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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  October 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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thursday,,october 18th 3 3 3-
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3 starting his morning... metal dettctors will be used at baltimore countyyschools. schools.tte security upgrade was ut into placc due to a number of gun related thh sshool year. he start of year.tom rodgers is here with more on wwich students will be scanned... plus look at today's other top stories. not everyystudent was scanned this morning.the hand heldd
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metal dectors will only be used if there is reasonable suspicioo that something isn't . right.baalimore county pplice chief jim johnson says this pechnology has been suucessful at othhr schools cross the nation... they're even being used at n-f-l games now.the primary purpose heree.. is to keep our schooll far this year... thhre have bben three gun relaaee incidents in baltimore county. "i've never been nervous to o to schoollbut iihave been lately, i hinkkwill this will this person go off the deep end""as many &pguns i've seen in baltimore countyy i think this is a good " phing" in additioo to the hand metal dectoos... thereeaae extta ooficers clocking innat the middle schooll aad high pchools.that's ii addition to the school resourse officer... that eachhschool already has. eighh more doctors are accused of ppaying a rooe in
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implanting unnecessary heart stenns in patients at saint josephhmedical cenner. the new claims wednesddy... on behalffof 39 peeple.saint &pjooephhs has been involved in legal battlls since 2009... &paccused of impllnting stents in hundreds of patients ho doctors named in the new batch of commllints are accused of procedures ttat justified them. the hospital says it's reviewing the complaintt. rec centers and raising a youth jail? surroundiig the planned ccnstructioo of a ew 70-million-dolllr juvenile ssent on improvinn schools or funding jobs for youth. 3:12:04 "we're tired offpeople misery, we're tired of peoole rofitting off of locking up our children. we're tired off people sayiig we have mmney to
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build a jail, but don't have money for schools or recreatiio centers." ceeters."the mayor says she governor to dissuss the proposed youth jail before endorsiig it. warning consumers... abouu a spike in áffkeá anti-virus silently install itself on a exxsstng anti-viruu software. - to keep your computer afe... avoid anything that redirects youuto a new websiie... and to fix the so-called problem. 3 every town eemm to have business after business opens... and tten fails. ttee don't mmke it... is why the next owner thhnns their business will be different. different. joel d. smith is live in glen burniie wwhre the newest "ggno's" is oppning tooay.... to see why their
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lladers believe they have the recipe for success. good mmrning joel d. d. 3 3 &p 3
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ashton kutcher tops this year's list... of highest-paid actors in television. "forbes magazine"... the "tto and a alffmmn""star earnnd an between may oo 2011 and 2212. sstll... that's nowhereenear the 40-million charlie sheen maae on the same show the yyar before. former "house" star hugh laurre ii in second place with an esstmmted 18 million. - are you our biggest fan?tten you can ecomee. our fan of &pthh day! pveryday we'll ppck one of our viewers from our faaebook pagg... and feature them on fox45 neww at 55to becomeea fan just go to our facebook foxbaltimore. commng up... up...rralty star "flaaor
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flav"... is set to appear in court today.what he's accusse of oing... that couud land and in uu hometown hotspot... we've ggttyoor chance to win tickets to this weekend's "linggnore wine feetival"... right after're watching foo 45 good day baltimore.. ((bump ut)) hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven. i'm voting for question seven. 3
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3 sittback and relax with a the linganorr wine festival. this mornignneric aellen from liiganore winecellars is streaminggnow for our phmetown hotspot.. - tell us abbut the wine festival.- how does the
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winery onserve energy?- what the linganore winecellars wine the linganore wineccllars wine festivallis october 2oth ann p.m.for more informationnlogg slash morning. more dot comm &pwe want to get you into "winefest" for free.thh 10th caller righh now at 410- &p481-45455wins a pair of tickett. in just an hour ffom now... millions of people all around the same exact thing... at the ce ice bbby nats
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and it's been dubbed one of the top "ear-worm" songs of all time.the other songs makinn the list... that we can't get out of our head. you're watching fox 45 good daa baltimore.. ((break 2)) with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee?
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10:18 a-m... millions of people across the countty... iicluding heee innmaryland... will ake part in an earrhquake preparedness drill. it's aaled the "great shakeout." schoolchildren,,workers and first responders will ractice covering their heads and holding on to something ssurry. experts say the technique helps to minimize &pinjuries in annactual quuke.. the state, aloog with d-c and
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virginii... decided to takee part after lasttyear'' 5-point- 8 magnitude quake. 3
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3 3 p3
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3 cominn up... up...she plays the sttnt doubll to ulii roberts... in &pan upcoming movie.but she's not the onll acttr-look-allke actor... her husband plays. veryygrateful for everyone thatts shown us so much support. and the two hikers rom maryland... who went missing in montana... are speeking out about their terrifying experience.what waa aapeniig to them... right before rescuers're watching fox 45 good day balltmore.
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3 they are grrbbing their bikes and ridiig oo good ause. phh save-a-limb ride, walk and fessival is taking lace this &psaturddy at oregon ridge. alyssa rhine and her mom colleen rhine joons us to tell us more.-tell us about the festival.- tell us about alyssa's conddtiin.- how has
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thhs helped her? for more information oonthe ave-a-limb
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ride, walk and festival. log on to fox baltimore dot com plash mmrning. ii's the video hat's goinn viral... ust babies sneezing sneezinn what happenssjjut mommnts before these twins go on a sneeze attack... thattmakes phis video even more hilarrous. pyou're watching fox 45 good
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when it comes to success, they say timing is everything. in fact, when it comes to just about everything, timing is everything... at least according to mark divincenzo... his new book says there's a best day of the week to fix your car... and buy things online. a best time of day to interview for a job... and eat your lunch... how to save money live healthy and make better decisions... on the "700 club" thursday at 10:00 a.m. 3
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fiber map 3
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five family mmmbers killed in aanortheast baltiiorr fiie will be laid to rest today. today.tom rodgers is here with details on the funeral... as well as the day's other top
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a wake for nancy worrrll... - starts at 10 his morning. -. - will be held at moont pleessnt ministry on offered tt pay foo the funeral costs.the victims were home on denwood avenue one f a - weee ago. thh mmst erious charges arr droppeddaaainst two priice &pgeerge's county police officers... accused of beating up a student at tte university of maryland.the incident was paught on ccmera two yearss ago... during a rowdy celebrrtion of the baskettall &pto prosecutors... officers g reginald baker ann james harrison abused theii power. but the defense claimssthey were ttying tt control a riot. first-degreeeaasault charges were dropped wednesday... but the officees are still on trial for second degree assault and misconduct. 3a pair of hiiers... who went missing in mmntana... arr now survivalldr. jason hhssr and neal peckees... who are
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originally from maayland... aarived ii virginia tuesday.... after pendiig almost 4 days lost in the werr ddwn o their lass bits of food... when they heard the rescuers. thh orre part aboot this whole thing was the fact that we were not able to communicate with anyone bacc homeethat cared about us. &p--butted to-- very gatefull for everyone that's shown uss so much support. 3the two say the whole ordeal started... after their ap blew away ann one of them fell down steep terrain in the snoo. go hiking again... herr's what they had to ay. wwll we would love to, i don't ttink our wiies will let us go for many years. both men are doing wll... despite losing 15 oinn well... both men are oing &ppounds each during theerrtrip in the woods.
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"gino's burgers" continuus it's comeback. the fast the famous baltimore coots star used toohave more than sold in the 980's.foreebeingg 1980's. tooay the third new franchhse is openinn in our are. &pin glen burnie to see what - mmkes this spoo a ttrget for good morning joel d. 3 3
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3 reaaiiy ssar "flavor flav" will ppear in court today... on charges f batteeyy domestic violence.on weenesday... police were &pcalled to a las vegas home fo p domesticcdisttrbance. they say a woman.... claiming toobe flavor flaa's fiance... said she and the 53-yearroldd entertainer were in aaviolent threattned her teenage son pith a knife. he's ow being bail. a woman in oklahoma hollywood... filling in as julii robbrts' stunt double. monika macintyre has a day jobbas a pprsonallassissant.... but she also dabbles in aating.
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call... while the moviee"osage county" is being filmed.and get this... her her husband also works aa a stunt doublee he stood in for actor ben affleck a few years ago. they're those songgs.. you e maybe nats nats "ear-worm" songs of all tiie. you'rr watching &pfox 45 good day baltimore. 3 3((breakk5)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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ccming up... kids... playing with frogs.the terrifying thing that haapens next... but ends in laughter. pce ice baby nats natsand they're the songs you just can't et out of your of all ime... next. you're watchinggfox 45 good day baltimore. &p((break 6)) 3
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ever have that song... you &pjust caa'' get out of your head?turns out... there'ssa name for's alled an "ear-worm." worm."this mornnng... we're narrowiin it down to the most over the yeers.m-ssn dot com - we're sharing a few. hey mickey ou're so fine nats
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- "mickey"- by tonn basil- 1982 hit fast-forwarding to the 90's... there's another favvrite peoppe just couldn't ssem to shake.take a listen. liiten.iceeice baby nats nats - "ice ice baby"", - by vvnilla ice
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&panotter earworm song?a 1994 crow.all i waana do nts natt --"all i wanna do" - by sheryl crow 3 thissnext one is a favooite... and hard to forget. forget.all the single ladies 3 - single ladies - by beyoncc- froo 2008
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the moot recent earworm song? me mayye nats pats- "call me maybe" - carly rae jeesen- summer hit
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it's more than just a few baby sneezes... captured on camera. camera.just babies sneezing sneezingwe'll show you what beefre... that has thissclip becoming a hit on youtube. and there's a reason more kids don't have frogs as pets... what thii frog does tt a to scrram... then laugh. the mo3''r watching fox 45 good day bbltimorr. p(break 7))
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it's thursday... and hat camera."ttis week we start on - with an adorabll video... that's going viral. &p3&pdad 33sneeze - twin babies mimic thee're dad's - ttin bbbbes mmmic they're dad's sneeze 3 this next vdeo is similar to the guilty dogg" that tore up its owner's a dog
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psheets... found a place to next videe left one mother aa little shocked. shocked.while her kids were playing around with a frog... &pthe unthinkable happened... takk a look. :35 careful, careful... aah 3ah! ahh!- frog jumps on babb's face - mom is shocked... drops the camera 3
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welcome to life on fios. contact the verizon center how uniiersities hosting the presidential debates aae
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áá7 day forecastáá 3 ((break 8))
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