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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 4, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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licensed tt do the work. 3 painful whennyou feel like a y complete idiot. you say to yoursell, i'm intelligent how could i falllfor something stupid....?" 3 the indictment accuses healthington of steeling more phan 25-thousand dollars frrm three separate ff-campus victims. on campus....the state has yet conffrr xactll what properry ittlost in a crime spree hat stretthed moreethan three years. jeff abell, fox 45, news at 5:30. a baltimore city studenn accused of stabbing a plassmate has been ordered peld without bail. bail.the judge saying she believes 17 yeer old darrell johns would pose a risk to public safett if he were haa never been in trouble. for ohns mother the decisiio ame as a shock. sot 12:15:27i'm just upset
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that the judge didn't look and listen to the fact thht my ssn was justtacting in self defense he feareddfor his life. life.johns is accused of ptabbing a student t herrtage high earrier this week.his family says johns was beeng bullied.a claim,,his victimms a judgeehas sentenced two en for a caajackinggthat led to a dramatic chase..this is video wwebrought you in february of last year when davvn mccoy and frank richardson approaahed a woman entering her car near patterson avenue and eberle drive.they threatened her, in her car, leading police n a six mile chase. mccoy was sentenced today to 35 yearssin prison. riihardson received 25 years. ii's a custody case hat has police investigating &ptonight.janice aak tells us, identified the three officers involved in the deatt f anthony anderson. janice? the officers have been identiiied as tood strohman, gregg boyd, and michael vodarick.when it comes
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sttohman, he's a deccrated officer...who was shot in he line of duty here in 2010...on north calvert street.september 21st...police inntially said anderson in a drug deal.but anderson's family say he wass beat by autopsy giien to the family this week, revealed that anderson died of plunt ffrce trauma...and his pomicide. 3&"this s a situaaion we've never eeperienced before commiisioner batts met with involved, and he ddd release that report to tte family this week" ppoice tell us ttat the baltimooe police homicide investiiation.and t wwll be up to the states' attorney on janice park...fox45 news at 5:30. a reisterstown man is charged with kidnnpping his roomate... who's also his coworker at the parroll county salvagg company. company. police say justin gorham accused his coworker of
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ooerpaying ffr a loaa of scrap petal by 2 thousand doollrs... and demanded he pay him back. when the victtm refused, police say gooham pulled a gun and told him to call his brother for the cash. phh brothhr agreed to meet called police, who were hee waiting when the men arrived. gorham is being held at the center. the victim was unharmed. one... firefighter's....hurt... after... a... 3- point. fire... in fells it... happened around 5::0... this morning... at... a... street... nnar broadway..../// fire... putside - / because... of the ... intenss... heat... inside...///. one... minor injuries -- andd./. assisted... from the buildingg...///the... cause....of the bbaze... is... still unknown. 3a highwaa worker... on interstate 99 t 695... was struck by a passing car earlier today.he was a highway adminnstration... nd was cutting grass in the median when he was hii.the worker was aken to shock trauma with serious injuries.
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the driver of the car was also &pword on his conditioo.uma.nn - aathorities do not think alcohol r rugg played a part. 3 the word 'tax was mentioned 109 times during last night's d. debate.universitt of baltiiore profeesor steven isberg says most people will pay the samee unner both candidates' plans. the main difference between president obama and governor obama wantssto end the cuts poo those maaing 250 thousand dollars or more. 3steven isberg, university of the ay, there's not a hole lot of differences between one and aaother."steven isberg, those geetlemen are getting to - that numberr and i haven't seen that yet." (laughter) (laughter)obaaa accused romneyys tax cut as favoring the wealthy and adding to the peficit, a claim govvrnor romney denied. baltimore restaurants may soon have to display letter graaes based on theirrperformance n
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city health inspections inspectionskaren parkk is livee in east baltimore... and says the citys restaurant associationnsayy the postings may beemisleading 3 3 - are... in...//
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pn... baltiiooe harborrs water . quality.enviionmental groups released tte grades this morning in east baltimore. oxygen levees and water plaritt both improved ffom 20-10.however, 'chhorophyll a' levels worsened.large storms pre blamed for increassng stormwater unoff, which leads to algae blooms and fish kills. halle vandergaag, blue water
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baalimore: "why is there pollution in our storm drain belongs. our monitoring data doesn't just teel us about thattpollution, it helps us identify where it miiht be coming from." from."to read the health foxbaltimore.coo-- and click on news links. faailies staying at the ronald mcdonald house n baltimore pay be sleepiig a little more s. soundly. city firefighters spent the morning removing 100 old bbdd froo the houue on lexington streee....making room for new beds were donated to the pharity, which offers ttmporary housing forrfamilies of criiically ill chillden bbing treeted at baltimore-area hospitals. "we re a home awayyfrom home for families who have critically ill ccildren, so to be ableeto lay in bed in a nice cozy tempur ppdiccbee, commort than we all readyytry to do." do." volunteers not only moved out bring n and assemble 2 new &pones for each of the 36 rooms
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when it comms to staying healthy.../ , some baltimore ssniors are taking a step in the rrght direction. ---dancing nats--- at the waxxer cenner ii mount vernon, eeiors showed off their movee.... with former ravens cheeereader molly shatuck leading the wayyit's parttof healthh city days.... a week-long camppign encouraginn residents to live healthier lifestyles.thh dance party got seniors on their feet.....liiting heirr pirits with prizes for the best moves. how areethh roads lookinggtonii? our traffic edge rrport. report. mapbelairfiberwilkennmap395map
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a party was thrown at their own home...but they weren't inv. invited.tte surprising way ooe family found out abouu it... and who wassresponsibleefor the big bash! keep those pesky critters..out oo yourrhome!the five things you can do keep you
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cciiter free aal winter long. pt's not whaa you're used to seeing... during your morring commute.the unusual thing that prompted an emu... to go running onto a highway. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3
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a... bizarre situation... at... a... fort myers... florida... police station.../// this... surveillance video... of... the ... station wednesdaa morning...////you... ccn see... a view.police say... he asked to speak then ... sat down....//tww... officers... come thru... a door... / and...
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notice the man... is carrying ...a... silver machete....//the... man tanns up,.../ pointing... thh machett... at the officers,.../// pooice... jump inno action... and... quickly subduee tte suspect. with the cooler temperatures approaching this time to get oot and prepare and the critters out.... we n - are alking bugs... as ell as more of those pests come indoorssas temparturee et colder outdoors.... joining uu to find out the best ways to keep your house ...pest freeeis rob ashwwrth brrnch manager with terminix pest cootrol... lets get to the bigger pests that is the rodent barassed to tall - problee in baltimore...?what
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type of homes re moree susceppible to infestation? >you list outtfive things 3 is the most important? here are 5 easy things homeowners can do now to stay rodent--ree all winter long:a7seal all cracks in the
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home's exterior, especially onn the southern and westernn walls. a7ensurr attic and foundation vents are equupped with tight-fitting 1/4 inch hardware cloth. aaregular screen will not deter rodents, as they can easily chee through the material. aamove piles of fiiewood, leaf piles and ulch ware from thee home's foundation. thess can shelter for rrdents.a7trim tree branches away from the home. rodents are great pllowing them to scale ough surfaces in order access the home's roof and exterior vents. a7install a tight-fitting including garage doors. 3 a... maryland continues... to rise... to... the top... on... the... fox show, .../ factor".nats: you got me pegging you for mercy.. why me?that's... daviddcoorey... from maryland...///.the judges...
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loved his perrormance ...during last night's....boot camp episode...///.they... sent himm.. thru... to the next &pround....///we... yesterray...// and... he... told ps... he's enjoying the succcss../ but... p he remembers... the long ride... before this ptme... in the spotlight. pell people that they don't s see what you do up toothat moment when you are on tv, noone is seeing the tears, noones seeing he fights, noones seeing the ssruggle, noones seeing 5 peoope living in a one bedroom hotel trring to justtmake ends meee on the across theecountry. and that's done.i've done..- you... ccn... contestants... on... the x factor tonight... at you coulddearn favorite game shows. as you know fox45 is the of fortune. and baltimore. try out ffo "heel of fortune" this saturday and sunday at hunn alley toww center.. center.. and... be sure to watcc jeopardy weeknights on fox45 of fortune airs right after
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that at 7-thirry. it's like the three bears has been sleeping in their beds, eating their ood... partying inside tteir house. &pthe surprising way the family caught the innruders... commnn up. 33 --adblib weather tz-- anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west vcasino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state...
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according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. a... south
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carolina family... makes....a... disturbing discovery... on facebook...///.they... find pictures... of... people partying... in their home... / but... &p they... werennt there! on... vaaation... in new york.. in july. want his identity known... &psays it took three months before detaals ssarted leaking out onnfacebook.he says the
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parygoers tood his kids... they broke into the house... to an unlocked window.een... "one of them was dancinn around with a funnel in his hand. the other ooe was throwinggup in the sink.i'm looking at this saying this is inside my house. there's someone in my son's oom walking around doing lewd walki notiied the screen when they returree home, but thought everything seemed okay inside. appaaently theepprty crew.. clean uu well befooe the faaily retuunedd..but tagged themselvvs in picturrs on facebook frrm the party.the man sayy teenagers pictured in consider this an active no - investigation. 3
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buck showwlter annoonces tomorrow's starting pitcher... find out who will take the &pmouun for the orioles in thei biggess gamm in 5 &pin sports unlimited. & the orioles are just coming
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off the field at the ballpark at arlington, where tomorrow they'll take on he texas rangers in a one ame winner who'll face the yankees in the division series... series...
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and late today, we learned &pwho'll start foo the orioles tooorrow night..buck showalter sayy he's going with veeeran righthhnder joe saunders in the biggest gamne of the pear...he last pitched sunddy, getting his 3rd win for the &pooioles and his 9th overall...he was one of the birds' best pitcherrsdown the stretch...his earned run average just 2.75 in september,,, 3 not exactly a surppiis, bbt bobby valentinn was fiied as manager of the booton red sox today..this less than 24 hours after his club fiiished the year 69-93, their worst reeord n almost 0 years...a master of the bvious, understands the decisioo,,, orioles third base coach demarlo hale is amoog the
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possibll successoo..he spent coach prior to coming to baltimorr... just a reminder... go to our facebook page... ... paccbook dot com slash ox baatimore to join the discussion.i'll be there tonight at 8... for all things ravens. p much more from texaa with the orioles...and morgan adsit reports fromowings mills...that's toniggt at p0:50 and 11:30 on sports unlimited --toss to vytas-- &pvytas-- 33 3 3
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yoo... can't ...find love... anywhere.../ one... streets... to find his soulmate. soulmatt."taco" is a five foot &prushhhour raffic ii south - floridaaon wednesday... to look for his mate.accordinggto his owner,,it's maaing season. now... nothing on this busy stretch of road... ressmbles a female...but it seemm "taco's" eye.his owner was able to get him off the rrad by throwing a towel over the &pbird's head. 3 phat's aal for fox45 ews at next.and e'll beeback tonight for fox45 news at tenn-- and the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see you later. later.
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