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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  January 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the past. paat. this task force says they have learned from lessons of the past....o alleviate aay future problems...police are increasing their taff...and they are looking into penalizing the vendor...anytime one of their cameras generates a wwong ticket. for weekk, speed cameea tickets have been virutally the city new state of the art ooes.the new system mmy not be fully up until march...but in the meantime...police say they re dedicatee to catch any mistakes by the bringing on more thaa a dozen new officers.another majoo vendor accountable for any wrong tickets iisuee: "higg priooitt, catch any mistakes mmde by vendor and not validate ticket before it 3&&p jannce park, fox45 news l edition. 3
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the ccvil ights divisiio of the justice departtent is investigaaing the death of aa east baltimore man who was killed hile poliie custtdy. custody. thattfollows word that the baltimore statt's attorney office will not pursue crrminal charges agaanst the officers invvlved in tte prosecuttr says his y - investigation determined that one of the officee's actions did cause annhony anderssn'ss deaah. but he says the man legitimate arrest.. anddthe use f forre as not excessive. 3 "i am committed to prosecuting aan officer who viooltes thh law and dishonor the badge. ii this case &phowever, the evidence does no establish any violatioo of the criminal laws in our judgment based onnour investigation." pnvestigation." "the whole family is just inn disarray and distraughh. justice issnottbeing served.. fair.. 46-yeaa-old
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anthonyyanderson was thrown to the ggound during a drug arrrst in september.he ended up with a ruptured spleen. police say they used standard prooeduree. 3 &ppwo men ... were arrested ...innconnection... with... an... annapolis murder. &pmurder. are behind bars tonight.e and officers say theyyre behind that shooting that.. happened... oo... broach courr...///. night.../ hen oofiiers arrived, they found a man suffering... from... a... gunshot wound...///.he... 3 died at the scene. - alsofirst on fox... fox...feddeal agents have just wrapped up a thhee-dayysweep targeting convicted sex offenders...who are also illegal aliens. aliens. ((7:10) (radio natz) "yeah 10-4, its this end unit here...." scoured the ssate in what's being called operation soor'..... they'd spent hours searching foo heir targett and this wwek, they arrested them. after &th &psuspects who haddbben in he u-s illegally.
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3 3 3 "there's a large large this country but our focus iss to those cases thaa will havv the biggest public safety impac" impact....." ttose arrested are being held having themmremoved from the f country. the state... restt... its case... against anne aruudel county executtve john leopold...// that include -&m. chargee. today's testimony centereddaroond a traii of money... that officers on leopold'' security detail... rrceivee. a... former member of leopold's security detail... chaffeured... the county executive... around town on weekends... earning overtime in the process..../ they were dutiee thht phe sergeant... anddled him to request a new assignment..../// it was testimony... that struckka cord... among other... formee employees of leoooods..- say enough about it it's just sickening to see have o endure such treatment
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3 it's absolutely unacceptable for n electtd official tt do that ann for our county taxpayer ollars to be used for that reasonn. p among those not called to testifyywas former anne prundel county olicc chief seriius allegations against the lead detective in the murder rial of michael pjhnson, the man accussd of murdering 16-year oll honor student phylicia barnes. barnes.todayya judge ruled that a seperate investigatioo of homicideedetective daniel nicholson ácaná be bbought up during the trial.nicholson has een accused of breaking into s a black hoodie while he aring searched ffr his dauggter. the incident occured two daas with barnes'' judge can ask the detective aaouttse the case against him. prosecutoos called the allegations a distraction. opennng statements begin tomorrow morninn a three-alarm ire breaks out in downtown baltimore.
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it appened at 12-45 this building t north calvert ann read street.the building is &ma apartmmnts... but no one wws inside at the time.the cause investigation. 3 the ssow started falling arly this morning leaving a dustingg maii roadsswere clear but with some drivers on old t up &pspring lane at falls rood who had a tougg time getting arouud. another bone-chilling night in . how much longer will this icy grip last? lass? let's go to chief meteorologist vytts reed for a look at what'' happening now. a staae task force access lws for peopleewith
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the 17-membee panel was created months ago.. but the recent tragedy in newtoon connecticut has renewed their focuu on gun control and mental healthh the group's reccommenddtions include authhrizing police to seize &pfirearms from inddviduals who are a serious threat to themselves or others.... and requirinn mental healthh professionals to report threats to pollce. a democratic ssnator reveals her plan to ban assault style weapons in amerrc. america. california senatoo dianne einstein's bill will ban the sall and manuffcture of around one hundrrd and fifty firraams. it's strongerr
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than the bill that was passed in 1994. it also limits magaz aamunitioo. "ssnce the last aassult weapons ban expired in 2004, and innidentally in the 10 yearr it was in place no onn took it to court, more than 350 people have been killed with assault weapons.. unlike the last ban whhch ran for a decade, this bill carries no expiration date. 3 hundreds o thouuands of thh ast twoyears to allow in - gambling and same sex marriage. 3but aagalluadet uniiersity hhr boss...for signinngne of - thooe petitions. it led to protests in washington. now...some state lawmmkers prohibitthe names and address released oothe public. (robinsonn "i think that she has a right to sign a petition
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is america." america."other ills may be considdred tochange the rules &pfor ow petitionsare coolecte on-line. 3 it was a great day s a baby girl miraculoosly survives a violent carrcrash where she enns up in the middll of the highway. you can see thh suv skid out &pof control. the ack of the car slams into the semi &pcausing it to break apart with the force of theeimpact. llunched out of the car andd onto the highway. as the back to the carr a semi truck misses herrby inches. he girl was uninjured, and olice say it was completly preventable. her father didn't ave a car seat and just laid the little irr out in the back seat. 3 a vermont ttuck driver tries to beat a train cross the train wins making for a very 3 baa day.
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day. take a look at he video ffom the crash. the whhte semi truck is trying to pake it through the crossiig trailer. the semi sinto the disenttgrates in ffash sending debris flying everywhhre. no one was injureddin the crash. the driver saas he was dissracted aad didn't evvn see the rain or any flashing lights. 3 the ravens are headed to the super bowl... and some fans decided it was aagood day for i. ink.--tttoo nats--- natt---at bear's ddn tatttos in cattnsville, some these guys are geeting inked for the ig game. logo... "kinda means have support for my team noomatter what, its just how iigrew up waaching football, pllying oot" football..the tattoo artists 20 ravens ttttoos. done abbut aad we're following ray's ast ride all the way to the superdome in new rleans.see playoffs.... hear raw
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interviews frrm the players... going to our website... by foxxaltimore dot com.. click &pon the ray's last ride" bannnr on our homepagee 3 a woman will shovel your no one wants her anywhere near the secretary of state goes after lawmakers.; we'll put her testimony through the ffx45 fact check, next. 3 and every superrowl needs some chicken wings. the shorrage that could take this 3 - ook perfyou, catherine!
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...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined. a lot of questionsstonight - - about whattoutgoong concerning the deadly terror attack libya... last seem. september. catherine herridge examinnd the secretary's testimony to see matched up with the facts. facts. close scrutiny of secretary
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hillary clinton's testimony on peveals a llck of consistency. on wednesday, linton cited the independent reviee known as the accountability review board -- or arb -- to buttress her claims the intelligence picture remained complicated. clinton says: "i quote, 'key questionn surrounding the &pidentity, actions, and motivations of the perpetrators remain to be determined.'" but less than 22 hours after the attack, on seppember 12, the head of the house intelligeece committee, who was also receiving high level intelligenne briefings liie mmssclinton, told ox it was cceaaly premeddtated terrorism. rogersssays: "it was a coordinated, miliiary style commando-type raid that had poth direct fire aad indirect ffre, military moveeents involved in it. this was a well-planned, ell- targeted event. no doubt abouu it." in this exchange before the house committee, mrs clinton ssemed to eave the mpression that she did not have real time accesssto events assthey uufolded. rohrabaaher says: "at any time &pdid you see the initial attac
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monitor. there was no real - time. we got the surreillance videos some weeks later." lamb, one of clinton's subordinates, told the house government versighh commiiteee ttat senior state departmeet staff weree monitoring open phone lines to agents on the ground. lankford says: ""ou note that in your ttsstmony that ou were in the piplomattc securitt command center and then you make this statement, "i could folloo wwat was happeninn almost in correct." and wwill clinnon offered this explanation -- for why ambassador susan rice took her plaae -- innfive national media appearannes on september confess here in public uh e to goingg n the sunday shows is not my favorite thing to dd." in a december interview with nbc, after she ithdrew from considertion for secretary of state, rice cited clinton's "grueling weee with proteets in the middle herridge tag: secreeary plan. cllnnon's careful testimony ooee fiie hours on capitol speaking last. and theets of testimony underscored mrs.. clinton's ability to successfully thread the needle. there were no glaring
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inconsistencies but herr statements did not completely match with the established record. in washington, cctherine herridge, fox news. 3 3toss to vytas, it's old and there's a sttrm that may hit tomorrow. - 3
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tomorrow. that may hit there's a storm it's coll and toss to vytaa, it's cold and there's a storm that ay hht tomorrow.
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you can get youu morning news and weether... seven days week right here on fox45.fox45 morning nees - weekends. saturdays at 6 a-m... aad sundays at 7 a-m. 3 why one compulsive cleaner hhs -
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most reliable internet. the man... behind charlie brown .../ appears... in a california courtroom. courtroom.pettr robbins... with death treats... against a police officer../ a doctor and tww others....///the ... 56-year-old was arrested earlier this week.... officerr realized... hees... police say... he was uuhappp ithhhis augmentttion... after... paying for ii...///. robbins... voiced... the peanuts &pcharacter starting in 1965... but was replacee aa 14 when his voice changed. "he said that he would continue to hit the dog untii she agreed tt go with them. the victim decllned, and then he grabbed her by the neck and hoved her against the door." sundaa (1/20) . if ed convicted, heewould face a maaimum sentence of up to nine years in prison. see?
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this is what happens when lucy takes way too many footballs that you're ready to kick as a kid... someene is willing to shovel your driveway for free, common sense says just go with . it. buttit's causing problemssin ohio. a 53 year old woman is clearing the problem is ttat no one &paskee her too and neighbors don't want her anywhere nearr their homes. that's because this same woman was arrested peoples homms to clean them. the brillo pad banddt is still on the loose tonight, continuing her reignnof snow removal terror. 3 buffalo wild wings may be problem that's creating a major hortage in the chicken 3ing market.
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we''e counting down to super owl sunday and a lot of peopleeareestocking up on chicken wingss the... - ameeican chicken council... iss waaning... that it may be tougher to ind wings... this because... oo... porn... // --3 whicc... makes up... two ttirds... f a chicken's diet...//.the council... eepeccs twelve million fewer wings... will be eaten... this &psuper bowl weekend...///. thatt'... just one percent... of the... "one point two billioo" wings... americans are expected to eat... that weekend. a reccnt purchase by ed rred deciied whethee
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heell retire aater the uper next ii sports unlimited..... 3 3 [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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aftte all, thee aae is riigt there in hishometown.. pometown.. not only that, but his seemed lined up for reedto ride off into the sunset... reedto say what his intentions, he removed the mystery..not's not quite reasy for the ole rockingchair just yet... &p whennthey hit the pratice ffeld today, the
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&praaens knew that hey have made it to the pinnacle..there are 32 teams in the nfl...only two are stillplaying...thh 49ers...and the baltimore ravens..and they will meet in morgan adsst has more ffom s...- wings mills mills 3 3 from the wasn't expecttng that
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departtent..firede ravens offensive coordinator cam cameeon says it as a quote brilliant moveto get rid of him..cameron told the new yook timee that hiusfiring made everyone take a look in the &pmiror,adding he harbors no il wwil toward theravens..since jim caldwell tookkover, thee
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rrvensoffense is averagingg80 more yards pergame than when cam was here..hat's a lot. one orioles' note...they've jair jurrjens to a one-yeer 1-point-5 million dollar unlimited...i'm morgan adsit tune in to fox45 morning news tomorrow -- starting at 5- p'clock.ssarting at 5-tomorrow -- morning news tune in to fox45 i'm morgan asitsports unlimited...thattssall for deal...
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