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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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3 cathy batton, baltimore co. police: 10.05.55 "the man & refused, displayed knife, and pointed it at the offiier." &pa man in baltimore county.why police say he was such a threat. threat..-& 3 alreaay in the playoffs...with lock down another seasonal goal. 3 vytas says... says... 3 and peeple aaing to the roads and ssies this holiday.the good news for travellrs. 3 good evening, i'm tom rodgers. jeenifer gilberttis off tonight.the ravens only eeded - to get 1 out of their next two lock up tte a-f-c northh...and secure a home
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playoff game.mission aacomplished. accomplished.morgan adsit jjins us now with an early giants-ravens report, morgann-&p the ravens locked up tteir second straight a-ffc north title...a franchise first winning back to back.and there will be one morr game in baltimmre.a first round, home ppayoff game...against a &pwildcard... either next weee's ppponent... cincinnati or innianapolis. 3 quarter...joe flacco airs it out to torrey smith...43 yard placco ran it in tt give the ravens a 14-0 leaa....2nd &pto rayyriiee..rice does the rest...reaches paydirt...27 yard touchdown...24-7 ravenss at half....4th quarter... rice's bacckp...beenard pierce of temppe takes it 78 yards 3 witt 123 on the day....ravens roll past the giants...33-14 winninn the afc north... locking in a homeeplayoff game... &&p33 3
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3 john hhrbaugh eliminates the &pwill play next week inn cincinnati...that's in 30 on sports unlimited. raaens fans were definitely feeling their puuple pride today...these pics sent into us by some of our viewees. check out lashawn... sporting &her ravensssweatthirt and santaahht.and of course... her dog s also in on the act... with ravens hirr. & 3 and this woman gets creative... no ravens gear but 3 and there's some urple in that shirtt & 3 and this ii 4- month- old niio. simply captivated by what the 3 and he's showwng off joe placco'ssjeesey. jerssy.ssow us your pprple
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& can upload photos and videos toous through purple -at -fox baltimmre --ot- com.and you can see shoot it ssnd itt page at foxbaltimore dot com.or you & can go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on 3 3 in other news tonight ... pooice shoot and kill a man in & baltimore county ....paul gessllr joins us live ffom the & gas station where thh shooting took place... tell us why pooicee say ttey were forced to ssoot . paul-- -3 3 you wouldn'' know it if you were just driving by......or pumping gas at ttis shell & tation.but, early thii morning, baatimore county police say a man wenn aftee one of their officers with a weepon. weappn. 3 aa saturday turred to sunday in catonsville, baltimore county police say they oticed "observed a suspicious man behind the shell station."it's unclear whht that mmn was
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doing behind thii gas station here on he corner of edmondson avenue and north bend roaa.neighbors say nearby westgaae park-- across the baltimore city llne-- is rarely see trouble.catty - patton, baltiioreeco. police: "our officers check on busiiesses that are open during the miinight shift s 3 however, at this point we doo & not know...why he was therr." police say they asked the man - to leave.cathy batton, - bbltimore co. police: "he apporachhd the man, skkd him po ome outtfrom behind the business. the man refusedd displayed a kkife and pointed -&pit at the officcr."paul gessler, reporter: "but, the taser apparently did not work. & at that oint, police tell us thh suspeet charggd thh officer with his kniff. it was then the officer pulled oot his reel gun and shot him"the man-- identifiid as gregory sttgalll- died from one 3 ptegall died at st agnes hospital.heewas 36 yyars old. meanwhile, the officer is onn administrative fox45 nees at ten. 3 a teen accused of & shooting an off duty police
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officee earlier this oonh has . 18-year-old michael jah-bah-tty is charggd with attempped murder after police sayyhe shot annofficee ttice in overlee... december 9-th. one offthe buulets was found loddee innthe officers - wallet. officials say the officer was on his way &phomeewhen he was forced to stop because a large rowd was blocking the roaaway. 3 piimean an't imagine just drrvinn down the streettand just shooting smebody for no ppoppe are crazy arounddherr anyway. hahaha" 3 offiiiaasssayy jabeteh told omeone at a - party earlier that nnght that he would shoot someone if hee had to. 3 a man is recoverrng aater being shot this afternoon in southeast &pbaltimore. & 33 the man was shht in the foot near toone ann gussyan streets. police say they have no timm. 3 police are & aater a body was ffund in the inner harbor. reported a person floattng ii the water nnar pratt street. & when officers arrived... the person was dead. a cause of -&pdeath has not been
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determined. 3 a former baltimore county firefighter has been indicted on charges of prooucing aad ossessiigg phild pornography. - pornography. pnthony cottle will rrmain in jail until hissnext ttiil. accorring to the pndictment....cottle forced innsexuul acts while he shht vvdeo. another video perforrmng sex acts on a boy. if found ggilty he -& faces up to 70 years in prison. 3 princc eorge's county police need your help finding a missing person. person.20-year-oldddavid johnathan scherr was last seen around two in the afternoon on -3 wednesday december 19th.. near &pthe universitt of maryland campus in college park.he was wearing a purple ravens shirt and white plaii shorrs. shorts.police say he mmy be driving a brand nnw ord esccpe with maryland tags 3-a-x-4-8-7-5..nyone withh information is askee to call prince georres county police. 3 the joo repoots for tte month of noveeber is out pnd it doesn't look good orr our statee.. state... the u-s maryland loot 33-hundred jobs last monnh. at
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&the same time the federal octobee....suggesting employers addedd 7 hundred &pjobs... rathee than tte &pestimated. buttexperts pay there is good news if you look at the bigger ppcture. & 3 "as aawhole maryland ii trending upward if you juss look over the last year we'vee adddd 16-thousand jobs and pghh the progress continuee to go when we look at some of the national rankings thht we''ee getting we've been ranked number ooe by the u-s ccamber of commerce for growth and innovation." & innovation." the states unnmployment rate in nooember improveddto 6 point 6 percent.... falling from 6 point 7 percenn a month earlier. 3 3 with the fiscal cliff looming, lawmakers take to the sunday shows... democrats say uncoooeratiie, while their opponents blame president obama for a ailure of leadership. steve cennanni has the story. story.
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33 a much calmer sunnay compared - to the windd conditions we were dealing with yesttrday. shhping upp up?chief metreorologist vytas - reid... is here with your first forecast..-
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3 dozens of famiiiis got a great christmas gift just in time for the olidays. holidays.---------------natsof -&ppeople cheering-------- --- today 3-& hundred troops from all around the world arrived at b-w-i. they were not only grreted by amily but by ppundrrds of volunteer churches, commmunity groups anddscoutt. its "operation welcomm home" program. -3 3 "we have a parade route set up &pand the volunteers will be greeting them they'll be cheering them,,patting thee onn phe bacc wwlcominn hem home shackinggther hands."//butt -3 to// "we're creating a good
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bag that has water nd some &psnacks and a xmas card a greetiig card and alss some information about operation - welcome home." //butt o//"itss absolutely overwhelmiig i can't get through an vent withhut tearinggup because its so wonnerful to see families back together and especially ddring the holidays.. holidays." soldieesswere also ggeeted by the red, blue ann white "trucking for troops"" prrcks....that support troops... veterans and wounned warriors. 3 &p3 "it was an incredibly chaotic scene outside ttis bar." bar." a man opens fire outside a florida nightclubb ssooter withouu thh police firing one bulle.... and how tte eetire inciddnt started over a wwman's accessory..- 3 pnd the debate onnhow too 3 newtown shootings is heating up. hat other ssfety.... gun ctivists are promoting.
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3 a fiss fight at aanight club in florida turns ddadly.... police say it started over a 3 lewis maysonnt's girflfriend. authorities say he got into it with another person insiie the club, before the fight spilled out nto the parking lot..nn that's wwen maysonette pulled a gun aad began firinn ... hhtting the other man several timessan armed securiiy guard ordered mmysonette to top... but police say... maysonettt
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turned the gun on the guard. &p55-105"because this armedd security was in feer for his life and livess f others he shot thh man who was shooting another man." man."this isn't tte ffrst ttme this club has had issuess..over the llst few years there have been dozens - of calls to lawwenforcement. in 2007... a woman was shot and killed there - an innocenn bystander. 3 the ational riffeeassociaaion is doubling down on its oppooition to any new gun laws &pin the wake of hh connectiiut school mmssacre. following fridays news conference tte n-r-a now says ...they will not infringe on second amendmmnt rightt ... peter doocy... has thh washington. 3 doocy intro: putting police and armed security in schools. is the one thing. thht wiil keep people safe. accooding to national rifle associatton c-e-o wayne lapierre. who arggeddtoday that you pannot legislate orality. because. he says. leggslatioo only works on thee sane. and doosn't stop criminall. forrer republican congressmaa asa huuchinson is leading he
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n-r-a's effort to convince congress armed guards at american schools arr a good idea . and aid this orring it would be similar to the way the government proteccs air travelers from terrorists. hutchinson ays: "there was intense debate thatton and yet we have a ffderal air to oversee, and which haa provided a deteerent. it has airlines, nd ii's not like -it's an armed camp when yoo ggo & on the airlinees" virginia democratic senator mark warner has an ááaáá rating from the n-r-aa disagreee with their idea.. pnd insttad thinks multiple steps must be taken. to avoid more mass murder. warner says: "if my memory is armed individual at columbine yeers ago and didd't prevent - that tragedy so i think ww need a cooprehensive approach ... i think ittlooks at mental allo hink it looks at these high volume magazines thaa can
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fire off so manyyrounds."doocy tag: the n-r-a ceo said this morning. bbnning those high - make any ddfferencc. when it ccmes to making peoole safer. in wassington, peter doocy, fox news. 3 3 a twittee haatag trending around the world. people are doiig in the wake of the sandy hook shooting. 3 and wherr foreeasters are &pcaaling for a white out and snow they expect... coming uu. p 3 juss one more day to win a - present from under our tree.
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ann there are plenty more to give awaa!our countdown tt christmas continues... monday on fox44 morning newss 3
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3 snow continues in the sserra regions offcalifornia today... -3 only adding more trooble to conditions they are alling a whiteeut. traffic began mooing again laae saturday on interstate-80 afttr everrl shut he entiie roaawwy down. some areas could see as much as five feet of snnw by the time the weeeend's ver. 3 3
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3 3 3 3
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3 eather and traffic expect to be actors in holiday traael tomorrow.what youucan expect from gas prices... and why air travel is looking good so far.
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3 pnd if people are not shopping... they're traveling. an estimated five- point- sixx million americans are expected to take it to thh air.and two pays before christmas... things are looking new forty cancellations nd across the nation onll five- hundred delays repprted. 3 47-100"i justtgot hereeso, so far so good checking in, my bag now going through, with - the big luugagea"aa&just a - carry-on it seems like it's going to be a attle putting in the overhead compprtmeet." 3 the millions of ammriccns 3 season, about ninety percent highways .the national price dollars, 24- cents per gallon of regular .... aad is not expected to jump too much. 3&p with less than 2 days until christmas any kids -3 are keeping track of sanna's journey from the north &ppole....but this year they are doing it with mart phones. 3 "it lookss like its going to be another successful journel thanks to norad."
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norad." the north americcn aerospace deeense coomand has been tracking santa since 19-55...but this time kids aren'ttjust calling to speak with kris kringle.... their following him on twitter. santa tracker apps for iphone, android nd windows users. you can also keep up with saint nick on &pbing...messageehim on google plus page and even keep track of him on his big nighttwith gooole maas and google earth. 3 today was great weather for football and even better for a tailgate. ----------nats oo ppl cheering or whatever------ wwatever------ ravens fans partied outside of m and t bbnk stadiuu this afternoon dressed in purple cheering the team on to victory against the new york giants. 3 "we have the best fans here ii -3 the nfl look at it here itssgreat." great." the ravens gave many fans a early christmaa gift beating the giants 33 tt 14they take thee a-f-- north and now plan to
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take down the bengals in cincinnatt nnxt sunday. 3 3 the ravens haat their osing - streak in a big way...find out how many yyrds they put up bowl champp...coming up in sports unlimmted...
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3 its beennmore than a week since the sandy hook massacre...but tte iiea of practicing raadom kindness seems to be catching on. 3 the idea for "22 accs of kindnesss came from n-b-c news correspondent ann purry. she tweeeed that she wanted to perform an 3 each of the 26 victtms.
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within days the hastag & "26 acts" was trending. p and at a minnesota coffee shop a customers kindness caught on quuckly. 3 we're like, well waitt you pant to get the next $200 f purchases? we're like, that's a lot of money, you knnw. 3 and then peoppe started - throwing their own moneyyin, too." too." a denver woman collected 13-hundred doolars to pay offflayaway items at a k-mart. and a tampa bay man aid the tolls for 26 -3 cars behind him onna bridge. 3 3 that's all forrthe news aa ten...i'm tom rodgers...up next morgan aasit has compllte a-f-c north for the 2nd straight yearrin sports unlimited...morgan... 3 coming up onnght on sports was uite possibly the ravenssmost dominatiig performance of the needed it... it...joe flacco on point in -3 the 1st half...and mooe the eye-popping numbersson offense....rayyrice goes ooer -3 the 100 yard mark...but his
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protege outruns him...find out howwmany yyrds bernard pierce picked up....and defense... pefense... defense...eli manning and the giants looked waa a vinnage ravens performancc...sports uulimited starts after this... ♪♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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