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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  June 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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close aa my heat gun shows it feels like... just imagine if yyu had to work all day in that type of heat. for many people - like steven hall - that's the reality! all and his partner run mrs. blanche's kitchen - a food truck onnthe corner of ffyette anddggy streets. thee truuk has no a-c ... butthall still manages to serve up fried food... with a smile. steven hall/food truck owner: 233 come oot for a break and get some air and go from pust deal with the heat 45 karen march/customer: 1957 sigh. i feel bad for 'emm i do. i feel baa for 'em. i couldn't do 00 baltimore city ddclared toddy a code red heat day - which mmans they've opened up cooling centers around the staying indoors... wearing - light-colored clothing.. and
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drinking plenty of water.i thinkki'm in good shape wwth ms, fox45 news at 5. in ... with tempeeatures topping 100 degrees ... many are stay. to find a cool place to - anne arundel ccunny has opened cooling centers.... where residents can get aadrink of water ann sit in theeair conditioning. some of the ccnters will be open for 24 hourss.. officiils are remindiig people to limit outside activitiis. after ddy tto of triple digit temperature... when will we see some relief... meteorologist tony pagnottt is here with a look at the forrcast.
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3police are investigaaing an incident ttat left two men of ttemm.. phe son of baltimore city sttte's attooney, greeg bernste. happened thursday morning... on scott street near washiigton boulevard in south baltimore.police say 22-year-old owee bernstein and
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pach othhr... aa part of some exchange.but that's when a 3 fight ensueddanddboth were injured.the men ar each charged with misdemeenor aaman found shot in the head last niiht in west baltiiore has dieddfrom his injuries. police say the 41-year-old victim was lying in the road along denison street nnar clifton worddon a suspect or motive. state police are helping in biithday-paaty shooting.marccs 3 longus is wanted n a warrant degree murder. police say hh &pfatally shot antonio joyner insiie a home on ggillord avenue in hagerstown. at least 20 people were there for broke out. "" just heard get help or something like thattanddthen like i know a guy was over top of the body trying to et him up."longus has a criminal may 2011 to hindering a police
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investigation into the accidental shooting oo is 2- year-old rrther. the child shot himself in thh chest with a sttlen hanngun ii the familyys apartmeet. one day after the supreme court upheld this country's new heaath care law.... the realities re setting in. jeff abell shows us who's fearing the effects the most, jeff..... 3 3if you own a business andd peeple....the nee law requires you pay 100-perccnt of your employees hhalth ppan. that is not the news many struggling businesses wanted pundaak, ownersspredict it'll cost 200-ttousand dollars a time inna long time.....owners are faced wwth shrinking its ssaff....or shutting down.... (23353:32) "we're slow getting our hours and whennyou pave to ay out for insurance somethings gonna give! and that means peopleeunemployed."
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choose not to pay for sses - empllyees health care.....te new law requires they pay the goovrnmenn a subsiiy.....whichh amounts to about tto-thousand dollars for every worker. &p jeff abell, fox 45 news at no matter who you re, the affordable care act will &palready.manyykey proviiions are alrrady n place... children can stiil stay on their parents' poliiiessup to provide certain preventive services including maamograms recipients can receive annual businesses get tax credits for providing health insurance.'s what's coming &p.... the individual mandate.. peeuired to have health innuurnce companies will not be allowed to deny covveage based on pre existing conditions.state insurancc eechanges will offer plans ou can buy nline... nd medicare taxes will increaseemployers
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wwth more thaa 50 wwrkees who do nottoffer health coverage will pay a penalty. the heart of the health carr &pbill is the individual -mandt &pruled is constitutiinal.... but only beccaseeii's a tax. and hile the president his stance was much different . four years ago.take a look at this ad from 2000..... in &pwhich tten-senntor barack obama attacks john mccain ffr his health care plaa's tax... 3 "iq: mcccin woold impose a new tax oo health bennfits ..... oq: can you afford itt" the obamacare mandate calls help pay for the expanded o - programs in the halth caree law. that brings us to our question go to fox-baltimore ddt com
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youucaa alss sound off thhough pacebook. eed us a tweett. at ffxbaltimore. and you can teet your answer to 45203. how are he roads looking tonig? tonighh?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. mapfiber -&3 belair 3 295 3 maps
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lottery.200 people per day... cannwatch up to 13 practicee pt the team'ssfacility n owings mills...ugust 4th the ravees willlhold an open practice at m&t bank stadiuu... no lottery pick needed.same deallfor august 12th at navy..auguut 1th at ssace... is a lottery draw. each praccice will have fan activities anddautograph sessions for kids. 3&you have two weekssto enter the randommdrawings... they end july 13th.ravens report to camp wednesday, july 25th... ii hh very next day.actice... - george immerman asking for bail.... who he ffced in courtt ffr the first time. 3 crews battll ildfires across the west.... the rising cost of damages... and how the help... p and a poor sport inntrouble connequences for a cooch who tripped pllyerr 33
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to get your new volkswagen. firefighters continue to battle multipll wildfires acuna tells us about te alicia from their hooes to avoid the flames......and the growing cost... of containing tte fires... &p3 the west cootinues to burr... in colorado, the most destruccive fire in state history -- thh waldo canyoo fire -- has ddstrooed more only about 10 percent contained. the waldo fireehas cost the state just ovvr 3-millionndolllrs to fight. harvey says: thh
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firefighters made really good progress last night. no perimeter growth t all to so ww're feeliig really good about that." the massive high park fire is &pafter burning more than - 877thouuand acres.... homes. fire officials peeling pretty good about their ppogress there... expecctnn to have thh blaze fully connained by july 1st. the high park fire, a costllyonee with a priie tag of 36-million dolllrs and ggowingg thousands of firefiihters are spread across the weet fighting dozens of fires n seveeal states.. in newwmmxicoo the little bear fire has scorchedd44-thousann acres aad destrooed more thhn 300 homes... but itts nothing coopaaed to the whhtewater-baldy fire...which &phhs engulfed ooe than 190-thousand acres... becoming the largest fire in stateehistory...and the largeet wildfire burning in in montana, the ash creek fiie is estimated o be more than 110-thousand acres...aad
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tte poco fire is abouttrizona, - p5--prcent contained...and has &pcost the state around 9 milliin dollars tt fight. (on cam tag)acuna says: "president obama signed a federrl disaster declaration fedeeal money for the state several wildfires. in colorado springs, colorado, alicia 3&the bail hearinn for george zimmermann nded today... &phim....and thht means out 3 zimmermmn remains in jaai, for now...he faccs second deeree murder charges in thh shooting zimmerman's bail in june... ge when he found outthis ife liid about his famill's finances.zimmerman's attorney argued thht he should ot be held in jail until his ccse is weak... and he could be in jaal orra long time beforr the trial begins..... he's aasunhappy with hat prospect as anyonneelse woold be. he wants out he wants to
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be with shellie, e's very worried aboutthis wife right now and he''l deal ith it o so we'll wait. judge's ruling - thii is the first time trayvvnn martin's family was in court for a hearing involving george zimmerman.the family's attorney says it waa difficult for them. 3pt was veryytough and emotional for them to sit through he proceedings ut they thought it wws important pt be heee on behalf of their son, because hees not here to tell his version of whaa happen, zimmerran should not be says - released from jail, because they say he has seriouu credibilityyissuee thh justiccedepartmenttsays it pill ááotá prosecute u-s atttrn. day aftee holder was held in ccntempttof congress. pustice ddpartment says it pederal grand jury......or him......because - they say pis ithholding of the the fast and furious
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&pinvestigation is ánotá a crim. "and yyu heard me make a coomitment ttothat lady... ms this process... and i mean that... i shall not rest ntil all of that is ddressed." reprrsentative elijiah cummings... in a house oversiggt committee hearing a ...saying he would fuuly investigate the fass and furious program......that apparently lead too he deeth of border patrol agent brian terry in 2010.he seems to be phanginn hii mind on this... ..because after holder was held in connempt... hh released this statement... sayinn... "this is aasad day for our democracy. toddy's contempt vote agaiist attorney general eric holder is the cuumination of one of the ost highly politiciied and rrcklees congressional investigations pn decades. earlier we told you aaout the congressional efforts to end obaaacare in light of the supreme court decisiin to
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question of the thiik tte affordable healthcare act should bb rrppalee? repealed?crystal writes on facebook..."everrone eeds healthcare it needs to be set ccnada."anddlisa writes... ppeople who thnk this bill is a good ideaaare in for a rude a" on this queetion... with strong opinions on both sides. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you thinkk you can also sounddoff through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. &p3 a coach... caught on camerr...tripping a player.why being a bad sport... landed him behind bars... 3 --adblib weather tz-- [ male announcer ] millions of dollars for new schools and teachers...
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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino
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at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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to vote "yes" on national harbor... ids are supposed to learn sportsmanssip from coaches.. thhy learned what ánott to do. watch caaefully as two hockee teams shake hands at the end of a game in vancoover.the coach.... stiiks out his foot... tripping player of the opposing team..that 13-yyar old bby ended up with a brokkn wristt the cooch was arrested... anddlater releaaed. but now canadian police are looking into possible criminal charges...the league sayy the coach has beeensuspended. 3 3 the heat wave ccntinues... with another ddy of sweltering tony pagnotti is ere with he 3 3cooling off with a glass of
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ice attr.... why it could and the reason warm water is - better way to beat the heat.
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steinbrenner's in the room. you got to help me. want to grrb a gllss of room y - temperature water. water. ccinese researchers say icy water at room temperature to cool you off. that's to adjust the liquid's temperature to around ninety- seven degrees before it's absorbed into your system. 3 franklin says: "the problem with iie colddwater is for
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healthy younn people it's really not so much a prrblee. but for middle--aed and oller people, people with chronic significaat problem. "why, b a - becaase in a nutshell, cold ponstriction of blood veesels pain orrheart rhythm irregulari. iiregularities.expertsssay when your body is really hot... t's ok to drink sooethhng cool... juss not ice cold. it's not too late to bookkthat fourth of july trip.... and travelooity ays packkge deals are the way to go to score the best eals. deals.scott says: "now, wheeever you travel, for summer and especialll for fourth of july, you want to make sure that yoo're bookkngg a package. that is going to be the ultimate tip for savings. now that means booking a flight and a hotel at the same hundred and twentyyfive -&doll. it's very simple." simple." because america's birthday fallsson a week day travee period grows to six aa days. that's giving peoppe theeoption of including a eekknd and two
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weekkdays either before r after the accual hollday a big paydaa for maryland's last drive- in movie heatre. why bengie's is getting nearly a million 3pdollars. --addlib eather tzz- one day aftee the supreme
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court pheld this country's new health are law.... the realities are setting in. in.jeff abell shows us wwo's fearing tte law the most,, jeff.... many small businees owners fear this lawwcould cost themm at drug city in dundalk, owners predict it'll cost them at least two-hundred thousand dollaas a year. the new law requires businesses which


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