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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we will talk about that in the snow forecast for the mountains and the winter storm early next week. all coming up in the first alert forecast in a few minutes. >> stay up-to-date on changes to the forecast by downloading the weather app. you can go to to get updates on school or business closings and delays. >> the sbi and the stanly county sheriff's office are investigating the death of a well-known woman who lived in oakboro. amy bogueser was found friday. she had been shot. the case is getting a lot of attention because bow gear's husband is the former police chief and her uncle is the current chief. david whisenant spoke with family and investigators. what are they saying here? >> investigators here say they are continuing to collect evidence and do interviews and
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afternoon but family members say they are having a hard time dealing with the loss of someone who was so loved. >> if somebody had never met amy before, the moment that they would make that first encounter, they would know they were speaking to someone special. >> as the police chief joe was first on the scene when the body was found on friday. but as amy's uncle he was devastated. >> she was a christian lady. that everybody loved when they came in contact with her. >> according to the sheriff, she died of a gunshot wound. was she murdered or did she take her own life? that is what investigators are trying to determine. >> we are working with the sbi and they have been professional and gracious to give up five agents to work with. >> the chief is not part of this investigation since it involves
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today he shared about his niece. she was well-known as a local banker. for her church work and her music abilities. >> she picked up the fiddle. >> she is survived by her husband and two children and a large family who were dealing with the pain of her loss comforted by those attributes that made amy who she was. >> if there was ever an angel that walked this earth, she was one of them. friday she got her wings. >> the family is now planning a visitation for tomorrow and the if you were rale is friday in the first baptist church in oakboro. side. >> thank you. everyone wants to get to the bottom of this. the sheriff says the investigation is ongoing and anyone with information should call his office. >> a rowan county man is recovering after he was shot in
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and authorities say his girlfriend is responsible. corey mayhew is accused of shooting her boyfriend sunday night. the 22-year-old victim was taken to winston-salem hospital. authorities say an argument led up to what happened. >> we now know after obtaining a search warrant a cellphone found at a shooting was not seized by police because it was locked. and the code was not available. one person died after being shot four times sunday night. the person killed his name has not boston police released. >> more about a man who died during super bowl celebrations in san francisco. 44-year-old william rucker had a heart attack. about 20 minutes after his son got a golden football to commemorate the 50th anniversary. the rubbingers are a prominent family a middle school is named after his late grandfather and the dad is a dentist.
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family is devastated but for him
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institute of allergy and infectious diseases were on capitol hill today testifying about the zika virus. they say it will likely spread to a quote significant number of cases in the united states. we also learned a mosquito carrying the virus can bite four or five people in the course of one meal making it spread more quickly and we know that 80% of people who get zika do not have any symptoms. but the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect which causes head and brain abnormalities. >> we are working around the clock to find out as much as we can as quickly as we can to inform the publili and do everything that we can do to reduce the risk to pregnant women. >> the cdc upgraded the emergency operation center to level one this week freeing up hundreds more employees to combat the virus right now. there is no vaccine for zika
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the obama administration is asking congress for $1.8 billion to fight it and research potential vaccines but some republicans criticize the administration for cutting a tropical disease program by 15%. >> let's update you on the evening commute with tonya rivens in the first alert >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in an accident at brookshire boulevard. oakdale road is a great alternate route. and activity around this area as brookshire. congestion at that intersection and two accidents one mount holly huntersville road and the other morse chapel road. >> thank you. breaking news right now in campaign 2016. the republican presidential field has been whittled down by two. carly fiorina and chris christie are bowing out of the race to
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candidate for the republican party. and last night was the new hampshire primary. won by donald trump on the republican side and bernie sanders for the democrats. and the attention focusing to south carolina and republicans will go to the polls next weekend. and we will follow the news all along the trail as we head towards election day. >> and next, a toy leaves a million dollar mansion charred and two kids were trapped inside. how they got out and what start to do in the first place. >> and the search to catch this accused bank robber in our crimestoppers report the hat that may be thehe key to catching him. >> and do you have questions about your credit? we have free help on the phone and live in the wbtv studios.
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screen... a hoverboard is to blame for a tennessee mansion fire. it trapped the teens upstairs. they smashed the windows and jumped out. the fire department believes the hoverboard's batteries are what started that fire. >> next here at 5:00 it is not just a hat that can help catch a bank robber. >> paul cameron shows you the
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new information on the drowning of a three-year-old girl in north carolina. a woman drove a van into a pond and three kids were inside. up with died three days after being pulled from the water. the medical examiner said her hands were tied together. allen said in a 9-1-1 call he did it because nobody got him help after admitting he had issues with pedophilia. >> right now alex giles. >> he is live in the alert center. >> tragic out of maryland two deputies shot dead in a shootout that happened in a restaurant. it's northeast of baltimore. "the associated press" reporting that a gunman opened fire inside of that crowded restaurant a shootout ensued with deputies. reports say the shooter had outstanding warrants in florida
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suspect he was also shot and killed. in that shooting you see footage of the scene where this happened now. one of the deputies was shot in the head. no bystanders were hurt. and just a terrible story there out of abington maryland that we will follow here. >> thank you. >> we have picture of a bank robbery that september a charlotte school into lockdown and as paul cameron explains the crook is bold or not smart. >> bank robberies are common in charlotte but most happen with crooks wearing a mask or disguise and that what makes a robbery unusual. the bad guy did not care. >> sky3 was over the bank on highway 51 minutes after the crime. which sent nearby charlotte
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this is the man that walked in without a disguise and handed the teller a note. >> threatening violence on the note saying he has a firearm and he will use it. >> not only did we get a great look at his face we noticed he is dressed in a nike sweat suit and running shoes and wore a hat and see if you recognize this logo. >> he had a green hat on with a gold emblem on it. >> did you spot what is unique about this man's face? >> something under his eye a tattoo, birthmark but a mark. >> was he seen in a car leaving? >> no. nobody did not -- they say him exit. >> now, police are telling this this man was 5'8", 35-40 years old. his note said he had a weapon but he never showed t call crimestoppers if you would like to earn a reward.
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students at jackson park elementary school got a surprise. nascar driver dale earnhardt junior gave the school a check from his foundation and spent time packing the blessing in a backpack before taking questions from students and posing for pictures with each class in the school. >> so many people do stuff like that all the time. >> and kannapolis are the earnhardt name. >> let's talk about the weather it's cold outside. >> wind-chills are going to be brutal in the high country tonight. lyndsay tapases is in the first alert weather center. >> you cannot spend much time-out side if you are not covered up. and if you are covered up, i have been takingg my dog for walks the past couple of days and just after 10 to 15 minutes you feel it again beneath your clothing it's so, so cold.
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that wind sustained 15-20-miles-per-hour. higher in the mountains. and then the gusts are higher than this. when you do add in the wind to the temperatures, that is creating that issue for us out there and just adds to how brutal it feels with the wind-chills feeling like 27 in charlotte. the wind-chill is getting close to the 20 mark. and it's -3 in boone. wind-chill advisory back into effect for the mountains overnight. and through tomorrow morning and the wind-chills could be as low as -15 especially at elevations above 3500 feet dangerously cold wind-chills. and the winter weather advisory will be allowed to expire at 7:00 on schedule. an hour left on that because we do not have additional snow in the forecast for the mountains. it's blowing around because it's windy and you have recent snowfall but as far as the radar is concerned we do not see much
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despite the clouds out there and the clouds for the rest of us are starting to clear back out after filling in for a brief time this evening. future-cast you will see there will be snow showers in the mountains due the next two days it's not going to shutoff completely. out outside of there we have a clear sky into thursday with more cloud cover friday and bigger story is going to be how cold it is going to be. in the mountains another inch or two over the next 48 hours which is not a lot for up there and anything for the ski resorts they have been loving it. so anything will be great for them. temperature-wise, you will get back into the 20s and that will feel better for you because you never made it out of the teens for highs. 27 in boone and get you back closer to the freezing mark.
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it with the highs. and foothills upper 30s again and in charlotte we'll just get above 40 . today we hit 38 and tomorrow up to 42. a little bit better not a lot better. but we will have more sunshine tomorrow and then across the upstate of south carolina and 40s to be expected for your highs tomorrow afternoon but again tomorrow morning teens so it will be cold to start with that 18 high and 42 and then beyond that the next couple of nights in the 20s and into the weekend we fall back into the 30s and we will have that storm it looks like it could start as snow changing to ice and ending as rain monday night >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in a lot of activity on the roads. bar rin gear drive an accident. remount and wilkinson boulevard are great alternate routes.
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congestion on i-77 southbound. and around center city we have activity there is a stranded motorist at oak lawn. and a lot of red on i-77 northbound approaching i-85. congestion on independence boulevard and another accident at trade and third street fourth or college street are great alternate routes. >> thank you. still to come we are on your side getting your credit questions answered and the price is right it is free. >> it is free. help is waiting by the phone for your call. the number is on your screen right now. >> a month after the first lawsuit more parents are coming forward saying their child was kicked out or not allowed to attend calfry center because of disabilities.
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putting them at ease and making them feel like they can help them take the next step. we are here until 6:30, plenty of time to call. >> so many times the first step is acknowledging that you need to talk about it. we are offering it for free to call and get help. kristen miranda thank you. and again the phone number is... >> it will go on for a while longer. it's free and we are here to help. >> we are tracking your chances for winter weather next week. >> and for you new at 6:00... >> a divisive charlotte-mecklenburg school board or a dysfunctional one? however you look at it how will
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> temperatures are dropping once again and the wind-chill already -15 at the highest elevations. >> we could see winter weather before the cold-snap is over. i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. we are live on your side with team coverage the reporters are covering the cold from the mountains down to charlotte. we begin with chief meterologist, eric thomas in the first alert weather center. >> paul, good evening. and we'll start off with the snow map and you will see there's a little bit of light snow rolling back into the carolina high country. but it's becoming less and less about the snow and more and more about the cold air that is overrunning the mountains and the entire wbtv viewing area but the wind-chill advisory in effect for allegheny, ash, watauga and avery counties. we have had a report of -15 wind-chills.
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robbie sending a picture of the thermometer on top of beech mountain. and -3 wind-chills. that is in boone and blowing rock. teens and catawba valley and 20s in the piedmont of north carolina and south carolina. this is the actual temperature 32 and we had clouds but that gave way to sunshine and with the bright skies today could not do much our high was 38. we will be down to 28. and 26 by 11. more cold air on the way. and that could set the stage for icy weather here early next week. and we will talk about that of course in the first alert forecast. >> the low temperatures are raising concerns for some of our neighbors tonight. our coverage continues with wbtv's brody o'connell live in uptown. what does someone do if they do not have a warm place to stay tonight? >> that is a good question. there are several options around town.
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