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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 1, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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"the house has made its position known very clearly. we believe that we should fund the government and we think there ought to be basic fairness for all americans under obamacare. the senate has continued to reject our offers. question: "tomorrow or later today, 800,000 federal workers will receive notices they're no longer needed on the job. what is your message to them, and do you have a plan to restore back pay to them?" boehner say: "the house has voted to keep the government open, but we also want basic fairness for all americans under obamacare." question: "what would you say to those workers, sir?" (boehner walks away without responding) boehner says under the constitution... they can go to conference to talk through their differences. he says he hopes the senate will accept the offer. even though many federal workers are out of work and unpaid for the moment.. that rule doesn't apply to members of congress.. they're still getting a paycheck. but it seems that some
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members... don't want the money. in fact, some are urging their colleagues to donate their pay. "i actually think nobody is above the law, and that means the president, the attorney general, as well as us. all of them ought to be putting that on hold until its resolved." "i am urging my fellow members of congress to done their pay to charitable causes." "i'm going to be writing a check right back to the u.s. treasury and giving my pay back and standing in solidarity with everyone else." so why are members of congress still getting paid...when so many government workers are now off the job? the constitution. it states no congress can change its own salaries... it can only vote to change the pay for future sessions. u-n chemical weapons inspectors leave syria, after investigating allegations of chemical and biological weapons use in the country. the inspectors left damascus on monday... after spending 5 days in the country. it was their second mission in two months.
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in august they confirmed the presence of the toxin sarin on the outskirts of damascus. the deadly nerve agent was used in an attack on august twenty-first that left hundreds of people dead. the inspectors are set to submit a report next month about seven chemical weapons attacks. recovery efforts are expected to resume today in colorado after a massive rockslide kills 5 hikers. the group was on the trail to "agnes vaille falls" in the "pike and san isabel" national forest. officials suspect heavy rainfall in the area last month may have been a contributing factor to unstable conditions leading to a massive rock slide. john spezze / chaffee county undersheriff "we had rescuers go into the area as i said before, we had to get them out of there cuz the slope was sliding and there were rocks coming down while they were in there" a 13-year-old girl was airlifted to an area hospital. the national forest service once described the trail as short and relatively easy. but now the popular destination might be closed for good, coming up on the
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early edition... a man uses his own son... to steal thousands of dollars from other people. (10:55:22) "i cannot describe the anger and rage that came over me in that moment." the internet scam... that preyed on the good will of others. ((break 1)) ((bump in))
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coming up... three words... no athlete ever wants to hear. the prognosis doctor james andrews... has given to manny machado. (10:50:55) "his heart is fine. he plays basketball. he does karate...." weaving a web of deception. how one father managed to collect thousands of dollars in charity money for a son he never knew. ((break 2)) ♪ [ male announcer ] some people lift your spirits... the same way the smooth, creamy taste of coffee-mate... makes coffee and your day better. coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate.
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with everything. no. no no no no no. mommy's here. but instead she gives him capri sun. with absolutely no artificial preservatives. perhaps if nothing else... the internet taught us a lot about the depths of deception. it's become the perfect place for liars, cheaters and scammers to expand their reach. jeff abell has spent months tracking a maryland case... and, in today's
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cover story, he discovers why a father is now accused of using his own son to weave a web of deceit. (home exterior) its been almost a decade...... but at this home on the edge of washington.... (10:38:25) (hodges) "and he climbed on top of me and was choking me..." the memories of that violent night....are still fresh... (10:38:35) (hodges) "i remember praying, lord, help me get through this moment......" kena hodges had never been one to struggle for strength. she was a professional athlete..... a stand-out on her swedish pro-basketball team..... but back home in maryland.....nothi ng could rival the force of her fiance.... especially on the night she told kimani johnson she's pregnant with his 8-week old baby. it was not the news he wanted to hear.... (10:39:25) "and he climbed on top of me and started shoving aspirin down my throat and i'm fighting and hearing the doctor say....this
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will make you have a miscarriage....asp irin will do that...." (10:43:36) "i was really at an all time low. how do you go to becoming a professional athlete to this....and pregnant...and i'm like, i'm keeping the baby.....!" hodges escaped with her life that night..... and seven months later....she gave a newborn she named kristian..... (10:45:45) "kristian s most tenpounds and two feet long...." hodges would become a single mother...... her abusive boyfriend would become an 'inmate'..... but even after a short stay in prison..... hodges claims kimani johnson showed little interest in supporting his son. (10:49:18) "if you can come to court wearing new jordans and you have an i- phone, you can pay....child support." as her baby grew taller.... his father grew more distant... not only did he refuse visits with his son....but he also refused demands for child support.... kimani johnson had become the father his son never knew.... and the father x months ago, nt."ame na hodges made a chilling on a website, called "give forward"....she found a photo of her son....and a plea for help. " name is kristian, the story began. i have a defect in my heart called vsd that is progressing into a terminal state." it was one of two online
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fundraisers which asked readers to little kristian could live. problem is....kristian has hardly been sick a day in his life. (:50:55) "his heart is fine. he plays basketball. he does karate...." but readers like leigh bodden....didn't know that. (15:33:30) "i love kids so if i could help him out to give him some money toward the surgery that's what i was going to do...." bodden is a former pro- football player...and a former high school classmate of kimani johnson. when the story about kristian hit the website.... johnson contacted bodden, sent him to the website, and asked him to "give forward"... (15:34:30) "he had already raised some money so i figured it was legit...." bodden contributed six- thousand dollars to the medical fundraiser..... and he wasn't the only donor..... by the time it was over....a hundred people had contributed more than 11- thousand dollars ... the beneficiary was kimani johnson. (11:27:00) (mckenna) "it did nothing to verify that this child is, in fact, sick..." attorney anne
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mckenna is now fighting, what she believes is a fraud, in federal court. not only does the site provide coaches for those seeking to raise money but it also keeps seven-percent of every dollar raised. (11:28:04) ()mckenna) "give forward has a clear financial interest to make sure there are many frundraisers out there and make sure they are tugging at the heartstrings as possible. and if you read about this poor child who was dying of a terminal heart condition any of us would pull out our checkbooks...." (15:38:00) "ya know, people do prey on people with big hearts and its like why would you do that...? now it makes me not want to give to someone who really needs...." (15:44:35) (knocks on door) last month, we went searching for an explanation. but at the hyattsville home where, the court says, kimani johnson still one was willing to find him. (13:47:20) (abell) "is he here right now? don't know if he's in the house...?" it seems the man who, at one time wanted to lose his child......has suddenly found
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a way to use him. (11:05:50) "my son deserves so much better and i will fight to make sure he has that...." in court documents... "give forward" says johnson has now returned all but "four hundred" dollars of the donated funds. the website maintains it did nothing wrong. meanwhile johnson is wanted man. he failed to show up for a child support hearing and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... using the drive- thru... isn't as quick as it once was. the slow down fast food chains are experiencing... and which one makes its customers wait the longest. "if he's lacking confidence for some reason, that's on him" coach john harbaugh and ravens fans are losing patience with one player in particular this season. the lack of production from ed dickson... over four games. ((break 3))
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show off your purple pride and you could win a prize from fox45. every week we'll choose 12 finalists for you to vote on. here's one of our finalists... you can go to our facebook page and click on the "inside fox45" tab to vote for your favorite photo. one person a week will win a 25-dollar gift card from poor boys. go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore to get started and read the official rules. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... losing the war on drugs. what's behind a worldwide failure... to crack down on sales. if you've never visited a national museum like the smithsonian... or spent time in a national park... there's no telling when your next chance might be. the other well-known landmarks... that are closed due to the government shutdown. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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families deserve better than the dysfunction we're seeing in congress you're waking up... to a government shutdown. and how it will affect you starting today. why congress is still getting paid.. even though nearly 800- thouand federal workers.. are not. and... several new laws go into effect today in maryland. the two things you can now be pulled over for doing behind the wheel. tuesday,
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october 1
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breaking news this morning... it's official... the government has shut down. democrats and republicans failed to agree on an 11th-hour deal... so now hundreds of thousand of government workers will be sleeping in today. the republican- controlled house passed budgets that included defunding or delaying the president's health care law... which, despite all the debate, continues to go into effect today. the democratic- controlled senate struck down each proposal... refusing to tie the budget to the new health law. "the idea of putting the american people's hard-earned progress at risk is the height of irresponsibility and it doesn't have to happen." "i didn't come here to shut down the government. i came here to fight for a smaller, less costly and more accountable federal government." this is the first shutdown since 19-95... that
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shutdown lasted 28 days. so... the question now on many of our minds is... now what? for one thing... an estimated 800-thousand federal employees are on standby... and not on the clock. only essential employees are going to work today. that includes air traffic controllers... federal law enforcement officers... the coast guard... customs and border patrol... postal service personnel... and many other federal workers. the house and senate did agree one one thing... to continue paying u-s troops.... however, some services may be disrupted for veterans. those on social security will continue to receive checks... but new requests could be delayed. and if you're on medicare, your doctor will still see you. a major concern with the government shutdown is how this will impact the economy and wall street... economists see no reason for concern. "there have actually been seventeen shutdowns since the late 1970s...the stock market didn't tank in any of those sh


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