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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 5, 2013 10:30pm-11:05pm EDT

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somalia tonght am daea thmf senior leader of the al-shabaab militant group. the organization claimed responsibility for last month's attack on a shoing mall in kenya that killed more than 60- people. the navy seals reportedly approached the group's beachfront camp by sea in a predawraid toy. ser s t fa believe the leader of the group was killed in the raid. meanwhile, multiple sources have confirmed tonight that u-s troops have captur the al-qaeda leader responsible for the 1998 bombings of serveral u-s embsiesn east afc orut as ali was apprehended outside his house this morning. he's been linked tohe embassy bombings in
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tanzania, and kenya. he's been on the the fbi's most wanted list for fifteen years, with a five million dollar bounty on his head. wan rammed barricades and led u-s captiol police on a deadly chase through the streets of d-c, wee learning more about her past. deborah feyerick has more on what le miriam carey from connecticut, to the tion's capital. otngr sothing, it appears, having to do with president obama. a source says, her boyfriend allegedly told police back in december that -- carey believed the president was using electric surveiance to monitor her home, and keep her city of stamfor nnecticutin locown. or -e day oen hygenist packed a bag of clothing, strapped her 13 month old daughter into the backseat of their black infinity-- androve almost 300 miles to washington, dc -- accordin to toll records and cell towers. carey appeared eager to get to whho cki -- exchanging
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harsh words, and clipping an officer with her car as she pealed away. she had worked for dentist brian evans -- before being let go. "she fell & hit her head and then time after found out she was pregnant..." in december of 2012, carey's boyfriend called police -- worried the couple's four month old daughteras in danger because of what he described as carey's delusional behavior & st-partum pression. veat s found discharge papers which list two prescription medications to treat depression, as well as symptoms of bipolar disorder and schizophrea. carey's sister tod cnn -- carey suffered a momentary breakdown quirin medication and dtebi it appears carey also left an envelope addressed to her boyfriend -- but instead of a letter- inside -- there was a sugary substance -- which was removed by a hazm team and taken for
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testing. carey's ughter was unharmed durinthe shooting. he was plad rmt eng arrangements. deborah feyerick, cnn new york. ript----- were undercover police officers among e biker that pulled a new york motorist out of his vehicle and beat him up? that's what internaaffairs is probing tonight after tires alngt least one undercover officer did nothing during the attack which later went viral onoutube. he reportedly turned in his badge yesterday, and was placed on restricted duty. one report claims that as many as five off-duty ficers were among th st" group. tonight, three bikers are in custody, a third is paralyzed.... so far, no charges have been filed against the driver. three brands of turkey hill ice cream which is sold here in ryland are beg recalled. at's because possie mel shgsa cins. the affected brands are pints of turkey hill's chocolate
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peanut butter cup premium ice cream, and moose tracks stuff'd frozen dairy desset, as well and one and a half quart containers turkey hill fud ripple prium eec prts store shelves after october first, and were sold at wal-mart stores in pennsylvania, maryland and west virginia. the ice cream can be returned to the store for a ful refund. the federal resee is looking tr n tete with a money makeover. this newly redesigned 100 dollar bill has new security features including a 3-d security ribbon that'll make it easier to authenticate. and benjamin anklin's ce is now joined by parts of the declaration f alwith a quill and ink well. the new bill is set to debut tuesday. a tornado packing estimated winds of up to 200 miles per hour devastated the town of wayne, nebraska on frida poppy harlow surveys the
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damage. violent. large" as afternoon turned to evening.. this massive twister kept wayne's residents frightened.. ad in search of cover: in these pictures.. you get a sense - if not the scope - of the destruction. trees split in two ... taking power lines wn with them.. even big semis were no match for the powerful winds.. this woman told reporters that -- as the skies darkened and the winds began to howl.. she and her husband feared the worst: we just knew there was a trnado. the sirens went off in the town. my ans wan it was going to hit the town of wayne. he ran in and we went to the basement. when the couple emerged from their shelter.. their home was gone. thankfully, she said, her children spent the afterno elsewhere and were fie. meanwhile, mayor kenneth chamberlain , e ag stnkful no one was killed: everybody that we know of is safe and sound. some injuries..those folks have been taken to hosptial d
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treated. poppy harlow. cnn atlanta. ript----- ad lib tosso wx
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in tonight's golden hammer installment, it appears taxpayers are on the hook for a real stinker of a mistake. the bureau of land management spent almost a hundred- thousand dollars for one outhouse which willo to a nanark in al.. ous for about ten- thousand dollars. so it appears the federal agency spent 90 thousand dollars to have a ten thousand dollar restroom transported to alaska? our investigative media partner, the washington times tells us e government shutdown is mang it dicuo to bto ((take sot)) for buying an outhouse at a one-thousand percent markup, the reau nsiws gn er the outhouse will be installed next summer. but that isn't the end of the story. for more, head to our website and follow the link to the washington times. its the oldest nument in the
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monumental y. l y y baltimore geing a lift.
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monuments in this city...this thmost published the 'lady bmo cis em stands outside the city's courthouse..... but tonight, for the first time in almost two- hundred years, the 25-hundred pound lady is standing no more..... crews moved in just after rescue a valued piece of t ialore's past. bittersweet moment...." for 190- years.....lady baltimore statute has stood baltimore's courthouse square...... but the the
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eight-foot tall marble statute which honors tho who lost their lives in the battle of baltimore.....has been sing her battle with motr nature. (10:56:00) otarba) "its a tricri between the two court buildings and there's a lot of pollujtants and exhaust fumes and that does damage over time. we have a lot of humidity too..." more than a ye ago.....the city began preparing to reloce the iconic sculpture..and reace er with ali wsud the structure's style.....and began recreating it.... (11:07:45) (tatti) "we took a clay material and we built out the missing form to give the statute enough profile that it would read as a wholde statute..." nu ir morning.....the 25-hundred pound marble tatute had been loaded onto a truck.... its new home will be the maryland historical society.. (10:56:30) "typically we hen't moved sculpture inside but in her case given her national significance and e nt th we felt its
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theright thing to do and the right time to do it..." the concrete now perched in courthouse square. lady baltimore remains the one a city of so much change. 1:10:11) "i think we were successful. wheyosee yol e gn purpose and should last another 150-200 years.." many marylanders are spending thi weekend elebrating another perod from past... the gas to st s opianne arundel county today. the 37th annual event takes u back to the 16th century to a fictional english village named revel grove, where there is fun for the entire family. ((sot))
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the festival runs every weekend---throu gh sunday octo20 a 10-year-old north texas girl wants more than anything to play the flute in the school band. there's just one problem--it takes two hands and she only has one. but as carla wade reports, with the help of a retired musician, she's fiding tt rehe' yt's abby gieseke was born without a fully developed left hand, but for years she's wanted to play a o handed instment--the flute. she knew it ould be hard, bu j10 already learned that when you can't change your circumstances--y ou change your attitude. " i've always found my own ways to do things that other people can do andso i knew tat i would eventually fid wa d." er searching
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the internet for a solution, abby's mom contacted retired musician and instrument repairman clarence wood--or woody as friends call him. "iirst thought 'that' an impossible thin fingers on her left hand just couldn't possibly play a flute, i couldn't make one but she insisted, she as determined to play a flute." so woody ecame equally determed help. "it can be a adjusted in or out this way." since abby cant hold a flute with both hands he designed a stand for her to grip the instrument and hold it steady. then he redesigned the flute self. because th fingering is not anywre similaoegru each note at time to see which keys to push and pull. less than a week after getting her custom made
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flute, abby's already playing simple tunes. i juumd , so happy." an already proving that by choosing to focus on what she has... "i just love a challenge." instead f focusing on what she n't strikesjustth ghte the ravens cut a veteran before sunday's game with the dolphins... who they reeased and the player that will take hs place... uit. i sports it wasn't grades it wasn't grades
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got a california student in hot water this week. it started when haley bullwinkle wore a t-shirt sponred by the n-r-a, shong a hunter holding a fle. thios idsde ch prohibits any depiction of violence. haley's father sas the school needs to re- evaluate some of their own traditions before they condemn his mily tradition of hunting. ((take sot))
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i'm jeff abell. now its time for sports unlimited with morgan adsit. it's a numbers game... with3 being the magic number or an active n- f-l roer. the v n er sty. and brought back tight end billy bajema. who was cut thursday to make room for left tackle ugene monroe. they say it's a business... i think so. stokley inactive la week... with a thigh injury. he missed practice this week.... and was listed as questionable for ami. thou 9 pte fo9rd . bajema is and has always been a blocking tight end... and depth for the roster. this move will not spark the ravens offense... but they need to
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find one and fast.. last week buffalo... won't t it. b9 s.vens ran thwa.. behreat on offense... ray rice touched the ball 5 times... one throw came his way. baltimore was 3-of-16 on third downs. . joe flacco tossed 5 interceptions... not all his fault... but getting the offense moving starts with the arack. flao dis mlf and this offense... an opponent who knows him well.... agrees. "i know that's not like joe. i know five picks in one game, i know he's killing himself right now, so. i know we're going to get their best gameoing against the defending sur bowl champs. it kinda feelsunny cai a oh team, saying that. i mean, we're looking forward to their best game. we're definitely going to give them ours, so." at this point last season... maryland had 4 wins.. needing two more to become bowl eligible. and then came the injuries... starting quaerback injurie.. 4 of them. history repeating itelf... ea.. maryland against jameis winston and number 8 florida
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state... . 2nd quarter... maryland down 14- 0... here comes the injury. c-j brown incomplete... but look at the late hit he takes... no penalt called... brown left the game... receed x-rays... diagnosit oncssn ref... winston to 6-foot-5 kelvin benjamin... florida state up 21-0 at the break.... 3rd quarter... winston makes his case for the heisman... 3rd and 15... slices and dices the terps "d"... gain of 20 and a first down... . 2 plays later.. winston fires to nick o'leary... f-u onop28- onst 3-d . 35-0 seminoles... winston trapped... somehow gets out of it... tosses to o'leary for the score... . 23 of 32 for 393 yards and 5 touchdownby the redshirt freshman... maryland dmad -0. thrg man victory in a conference game in a-c-c history. navy hosting air force... where the government can't shut down football... . 3rd quarter... navy down 3... pitch to old mill grad dmond brown... does the rest... 38 yards to the
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checkered grass. dshipmene ld 10 21-10 navy... keenan reynolds back from a concussion... 126 yards and 3 touchdowns... that one puts it away... mids win 28-10, improving to 3- and-1.. . they can win their 9th commander-in- chief's trophy in 11 years... with a ctoryove army later th rytoo distance himself from the politics of this game as much as possible... midway through the season... sw e undefeated... a win over a f-b-s program... and a couple of come from behind wins... bascially...
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towson's been battle tested and approved. tigers hosting new hampshire... just ther 2nd home game of the year.. . 2nd quarter... tige down 20- 3... handoff to balmore's own terrance wst... evodss 5 h2 yards... towson trails 20-10... . later in the 2nd... more from west... i hope you started him this week in your f-c-s fantasy football league... his 2nd of 3 touchdowns... towson within 3... quarterback peter athens threw for 343 yards... 2 touchowns... this one to receiving yards... . towson erases a 17-point... 1st quarter deficit to win 44-28. and set a school record with 731 yards. tigers now 6- and-oh... high sc grid unenat mcdonogh... . all eagles... it was 48-7 at the half... running clock in the 2nd half... mcdonogh improves to 7- and-oh with 48-13 win over calvert hall... mlb playoffs... alds... red sox and rays. ame .. . bottom of th 1st..
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idizme to rox bullpen... his 13th postseason home run... red sox up 2-0... . bottom 8... 6-4 sox... ortiz up again... takes david price deep down the line... stays fair... his 2nd homer... r sox one win away from e l-c-s. 4 fi.. that's all for sports unlimited... i'm morgan adsit... thanks for watching... have a great night...
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