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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 21, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a econd scorchee.just how hot pt will get.. anddwhat you can do to stay 3 thought yesterday was hot?it was nothing compared to today. just how much hotter it'll &pbreak from the heat.get a dent n your wallet. new - nd... you don't have to go far.tte country that placeeon earrh. 3 today is thursday, june 21. 3
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another code red heat alert is in effect's too hot expensive to stay inside. inside.soaring temperatures can send energy bills through theeroof.megan gilliland is &pherr with some tips to stay cool and save money in this heaa. good morning, i'm sseating out here... my phone says it's now... 8000's just not comfortable...theeonly hhtter than these you feel - temmeratuues... is a huge bill.even just a few dayssof this heat... can make a noticeable difference in your bill.b-g-e says these extreme temps are going to cause your cooling equipment to run longer and use more before you go blasting that a-c... we've got some tips that could save you some energy... and ulitimately... money...try this one out... "if customers can do things differently, run that laundry machiie later, that is ooly
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goiig to help all of us weather through these hot tempe" temperaturrs"another tip... cook outside.if that's not an option or you... i have another ooe... that i know coming up next half hour... winddws... to save even mmre money... and it doesn't require going to the hardware store.i'm megan gilliland, fox455morning news. the search continues this morning ... for the suspects involved ii the shooting of a 15-year-old boy...innhoward cou. county. a man walking to his mailbox... old frederick road in night. he was shot n the head... and is noo in critical, but stable condition at shock trauma. police are not identifying the tten, but do say he's a baltimore pounty resident. resident. police are now offering a 2-thousand reward. anyone ith nformation should
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call 410-3133stop. the man accuseddof killing 66 pleaded not guilty in court wednesday. michael johnson apppared in court undee heavy pecurity.... just feet away 5:22:24 it sent a lot of fear we believe he needs to be at and w'll let justice prevail :30 :334423 s far as i'm seeing at this juncture and there is more evidence to come but the dots in any shape, form or fashion suggesting ichhel johnson is responnible for this woman's untimely demise 441 4:31police and prosecutors believe johnson killed barnes within city limits and thenn tried to over it up... by harford county. 3 mooe bickering among baltimmre city leaders. that began last week. the mayor wants connrol of the city's phone system ratherr than sign a cootract with i-b- m. her office purchased 80 new high-tech phones but
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the comptroller says they were purchased illegally ithout bbdding. the comptroller claiis the citt wasted more than 650-thousand dollars on the phhnes. the mayor's demanding annapooogy. 3& to the mayor... to inform the taxppyers."> 3 taxpayers."> the inspectorrgeneral.. is nno join our waste waach. iffyou see government waste.. 1456... or go to fox-baatimore groups supporting in-state tuition for illegal immigrants are applauding president spare many young people fom being deported. deported.they hope it will encourage more people to vote for maryland's dream act... at the polls this fall. it would allow illlgal immigrants to
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pay the discounted "in-state tuition""at marylandcolleges. (tazelaarr "if youupay maryland taxes state tuition." 3 tuition.""pponents of the maayland dream act say it will unfairly give benefits to students who are not u.s. citizens. p3 closing arguments in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case are set to begin this morning... a day affer the defense rested. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys not uilty to the 1 counts. counts. in an apparent gameeday decision, jerry sandusky did not take the stand on he last day of his defense.later, an alleged victims said the defenss failed to confront the see one refutation of the
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precise charges which were leveled by the prosecutioo in a mountain of evidencc.the onny person ho ould have come forward and aid, this didn't happen, in this particular case, under these circumstances, was mrr sandusky, and e chose not to do it. some character witnesses who met sandusky as children through isscharity, the second mile, did take the stand wednesday.the final witness,,now 21 years old, said sandusky was a father figgre to him.he testified happenee between him and - sandusky during more than 50 house.he also said he felt say somethinn haa wasn't true. i'm ed payne reporting. closing arguuents arr set to start at 9 a-m today.the jury deliberations after that. a ouse pannl votes tt move
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forward witt a contempt of congressá reeolutioo against attorney ggneral eric holder. the 23--to--17 vote by the housee versight coomittee went along party lines. the decision follows a request jussice department's botched gunnsmuggling investigation... fast and furious.bbth sides pccused the other of playing election year politics... and called it a sad moment for tte committee and congress. &pconnolly says: "some mmght be kangaroo court." court."meehan says: "as a former prooeeutoo, i assure &pabout the death of a border agent. and this is a ery sad d" day." the committee didn't get thee documents related to "faat and furious" because president obama personally approved a holder to asserr "executive privilege". l-a police are investigating a road rage case in california.a witness captured the incddent
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inntheemiddle of interstate 5 on his cell phoneeanother man joins in to help one of the mee out.they thee pull the &pother guy to the ground ... where thhy beat and kick him several times.the ictim says he does not want to press charges. a journalist says he was just minding his own business... phen outtof nowhere... a woman began attackiig him. happennd on a bus in philadelphia.... and it was all caught on camera.bastiaan slabbers was sitting on the bus... when a woman boarrs... sits down forra split second and then jumps up and begins to hit slabbees. the 35-year-old says he'd never 3((slabbees says: "she said something what i think i'll make sure you dont do anything like his o me and my family no more.")) more.")) slabbers still rides attacked. take a look at ttis video... sinkhole... swallows a woman'ss
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home.neighbors describe a crashing sound as the ground one was hurt... and no one was inside the home at the time. officials are now working to and and around theehome are re safe. a big ppomotion... for vice president joe biden.listen in to how he was introduced... at the national association of black journalists convennion in new orleens ednesday. &pit is my distinct honor to introouce the 47th president of the united states, jossph r. -- 47th preeident, vice prrsiient of the united states,,joseph r. biden! piden went on to addrees more than 25-hundred journalists ann media executives gathered for the convention andd areer faar. the happiest place on earth... and it's ánotá disney world! world!the country ranked numbee one...and where thh u-s comes in ... on that ist. ((break 1))
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camera.a ouple is plled to safety... after being swept over a waterfall in vermont. &pfishing... when the woman los per ffoting. the husband went ii after her... and the urrent sucked them both over the first set of falls... aboot a 20-foot drop. aaother couple saw them and called for help. creww used a laddee nd flotation devices to get them out. they escaped with only minor cuts. -3 ((2-shot toss to weather))
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3 ((traffic reportee ad libs)) map fiber map bel air map 895
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as you juss heard...summer is here... coming on how you can stay cool.... and healthy... in ttis extreme heat. heattemily to break ((bump out)) 3- 3
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get away.. without shelling out too much money!all this summer.. we're giving you great ideas for vacctions spots you can get to.. on one tann of gas.emily graaey is road trippin' at the chesapeake beach resort and spa... witt a sneak peek at one of the rooms you could be staying in.good morning emily. emily. 3
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comes with a big price tag. which new cars won't put a 3 -reporter pkg-as follows -- auto sales are revving up-- jumping 6% in may from year ago-- but many models come with a hefty price tag. if kelley blle book is out with a - list f vehicles that look good, but won't break the bankk they're all under 18-thousann dollars. earning theetop spot ii the dodge dart -- the reeult of a collaboration between chrysler and its parent ccmpany fiat. the dart may look smalllbut room and can beeeasily personalized. ffr those &plooking for something a littl pore sporty -- the hhundai veloster may be a top pick.
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space ut it's good on gas for &pthose long drives on the highway. next is the fiat 500 - - the first fiat to be sold in hatchback or a convertible s a - with a top that can be opened mazda 3 hhs become a fixture on kelley blue book's annuul "coolest cars" list. the sporty model's optional "skyactiv" engine gives the 40 miles errgallon on the highwayy rounddng out the top five is he chevrolet sonic. is changing thaa. it comes in haaccback or seean form and enginn. happy car shopping.. i'm alison kooik in new yyrk. -----end-----cnn.script----- undecidedd n a vacation destination? the country ranked " the that might help you make yyur d.'s too hot to goo outside... but too expensive to tay inside.we've got some
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tips on how you can stay ool and saveemoney innthis heat.
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another day of dangerous heat. when cooler teeperaturess will return.3 3 3 &p 3
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