he attorneyy general spoke to us. two uuited states attorneyy will pook under every rook hhre. this ought to beeinvestigated as thoroughly as anything can, and we ought to wait ffr the ploufff also aid tion." there's no need or an independent prosecctor here, even though back in 2006 then
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special counsel will insure the public's confidence in the investigatioonand prosecution in our government." that was six years ago and this mornnng, connecticut independent senator joe liiberman echoed the sentimeet. lieberman saas, "we do need a special counsel. and we need aaspecial counsel pecause a pecial ounsee avoids ny appearance of conflict of nterestt special counsels, indeeendent counsees before them were created for a situation llke this." arizona republican senator john kyl aid this afternoon that theebest way or appearance offpolitics in this investigation. is to appoint aaspecial prosecutor independent of the justtce department and attorney general holder. wwo he calls. a political figure in this washington, peter ddocy, fox one person is killed... after a meeal overhang on a stage concert. the horrifying scene uunolded
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just ooe hour before crowds were set to beelet in for the escaped... the band's drum tech was killld... after being "it was a crushing injury, and unfortunately, it killed the man.."ooe thinggweere going to be doing is working closely with the ministry of labor, trying to determineeexactly how that stage came down." investiiators arr now loooing into what caused the overhhag to fall. a teacher inntexas is accused of telling kinderggrten students to hit a felllw classmate... who was accused of bullying. mother... is speaking out.amy neely says she wants to make ii cleer her 6-year-old son aiden... is not a bully.but accooding tooneeey... aiden's teacher accused him of being one... and decided to teach other students line-up and hit light whennanother teacher who witnessee it aal... came forward. 23-32 ""4 of those kids hitt him, and he said thaa mmst of them ht him twice... he had
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priendd in that classroom aad thhy didn't want toohit him im."the teacher... who told it " the class to hit aiden... has an outburst costs one tennis match.leading by a set in the a-gon championships... ddvid nalbannian kicks aabarrier in frustration following a missed shot.thh barrier was meant to protect a line judge... sitting behind itt.. but nalbandian's kick drew blood the player was disqualified on forfeeting tte championship. it's a fathee's day these families... will never forget. on sunday... 12 memmers of the minnesota national guard peunited with their families. and it was aalong-awwited away from home for a áyearr... whileesseving overseas in afghanistan. sailabration is winding
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down... so make sure you head out and get a glimpse efore the ships leavv the inner arbo! &pharbor!meteoroolgist steve fertig will tell you hhw the weather wwll be... next. next. i'll go east coast for the philly cheesesteak omelette. no, let's go to the heartland for the midwestern meat & potatoes sandwich.
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wait umm, yeah. try the seven regionally inspired dishes of the tour of america menu. only at denny's. fireeighters are continuing to
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battll a wildfire... in colorado's pikk national forest.oo sunday... the fire grew quickly from just a handful of acres... -- 3-hunnred acrrs. hundreds of camperss.. including boy scouts... are being evacuated. "ttis ne is moving a llt faster than the other two we had in the area thus the very quick rapid and massive attack we're conducting on this.. this."there's nooword yet on ((2-shot toss to weather))
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3 it's aanecessity ... that can be hard to cooe by for some new mmthers. daughter i didn't realize how pany diapers i would reallyy use in a day, in a weee, in a months time.. it's just a lot. thh program in place to help diapers... that could go nation wide. wide.and the orioles score in the braves...the mentallerror made by the pitcher... later in spprts. (((ump out)) ((break 2))
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♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
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and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. poverty ttkes it toll on the diapers. as lisa sylvester ord reports.... ew diappr bank ppogram has become a model for the nation. 3 &(naas) just a few miles from the white house--in a neeghboohood calleddanncossia -- poverty is so rampant - that manyymothers have to make a choice - between fooo and diapers. if they have to choose between feeddng their family and diapers they're gong to chose feeding their family. people here-- so poor the little thinns we take for granteda (nats) are out oo reach. (nats) niesha davis is a single mother of three. her
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youngest is 3- month old taliya. (nats) that simple act of kkeping her bbby dry and clean is not so ssmple. before i had my daughter i didn't realiie how mann diapers i would really use in a day, in a week, in a months time.. it's just a lot. an average f diapers a month.. at a cost of more than 100 dollarss (nats) niesha can't afford enoughh diapers for her baby. you can't get diapers through the food tamp program. it's considered a hygiene item. often theeonly alternative--- re-using diapers (nats) i'm the founder and executive director of the dc diaper bank program (nats) we will use them. we've been running out offeverything. boxes and boxes of free diapersa those are heavy. abeing delivered to horton's kids, a neighborhood community center (nats)) diapers are a necessity for &pyou haae a mom who wants to work and is rying to work, &pbut doesn't have nough
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diapers to send her child to day care, she then has tt stay &phomm withhher baby. corrine &pcannon became a mom for the fiist time in 2009. the firrt months with aacolicky baby were rough: one night i was uu thought how do you do this if you don't have someone you can call. after we got through the first hazy months of having an infant we looked arounddand other moms... we called other time, i can give money, what corinne started the dc diaper bank an idea that has been catching on nationwide. (nats) she recently helpeddlaunchhthe national diaper bank network. (reporter stand up): "each nn of ttese boxes has 50 diapers. thht's more than 130-thousand - diapers" (nats) the diapers &pare donaatd... (nats) from individuals and corporations.
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(natss when other parents learn this s a neee they want to help. (nats) they don't have to worry whereetheir baby's diaperssare coming from. (nats) hey can spend timeewith their aby, smile at their baby and now there'ssa network to support them. ttese are all our kids... (nats) whether we see it or not. we and i want to make sure our --3 kids are takenncare of. -----end-----cnn.script----- coming up in ourr6 o'clock hour... former penn taae coachh jerry sandusky.and the prosecution a legal analyst live in l have studio.. to discuss the strategy the defense could use... in the coming weeks. weeks.buttfirst in sports... the o's ake on the raves... the unlikey way...the birds scored! ((break 3)) bruce cunningham
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has fox 45 morning spoots. sports. 3
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cominn up n our o'clock hour... i shouldn't be heee." njuries. how a an jjmps to the rescue.. and saves a woman 's life!and what he did...beforee plus...where this funnel cloud was captured....nd theedamage it caused!! [ jared ] uh, michael?
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you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! a weekend fire claims the life
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of a baltimore the &pfamily's dog helped save everyone else nd thh simple device thht could have changedd eveeything. 3&"i have a hero, but god put him there."
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a man pulls a woman to safety after a car crash at a toll booth.the training that helped him know what to do. song nats nats and... see rascall free.your chance to win forr - ticcets is cooing up sometime in the next 60 minutes. 3 3 pharbor tall ships monday, june 8th


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