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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:50pm EDT

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cutting inside and evading p.j. smith. many have faced andrew green for a monster game. >> gus: first down for ucla. they swing it up. shaq evans. don't forget, folks, immediately following our broadcast, we promise you local news. johnathan franklin will be on the local news tonight. the dorsey high product who says he wants to be one day the mayor of los angeles. if ucla wins this game and an election is tomorrow, he wins. >> charles: look out mayor vee a la go sa. you could be defeated by trow morning. >> referee: false start, offense. number 60. five-yard penalty. >> charles: what did jim mora tell julie
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alexander at the half? that they needed to capitalize going into the half or whatever. that they needed to capitalize after getting a defensive stop. that's what he wanted his offense to get done. they're getting that done right now. >> gus: jim mora, deep breath. second and third teams. hundley. hundley, out of bounds. pushed out of bounds by p.j. smith. >> charles: trying to use the pursu of nebraska against itself, showing flow in one direction toward the field, to the wide side. and then coming back to the backside with one lead blocker out in front on an offensive lineman. >> gus: third down and six at the nebraska 16. thigpen in the backfield with hundley. hundley. goes up top. fauria, and he couldn't bring it in.
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daimion stafford got enough on it to break it up. >> charles: what a stand by the nebraska defense after the big break. ucla looks like they had all the momentum and nebraska had the moxie to hang in there and force a field goal attempt. >> gus: fairbairn comes in to attempt a 34-yarder. two for three. this evening. gets it up, and no good. wow. >> charles: they had a chance to seize this game by the neck. instead the nebraska defense holds. opportunity there for the cornhuskers. [ male announcer ] whether it's kevin's smartphone... mom's smartphone... dad's tablet... or lauren's smartphone... at&t has a plan built to help make families' lives easier.
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>> charles: 29-27, ucla. now let's go to erin andrews for game break. >> erin: guys, let me get you updated on the drama in little rock. number 8, arkansas trying to hang on. fourth and one for louisiana monroe. that's quarterback kolton browning. he run it in for the touchdown. louisiana's first ever win against a fourth ranged opponent opponent, #holycow. >> gus: first down and 20. >> charles: that's a mighty one. >> gus: that's right. got some drama here at the rose bowl. nebraska, martinez. guns it. and deflected. in tended for enunwa. >> charles: but, again, pressure in the paint for martinez.
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same for see aulie even a any sa. the second half, not a chance. >> gus: second down at the 20. abdullah in the backfield. and almost intercepted. goforth. two hands on the football. just couldn't bring it in. >> charles: this is the second time tonight we've seen randall goforth with a chance for an interception that got dropped. he'll be doing a lot of ball drills and catches the football in weeks to come. what they like is his ability to get in there. >> gus: from the 20 to nebraska. martinez in the shot jun. martinez over the middle. incomplete.
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and the cornhuskers will punt it again. >> charles: if it goes time and time began, the accuracy will drop. he doesn't have the clean line sights he did in the first half, thus the accuracy has dropped in a big way. >> gus: maher drives it. manfro lets it go over his head. and the ball will be downed at the 15. time now for this evening's han cook's performance of the game and it goes to who, johnathan franklin, the mayor. becomes the seventh player in ucla history with 3,000 career rushing yards and he's just getting started this season.
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>> charles: i don't know about him tonight, gus. what about a drop-off in performance? >> gus: first down and ten at the 16. here's damien thigpen. 6:16 to go. nebraska folks, they've got to figure out a way to get off the field and give taylor martinez enough time to do something with it. >> charles: this game is now in the hands of the nebraska defense. they need to keep ucla bottled in to help the field position for their offense if they get the ball back. >> gus: second and six. oh, we got it. lucien. what a catch at the 45. the freshman from encino. talk about going up and getting it.
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>> charles: that's just a clear example of going up and taking the football at the moment of truth. stanley jean-baptiste had the inside position and a better play on the ball but lucien went and took it. >> the 33-yard game. they'll stay on the ground. thigpen. what an effort. by the bruins with the first-year head coach in jim mora. he took them to san bernardino, made sure that they were able to focus and concentrate. some things they were used to he abolished. it with us hard going for these kids. out of the backfield, franklin. he'll run it. johnathan franklin putting on a show in l.a.
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>> charles: watch outside to the left side of your screen. wide side of the field. it's like a cracked back screen. john than working inside draws the attention in there. franklin swings outside for a nice gainer. >> gus: first down and george james hit in the backfield and dropped by will compton but it's the thing you can't give up is a touchdown. >> charles: can't give up a touchdown. the good thing for ucla, no matter what they do, they started on their own 15-yard line. if nothing else you're going to make nebraska march the footballd it would have to be a long way. >> gus: hundley over the middle. fauria. does he guess it? no. incomplete. that will bring in third down, third deep. >> charles: watch him
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fight inferior yefauri. stafford working, working, working. you can see the ball clearly out of his mitts. >> gus: big play for the nebraska defense. third down and 13. they need a stop right here. hundley. under pressure. hundley and the nebraska defense comes up big. andrew green, will. >> they held them to no points on this one and you're going to bring in the punter down who will have to try to pin him deep. compton shoots on the gap. we combine to put huntly down take him out of field goal rage and maim him but it
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away. >> gus: and ameer abdullah is back deep standing at his own eight. abdullah allows it to go over his head and it pounces perfectly. the aussie rules kick end over end, down at about the nine but a flag on the play at the 37. >> charles: i saw a reaction from a couple of nebraska players that didn't look promising for anybody. i hope i'm reading it wrong. ucla things i'm holding. r a success from the sub seeding spot, first down, nebraska. >> charles: that's good for nebraska in terms of beganing extra yardage.
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>> gus: david allen called for the healed. negated him. knocking himide the 10 yard line again. that gives nebraska breathing room coming out. >> gus: cornhuskers. down by two. and this is where taylor martinez has a chance to step up and be a hero. martinez. that was deflected at the line of scrimmage. oh citiy zoo roy was going to sign with them and at the last second he ended up
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changing up, going to ucla. couldn't get back to the quarterback but good fundamental. good knocki good passing arm. >> gus: second down and ten. martinez then to throw. mar ttinez martinez. he has it. big-time play. one they will remember at ucla for quite some time. andrew abbott, the senior from long beach sat in the weeds and the bruins are in again. >> charles: elective play coverage, all right? so as they go back and he making the through, look at that. because what happened is tt was up on the line of scrimmage
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and ended up with coverage. a rush and got the crucial pick. >> gus: bruins, 3:07 away. frank lin. cameron meredith with the tackle now. jim mora goes nfl conservati conservative. >> charles: right now what they're telling the running backs did you rip the football out? john is the coordinator. he and both pelini coy elaborating down there. telling the players get the foolk out. >> using as much of the play clock as we can. here's the hand-off, james. james goes down about two yards away from a
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first down. clock the ril iis stil running. we'll go to commercial. 29-27. 2:16 to go. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. at&t. rethink possible. >> charles: 29-27. 2:15 remaining in the quarter. for ucla they've
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struggled with their kicker so much in this part of the field, what does jim mora do? that's where the huge decision comes in because right now this is chip shot field goal range. remember, three points puts you up five meaning nebraska has to go down and get a touchdown in order to beat you. you think you're in great shape but you've got a shaky field goal kicker here. >> gus: they need three yards. they swing it out. franklin looking. touchdown. >> charles: that was in collaboration with jim mora approving it told me exactly what i
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needed to know. he did not want to kick a field goal there. otherwise they run the ball inside in the middle and set up to kick the field goal. he wanted the point so he didn't have to risk the field goal because they struggled with it this evening. >> gus:2:13 to play in the fourth. ucla up 36-27. >> charles: this is a staple of mazzone. he puts the ball in the hands of the play makers and lets 24e78 go to work and franklin does just that. ucla in firm control down the stretch. whal did you say about that mayoral race in l.a. right now? the mayor didn't know he was in a race.
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they can write him in tonight. johnathan franklin and ucla fans would co-sign. >> eddie george during the pregame show said he wanted to see how ucla would respond after they faced adver adversity, after they were hit in the mouth not wurns but twice. i think they found out the answer as jim mora looked him square in the eyes and said let's finish. 2:13 to go. abdullah hitting bell back deep. locke drives it. ball picked up. kenny bell. and kenny bell city run it. great return for bell. late flags. we'll attack even more
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yard ang where the emotion of the game took the place. got out of their lanes, got blocked app come pounded it at the ipd and a penalty. >> referee: after the play was over, personal foul frmt 15-yard penalty. first down. >> a little overzell louis. dalton hilliard at the end of the play, you know how they battle. it got them all around on the special teams play. taylor martinez with the football. first down at the 36 of ucla. martinez firing deep. martinez and a flag. don't hold up your
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hands there, hester, that's too easy. the intended receiver, aaron hester, called for interference. >> referee: defense, number 21. 15-yard penalty, i got a hole back there. towles, jersey and wullenwaber sold it. no quit in this nebraska squad let by the anybody junior. sitting at the 121. martinez to is sideline. enco incomplete. it looks like he didn't see the football. >> charles: he pointed and said i didn't see it coming.
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that's the look toward the quarterback. bell unable to find the football jie. martinez, quarterback foul, nothing. nebraska called a time-out. one remaining. >> charles: there's no doubt now about the adjustments were maemd to hit p the quarterback. jamie holmes was outside sees the big. falls inside and look at the tee deans phen. the aggressive necessary, physicality that jim more the vying to install. >> gus: a lot of time
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remaining in this game, however. >> charles: there's the defensive coordinator, came back from the prous a lot of the philosophy they i have stem stemts from the new orleans witis dad. with his own patrol defense. defending. >> born on this tear attorney. mar tees next trying to get outside and mary tee necessary. cash shesh muchgs. 1:41 remaning, down 36.27. it will be an centering bail.
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athough i guess nebraska kicked the field goal now. scoring points nout, tries to get something. later. gus bo pelini. >> gus: first down, delay of game, offense, five yard penalty. fourth down. difficult with his leg it shouldn't be a big difference because he's got a big enough leg. what you should do is mechanics. he spun all the way around. >> gus: remember he's been good from 45 this
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evening. it looks good. and it is. six-point game. great opportunity. for bo pelini's squad if he can manage to be successful on the onside kick. >> charles: you know it's the high homer. >> gus: wouldn't you do that? wouldn't have you normally instruct them with a hands feed. the brirchs now for a kijling tape and now they're saying fa they can fair catch it it can gesh them something. >> now i'm trying to
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squitd it to the doctor. as has ever been in the pans. >> gus: very interesting new rule. >> charles: it's a knew rule. others were going to get sand kicked. ball fielded by the bruins, 1:36 rye mang. when you know the team is coming for an onside kick, there's no sir price. one away from their second one. they hope they caught ucla napping. it's only affecting when you think there's zero threat of an
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onside kick. >> gus: hundley. hands it off. james. he picks up a couple. bottom of the pile. joseph carter with the tackle. and the file time-out called by coach pelini. his team down by six. here are the cge football social poll. in terms of the best conferences, the best conference in the country, well, we'll get to that in a p moment. jim mora is saying make sure you tell the
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fin lowing is to do it. scoop and score runback by nebraska. >> gus: ball security. very important for the young hands it off pchlt franklin runs around. franklin. frank lin still going. >> charles: interesting where the flag was. it looks like at the point of being tackled. >> referee: personal foul. defense. >> that's jord p ander
11:29 pm
happy to grieve with the con sup says. >> charles: we have savvy football floufers and we're seeing ucla make a statement tonight again one of the top teams in the big ten. >> so now bruins line up. hundley. he will take a northeast. nebraska can no longer stop the cluck. the young fell low's got to worj on that a little bitter. first things first the traupers have to citizenship it what great job tonight by
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ucla. >> charles: jim mora jr. -- excuse me drn in his second game as head coach. feeding anybody. the sixth ranging team in country, 36-30. their first win against the cornhusk cornhuskers since 1988. the final score, bruins, 36, nebraska, 30. right now let's send it over to tour studio for the at&t postgame show. here here's erin andrews. >> thank you very much. close games all day. an overtime shocker in little rock. all next on the at&t postgame show. ♪
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next saturday college football returns starting with the ford fox college pregame show and matt barkley leads number two usc palo alto against stanford. coverage by geico begins next saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific. we'll be here.
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welcome back to the at&t postgame show. look at this party. do you think those bruin fans are ready to celebrate out at the rose bowl? >> yes, indeed. >> mercy. we know jim mora's going to celebrate because all week he talked about, we just need something positive to happen. we need something positive ingrained in us. what does this do for ucla, guys? it's a huge win, a monster win. he had such a young team. started eight true freshman, three freshman on the offense line, a freshman quarterback, inexperienced defense. nobody talking about jim mora and ucla. four touchdowns through the air for freshman brut huntly. >> right. their defense is what i i'm questioning. second half, giving up 105 yards kroorks e yated turnovers, safety, and buttoned up the ller instinct.
11:36 pm
this was a character game for ucla tonight. was impressed and then shut the nebraska offense down. >> ready for this nugget? nebraska, one of 11 on third downs. that's turning it up. hey, speaking of turning it up, julie alexander live at the rose bowl with johnathan franklin. >> quite a performance. what does this mean to you in. >> it's great. god is good. we've got a game tomorrow. opponent. ing ready for tell >> what about mayor? you western going to be major. >> congratulations. >> thank you. god is good. go bruins. >> last week, vote for me. will he get the vote. 200? these pretty impressive. >> let me tell you who else
11:37 pm
could run for mayor. it's not happening in little rock. maybe louisiana, monroe. take us through this one. >> kolton browning. can we get the guy an ice bag, pleesz. 42 of passings for 1200 yards in your time. scrambling for a 16-yarnder yard touchdown. 34-31. >> unbelievable. >> it's the first time they ever beat a ranked moment. welcome in georgia in their first s.e.c. game. a seven-yard touchdown, tying up the game. they will convert it. mack ig the score, 21-21. i didn't mean to cut you off by
11:38 pm
see that, old man hunkle was not made by one of his plays it was tight, but he said it. >> he will he didn't have a chance to show it. >> right. >> georgia came in there. with a tight football season. week after week. you're going to get tested. persevere. wanted to finish and go home. >> you know what's weird the s.e.c. games they had series leeds. >> i thought what you said earlier this week is missouri. you make the oakmont, if you get past comment. who else could you wake up the service. coming up on fox your local news
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except on the west coast and how about big boy football. starting tomorrow, the built ford tough fox nfl sunday pregame show. football is back and our guys have all the action including the number one rookie quarterback. plus, we've got the week one game plan from titletown's final. don't miss the kick-off torn at noon even, 9:00 pacific. highlighted by the game of the week. the 49s take on aaron rodgers and the packers. tomorrow begins the four-game spot. what an offensive show we saw tonight from the ucla bruins. jim mora making history. they've beaten nebraska for the very first time since 1998. join us next week. pac-12 opener, number two u.s. c
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taking cover. for eddie george, joey harrington, i'm erin andrews. enjoy the rest of your night. -- captions by vitac -- --------------------------------
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-------------------------------- ------ravens fans say goodbye. pather, god bless your family" family" the emotional pribute to the man who brought football back to baltimore. -------------------------------- ------ -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------ a group of hackers says
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they stolen romney's tax demanding as a ransom to is - &preturn thh republican nominee's most closely guarded secrets. 3 good eeening football fans, i'm jeff abell. abell. and i'm karen parks.hundreds of fans wrappee around m&t their respects to art modell. modell.janice park shows us how fans saluted he man who brought football back to baltimore. 3 there's no game todayy..but hundreds ffet compelled, to art modell. a lnod to broken-hearted john murgia murgiaaugh, its just like something got ripped out of your chest"....waited hourssto be first in line. to begin to understand what ""- showman meant to this city... youuonly need to look ouuside... outside..."honorable man,
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always knew ya remembbred ya" indoorr...and inside the seats away...withhsinatra d playing in the background... ronnie lieber is moved to see art's casket draped in the americannflag: flag:"people began paying afternoon and even hours endless""god bless your dless" father, god bless youu family" one by one...mooell's family, including his sons david and john greet fans: fans:"oh he did a great thing by football to baltimore"on the way out, young and old touch the lombardi trophy. trophy."it's emotional, i feel like you lost your own family member, i thanked his family for bringing the ravees to baltimore"art's on david: david: "they just said they loved him, always kinn, the
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outtouring of love as the lines may disappear later...but not peoole's love for art modell: modell:"until they telllus to leave, until they tell us to at ten.anice park...fox45 news - 3the ravens have dedicated and at monday night's dell. - game...they'll wear "art" decals on their helmets. we've created a section on oor website... called "remembering art modell."there... you can watch raw interviews with modell... posttyour cooments....or look thrrugh our gallery of photos from phroughout the years.just go to ffx baltimore dot com.... and click on "remembering art modell" under hot topics. 3 the maryland ational guard honored itssmembers today who died in iraq and afghanistan... &pafghanistan... they held a wreath laying ceremony this morning at camp freeterd in reisterstown.... one soldier hhnored ..... sgt. first
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class collin bowen...who died in 2008 from injuries he suffered while in afghanistan... afghanistan... (31:35)i am someone like me an mmigrant.... immigrant.... 3 today's event honored 12 of the guards fallen soldiers... tonight, police say they'veefound the man death of a bouncer at tee bee's bar in parkville. 25 year old haywood trice has been chargee with first degree murder in he stabbing.. it happened oo the first of time at he bar on darlington - drive. as the bouncer, tavares jones was trring to preak up a fight he was stabbed multiple times. he later died from his wounds. trice is being held without bail in the balitmore county jail. 3 3
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it was a day of wicked weather up and down the east coast as a ttrnado slams into new york ccty. through breezy point in queens. the beachfront neighborhood poke up to the sound of a freight train this morning. the funnel cloud cut a path of destruction through the beach community. umbrellass cabanas, even steel waste bins under the power of the tornado. the national weathee service quickly confirmed the tornado did in fact touch down. another tornado hit brooklyn and 12 people wwre injured nearrwashinton d.c. 3 a strong line of thunderstorms raced through maryland about four this afternoon. afternoon. viewers senttus these picturrs taken during the height of the storm. flash floods covered many strrets and slowed traffic the storm allo paaked strong - winds aad several tornado warnings. at ne point, more than 20 thousand people is racing toniiht to restore power. 3 2335 we have about 36 hundred
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oc: but not as bad as n thee south 2355 thousands of cuutomers lost power when the storm hit a substation in outhern maryland, bge suspects eithee lightning or high winds are to blame. meteorologist emily gracey was all over this storm since it first formed earlier this week. 3 she's still on tte case tonighh. toniggt. ssill ahead,'s - emily..... 3
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hundreds of viewers were camera-ready when the storm rolled in this afternooon. afternooon. dolly shot this incredible wall of gray from &pthe top floor of a building i towson. you can see the ommnous clouds rolling east as the stormssrace through the state. and this photo was shot by our friinds on kent island. they got to their safe spot and looked out to the west to watch that wall of grey
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heading their way. kent island was in theeheart of the no majoo damage reported in as the area. and when it comes to news in your neighborhooo... see it.. shoot can upload photos and videos to our website. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send itticon. you can also send photos directly from your cell phoneeto "picc at foxbalttmore dot com." baltimore city firefighters are on a mission to save lives... ábeforeá the flames. myranda ssephens is in west baltimore with the action they're taking followwng two recent deadly fires. myranda? that's right, karen. baltimore city firefighters have been installing free smoke detecttrs in homes for years... and now... you can get one by ust dialing 3-1-1. still... a lot of folks aren't getting tte message... so the firefighters are delivering it to them in person. 3 nats of knocking @ 3701 they went from door to door....ore nats at door or walking!!! hoping tt se lives... with a simple device. nats @ 3717 yes ma'am, baltimore city fire department making sure you have smoke detectors 22


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