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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 13, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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will stick low they will o overnight... and how mmch of a warm-up we'll &psee ttmorrow n my skywatch forecast. -------------------------------- ------- i-phone... or ndroid? we put them both to the test.... to find out which one is the best deaa for you. -3 hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer giblert. giblerr.a baltimore bus driver is suspended after getting teenage haapened yesterday afternoon.... on a bus downtown. downtown. other... passengers... shot... cell phone video... of the ...alleeed attackk.,../ .. aad... told... melinda roeder... / they... thought the priver....was... out of control. control. (video and nats off top)the video is shocking. a female m-t-a bus driver... seems to girl... she's pinned into a seat.the passenger who recorded this videe of the fight... didn't wanttto be identified - but tolddfox 45 it all started over something "the bus just stopped and the
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bus driver got up anddwalked to the backkof the bus to the ggrl... that's nt me. i turneddmy music down. that's not me."she says the driver threatened to call police... but never did. when the girl 01:41:48 "and that's wwen the -3 bus driver hit her. the bus driver hit hhr first."it all happened here - downtown but the corner of baltimore and paca streets. wiih seveeal witnesses around.m-t-a officials say hey are pnvestigating. ... reviewing the cell phooe video... now posted on youtube...and video from a cameraamoonted inside the bus.02:12:59 "we've got cameras on our buses and so we'reehoping that our video will capture this video from ssart to finish."m-t-a has a no-engagement policy. so the driver has been suspended. 02:14:18 "underrnn circumstances should our bus operators be figgting customers."meantime... passsngers who witnesses the
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whole ordeal... say they're &pstill shocked by howwit got s violent - so qiuckly.01::3:40 "that should never happen to anybody. you shouud never have ... is theebuu driver gonna hit me? "melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. witnesses ... tell... fox 45 ...that the driverr.. scratched the... girl's face -/ and... even... bit her on the wrist. ...and... look at this robbery gun-point... in rising sun...//we'll... talk with the person... that... stoppedá... phis robbery./ 10 minutes... on... fox45 pews at ten there's word tonight that another baltimore city police officer is in trouble.the department says officer roberto sanniago is under investigation in a statuttry santiagg was already suspended in connection with a separate criminal invvstigation. he's ssspended in the past week due to ongoing criminal investigations. the... man known...//as... the voice... of....lmo... known...//as... the voice... of....lmo... & tonnghh..../// thee..
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accuser... who said...hh... had... an... underage sexual relationship... wwih... kevin clash... has...//retracted... hissssatements. statements.accordiig... to... the man's attorneys.../the... accuser... now says ...his sexual relationship... with clash...happened when he wasan adult and was ... consentual../.in... a statement... ttnight.../ class... who's a native of the dundalk area pays... he'ssrelieved... and... won't discuss... he matter further. pplice are searching for the death in broad to happened around 3--0 yesterddy afternoonn.... along this section of rutland avenue... near east lafayette. police found aaman lyyng in the strret ... suffering from a stab wound to the ccest.he was ronounced dead at the hospital. pollce... are... still trying... to... sort out ... facts... in... ....suspected... robbery... and... abduction. it... starred in northwest baltimore... where... witnesses saa... three men ...forced another man... into a caa../ maybe... a... black... b-m-w... or... mercedes... wwth d-c... pags...///. offfcers... put... yellow tape... around the crime scene ... this afternnon.../ where... near-by... residents... say...
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they're... not... surprised. (mr. jackson) i'mmnot surprised that anything happens here now. we been here in this neighborhood since 1918 and what happens any of it, none oo itt"ised at - it.. the... apparent... robbery victim... was found in howwrd county... tonight.../ nnt....seriously hurt...//. they're... till lookiig for the suspects. rockville pollce rrest a college student... accused of ttreatening to open fire on a montgomery communnty college pitnesses called police after repootedly hearing a studeet say he "felt like shooting people just foo fun."officerr tracked the man down and ook him intt ccstody less than an hour later.investigators recent break-up.pset over a - kirkland says: "i was kind of scared, because i didn't knoo if he was still here cause the police officers where still here so i was just kind of looking around." arouud."ryoo says: "i had second thoughts aaout should i get off campps or not." not."the studdnt did not have a weapon on him when police &pmade the arrest. schooo officials did not lock down campus or issue ann aaerts. they say the nature of the
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threat didn't warrant that. fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping website on the internet "spotcrime" tracks crimmnal activity in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when to our website... ffx- baltimore dot com...ann click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at theetop of the screen new in... the sex scandal .. - thatt.. disgraced... &p c-i-a... director... david pptraeus...../ &pnow... john topp.. u-s ccmmander... in he - is... under investigation... for... potential... inappropriatee emails... with the woman ...who started ... the... bi investigation...//. keith daniels... is... here now .... with... and allen.. keith. keith. jeff.... joon allen's milittry career beean when he graduated with honors from the naval academy in 1977. hh returned to teach.. before utimately beccming the irst marine to be appointed commandaattof midshipmen.. the second in commmnd at the naval academy in 2002. a
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distiiguished marine.. entangged tonight inna sex scandal.. general john allen.."the" nowwunner invvstigation for alleged" inapprrpriate coomunications with the woman at the center of tte petraeus sex broaddell is seen in public for the firss time ow, sinne the affair was revealed friday... jogging in the raii outside her brothhr's northwest d-cchome.. and then later leaving in an suu. uncovered tens of thousands of emails with ill kelley - she's the wommn who says she received threatening emails from broadwell,,general david petraeus's mistress. thoss emails led to the orgiiial fbi investigatton that uncovered the extramarital affair between broadwell and petraeuu.little under investigation and before the facts are determined, generaa allen will remain commanddr of isaf." petraeus resigned
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about the actual timing and length of his affair..... and if it occured in affhanistan &pttat could mean prosecution under military llw.panetta saas: "we obviously are goingg po watch this closely to determine just exactly when that ook place." deeense secretary leon panetta says he ordered a pentagon investigation of allen on monday. gennral allln replaced general petraeus when he took over the cia. thhrnberry says: "this thing gets even more bizarre and we are all focused on he perronal interactiios but there are serious questions of nationallsecurity." general allen denies any wrong doing and is currently of the u.s. european command. allen's confiimation hold. lawmakers stilll wwnt to know whh they were kept in the dard about the &poriginal petraeus f-b-i investigation. eith more than 20-thousand people
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have signed a petition calling wing political cruuaae and 3 focus on the needd of the poor pporfox45 was there this afternoon when the petition was delivered to the u.s. conferencc of catholiccbishops downtown.supporters say they were disappointed by the increasingly partisan and heated rhetoric used by catholic bishopp leading up to this year's election. "iq: iis become increasingly apparent to us.... oq: are leaving the faith ovee it. 3 the petition was delivered by members of the non profit and the online community "faithful america." &pcatholic bishop says the church will never comply with the obama administration
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maadate to provide birth ccntrrl coverage in health insurrnce.cardinal timothy dolan says the ishhps are open tt talking wwth federal officials... but ill and in court.n legislatures "we stiil believe that the addinistrations assurances that they want to dialogue nd that they're willing to make some accomodations, we're still going to take them at accomplish that." that." houses of worship are exempt from the birth ontrro ruue. but rrligiously affiliated hospitall and non-profits aren''. dozens of cattolic suing over the mandatee an event to help the victims of hurricane sandy took place today inside the same cafeteria where a altimore county teen was shot backkin august.. . kkren parks... ssreaming of support... from students... and the community....... community....... this was a shoooinn that
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devaattted perry hall high and community.....after months of rehabilitation.......s hhooiiggvicttm daniel borowy returned to school laat week..... and ttday's blood drive......was dedicated to's why...... why...... // ereeat perry hall high....(46:19)its the first time ive beennback.....thh scene of a shooting.....((6:30) cafeteria having a normal lunch....that eft 17 year oldd daniel borowy.......fighting for his parents ssep into the cafeteeia or the first time since that day.....(:22) hooestly eerie for e very describe the feelinggbetter than this cafeteria......a blood drive dedicated to daniel..... to help theevictims of help out in any way to gib to - back to help those that have pelped him helped us we are more than happy to do it....
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(nats)policc say......onn school.....15 year old tudent robbrt gladdennopened fire inside the cafeteria....(26:40) it got realyyreally was scary...(26:51) thee we heard another banggand realized what waa goinngon..... students scrambled to get out....(27:00)it was organized chaos if that makes any sense people know what to do theyy knew how to get out of the school....leah bradford was inside the cafeeeria thaa rushing to the calling home in a panic....while othhrs were brought out on stretccers..... (27755)i think one person was person was danny.....ddnny wass ruuhed to university of center......he eeded more than 10 unitss f blood......three monnhss's blood drive is a wwy for danny....his family....and thess students to move that as a community if we stay
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and that even posstiie things place even where such tragic event happened...... 3 hurricane sandd ffrced the canccllation of mooe ttan 375 blood drives..... orranizers of today's event say.........they will plan another blood drive next ppring..... city... p have... reppaced a broken pipe... that ent water... running thru.../ downtoon streets.. this week.//. large pipe... ruptured ...just as ...monday morning commuters... were... ggtting... to work...///. it... &p caused... heavy flooddng... on... east maaison street... near... guilford locatedd.. and... removed the old pipe../.a... new... 30-inch main... has bben installed.../ and... but aasection of madison street remains closed. the... ravens with the steelers... this - weekend.... the team spent time saluting , -
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veterans from another kind of w. war. 3 3several ravenn turned up at center ttis afternoon to lift tte spirits of those who are hospitalized this season. the players gave way t-shirts, signed autographs, and talked about sundays battle with the steelers. (8:20:00) "anytime you can with the community its good its more than just football for us. we signed a contract but we also playyfor the city of baltimore and to give back to the itt is a great thing." thing." toddys visit was part of the n-f-l's "salute to service" campaign. ...and terrel suggs... shows off some of hii work... áoffá the field tonight...his new movie... coming up in 200 minutess.. on fox45 news at ten 3 27:48 (cd) witherspoon ii's hazardousit's dannerous it's ha- theemakers of fake
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pot....targee children..the our cover story in just joe appleby, ret. md sttte trooper: 38.02 "if hh would have taken the money ann gone, that would have been one thing, but the minute he panted to come back here, that wasn't the norral type of robbe" robbery." a rrtired swat team member stares doonnthe barrel of a gun.what happened when a first on fox tonight... right .- after the break. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours.
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or spend 35 dollars and a frozen butterball turkey, just 88 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. this situation... would bb robbee... walks into a convenience store... pulll out áthisá appened in risinn sun last week.paul gessler... talks to thee.. ááretirrd maryland staae trooperáá...
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po stop a robbery. robbery.first on fox tonighh tonight
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anyone withhinforration about this crime is asked to call police some... ppople ...are... very pset... over... the re-election... of... president barack obama obamathe... re- election... of.. president obama has sparked... 31- ssatts.../ including texas.../ o....file petitions... with the white house... to secede.the one from texas has mmt thh thresh- hold... for a response fromm the obama dministration erikaahernandez 18:47 do you's likeea facebook ,,at thing you makk a page, everyone likes it, its hot for like 2 days then it's gone. ggne.the... petition points out... that... texas... does have... a huge economy.../ ...the... second biggest in the u-s.../
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and... the... 13th argest... in the world../.bbt... experts ...point out... that texas... would lose billions... in... federal funds... if... pnion...////.we... will... have... more on up on he late edition at 11 and ts our question of the day...shoold states be able to secede? this questionnwent viral..his than 600 of you posted your commentsson this question....a lot of you on both sides of this issue... still talking about thhs one...join the discussion by oing to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore if... you... work... full-time.../ receive... health benefits... and... paid... sick leave.../ thousands... of... workers... receive... no... paid... sick days. days.john....rydell... says../. that's promptiig... seeeral... local proups... action... if you're a fuultime... tate employee...youreceive "15"
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paid, sick days a year.but in the private sector...many workers...are not luckky "forty perrent of all workers in the state of maryyand don't have any paid sick leave at all."jason perkins-cohen...heeds the job opporrunity ask's part of a coolition of groups... lobbying for laws...requiring employers...tooprovidd paid, sick leave. without it... advocates...say many pwrrers...are falling thrrugh the safety net. (perkins--ohen) "when they hadd to make a choice between theii family or their job, which is a orribll choice o put anyone in, sometimes they had to choose their family or they did chooss their family aad again, it had job ramifications."but the wner -s all their workers...could have economic consequences. (beckner) "and i understand people gettingg sick, it happens, but for me to be forced to payysomebody the government getting into - pomeehing elss."(rydell) "i spoke tt one state lawmmker who says he is interested in learnnng mmoe about efforrs to expand paid sick leave and e
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sayssif therer is a conssnsus in annapolis, it could lead to legislationnin the general assembly.""thht you accrue time as you work more so people who ork more get more leave."jason perkins- pohen...says it's a simple but necessaryystep...that woold ballimore, john rydell, fox 44 news at ttn. tomorrow..../ &pthe... working matters... coalition.../ will... meet... downtown ..// to... examine... howw.. paad...// sick--eaav... could improve morale.../ cold weather on tte way 3 3 3 3 p3 p33 3 3
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we're saying thank youuto our viewers with some cash? we're talkkng about the fox 45 thanksgiveaway?we're payinn for your thanksgiving dinner. to enter... go to our facebook page... like us... ann click pn contests. we'll give away a 100- dollar gift card on fox 45 morning neww... every hour... of theeshow... startiig at 5 3&pa-m. the i-phone 5 has a lot of new features...see how it stackk up against other top phoness..later on fox45 news at ten (make sure o blur face like in the promo) :59:52 so how do you explain the purchase last night? i hhve no idea how you bought it here.
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hhre.synthetic marijuana... that looks like children's candy. the places selling it in paltimore.... and what to our cover story... when we 3 aúó g@gooww
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could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. tonight .... a... fox .45 ... crime and justtcee.. investigation... pncovers ...deadly drugs.... being sold... over the count. counter. and, moot parents aren't aware of it. in tonight's cover story... joy
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lepola shows us hoo the druu is being disguised and who exactly is dealing it. pt. ((pkg))synthetic marijuana higg..llegal buu ot hard to finn.(witherspoon) it's a killer... aakiller that drug experts have watched evoove. 20:09 (mike) up to now it has mostly been on the internet. but it's not anymore.... as our iivestigation uncovered. ((nat pop)) tucked away behind northwest baltimore gas station...a drug dangerous to kids available for tte asking. watch what our hiddee cammra captured. it's 5:30 on a thursday night. and among un- young men walk up and ask for
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given toothe chemically altered marijuana that's being sold here under the brand name scooby snax. here an ounce in and said can we come baak tomorrow he made a gesture like he's always got it. a cheap high.... that can have costly ffects.4:53 (ed) you'reeplaying russian roulette d-e-a agent ed marcinko knows harming peoole remendously - - especailly now that it's being sold on the stteet.... and packaged as if it's candy. 6:55 (ed) it's a marreting ploy. it's a creative way at packaaing a material so peopll think this can't be wrong if you're selling it over the's not only wrong.... it's illegal! 27:48 (cd))witherspoon it's deadly it's dangerous it's hazardous c-d witherspoon ives here in northwest baltimore... he's seen this syntheeic ddug up clooe. 35:19 it's a very
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colorful packageeso aa to make &pit attractive to young people pnd tt make it look hip and cooll the crazeehas gripped his neighorbood and doesn't appear to be ooseningg witherspoon's found ppckets in businesses aal along thhs stretch of reisterstown road. e began to track the sale of it with a neighborhood friend teens who ad tried it. from - witherspoonssfriend asked we not show his face.42:07 i paased outtand i didn't know where i was he felt deep remorre he was like highly embarrassed. was he scared? yes, he siad because he din't have any control over himself. in 2011 the maryland poison center reportee 150 cases f after smoking synthetic marijuana.more than half were betteen the ages of 13 and 19 years old. 43:05 if a 12 year old 14 year old or 16 year old wwnt up to that window and said i want a pack of scooby
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doos they'd get it i havv no them? yys because they just want tt make mooey. when we wenn back a&..with ouu camera crewa&.. the next daaaa&. initially we were told.... thhy didn't have anymore scoody snax..... 56:23 you're soll out a manager later told the synthetic marijuana but - didn't anymore.(make surr to blur face like in the prrmo) 3:59:52 so how do you explain the purchase last night? i have no idea how you bought it &phere. while stories and marketing strageies may change.... one thing certainly hasn't.... that is the dea's determination.... to keep this chemically altered and gonna come knoccing on your e - door and it's not going to be a gentle knock. // it's gonna are illegal and you need to ts park heights joy in most cases, this drug is disguised as incenne or aromatherapy. and... to... parents...// that's...
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up....on your credit card w - 3 election anger...the action one women took... when she vvte 3 [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating. at only a dollar, it's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time. breaking news now out of west b. baltimore...3 people are hurt... a shooting along phisspart of west llfayette street...its just off of bbaddish avenueit happened about an hour ago.......and phis is our first video from the scene... homicide investigators are on the scene an arizona woman was annryy.. really angry.... that president obama got ree-lected. she ddcided to take ittout on herrhusband. husband. paller: "he got out of he car and she was screaming at him, and he started walking away and she started driving inn circles around him ann she wouldn't let him go. so finally, he took off to trr and get away and she ran into h" him."officers say the woman got mad at her husband... whee
10:35 pm
she found out he didn't vote. aaccrding to the policc report... she blamed tte presiient for problems her family was going through... and was upset after he was re-elected. "i just think it's completely siily that a marriage can gett broken up by something political. families should be able to stay strooger than government right now." - 3the wommn is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. hee husband is in the hospital with serious internal injuries. from defensive player of the yeaa to movie producer?you heard right, the lateet movie from t-sizzle premiered in baltimore tonight. tonnght. janice park ... p live... in... harbor east../. wherr... terrell suggs... showed offthe movie he callsthe coalition. coalition.suugs has been very busy offfthe field, he has already ppoduced four short films...featured at the cannes film festival.toniiht's feature film he's ever done. you're about to see a clip from the movie...we
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it based on his llfe? he says no. "what's up something iihad to take care of i'll be there in 10 minutes" minutes"this is a lookkat "the group of young, rich, handsome men...who get what's coming to scornful women.tonight suggs made his way through the lannmark theater in harbor east...and said there was áno movie than baltimore. even though suggs was off the field for awhhle when he tore his was made well before his injury. "definately lonn term, me building a bridge after i finish playing ffooball, right now full fledge linebacker whee it ccmes to when it comes too he tough
10:37 pm
game commng up n pittsburgh, pou'lllhear latee in sports unlimited whattsuggssthinks about the poosibility of ben rottlesburger not fox45 news at ten. ttanksgivvnn... is... next week... / gaddd... famill center... is... getting... some food... on theetable. p3 they hostee a food drive today at the regional f..lewis museum... and anyone who ddopped of donations.... was met byybaltiiore raven dannell ellerbee.he posed for pictures and signed autograahs...thank to families in food &p"it's always great to do somethinn for the community, feed the needy, its great man, &ptt be able to help." help." you an still make a donation fox baltimooeedot om slash newslinks to ind out how. 3
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3 ipads improving poor visson... why doctors say ddgital tablets can boost reeding speeds in certtin
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the 12 scams of christmas.... how cciminals areetargeting online ssoopers.... and the information. online ssoopers.... and the information. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. a... new...
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report... shoos... baltimore residents... are... only as healthy... as their neigghorhoods. the... joint center... for... political and economic studies.... found... people... living in baltimore's... lower-income... neighborhoods.... have... a... phorter span... than... those... in more... affluent areas..../// it... varied by... as... much as ...30 years... between the city's poorest... and wealthiest... neighborhoods....//... people... &pliied longest.... in... the... greater... roland park area.... in... north baltimore,.../// 86.3 years...../ shorttstt.. in upton.... druid heights,.../ 56.7 years.senator ben cardin found he study "to me its shocking that there's a 30 year difference in life expectancy in our community, bassd upon where yyu live, that is not acceptabl" acceptable." the studyy.. pointed to... seeeral factors... such as poor quulitt housing and education..../ unsafe streets... and... access... to healthful foods.
10:45 pm
digital tablets... like the i-pad and kindle... can boost reading speeds in people wwth certain tyyes of eye diseases. researchers looked at a diseases and found reading speed increased by more than forty words per minute when using an i-pad with an 18- with the poorest visionn.. showed the most imppovement in reading speed when using tablets compared with print books orrnewspapers. the team believes theecontrast between words anddthe back-lit ssreen were some of the reasoos. 3 the... holidays... are a prime time... for... online shopping..../ . everyonn's... looking... for a steal... / including scammers. tonights worr on the web, carrie peirce has tips o protect yourseed from christmas. 3 internet security company the most dangerous online of - scams... and this holiday season..... and a few stand out. out. at nuuber one.... social media scams.criminals know that facebook is an easy place to catch you off guard.... since we're all friends right... and
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this year.... one in four holiday shoppers will be using a ell phooe or tablet.. bringing us to number 2.... mmlicious mobileeappss siciliano says: "the new ipad bad guys thii season. therr r mmghh be phony tricks and games, websites that you would go to visit to get discounts or devices can aaso be a target of similar to phishing when the scammerrtries to lurr you into revealing information... smishing is ike phishing with aa sms. thissis viaatext messsge on your mobile phone. never lick links on a smish email annther new scam.... the skype message scare.this year ssammers are targetiig peeple &pwwo use skype to connect with you a message thht attempts to infeet your machine, even hold yoo files for ransom. aad lastly. fake chhrities... this is a problem every year... and this time... it's people taking advantage of hurricane guys are setting up websites for you to be able to ccick links ttoenter your personal information. just go to redcrosg of 12 scams in all..... you g 3 can see the complete list on our website, just go to
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foxbaltimore dot com slash nnwslinks. im carrie peirce and thats your word on the web. 3 the ravens head to pittsburgg sunday, but will weapon?bruce cunninnham with that story next on sports unlimited. apple's updated i- phone 5...its weak points... you may want to consider before buying onee..afterrthe break supers:mark hyman 0:06-0:38 boys will be girls 0:38-1:00 mark hyman 1:00-1:25bth - boys will bb girlsone male studdnt olympia, washington has ignited a controversy in a female locker room.the 45-year man, who calls hhmself cclleen francis has all of his original manufacturer's parts. so to speak. nothing's beee changed. except three yearr ago he declared imself now he uses the ladies' locker room. and showers. and ssuna. fully nnde.local area swim teams
10:48 pm
with girlssaaes 6 to 18 also locker room. and showwrs. nude man lying about the locker room they were told the school's nnn-discrimination policc protects him. as a self-identiiiid transgender, he's alllwed to decide for himself wwich facilities - male or femaae - he gets to use..he college claims a state non-discrimination lawwbacks &pup its policy to allow all transgenders to use ann facility.maybe a fraternity or the football team will announce ttey''e transgender so that theyy too, can shower in the girls' locker room.60 university of washington t the - they're having none of this nonsense. attthe q-center which is a "resource center dedicated to serving anyone which incluues everyone " - they're buulding a universaa shower that anyone can use.for more on this story viiit behind the headliies dot net. and ffllow us twitterrand facebook. i'm mark hyman.
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coming off the biggest sccring game in team history, the ravensnow advance to tteir this sunday night against the arch-rival sttellrs...but it looks like pittsbbrgh is gonna be without their veteran quarte. quarterback... ben rrthelisburger suffered a shoulder injury on this sack and was forced to leave the game...he was taken to the hospital, and has been diagnosed with a sterno-clavic- ularsprain, and is in a lottof
10:52 pm
himmquestionable for sunday.. byroo leftwich will reelace big ben if he can't go..the ravens facee steeler backups in 2007 and 10 and won both says steelers meanwhile...regardless f who they''l face at dialed in for this one aae - sunday...a renewal of the afc's best rival;ry...and nfl...due to a glaring quirr ii the schedule, this is the first meeting between the tww nationwideesunday game of the's a very big deal...and the raaens say they're ready.... pwe're excitied. we know it's gonna be a toughhphysically know them. we're gonna hit e - heads ann get it on.we don't like each other, it's a known fact. we both resseet each other. it's going to be a tough phhiscal game and it's a game that'sbeennhighlighted n our calendar and we'ree deffnately readyyfor it." terrell suugs on big ben... &pbuck comm uu short in the
10:53 pm
manager of the year stakesand our prep player of the week 10:30 n sports unlimmted at 3 with 4g... the i-phonee5 is now just as fast as the fastest android phones. phonessbut... as... tom rodgers explains../ . there... are... still... plenty of differennes.... . here... are thee ...prrs and ccos... of... apple versus android. android. commerciils... samsung makes fun of apple fans.(sot: tv commercial)"the headphooe jack is going to beon tte bottom!" (v/o)claiming thht android phones have had better features aad capabilitiisthan the iphone 5 for ages.(sot: tv commerccal)""his year we're we didn't get lastyear."(v/o) back in theelabs, conssmer reports puts aal the phhnes throughtheir paces, assessing each one's features and opttoos.(v/o)first - display. everyone wants a big screen to watch movies, play games, and use appp.whiie the iphone 5's four-inch screennis apple's biggest yet, it an't compare with the screens on
10:54 pm
many android phones.(sot) "voice-control is another area of competition..hereeandroid capabiiities are quite good, thoughthey're no match for siri, whocan understand and execute morecomplex commands." (sot: mike giias)"find me a theater that's playing abruce wwllis movie."(sot: siri)"ok, i found some theaters not far from yonkers."(v/o)next p - pavigation.(sot: mike gikas) maas, better trafficcinfo, and morecustomization. apple has a fewglltches, and until those are workedout, android carries the day."(v/o)with everyone using their phone totake piitures, how do theecameras affect your apple-or-anddoid choice?while bott the iiphone ann some android phones have stills.... consumer reports findsswhen it comes to photo and vvdeo quality, the i-ppone "let me check some restaurants online.""v//)what if you want to taak on the ppone aad connect to tte internet over the cellular network at the same time? all 4-g phonee can
10:55 pm
do that.... but ánotá the so while thh ippone 5 gets many things right, so do a lot of the top-rated android phones -makkng hem worth consideration.((anc on cam)) due to significant improvements over the iphone 4s, the new iphone 5 is now amonn consumer reports' top-rated phones, up with the samsung galaxy s-3 and the motorola razr.tom rodgers, 3ox45 news at ten. he was seriously injuredd in combat...the special honor on fox45 news at ten ...and coming up in just 55 minutee on the late edition... edition... a rimmnal with tremeedous lack of coomon senss.the stupid thing he did fter stealing a delivery truck. 3 and outragg over a plan for a hockey league to get more ice time.the reason its being called unpatriotic.
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aúó a free turkey dinner.we give
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away more 100 dollar visa giftcards... tomorrow onnfox45 morning news. a u-s mariie corp sergeant who llst all four limbs while on duuy gets a special salute and keys to a very highhtech home. thanks ... to... the... "stephen siller"... tunnel to towee.../ and... the gary sinise foundation.../ sgt... john peck... is the recipient... to a custom deeign home virginia...//. -pec
10:59 pm
20-08... when his car... ran over ...a.... road-side bomb...// after... recovering.../ he returned back... for his 2-nd tour of choice.../ buu lost all 4 limbs in p0-10. i can'tteven imagine that kind honor. i mean it'' something you hardly hear about, it's ssmething you see inna hollywood movie. he's sitting here before you today." today."peck purrosely chose the site of his new home...which is neaa the civil warrchancellors-ville battlefield. 3 a... brawl... on a... ity bus...///. hello,... i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer m-t-aabussdriver is suspended aater a fist-fight with a teenage girl who was iding hee bus. bus.passengers recorded video of the incident and posted it on youtube. one witnnss tells foxx45 the whole argument started over some loud music. &pbut instead of


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