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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> wendy: you know, i can see myself marry ping you, that's when you say, i like white gold and wear a size 7. men are notstupid. let him get the ring. i hate the idea of a girl going ring shopping with a man. this is not my first ring. this is my second. >> what if you ask him? >> this one doesn't ask anyone to marry them. are you out of your mind? >> men want a little challenge. a man has to love you a little bit more. >> wendy: he wants to feel like a man. >> i want to feel like a man with my money in my pocket. >> maybe you should just rent a ring, then give it back when it's over. >> there are great women out there. we're not all about -- >> wendy: let's move on. here's another one. 19 states have started the body max index screening in schools to combat childhood obesity. kids who show signs of being obese, according to the school, were sent home with these vile
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letters basically calling them fat-sos. they were fat letters informing the parents, you need to do something about ur kid's awght. now, jane, i going to go to you first. right or wrong? >> i fight my weight. i struggle with my weight. i want to say thank you, mom, when she said, darling, you're getting fat. i needed to hear it. americans need to here they're fat. two-thirds of americans are overweight or obese tflt's not a lifestyle. it's a disease. it's food addiction. we need help. if someone gets on a plane and they're drunk or smoking a cigarette, you say something. but if somebody gets on and they're morbidly obese, it's a lifestyle, i'm sorry, no. i'm going to go one further. >> i agree with you, jane. when these pents are receiving their letters about their children, they should buy a dozen roses for the person who wrote the letter. obesity needs to -- >> wendy: but here's the problem. the kids are being given the ers, they know what's inside. they're being given letters in front of other kids.
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i like you had parents who called me fat every chance they got. today i thank them because god knows how much fatter i could have been. but get your butt out of my household. you better never send my kid home with a letter. >> not every parent is like you. >> wendy: belaugh at mama june and honey boo boo. but let's get real. turn off the tv, mama june because i'm about to talk about you and your fat family. it is a crime how you continue to feed your daughter like that. there are kids in school to make fun. there's heart disease and all kinds of things. but that's mama june's problem. >> how is mama june going to know? she thinks it's cool. parents aren't doing that. parents aren't being parents. >> wendy: well you know what? sorry, the school already has too much of a say in people's lives. >> the problem is that america is a nation of food addicts. we're being bombard ed.
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>> you need a license to drive a car. you shufd have a license to have a child. >> amen. >> wendy: whether the teachers at the school say something or not, eventually it will be the cruel kids on the playground that call them fat and everything. >> wendy, that's how we grew up, how we became strong. >> wendy: i like that, but i don't like the teachers being involved. when we grew up, the teachers weren't involved, our parents called us fat, our doctors put us on the scale. and kids made fun of us. >> but the parents aren't eating right. >> the parents are are no longer raising their kids. if you want to see how the kids are going to turn out, look at the parents. if the parents eat bad food, the kids are going to. parents, eat your vegetable. >> listen, i love mama june. >> wendy: she made spaghetti with butter.
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>> i saw you didn't eat it. you had your thing on the side, wendy is not going to eat it. i love mama june. i like my big girls. i actually like being bigger. i do. thank you very much. will and i like my big boys, too. but here's the thing. i actually like being bigger in person than i am, but it does not look good on television. so i'm a little thinner. >> wendy: what does it take to get thin? >> i've been doing a detox. martha's vineyard diet, the one you did. >> wendy: i did that years ago. >> i'm starting it tomorrow. >> wendy: listen, this panel is over, as you can see, there's a lot to talk about. if you want to know more about my fabulous panelists, go to up next, everybody, it's time for "ask wendy."
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welcome back, everyone. have a seat, studio audience. it's time for "ask wendy." how you doin'? >> hi, wendy. how are are you doing? >> wendy: i'm doingwell. >> my name is joan, i am 66 years old. i've been married for 25 years. >> wendy: good for you. >> thank you. and my husband still wants me to wear very sexy, tight spandex things like all the time. almost all the time. there are times when i feel it's inappropriate and it doesn't feel right to me so i'd like him
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to back off a little bit, to not always have an opinion. >> wendy: do you have children in the house or grandchildren? >> my children are grown and no grandchildren. my 92-year-old father lives with us. >> wendy: well, when do you think this is inappropriate? >> to the grocery, to church. >> wendy: you know, i think you can -- you know yur husband well enough, you've been married for over 20 years, i think you can have a nice conversation and maybe there can be some compromise. if he wants you to wear something particular, you go to the together and see what it is. there are tasteful spandexy -- only because it's my favori material so i know. i hope that my husband is still maki those requests when i'm 62 because i will definitely ill be doing it. there are spandexy things you can wear and these really cute cover-ups. but most importantly, have the conversation with your hband because, you know, you're not going to feel sexy for him if you're in something that's not
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making you comfortable. >> true. >> wendy: good luck, joan. >> thank you! >> wendy: you're welcome. >> hi, wendy. how you doin'? >> wendy: good. >> p myame is asha. i have an uncle who's 60 years old. when i bring a female friend around, he's hitting on them. i'm like, uncle. he's saying things like, do you want a sugar daddy. my friends are like so mortgaify mortified. you can tell will they're embarrassed but don't want to be disrespectful. i'm so embarrassed. >> wendy: how old are you? >> i'm 34. >> wendy: your friends are your age? >> yes. >> wendy: i don't want to disrespect elders, but i feel like if you ask for it,old people, you're going to get it back. but not somebody who's 24, it's a 34-year-old woman. you need sit down and have a conversation with your uncle, no smiles, not playing, n even a grin. seriously, eww.
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>> eww! >> wendy: and there is a respectful way to talk to an elder when you're 34. one thing about getting older ais we have a better command of the english language, we can say hurtful things without them being like, did she just hurt my feelings? i'm not sure. i better stop hitting on her friends. this is disgusting. >> it is. >> wendy: and yourair is everything. >> oh, thank you! >> wendy: gorgeous, ha. everybody, up next we're going to meet a woman in our audience whose boyfriend asked her to be a part of a threesome last night! "ask wendy" continues. "ask wendy" continues. keep it here.♪ [ girl ] roses are red. violets are blue. splenda® is sweet. and so are you. [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener.
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we're back with "ask wendy." before the break i told you there's somebody in the audience whose boyfriend asked her to be part of a threesome last night. >> hi, wendy my name is joy, how you doin'? >> wendy: joy, how joyful were you? >> so last night me and my boyfriend are having sex and in the middle of our encounter he stops me and asks me to get my best frid over there in the
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other room that was sleeping to join us. i had no idea what to say or do. that's why i'm wearing this "trusto man." i just want to know, do i address this? do make it a conversation? or do i just pretend it never happen snd. >> wendy: how long have you been with your boyfriend? >> very short period of time. about a month. >> wendy: have you and your friend ever been together? i'm not going to judge. >> . we're just best friends. >> wendy: a mont is -- just dump him. like he's got this thing. he's only been with you for a month. he's got this thing where he thinks that he can bring her in. apparently he's not respecting you for girlfriend material. >> right. >> wendy: he thinks of you as a trick. right? >> yes. >> wendy: no man asks something like that in the first month. maybe five years they ask and then you say no. >> right. >> wendy: good luck! >> thank you, wendy. >> wendy: flashback friday is
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everybody, it's time for our
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"flashback friday," this week we're going back to season three of the "wendy" show. my friend brooke shields came by and when i asked about her relationship with a certain pop star, her answer surprise d us all. i want to talk about you and george michael. >> yeah. >> wendy: here's the thing. >> look how happy i am! >> wendy: look how gay he looks. didn't you know he was gay? brooke! >> i didn't know. he was so -- he was a singer, he was gorgeous, he was handsome. i was such avirgin. i had no -- and i had none of that sort of -- he just -- and he was such a gentleman. he didn't even kiss me good night. >> wendy: i love her to thi day. thank you so much for watching today. keep those coming, the -- we'll keep those coming to you. huggies asked real parents to prove that our diapers
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>> wendy: i know this is so much of n. want to come? the tickets are free, right, guys? don't forget "the neighbors" airs tonight at 8:30 on abc, and i want to thank all my guests, my hot talkpanel. so good talking with you guys and arguing. also, my co-hosts, my fabulous studio audnce. thank you for being here. on monday, everybody, rapper ja ru is fresh out of prison and on our couch. and it's going to be good. we have another breast cancer survivor. we're going to give her a fabulous "wendy" makeover. i love you for watching. have a great weekend. i'll see you ne time on "wendy." "wendy." bye-bye!
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