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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 12, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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schneider joins s live in performmlive in perssn... im - tomorrow on ox45 morning news. game winning run nats nats the o's are still alive in the playoffs!what players and fans are saying this morning about tonight's must- win game. biden laughing nats nats the vicc joe biden into fits of giggles. the topics hat had him top.icans think came out on and... come down with a case of the ffidays?the percentage of emmloyers who will check p 3
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3 friday,,octtber 12th.
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3 3 3
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3 3it ttok 133innings... and lasttd intoothe early mornnng hours.but the orioles pulled off a wwn against the yankeee... sending this playoff series nto game five. five.we spoke wwth the plaaers in the looker room after the game... and ttey re ... √°outspokee√° about the prrssure they're under. under.its enjjyable ut &pfreaknig stressful its one of those things its win or go home
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homethe series is now tied at and that means tonight... it's pie.mmgan gilliland s live from jimmy's ii fells point with fan reaction this orning. good morning guys, the o's avoided elimination andd beet the yankees... 2-1... in
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13 innings at yankee stadium. &pthat's enough to wake up ann fan after a long night. fifth innnng.the yankees tied it when jeter scored in the sixth.and ddssitt a number of chhnces... especiilly by thee yankees... game 4 remained the o's scored the winning runn on j-j hardy's doubll... off rookie david phelps.tieing the series 2-2 and sending the o's to game 5. 2:11:38cheers... ame 5 lets go o's2:12:28they're still in ittthey've got one more game not sure if it'll be tillen or hammel tooorrrw but they'll against c-c sabathia for the showdown.first pitch is at's do or dde.but we're
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used to this... the yankess and orioles have eachother in this series... pnd in 41 of those iinings... the gamm was wwthin one run. pive in fflls point, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. last night to honor a family thaa fell victim to a housee fire in northeest ballimore. baltimore.13735 takera is with god.... 13740 13740a grandmother and our children died in the fire on denwood road yesterday morning. firefighterr saidd hey were trapped on the seconn floor oo out. the victims have been
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dentified as 5--ear-old year-old great-granddon james grandchildren ... 2-year-old k'niyah scott... 4-year old ddrryl stewart... and 7-year-ood tykyla manley. five fire....including worrell's 19-yeerrold daaghter ... who threw her 2-month ood baby out of a window before jumpinn to safety. many of the family members gathered at nearby moravia middle choolllater in the day... wwere ttey got food and shelter and a visit ffom mayyr stephanie ((mayor 50:34 "because iiknow when you lose a significant the glue, thaa you dont even know where to turn to to get ask." 45)) 45))fire crews said they found thrre smooe detectors in the home... but haven't determined iffthey were workkig. the cause of the fiie is still the dealy fire is now raisignn ii baltimore.two fire companies clooee this year because of budget cuts... and the city fireeunion says that at risk. putting public safety
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risk."i on't want to se this to get on a soopboo and beatt the saae band. noo do i want to play god and pretend to have a crystal ball o have the ability to see the uture and say the companies that were shut down wouud have made this outcome any betttr what i believv is non-arguuble point is that the ballimore a lot more with fewer thin."a third fire company that was scheduled tt close - is now staying open - indefintiely.the mayor announced last week that truck 10 will remain in service thanks to ttx revenues fromm 3 &p paul ryan comes out oo top att past night's one and only v-pp debate.according to a cnn/o-r-c poll ccnducted right aater tte faceoff.... 48 giving him a four point .. advantage over joe bidee.
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biden.biien wws underrpressuue to gain ground after president in the first presidential oss hit a sticky issue for the ion - obama administration... the attack on tte u-s consulate ii bengghzi that killed aabassador chris stevens and three others. ryan accused the administtation of failing to provide suffcienn security in libya.. and misleading the publiccabout the assault. they sent the un ambassador becaase offa protest and aa youtubb video. it tooo the president two weeks to acknowledge this wws a terrorist attack aatackbiien's deeate sttle was a departure from president obama's subdued debate demeanor.he interrupted ryan and called him a liir within the first ten minutes... rrght pfter ryan saad obaaa's foreignnpolicy makes america appear weak. the candidates also tackled the economy aad ran's nuclear progrrm.but as ee payne shows us... there were also plenty pf wacky moments. moments. even before the vice there were some memorable yelling from a tree outsideer
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centre college. and this from the moderator.i am not the scolding type sooi am not really going to repeat all your cellphones. i'm jusst going to give you a warning. i briefing and my phone went off, and my son, who is here whichhis apparently hipphop. so that broke up that aad i've never had my cellphone go off again,,ever again.joe biden att is ooponent's comments... plashing his peaaryywhites a number of times.he also had some interesting word choices. biden: with all due respect that s a bunch offmalarkey. biden: because not a single thing he said is accurate. biden: this is a bunnc of "stuff." look, here's the peal...rrddatz: whht does thatt mean, a bunch of stuuf? biddn: well it means it'ss
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pt is, weeirish call it malarkey.raddatz: thanks for the translation,,okkbiden: thh prish call it malarkey.and biden's eloqueece.ryan: i -3 ttink the vice president very words don't come out of our mouthhthe right way. (laughter) biden: but i always say whaa i mean.i''med payne reporting. some are young, some are oll... and some are even pregnant. the baltimore &pkinds of runners to the starttng line from each of the states. joel d. smitt is where everyone wants to be tomorrow... nearrtheefinnsh linee with more onnsome of the stories behind the 2th annual . event. 3 3
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3 33&coming up oo he early eeition... the space shuttle finalljourney. journey.the two-day long
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parade theerocket will take to its permanent home. 3 ((break 1)) 3 ((break 1)) barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker...
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right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. after 25 flights... and &p123-mmllion milessflown... th spaae shuttle endeavour is headed tooretirement thiss 2-day parade through the ssits - than one milllon people are expeeted to tuun out and watch. the science center promises to replace each tree... with two. the shuttle's permanent home
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3 ((2-shot toss to wwather)) ((ad ib eteorologist)) 3
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((traffic epprter ad libs)) map 395 map 43 map liberyt
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3 3 p3
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3 still toocome... technology... pliminating the trip to tte groceey store. store.the serviceettat lets done....without leaving home. cleaning up an east baltimore community.the prooresssthat's been aae... twoowweks ffer thhy called fox 45 for help. ((break 2))
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two weeks eass baltimore community called fox 45 for help because theer neighboohood was coveeed in trash and infested with rats. hey needed help from tte city to clean up he mess..karen parks reports on the ppogress. progress. 3//standup//we brought our ccew and our camerassto this ast baltimore neighborhood 2 weeks say.....there is so mmch more to do....(sweeping nats)herr is east baltimmre.....(12:06) for as long as i can remember...ww been trying to away......its a neverendiig struggle......(12:10)oneeblock caa't do it......a much needed cleanup........out of their control......(12:30)youuhave to come see that we go through everyday......and fox 45 did juuttthat......(nats of video) camera.......(nats of video) phe city heard their 3
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ccies...... and the neighborhood showed their aapreciation....(nats oo vo)by &pmaking thissvideo....(21:22) even though he ciiy came out and did a job this is what they could have doneea better job....otis howard and others all this yyur come out and people see it and temmits couple f days form that youua more.........russell stewart says......the recent cleanup was just the tip of the iceburg.....(17:35)(cover this bite)those dumpsterr have so its unbelievable.....but at starriig toopay attention...... (22:05)i think they ssould give a little more help the people ii thheneighborhood doa pittle morr helpptoo.....
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//tag//neighbors here are expected to participate in the mayor's fall cleanup at tte enn of theemonth... straight aaead... takkng the trip to the tore... out of phopping for groceries. groceriee.the onliie company you. ((break 3))
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3 love it or hate it, we all have to do it. grocery shopping can take a chunk out of a eekend ffernoon. but wwat if you could do ittwhile sitting on the train for your morning or eeening commute? karen caifa ells us about one &pcompany making it happen. 3 3&preporter pkk-as follows -- what's going through the minds of commuters as they head down these escalators to their trains? for any, it's whaa's for dinner. it can be the bane of the busy person's groceries. we all have to eatt so it's kknd of liie, you don't have a choice and also people feel likeethey spend a lot offmoney and time doing for a diiferent way to skin
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the cat. you kkow, a differeet way to get it done quickly, and to feel ike they're doiig a good jobbat itt so instead store on the way home from worr, online rocer peapod has temporarily brought the ssore to them -- on billboards in &ptrain stations in major cities, like this one in washington. connumeess download an app by scanning &pthis q-r code with a smartphone. then theyyscan the &pbar codes on the billboard to put ittms inntheir cartt -- and schedule for home deliveryy store of ssrts. shoppers can browse the full range of products throuug the app. people beinggproducciveein potentiaaly beinggproductive and starting to shop.and they're not he only ones pondering that concept. peapod got the idea or heir virtual aisles from technology overseas - and the rocery growing market -- offering - consumers help with everything from oupons to shopping ists. i'm karin caifa and you're now, clicked in. -----end----- cnn.script-----


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