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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  June 22, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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friiay, une 22nd. & 3 3 &p3 3
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3 at this hour... the jury is reconvening to decide the fate oo jerry sandusky. sandusky.meanwhill ... a new forward.... and he's related to the former penn state tom rodgers has mmre on the latest allegations and your ooher top stories.good mornnngg jerry sandusky's adopted son drops a bombshell thuusday.. as jurors begin delibeeaaing the fate of the former penn state assistanttcoach. coachhone of sandusky's six adopted children announced
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through his attorneys that ssndusky allegedly sexually abused the start of the trial... 33-year-old matt sandusky sat with sandusky supporters.a charactee witness foo the defense says he questions the son's claim. ((that doesn't provide a whole &plot of credibilitt to what he's doing when you're changing your mind over a week period of time who you're going to support.)) support.))in matt sandusky 's statement... his attorneys said he was prepared to testify against is adoptive father.there's no word from prosecutors on why they chose ánotá to caal him o the stand during thh trial. 3any day now... the supreme court could rule whether presidenn obama'' health care overhaul is constitutional. issue ... s the constitutionality of the "individual mandate."it reeuires nearly all americans po buy health insurance by 2014 r face financial ppnalties. he court will not say precisely hen the health & scheduled public session of theeterm is set for june 25. catholics aaross the country and here in altiiore take a stand against a new federrl
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health care mandate oo birth co. control.protestors gathered at the basilica last night to kick off áfort-night for part in prayer... study and political action ii ressonse requires faith-bbsed hospitals and chools to prooide birth control anddother catholics say it viilates their first amenndent rights... others believe the chhrch has a olitical agenda. james salt::3121 one out of every ttree catholics born into the church today leave the church 25 and catholics see that are bbshops are known of he common good 36n behalf - 36the mandate is slated o go into effect next august. you could soonnbe getting money back from your healthh insurance compann. company.the department oo health aad human services announced thursday that insurers wiil be handinn back thirteen illion ustomers by august first.that's an averagg
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of aboutt1-hundred-fifty--ne doolars per family.. the rebates are a part of the 2010 health reform law. but it's pave to pay up if the supreme court rrues against the health care reform law. the battleeover baltimore city's budget heats up. up.during last night's city &pconverged on city hall... showing theer support for an budget that would restore money for rec centers and summerrjobs.but while he students were outside... inside.. the council voted against that amendment... and inssead gave preliminary approval tt the mayor's &porigiial budget plan.that pla serviccs.cuts to sooe youth - "it's my obligation.... to vote no."-butt to- to- "i don't look at it as a win for the mayor.... i look at itt as a loss for he city of ballt" baltimoree"a final vote on the mayor'' budget is set for monday. 3
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its tte mayorrversus the ccmpprolllr.... over he cost oo the city's phone system. this mmrning melinda roedee investigatesshow much the city may have over paid for the eqqi. equipment. this week... the city was called out... on it's dealings with a company called been billing the city more thaa 200-thousand ddllars monthly for ouuside workso over control of the city's phone service... she purchased 80 ew high-tech telephones - from digicon. then... her office wwnt on to purchase more than 440-thousand dollars phones. (ppatt from wednesday) 19:23:20 "aad it speaks to the llckkof integrity of what the administration is oing." 13:11:10 standup -- "meantime the comptrrller... how do we "had it been ppt out to bid... it's a missed oppprtunity." technology xperts say prices vary drastically....(nats of computer typing)a quick search... and we found tte same equipment is available for a lot less than what digicon harged.less han what available for a lot same pquipmeet is anddwe found thh aaquick search... typing)) quick search... and we found the same equipment is available for a lot same equipment is and we found the the same equipment is available for a lottdigicon
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charged.for example... the city paid 488hundred dollars for one type of that same switch online for 38-(3870). david troy: 15:20:23-38 "the prrces that were so that's why we needdto have more transparancy.... whether the price was a fair price and as on some tougg budget cuts.,.. we on some tough prepares to price transparancy.... whether have more paid were potentially... "the prices that were david troy: 15:20:23-38 (3870). hundred dollars online or 38-can be found that same switch switch. for one type of hundred dollars city paid 48-for example... the less han what available for a lt less than what digicoo charged.for hundred dollars ffr one type pf switch.that same switch can dollarr (3870). david roy: were paid were potentially... - &pmore ransparancy.... whether the price was a fair price or not."and as city council prepaaes to vote on some tough budget cutss,.. we tried askinn the council president for comment on the phone &pcontract and what we innerview ended beeore it even gottssarted.14:08:14 "i think we're done with ttis meeting. we're done. we're done. we're done" (takes off micrrphone)he refused to take áányá quustions about governmentt ssending..ut the comptroller has made it clear how she &pfeels about all these expense. (pratt from wednessay) 19931:54 "so theecitizens should be outtaged that weere inspector general is noww investigating the deal.
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join our waste watch..if you see govvrnment waste... call our hotline...410-662-1456... or go to foo baltimore dot ccm. sweet relief frommthe summer heat is in shorttsupply for one compaay.good humor's parent company says a sales sppke ddrrng thh unusually warm spring and challlnges linked to next montt'' closing of its hagerstown manufacturing plant have limited its ability to supply &pice cream trucks with several treats.that includes the toasttd almond... candy center crunchhand chocolate e-clair bars..he hagerstown plaat is cllsing permanently as part of u-s. ice cream operations.the should ase by the end of july. it appears the recession is pakinn a toll on yoong adults. paccording to a new report from the census bureau... more pdult children are movvng back home to save money. in fact between the years 2007 and
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&p2010... the number jumped by that brings the total number of adult children living at homeeup to nearly 16-million. twenty quaker oats hard for the money. money.they won a 2--undred-41 jackpot n iowa last week.they returned to the store where they bought the tickettthis each oo the employees takes home more than 5-and-a-half million dollars.all remaaied &pcoy on whether hey would continue working for quaker oats. 3 creetive wwys to beat the heat.
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heat.we are showing off some of the moreeáintereetingá ways &pyou are kkeping cool thhs sum. the race is on ... next in our hometown hotspot... what it takes to be a dragon bbat racer. you're watching fox 45 good day altimore. ((bump out)) ((bbeak 1))
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they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 by dragon boat racing. sarah chaaath from thee baltimore dragon boat ccub joins us with more in today's hometown hotssot. - how difficult is it 3
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you cculd start the weekend a 3 they are celebrating the of the war of 1112 by dragon boat sarah charath from the baltimore ragon boat club to get the unit to act as a team?- how many people are in each unit?- what is going to be the most difficult thing, for the team in this challenge? ccallenge?the baltimore dragonn boat challenge is taking place &ptomorrow 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 on to fox baltimore dot com og - slash morning. you could ssart the weekend a w. winnerr((natss) ((nats)) we are giving away one last pair of tiikets to l-m-f-a- o... stay tuned for your
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he has no medical training... "what you are doing is illegal, right?" but business is steady... "how do you feel about what you are doing today?" and he believes he is providing a service to his community... "having a girl child in india is viewed as a humiliation, she's like a curse, and the family will do anything to get rid of her. that's where i come in." why the un calls india the m it is hot outside so this week
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we have been showing off the many ways ou are all trying to beat thh heat.we'veepicked a few out this morning. skylar is cooling off with some ice cream and cookies - not sure if he's eating it or just wearing it tt cool off! too cute! guy in ice maccine
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brent, tony, fran, and cody 3 33 3 p3 3 3 3&p 3
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3 3 3 3 3 33 ,3 and cody bbent, tony, fran, brenn, tony, fran, and cody 3 3 3 3 3 map fiber map 895 3
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for more information about the spca go to our website foxbaltimore pot com slash mornnng. celebrating the 200th hey aree3 annivvrsary of the war of 1812 byyddagon boat racing. sarah charath from the baltimore dragon boat club joins us with more in today's hometown hotspot. - how difficult is it to get the unit to act as a 3
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team?- how many peoppe are in each unit?are in each unit?- how many people act as aateam? to get the unit to - ow piffiiult is it to get the unit to act as a team?- how many people re in pe the most difficulttthing, - difficult thing, for the team in this 3challenne?
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challlnge? challenge is taaing place at tide pointtmarina on tomorrow 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for more informmtion log oo to fox morning.e dot com slash - hees just one years old ... around the world. world.((he is so stinking cute. ) ))mmet ryaa... and find out why this family wants you o skip dinnerr.. and go straight for dessert. dessert.and later... sweet revengg... how people from this horrific case of bullying into sometting good.'rr watching fox 45
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good daa baltimore. he's just 21 montts old... an
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already inspiriig people around the world. world.this morning ordon loesch introduces ussto ryaa.... a pennsyllania boy given just eeks tt live... and shows us why his family is asking you to skip dinner tonig. tonight. he is so stinking cutt. and he's a baby. and he had no control over anythhng that's ever happened to hhm.and that's whyydiane roberts says her son has made such an big impact on so many people. added everyday to ryan'ssing - banana split party facebookk page -- her message for every parrnt to spoil heir kids once in a while -- and cherish every more thht 21
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thousand have signed on -- and invited.evee the anchors on all the good well wishes for . ryan. the words of comfort and support areevery ovvrwhelming. ryan's parents cceateeda after doctors told them he had &ponly weeks to live.ryan got t drive his first car -- and gott &phis firrt speeding was a little bit hiih.eeding named him an honorary junior police officer.he got a tattoo. of coorse we had to go the right way. got the steelers tattoo on there.ryan also shared his fiirttbeer thissweekend, he'll ride his first horse.much of this has been donated to the family. honestly, we wish nobody ould have ever known uu because off this sittation. but if a a smile o someone other than his own family, that'' really nice.ryan is using more oxygen
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now and his little heart is working harder thhn ever.but the family plans to get him oot of theehospitaa this weekend anndtake him to south paak for the congenital heart palk.that's one thing we really want to take hhm to so he can be a good 3epresentative of ongenital - 3
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he says it was self defense. zimmerman shares his side of the sttry on newly released happened on the night he shot trayvon marttn. rockin))(sorrr for party rockin- plus... we are giiing you a chance to party rock at the l-m-f-a-o coocert.stay tuned to win ticcets sometime in tte next 30 minutes. minutes. you're watching ox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4))
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3 3 3 3 3 p fiber map 3
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we are gettinggour first look at george zimmerman giving his account of what happenee the night he shot nd killed martin.tom rrdgers hows us zimmerman's story of whatt night... plus today's other top stories..ood morniig, tom. pooice taaed zimmerman as he took investigators through the minutes leading uppto the thii morning tommy andres ti. takessa look at exactty what zimmerman had to say. &psay. this is a reenactment filmed by police the ay afttr trayvon martin was shot and watchman george zimmeeman took - pnvestigators through the fatal encounter with theeteen. buildings?"he was walking like in the grassy area, like up at the sanford, florrda pplice 3
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department followiig the phoooing, zimmeeman offered this account of what happened. i heard him say, 'you got a proolem?' nn i turned around and saw him and i went to go for my phone. i reached ii my pocket, lloking for mm phone aad heejust punched me in the nose.the volunteer neighhorhood watchman says he struggle with martin and wound up oo his back with the teenager n top ssamming his head into the concrete. my jacket came up and my shirt came up and exposed my firearm and that's when he said he like sat up aad said 'you're going tt die tonight bleep,' oof my muth and slide it down my chest and i just pinched hii arm and i grabbed my gun and aimed it at him and fired one shot.the martin family's attorney says zimmerman's credibility is in question, since he believes zimmerman
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lied on his written stattment the night of martin's death.he partin,,anddhe cooveniently n left that out of the written ptttement.zimmerman is charged has pleaded not guiltyyi'' tommy andres reporting. a father and ssn remain behind bars this morning... charged in the aaciddntal shootinggof a babysitter in baltimore count. county.jemal stancil and his prreeted this week.police say they accidentally fired a gun iiside their apartment on &pstraw haa road in wings mill. the bbllet pierced the ceiling of the apartment below... hitting a babysitter. luckily... she's listed in ggod connition this morning. family and friends gather at raadallstown high remember the teenager killed in an altercation with an off duty pooice officer.chris brown was part of a group that may haveebeen on the officer's property... and was chased brown was ... before investigation is underray aad no charges have een filed. staggering new statistics show
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sooe city bus drivers... have a lead foot. earlier this week we spoke with concerned residentt... who old us m-t-a buses areespeeding down theii alarming numbbrs showwa disturbing turns out... police have issued more than a thousand speeding citttions to city buses in the ast year. 55:26weealways wanttour operators tt follow aal of the laws and rrles of the rood mightta bus sseed it's possible but most of operators are responsible individuals who obey the laws and that's &pphat expeet from them :44 year's ffgures... the number of speeding itations &phas almost doubled. an update now... on the bus moniior that was bullied on camera . .three oo the four karen klein in this video are - apparently sorry for their actions.anderson cooper received stttements thursday from two offthe accused... and the father of a third ssudent ... in which they apologized for their behavior.cooper asked klein howwshe feels
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&ppbout the apologies. ((cooper: do you accept these apologies? klein: i haven'tt gotten any yet. onneis supposed to be being maiied but i haven'' gotten that one. the other two, i might not ggt anything from anyway. )) ))klein says she does nnt want to press criminal charges cooper also told klein that souuhwest airlines was so mooed by the story... they are gging to send her nd 9 friends to isneyland for a vacation. someone also ook to tte web and helped raise 4-hundred thousand dollars for the bus monitor to take nother vacation!
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you can't call it naal mail... because it's nnt quite ásnailsá who are delivering mail tt residents iissde a minnesota nursing home. home.... it's ducks! ducks!meet "peeppr"... every couple of weeks... the -33 fuzzy trio waddles behind a volunteer mailman on his rounds.and as you can imagine... it's a welcome surprise for the residents. "once ou get 'em and start feeding 'em, and paying attention toothem, thee imprint on you as their other." mother."the mailman says the ducks listen better to him thaa his kids ever did. hot summer days can ause a
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that's 1.866.685.3467. meteorologist))
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a stuffed animal causes quite the disttaction this week. week.((say what?!)) what??!)the adventures of jimmy... coming up... the ne place we were all horrified o see the giraffe go. go.but first... beauty ppoducts that can withstand the summer hhat.what you should be doing today... to stop a makeup meltdownn meltdown. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. when you have a 13 year old wn the internet... i need help with the computer! life is not good. for years and years we had to put up with cable. the internet couldn't keep up with me. it made us not even want to use the computer. paying so much, you want better quality. and i said, "you know what? now is the time to change." [ male announcer ] why settle for second best? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv, and phone for just $99.99 a month
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make-up ?- are there certain products we shoull use?- shoold we ppl y should usee products we should use?- should we appl y
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a certain amount of make-up? le? less?
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for morr information on maintaining your summer make-up log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morniig. your makeup looks good... now party.your last chance to win tickets to see llm-f-a-o in
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concert is just ten minutes away.stay with us. &pyou're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 3((break 7)) ittwas a real zoo around
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here this week. week.a stuffed giraffe made us even drove us a little crazy. - crazy. joel d. smith gets an ea.
9:52 am's all from the week that had us goinn... say what?! what?! giraffe say hat((2nd ooe 21:14:51jimmy the iraffe --- say what?!))saywwat6/18&19 ((22:22811 joel: e're going to feed jimmy the hard way)) saywhat6/18&19((22:33:43 someeody wants an up close view of the 7 day forecast. &p:477)saywhat6/18&19((22234406 candace:the giraffe has been the makeup room. i put a ))-3 little blush on him this morning:05))((22:34:58 pat: coffee....littte rascal...... jimmy looksstough, i got hhm! :14))((22:35:20 he went on to do some construction.)) ((22:35527 meg: very ppoductive little guy out there. 29)))(22:36:15 meg: what have you been doing with &pjimmy today? steve: just ((22:35:58 steee ferttg! i 0)) will never look at jimmy the same :05))(((2:38::4 we'll leeve you 2 alone. alliigt, apparently he's a little frisky this morning. :28)) ((22:30:18 joel: it was promised and now ww're going to deeiver.... yummy!)) ((22:30:55 e need to bring we need to yummy!))going to deliver.... ((22:30:18 joel: :28))apparently he's a little you 2 alonn. alright, ((22::8:24 we'll leave fertig! pteve fertii! i will never look t jimmy the samee:05)) p(22:38:24 we'll leave you 2 alonee allight, 3
9:53 am
apparently he's a little frisky this morring. :28)) ((22::0:18 joel: it was promised and now weere going to deliver.... yummy!)) ((22:30:50 we need to brrng joel back... he's been at the zoo a little too long. :55)) ((22:31:30 meg: doo doo dooo..:32)) bobbyflaywhatshoo((22:25:13 we also have sppke milkshakes... am i on the clock. no! :20))- ends abruptly((22:31:30 meg: whoops-061812nkc (nats//pants fall))--can we get roaaous llughtersaywhat6/18&19 just gotta make ure. (adjusting):27))saywhht6/20 ((22:24:29 (joel gets splashed!) (laughter) :36)) saywhat6/20((22:24::6 tom: cuu the buuket of water)) gets splashed!))sayyhat6/20 ((22224:38 joel: it's still working.))saywhat6/20 ((22:24::9 (joel gets little cleaner now! :41)) saywhat6/18&19((22:39:51 patt hees like a manchild)) naas ((22223:45 is it wrong that i
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dance.... (laughs) :54)) nats 3 anthem ats062212sct--party rock anthem nats 3 timm to et dancing again! again!we are giving away one &l next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3
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session.why sooe og owners are o disappointed.3 33 you could be party rockiig wwth -m-f-a-o. l-m-f-a-o.the talenttddduo on june 25-th.we want to get you into the show for free. nntion sent us tickets to give away to you. the 10th caller right now aa 410-481-4445 wins a pair of passes to the show. ((break 8)) 3 patsa blast rommthe
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