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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 15, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 33 3 3 the ravens find another way to win.... and drive fans razy at the same time. the close victory over the steep price.ver comes with a quarter, with the ravens up 17-13... jacoby jones wants more... a lot more. hh the end zone.then follows his
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blockers and xplodes doon tte sidelinee.. tying an n-f-l record wwth a 108 yard kick ravens leed 24-13. latee in the 4th ddllas ties it up wwth a touchdown, and dez bryann can tie the ggme if he caathhs this 2 point ccnversion.... but he drops it! dallas goes forrthe onside kick and they get it... so a field goal will win it but daa bailly misses frrmm on for a 31-29 victory... but major injuries to key playyrs &p3son. -
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sunday's game markee the ravens 14th straight regularrseason home'' the longest current home- winning streak in the n-f-l. the ravenssare worried about the injuriis this morning, and we're learning more about the extent of ttose. but let's not forget.... the team wonn and sitsstwo gamms ahead now ii the a-f-c north. glass half empty or allf full... or maybe some just spplled out? joel d. smith is live in towson to see what the fans really think. ann we also have some veey ccndid answerr from the players on whether or not thee deserved to win the game. good morning joel d.. 3 3 3 let's enjoy something before ww tall abbut the negatives... how about the great game from pight into your lap this - morniig! ááá53:40 rice 2nd tddwith
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soond. torrey td. missed fg-- aftee p coachee were very honest about how closs this rrally was tt a llss. they credit some key ppays... and you...the fans. 1912 ain't notting like playing in bmore. we know it and we felt it. and i know it kick.. extra pushes of wind!
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620 emotions: i don't nnw thhse emotions, i don't knnw, but it was emotiooall 1350 i ddo't now if we deserve to here really quick, and go home and fall asseep and ake uu tomorrowwwith a winn 3 3 p3 3 33
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two people are arrested in ccnnection with tte deadly shooting of aaman in anne county..8- year-old ronald first degree murder in connection with saturday's incident.aacordinn to officers... ddrren costa and hii childhood friend matthew morrowwwere at theii hhme in pasadena when a party oon the street ended.police say four shots were fired.two hit darren... aad two hit matthew. now... but atthew died in the street. daaren costa: 5.55 2-shot ttought we were somebody else." &p"nnver thouuht somebody would take him from us in ssch a &pviolent and horrible way." way..police are asking anyyne with inffrmationn.. to give them a call. the families of people killee in the septembee 11the
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tt watcc pre-trial hearings d - ffr five men charged with planning or assisting n the attack.thh hearings begin today in guantanamo bay. relatives and attack surivivors can who register ii pdvanne can watch on clossd states, icludinggmaryland. repuulicaa enator lindsey graham is sseaking outt bout the white house's response to the attack onna u-s consulate in benghazi... calling itta "politically-motivateddcover- up."graham accuses tte white house of covering up what it knew about the september 1th attackk that killed four ameeicans.u-s officials first blamed a spontaneous demonstration ovvr an anti- exploiting the boost mitt romney's presidentiallccmppign... graham says::"they're trying to sell a narrative quite frankly that he mideast, the wars are reeeddng and al qaeda hha been dismantled."axelrod &psays: "there's nobody on tths ppaaet who is more conccrned and interested in getting to
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the bottom of this then the president of the united states. he feels personal responsibility for every representative hh sends arouud world."anddon the heels of last week's house hearrngs bipartissn investigation.aneww- 3pearings begin today... for &pconcordia.francescooschettino is accused of steering ttee whicc caused the ship to hht rocks and capsize last january. 32 people were killed.seveeal crew members and mmnagers are also unner invvstigation. the presiient of francee.. wants tooban hooework... but don't get excited yet...he wants to lengthen the schooo we. week.he says eddcation is a priority and that work shoold teechers.right ow, french hers- studdnts go to sccool ffur wants it to go baak to four and a hall.he syys these changes would improoe pon't have the proper support at home.
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the more chooollte you eat... looked att23 countries... and founn that for the highest chocolate consumption and the most nobel lauueates. the u-- sccred somewheree n the middle. researchers believe the ingreeients in plant-based foods like coooa, green tea, improve cognitive fuuction. -3 edition... an eee-popping stunt... starts oof in space. &pspace.the out-of-this-world jump that brokk records.
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meteorolooist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 140 map liberty map 395
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cooing up... the ravens leave win.the close call ttat came pt the end of sundaa'' victory hiitory an aerospace pioneer.get a first-person look at his jump froo spacc. ((break 2)) [ female announcer ] send a loved one a free
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because only america's softest tissue an aussrian man jumps from sky... fallinggfor more than 4- minutes and reaching speeds of moreethan -hundred millssper aerospace pioneer. pioneer. wwth a heart-pounding hop nto the stratosphere, felix baumgartner makks history.he jumps from 128-thousanddfeee up; higher than anyone before foo a fee harrooiiggmoments but stabilized quickly. "startinn spinning so violent. it spun me around in ll difffrent axes, yoo knnw, and i was always tryyng to figure work, then putting the other - arm out, but you're always late, because at that speed...whee yoo travel at (and it's pressuuized), you - those fiist secondd, he broke another record: no one had ever gone through the sounn
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barrier outside vehicle. baumgartner reeched a top sseed of ore than 700 miles an hour -- welllpast the speed four-mmnutes-19-seconds before his parachute opened.that's longest free-fall innhistory, but after he safely touuhed down, the an known as 'fearless felix' was hailed as an aerrspace pioneer."it's hhrd to reallzz what happened stilllso maay emotions. i had tears in myyeyes whhn i wws coming back a couppe of times, because you're sitting there and you thought about that moment so many times ---how it wwuld feel and what it would look like -- and thissis way phis missiin had been five &pyearssin the baummartner's ear during the baumgartnnr broke.kittinger hadd umped from 1022thousandd feet in 1960.i inteeviewed baumgartner and kittinger together, earliirrthis year. "are yyu jealous of felii ttat he's gging to breakkyour record?""oh, no. i'' deliggted. i'm delighted he's going to do it. he's advanciig
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science, and he'll do a great job.""ission leaders and space officials hope this jump will showwthem if astronaats, ssace- tourists, oo high-altitude &ppilots can survive for any exteeded period outside a vehiile if theee'' a mallfnntion.if it held up as expected, baumgartner'ss high-pressure suit could be the next-geeeration suit for future missions.what will felix baumgartner do next?he told me ttat after this jump, rescue pilot....mighttbe a bit of a let-down.briin todd, cnn washington. this weekend's supersonic skydive just so happened to yeager became the first maa to break the sound barrier. barrier.and on sunday... the ride n an air force f- 15... the 89-year old hit mmch that's 65 yearssto the áminuteá... that yeager originally broke the souun barrier... going past 6-hundred-70 miles per hour ii the rocket-powered bell x-1.
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coming up in oor 6 o'clock hour... a seasonal shortage... due to drought. drouuht.thee igh pumpkin halloween. the ravens improve their record too5-and-1.the costly victory claimed... over the barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. 3
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commng p in our 6 o''lock
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pour... a opular facebook missing.theeprivacy conceens that have the social facial recognition... and where it's happpniig. 3
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game nats natsjoel ad--ibs 3 expect to pay more... this halloween and thanksgiving.wwy the price of pumpkin... is going up. (pleaseestart at 1:00) where are you going nats natsand the


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