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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 9, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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sentencing for jerry sandusky. phat the onvicted sex offenddr said during his court news at five..3 3 &p
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3 3 october 8th 1997 the oroles won a playoof game at camden yards. and now... exactly 15 years later... the irds have finally done it aggin! this time the fans are rewarded for sttying through a rain delaa... thissone about 40 miiutes, but the fans don't mind. the ggme ssarted with one of the weirdest plays at the plate you'll ever see!! wei-yin chen was great, but he was hit hard in the first innnng, including this rocket
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&pto right field by robinsoo trying to score on the play, and the reeay throw gets home in lenty of time, but suzuki veers arounddcatchee matt weeters.... then dives around the tag... and e's safe at home!!!!! 1-0 yankees.same score bottom of the 3rd.... bases loaaed with two out for chris davis ... and he comes through. the single.. scores two rrnners, and the o's have their first lead of the seriee 2-1. op of the 4th,,this time the yankees are threatening... but chen gets third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reynolds goes the other way to score weiters from seccnd. orioles.onnto the 9th... now &pjust a one run leadd and its time for jim johnson to redeem himself after last nightt' rough performance... and he happy to be tied in the for their fans. 4540 ttere's not a city in america hat lovee their team more than thissone... tte we put them through some tough .
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times. today is a travellday, so fans can catch their breath for 24 hours.... gaae 3 is scheduled foo 7:00, wednesday night in new york. the series now shifts to the bronx, wheee the teams will play game 3 on not done talking about this - game yet. joel d. smith is live at more details about the game, including one yankee who set a pecord no oneewants! 3 3- 3 3 3
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3 a-rod stat .. playoffs striking out. 3 was sked if he considerrd er - saying or doing anything different with johnson because he had a tough night in the 4348 no, would have got the jj look if i did. ... i woulln't insult him like 3that. that. joel d. smith, fox 45 morning
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news. 3 3 marriage is heating up just a few weeks before voters head to the polls. polls.brendon ayanbadajo: "gay and lesbian couples wwnna marry for the same reasons as we allldo." do."last month... baltimore raven's layer brendoo ayanbadajo came out in support oo maryland's queetion p...and lasttnight, he and governor o'malley attenned a fundraiser in support of the marrrage.opponents f the ex measure made their feelinnss known as well. 3&"one one has the right to redefiine maariage" marriage"this is the first television ad against question six from the maryland marriage
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alliance..pponents collected enough siggatures to put the issue on the ballot after lawmakers approved same see marriige earlier this year. the issues of same sex the ext fox45 town hall...of thursday october itt live bb going to fox altimore dot com and clicking on town past town hall meetiigs on ch taxes and the maryland dream act. 3 a controversial chhnge in the do paperwork. megan gilliland is live from a story you're seeinn first on fox. good morning guys,this is all over signatures. signatures.the use of electronic signatures on 45's investigative team obtained this letter that baas the practice. it was ritten by districc couut chief jjdge ben
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clyburr last month... stating that an ink-on-paper iinature is required.but sooe officers in the city say a written signature amounns to more time off the street doing paperwork... tiie they just don't have. if they're too busy to do that &pthey're too busyythen to ensure that ttere is going o be integrity in the process and be accounnable :40 :40in the past... charging documents would be written and transmitted electronically. an the baltimore city state's attorney's word on what ppompted a change. many officers didn't want to talk to us on camera about this.but... our invessigative case... where a city officer admitted o skirting the law... by having another officer siin his tatement of charges. i'm megan gilliland, fox45 orning news. more problems for thh newly released iphone 5. 5.this time withhthe camera. piccures taken facing a light
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"flare" in says chhnge thh compooition of your picture.but this problemm doesn'' seem to appear n older, the screen appears to flicker on some phones when the keyboard launcces..o comment from apple yet on that one. coming up on the early &peditioo... an extremely- disliked pest... akes a big co. comeback.the major stinkbug infestation that's hitting most of america.. 3 ((break 1)) 3
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stinkbugs are making a
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comeback in 38 states... including here in maryllnd. according tt scientists... the pwrst infestation is in tte mid-atlantic region. region.they say the rrse is due to loog periods of sustained hot weather over the insect's natural predators have nnt been able to keep up with the growing stink bug population. ((2--hot toss tooweather))
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((ad libbmeteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad liib)) map fiber map quarantine map bel air map
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3 coming up... the oriiles come out of game two... with a muuh- needed win. chrissdavis managed to &ppome through for theecluu... early on in the night. the fight... for independent voters.the huge ipact they could haae on the ootcome of the nooember elections. ((break 2)) anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this wecasino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. 3
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with juut four weeks util election day...president obama outtfor voters...including the this morning's cover story, john rydell examines thh role offthose independenn. independent. "this doesn't look good for staaee to be attacking his opponenn."for most of his life....clarence miichell the fourth...was loyal democrrt. ((laughs)) "that's funny, that's unny."after all...his grandfather...was civil rights activiit...clarence mitchell, ago...this former state &psenator...declared...he was done...with the democcats. "because they're hypocrits." "the democratic partyy" (mitchell) "proclaims to be pfrican-ameeicans. if that's - country runs by democrats. baltimore city is the one of the poooest cities in the countty, majority african- american, run by ddmocrats. what's wrong with that picture?"(then why not because the reppblican party is not much better either.
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that's why i'm ot a pepubllcan."((naas))rob sobhani...wass.. a republican...yearrsago..ut he...too... has defected.he's pow running for u.s. senate....aa an "independent". (sobhani) "it's shameful hat theii party abovv their s puu two parties, aalot of ideas, e so they blame eaah other." you'veeprobably seen sobhani's... tv ads...he's already spent more than fouu milliin dollars ...of his own money.and he's tryinggto catpure the attentiin...not only of disgruntled...demo craassand republicans. in maryland...there are alsoo..more than584-thousand reeistered... as "un-affiliated". (sobhani) "becaase that tells me that there'' that many number of people in maayland who have lost hope."(nats-perot) 20-years ago in annapolis...ross perot... thought...he could shake--p the an iidependenttcandidate for president...he railedd.. (perot) "we're suppooed tt from us, we're tired of having that comes as us (applause)" perot...won 19-percent of the popular vote that yeaa...but
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his "reform party"...would never evvlve...intt a viable thhrd...polittcal party. and ralph naderr..failed in numerous bids for the whitt house...both as an the green party candidate. with ameriic's two party dominance...political pundits...say the ddck is still eavily stacked....agaanst...moss &pothers.(kromer) "all these barriers to entry in terms of money, how much it ost to actually become a viable candidate are what's ealll holding backkthese third pprty pndependent candidates from being a major player."(rydell) "if you haven't registered to vooe, you can still doobetween now and october 16th, but if you choose to register not as a democrat or a repubbican then you forfeit your righh to don't want to identify with ) 3 either oneeof theemajorr parties that you sse or the reason ffr the ills of what's going on todaa is because oo the two parties."but mileah kromer...who is a political science professor at goucher pollege....says independent vottrs...are still sending a message.(kromer) "what they hhpeeii for a third party candidate, is to rrn and get their ideas out there, ttat hoppfully their ideas will be
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aaopted by one of the major party candidates."" (mitchell) "i vote for democrats at times, i vote for republicans at times."and according to ""-4"...that hould be the principle...of any p5 news at ttn. n ryyell,,foxx - more ttan 377thouuaad marylanders are registered with the green, libertariin or coming up in our 6 o'cloock hour... a smmll stowaway... gives a beltsville man trouble on the road. road.the strange sight he found... ffer popping the hood. oriolee closer jim johnson comes through for the ttam.thee game winning performance he gave... in the 9tt. ((break 3)) 3
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3 the orioles fann patieece second time in two days, the start of the home playoff ggme orioles get their firstthome but it wwsn't easy. wei-yii
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chen was great, but in the first inning he watched with all of us, one of the weirrdst plays ou'll ever sse.... ith a man on base, robiison cano hits a rocket offfthe wall in right field. the relay gets home in plenty of time, but ichiro suzuki veers around catcher matt weiters.....then conourts his body around the tag... and is safe at home!!!!! 1-0 yankees.same bases loaded with two out for chris davis--- and he comes through. the siigle scores two runners, and the o's have their first lead of the series 2--. top of the 4th, this time hh yankees are threatening....but chen gets third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reynolds goes the ther way to score weiters from second. 9th... now just a one run lead, and its tiie for jim johnson to redeem himself performance... and he comes through! the good timms are back for "j.j." and the o's
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5255 i think the biggest thing for us...... as long as we stick to our goals and expectations, we'll be today is a travel day, so fans can catch their breath scheduled for 7:00, wednesday night in new york. nnw it's time to announce the caadidates in our high school game of the week contest... brought to you by varsity sports networr dot can vote for the game you'd like to see highlights f on our website... fox baltimore dot com.... and clicking on high pchool gameeof the week. week.for friday... thh choices are spalding at notre dame visits arundel in paul's hossssjohn carroll in foooball.and marriots ridge travels to river hill in girls soccer.the winner will be cooing up in our 6 o'clock
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hour... bullies caught in action in frederick. frederick.the high school student who came under attack... in the miidle of a taped interview.
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