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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 1, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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liveein east baltimore where confrontation with a &ppolice..keiih. jennifer.... friends and family said a final goodbye tt anthony anderson saaurday.... back on the vacant lot at east biddle and mootford avenue.... where they say officers beet death. deathh.- initially, police say deal and that he hoked on rug drugs. but a indicated anderson did not dii from choking on drrgs. police launched a cciminal invessigation, shortly after the incident which happpned september 21. since several local protest groups have alled for the indictment of theeofficerssinvolved. and tonight, more specclation over the pending full medical examiner's report. report. pis system"rly
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3p i spoke with the chief medical examiner today.. and he says e cannot confirm or denn that information. meaatimee a police spokesman pays they expect the report to be deeivered as early as released attthat time. live in eest baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. a stabbing at baltimore student to the hospitallt a - hospital. it happened this morning inside heritage high school which is part of the lake clifton high schooo complex.the victim s liited in stable condition aa johns hopkins hospital. and pollce ssa they are questioning a person of iiterest in the incident. customs agents reportedly seized more than a pound of cocaine from traveler at dulles nternational airport.
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the man arriied at the airport saturday afternoon oo a flight from gatemala.officers saad two white jars with false side - linings.the alleged courier has been sent back to guatemmla and is banned from returning to tte u-s for at least five years.thhs is the kind this month. an owings mills man is being hhld at the baltimore ounty detentton center....accused f sexually abusing two teenage spring.anttony cottle is facing charges incluuing sexual abuse offa minor andd second degree assault.police said ooe of the 23-year-ood's abuse.according to the teen, it happened this pass may while cottle was staying with his fammly.cottle aaso once wwrkee for the baltiiore county fire epartment.poliie believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with information to call the 3 in a rare interview d-c
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sniper lle boyd malvo describes himself as monster while he apologizes for what he did. did. it'll be ten years tomorrow ... since malvo and their three week killing spree that terrorized our region. 13 people were ambushed 10 &ppeople were killed. here's what malvo had to say from prison regarding his remorse. malvo audio: 'm sorrr (0:39): i am sorry. i am sorry. and it soundsa& there is no way to express, there is no ay to express that. i mean, what am i going to tell them? i'm sorry i murdered your only chill. i'm sorry i killed your husband. i'm sorry i murdered your wiie. whaa do i tell the ccild who was waiting for his pather to come home nd dad there's nothing, there'sa - there'sa malvo who &preceived a life sentence is
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segregation cell 23 hours a day. aafire investigation is underray in odenton... where plames ripped through ann apartment complex. complex.the fiie broke out arounn 6:00 in the morning, on one was injuree. an alarming new report finds amtrakkii ooerlooking pts drug and alcohol use by mp. employees.that's the finding from an innernal audit... that hows a recent spike in use by workers at the nation's regulations requiring railroad companies to do drug and alcohol testing were 1987 aatraa collision in maryland. in that accident... investigators concluded a conrail freight train engineer was under the influence of marijuanaaand raa hree signals beforeecolliding with the passenger train. it lookssllke 3
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city students areespeakingg out about one of the key issues on the november pblllt....the dream act. act.dozenssof students met at the "ballimore freedom academy" onnsaturday lobbying in support of the dream act. this allows eligible...undocume ntee students to pay in-staae tuition rates at maryland colleges and universities. "people lose iggt of the going to ccllege, kids succeeeing at life... these areekids who actually want to succeed. they want the chance, chance."oppooents of maryland's dreaa act athered morr ttan 100-thousann signatures to puu the issue on a push for early voting ii countyyelection offiiials are urging people to participate... becuase of long liies and redistriitingg training sesssons are already than 35-hundred election judges montgomeey county will need on november 6tt. in fact, ssme of those judges will have to report tt work one day earrier, to begin setttng up voting machinns. roher sayss "there was reeistricting that occurred last january. and, for a lot &pof our voters, they have not
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since that redistricting occurred.. so, we're encouraging everyone to rrview whereetheir polling place iss" despiie the extensive traiiing, there is concern here abbut potential long lines in montgomery county on election day. polling than 60-thouuand monngomery county residents. early voting begins sattrday october 27th - thursday noveeber 1st the orioles are making history- heading to he playoffs and for some shop keepers that means record kathleen cairns has morr oo how oranne and purple are now sports shhps in tte baltimore region. 3 ---as livv lead----"this morning there was a long line here at the sports shop in harborplace.. as people try to get their oriooes gear... this might be the one time 13 is the oriooes lucky nummer." ---pkg insert---(beep)(vvice onny)"we are getttng a as we speak"at the sports shop
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&pin merchanddse rolls in.... &p(naae-face)"iim hoping ts pustomers are taking it out... just as fast... (customer pointt)"muchado is obvioussl name on it"-vvice only-"its - goiig very fast"(customer shows hat)"i romised my son i would bring him home a funny bird hat, its a new year new hat"(nate)"expposion is thh right word to usee.."--guy with tee-"i eeded up buyingg this tee hirt"sales.. (beep cash register)have been non stop. (voice only)"its almost like they areereintroducing again" with customers jumping perchandise sales have doubled... rip rip nats) and since the o's hhaent been in the playoffs since 1997... anticipation is building.. (nate)"honestll this is uncharted territory ffr us." pick thrrugh he merchandise. (beth on the move)"well theyve sold out of a lot f stuff ut theres a few tee shhrts.. i'm into the teeeshirts especially its not just teeeshhrts that are selling things like ccr &pmats.. umbrellas.. underwear
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and even baby siipy cups things are selling so ast the best aavise is.. buy it now.. in dt alt kc fox 45 nees at 5:30" how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge reportt report. mapbelaiifiber395map
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are electric a fad? baltimmre city is tess driving the idea riihh now, and could beeon the road to purchasing more than a dozen of them. them.and we got a sneak peek at the cars in randallstown phissmorning.they can realll move when you hit the "gas".. or "accelerator."ttese cars carryythe "think" brrnd, and were developed by ford for years before it sold the division and ccncentrated oo hhbrids instead.most city govermeets that urchase electric cars give them tt housiig inspectors or parking enforcement personnel.the range is limited... only about 755to 100 mills on a full battery....but they can be chaaged in most - prong
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outlets... no huge adapters necessary. to 9 hours and will cost about 2 to 3 dollars depending on wheee you are in the usa. usa.the dealer says many parents like theecar as an option for their teens, because it onlyyfits one otterr speed of 70 miles an hour. --3 3 more nato troops killed in afghanistan. what led to the latest viooence. 3 authorities work tooeducate consumerssabout medications bought online.the dangers websites. --adblib weather tz-- what makes the sleep number store different?
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where queen mattresses start at just $699. ttree nnto ttoops are among
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the dead after a suicide bombing in afghanistan. afghanistan.tte taliban &pclaimee responsibility for this mmrning's attack -- which officials said that a man on a motorcycle packed wiih explosives drove into a joinn patrol of afghan and internationaa forces. "i heard an explosion nearby. i came toothe sceneeand i saw dead bodies of policemen and civilians at the scene. commander of he quick reaction forces was lso killld" killed."the attack comes a day aaghanistan reached more than the f-d-a is launching a new campaignn.. tt raiseeawareness about online pharmacies. the agency warns that medicines bought over the internet....could be fake, expired, or contaminated. in online phhrmacies eet staae f ann federal laws. the -d-a warns if low prrscriptioo
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prices seem too good to be true... they probably are. a... young.... indianaa.. girl... in... searcc for treasure... / ends up... finding a iece of h. aad... her mother... kim ... love aatiquing...///.one daa,... kallie found a history book in terre haute.../ insidee ... was... a letter... from orld war two..../. to... cleta aldridge --/ informing her ...that her son, victor... overseas....///kallie... and her mom rightful owner... of... he letter....//turns cleta and victor... passed away .../ but,... victor's wife still llved innindiann. 43-53"we saw thh headstone nd ended up lookinggat the phooe book that doesn't evvn have a cover on it and founn victor allridge jr.'' phone numberrin " there"135-141"you don't know where the past is going to cooe up and meet you, it's interesting, it's wonderful, it's liff" and that'' a part of their life, and ttjusttneeded to go back to them." them."victor aldridge junior... was a purple heart
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recipient... and... a... bat boy... for &pmajor league baseball. two... of thee music innustry... are... in... the entertainment headlines... toni. tonight.and one alent scout from a hit fox show is looking por the neet big nnme ii the tech world.candace dold lowdown. (((pkg)))the x-factor judges are always lookinn for an upcoming pop staa... buttnow - siion cowell says he wants to find the next tech entrepreneur ... like a steve jobs or bill gates simmo is peas apper for the & tolddthe uk-ss sun newspaper..." weere working on a project called x "singiig and perforrance going create a couple of jobs. but youth nd giving tthm a ith - plaaform to exxress themselves p whether that's in science or mathematics." let's talk abbut
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you've probably heard of is hit "gangnam style".nats: oppa gangnam style... that's the song.... along wwthhthe moves.. it's racked up more than 336 miiliin views on youtube since july.the song rose to nnmber two on the billboard hot 100 last weekpsy has already saii that if it does reach number onn on the billboard hart.. he wiil perform gangnam style áátoplessáá ii a place where worry...the south orean t - rapper said hh also plans to release his firsttuus. single sometimm in november.i've alsoo heard that he ill rrlease n albbm then as well.psy has signed on with a man nnmed scooter.. who is justin biebers manager.things are geeerally going well for both of them.. but justin had a weekend.nnts: justin singgng
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tte iebs kicked-off concert saturday night in arizona. justin.... got sick during the show... hh actually threw up on staae ! affer takkng a to the stage and explained to his fann that he wasn't peellng well. but the show must gooon so... he continued perforring..latee thht night, uu for the next show. he also tweeted that milk was noo a pood choiic.justin will bbing his believe tour to our area. he will perform at the verizon centtr in washington d-c on november 5-th.i'm candace dold and that's our lowddww. 3 a mannpretends his plane is crashing... to surprise his
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she reacts... when she finds w 3 --adblib weather tz-- [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours
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accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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pnc bank. dogs, catss rabbits and other furryyfriends got the blessing of a lifetime sunday. dozens of pee owners flocked to the convent of saant francis of assisi innlima blessiig.the franciscan friaas sprinklee animals with holy wattr aa their mmsters whisper soothing words.saint francis of assisi is the patron saint of animals. ----react to story --- &pcooler temperatures tooay...we have some raii in
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the forecast...chief mettorologist vytas reii... 3 3 ames left in the reguuar
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seaaon...theeorroles are already in the playoffs...why the o's might have to play an extra game on pn sports unliiited...
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what coull be one of the more first things first.if the orioles and yannees fiisih in a tie for the merican league east title, there would be a pamden for that
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game go onnsale tomorrow only holders can uy thhmébeginning pt 10am...the rest of us at nno. noon...and that ssemm to be the underlying theme of the remaining three're in the ppst-seaaon for the first timm in 15 years, but maybe just getting there is not enough....instead of settling for the wild caad, keepp pouring on the coal.. try to become divvsionnl champions... 3 wei-yin chen goes for the birds search of his firss win since ugust
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19th...o's and rays first pitch tonight at 7-10...thatt plus the ravens back on the 10-50 and 11-30 on ssorts unnimited... --toss to vytas-- vvtas-- 3 3 3- thiss.. next story... may leave yoo ...thinking... &pp3a wwman....flling a planeew into thinking their plane is about to gg down.but as t turns ouu... it'' all part of
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&psets up a camera... to caapur nervous he is... as she opens "ring engaggment procedure." affer eading aloud thee section... she quickly atches land safely n tte ground.he then shows her thh amera... that captured it all. 3 3&ttat's all for foxx5 news at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and ,
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