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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we will take a look at that coming up. >> anchor: now is the time to download the weather app. you can get the latest on the forecast chug watches and warnings, current temperatures on your smart phone. we are following more breaking news this noon, a federal judge has granted a delay in the trial for the suspected charleston church shooting, dylann roof accused of killing 9 people in downtown charleston june last year. today his lawyer told a judge they were not ready for trial. the death penalty trial is scheduled for july 11. it is not known what impact the federal course decision will have on the state trial. we are watching this developing situation at a wildlife refuge in oregon. they are giving themselves up to authorities today.
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surrounded the area in a tense standoff. the reverend graham is on the ground in oregon. he sent a tweet saying he has spoken to the ourpers. the group is led by bundi, his father was taken into custody last night. the countdown is on to the south carolina primaries, in less than two weeks, voters go to the polls. the republican, february 20, the democratic, february 27. tonight republican presidential candidates will be at a forum at winthrop university. transport if you want to win the republican presidential nomination, you have to win in south carolina, it is crucial to win the primary, now just 9 days away. i went and looked through the history books. in 1980, reagan won in south carolina with 55%.
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nomination. since then, all won in south carolina, all went on to be the nominee for the republican party. the only exception, 2012, newt ginngrich went on to lose to romney. he was not the nominee. a majority of the time, you have to win in south carolina to get that nomination. that's why this whole bunch of new candidates coming into the state right now, it is so important for them to win this state. we know at least two of the candidates will be here tonight for the g.o.p. forum, starts at 6:00, until 9:00. the doors open at 4:00. they are expecting a big crowd. the two candidates that will be here, dr. carson and senator cruz. i want to draw your attention to the polls. this is from politics, they have taken the polls and flown them together and the average, they
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front runner in south carolina, establish 6%, cruz, 19%, marco rubio, 12%, bush 10%. donald trump has a very healthy lead in the polls now, that is just an average from real clear politics. >> anchor: some live politics now, this is live, from south carolina where an event for ohio governor kasich is just getting started. and i am not sure if i see him up there yet. he came in second in the new hampshire republican primary behind donald trump, and from the poll from south carolina, kasich wasn't registered or come up on the latest list. you can count on wbtv for continuing coverage of campaign 2016, including the forum in rock hill tonight. we will have much more thrted.
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announcing hundreds of new jobs in charlotte. republic services plans to open a customer service center in north charlotte and hire 350 people. the public services is fortune 500 company based in arizona. the company plans to $.8 million investment in north carolina the next three years. police have a man in custody for a stabbing in arrival, charged with the attack saturday, where police say a 51-year-old man was stabbed. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a mother is facing charges after investigators say her 20-month-old child overdosed on pills. police say the child was rushed to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. 26-year-old clemmons is charged with felony child abuse by neglect and drug charges. police say a family friend found pills in the bed the child was sleeping in. she called 911 after realizing
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a man captured in california after being on the run 15 years following a deadly dwi crash in catawba county is back in north carolina. this is the mug shot of garcia, now held in the county jail. troops he was driving drunk the wrong way, he hit a car killing 28-year-old and injuring another person. after garcia was treated at the hospital, he disappeared. the f.b.i. found him near los angeles early last month. he is now being held on more than half a million dollars bail. carolina health care system bore of commissioners has named a new c.e.o., woods currently president in a company in texas will replace retiring c.e.o.. >> one of the things i focus on is looking at equity of care for all segments, make sure you come to this organization, you expect the same high level of care you
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>> anchor: the health care system has 60,000 full-time and part-time employees with 900 locations in north and south carolina. hackers are taking aim at the i.r.s., what this latest attack means for taxpayers. plus, a local man dies on a family trip to the super bowl. the special moment he shared
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death. >> anchor: memorial plans are in place for a well-known businessman who died on a family trip to the super bowl. he died of a heart attack moments after his son was given a football by former nfl wide receiver johnson. we spoke to his brother. >> he was happy being around the panthers, the fans, celebrating
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they just mated him so happy. and i think that probably triggered something. >> he leaves behind a wife and two young children. services are scheduled for saturday at the family funeral home in lancaster. those services are open to the public. we are on your side with consumer headlines, the i.r.s. is reporting a cyber attack, hackers use stolen personal data in their attack on the i.r.s. website. 450,000 social security numbers were used from outside the i.r.s. to create fake loggins. thieves are trying to generate personal identification numbers to file tax returns. the i.r.s. is notifying affected taxpayers by mail. no personal data was compromised. good news, if you plan to fly, travelers are spending less money on airline pictures. fares have dropped to a 6 year
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the average price is $372. the expansion of airlines and plunging jet fuel prices are big drivers of the change. live outside, from our hd tower cam, it is still cold. we are below 40. in fact, the entire area is in the 30, 23 boone, what you can expect, and what about this next week. the forecast is next. aus, she thing was
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massive storm. >> anchor: charlotte-mecklenburg police chief speaks out about the trial of former officer kerrick. incorporateany told city leaders the trial nearly tore the department apart, he went on trial for the killing of feral last year less than a month after putany took over as chief. he said it caused significant morale issues that it is still in the process of healing. it brought for the recommendations to talk about policies. flags at half staff in maryland in honor of two deputies shot
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shot in the head in a crowded restaurant northeast of baltimore. the second deputy died after he was shot exchanging gunfire with the suspect. the 67-year-old gunman had outstanding warrants in other states. he was also killed in the shoot-out. investigators from transportation transportation have arrived to investigate the cruise ship, the liner with thousands of passengers returned wednesday night following the nightmare trip. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are back on solid ground, sharing tales of the dream caribbean vacation gone wrong. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. make it. >> the 200,000 ton liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a
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the vessel was battered by 30 foot waives and hurricane force winds. >> i could see the water coming up to the balcony. >> on the cruise with his family they spent hours on lockdown in their rooms while the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. >> my sister and brothers were distraught. my mom, they opened up the mini bar, so that was good for her. >> reporter: they are reviewing the policy to make sure this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we have to do better. we can't ask guests coming to uspfor a dream vacation to experience that. >> reporter: some passengers say they are done. >> i am not going to hold it against them. i am just never going to cruise again. >> the coast guard will inspect the ship before it heads out on its voyage next weekend. >> anchor: local families among
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spoke to a person on board. she says she wasn't sure if she would survive. the royal caribbean has said wind speeds were higher than forecasted. >> if younaw the storm was out there that bad, there's no amount of money worth risking, and you just took our lives in your hands and gambled with it. >> anchor: passengers are getting a full refund and certificate for 50% off a future cruise. see how many take tm up on that. i don't know. we are talking really cold weather. we have also been talking about this major storm coming in monday. >> that is still a ways our. right now, monday afternoon, overnight to tuesday morning. we have another shot of cold air coming in in the weekend. a live look, beautiful up in the mountains today. this is appalachian ski mountain between boone and blowing rock, they have had great snow and
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couple days, so folks out there enjoying the weather. clear skies here in charlotte. a lot of sunshine, temperatures afternoon. we have shut down the snow machine, at least for a little while here. but as we head overnight tonight and into friday, we are looking at another system. it is in the dakotas now, but it is going to come our way friday, mountains. right now, 39 charlotte, 21 in cincinnati. 17 in chicago, so again that cold air is going to be with us through the weekend. here's our future cast. there you have the dakotas. watch the system the mid section of the country, and into the high country tomorrow morning and afternoon. could see snow showers charlotte and especially areas to the east. i think the model you're looking at may be overdone, but it does give you the case we have at least another wave coming our way. partly cloudy tonight, overnight to friday morning, this is 10:00
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snow in the mountains, scattered snow shower or two in the charlotte area. in the afternoon and evening, that up-slope flow, in effect once again, more snow in the mountains friday night and clearing out as we head overnight into the day on saturday. looking at temperatures for tomorrow, 42 charlotte, statesville, and 33 in boone, blowing rock. now the presidents' day storm system that we are forecasting for monday afternoon and into tuesday morning. cold high pressure up to our north is going to keep the cold air in place as this area of low pressure develops, so right now the thinking is that we start to see snow here by late monday morning, and then possibly a switch over, maybe from charlotte and to the south, sleet and freezing rain. then probably as that low slides closer to the coast, and you get the wrap around cold air, it will switch back to snow.
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talking about amounts of snow because there's question in terms of when it start and when or if we see the switch between snow and freezing rain. it will bear watching through the weekend. tonight we have partly cloudy skies and cold morning start in the mid 20's. 26 to 42 friday. again, it is the mountains that are looking a chance of snow tomorrow morning, tomorrow night. in the weekend, clear and cold. sunny, 38 saturday. overnight lows once again in the teens sunday morning, 35, and again, looking at monday, could could be a fairly major storm system across the carolinas. we will fine tune the timing on that storm system. just prepare for especially late monday morning into tuesday morning, and then dryer and more seasonable as we head into the middle of the next week with high of 56. >> thanks a lot. delighted to have shatter
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good to see you. >> good to see you. >> anchor: there's an event coming up this weekend, called valentine's day, which i am sure some of you guys probably haven't thought too much about but you better. you have ideas. >> i do. >> anchor: help out all you guys out there, who may be a little procrastinating. >> you still have per of time. valentine's day isn't until sunday am we have lots of options to get you through the day. five pop-up shops, really big, and we have great ones featuring mostly local goods, five locations uptown, from arcade to a store front on tryon, public market, really great options for significant other, mom, girlfriend, wife, whoever you noticed to take care of for valentine's day, or yourself, get yourself something, you can do that, candles, cards,
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name it, i think you can find it at one of these pop-ups. we have details and hours online. >> keep that in mind, again, sunday is the big day. >> we have one more event. this is a brunch event at the 7th street public market in the heart of uptown. that is saturday and sunday, both days all day, so brunch all day. french toast, a special pairing, three of the different small businesses in the market. great thing, locally owned businesses, small businesses, in neat spaces in the market. ahead to the basketball tournament. february 2 through 27, hard to believe it is on its way, around the corner. the parties, basketball, you name it. >> march madness before we know
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>> it will be. >> anchor: what specifically. >> you have localities of parties to go to, plenty of events uptown am the basketball, which is the main event. great basketball, men and women, the games start the beginning of the week through the weekend. expect lots of visitor, so traffic, impacts things like that. >> anchor: plenty of parking uptown. >> there is. >> anchor: if you are new to charlotte, these pop-up stores are neat, great way to get through charlotte, explore a little, and find really good stuff. lots of local retailers. appreciate it.
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the forecast is next. >> anchor: a lot to talk about, 43 this afternoon. cold overnight with morning lows in the mid 20. we have another system coming into the mountains tomorrow morning which will kick up the snow again, even the chance for flurries in the charlotte area. then clearing and cold in the weekend, our attention turns to the storm system coming up monday. it is still four days away. we will be fine tuning this, needless to say we are talking about the possibility of accumulating snow and then possibly ending as freezing rain coming up monday into tuesday, so certainly a busy forecast period. >> anchor: if you like to ski,
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upstairs? >> phyllis: i lost my phone. >> jack: upstairs? >> phyllis: yeah. well, i wasn't sure. billy offered his help, and i was retracing my steps. luckily, someone turned it in to the security office. >> jack: you were gone quite a while. >> phyllis: yeah. well, there was nobody in the security office. >> billy: you know what, phyllis? you don't have to lie for me. >> victoria: you already picked somebody to be natalie's new watchdog? who? [ knock on door ] >> summer: natalie? [ knock on door ] natalie, are you in there? >> natalie: [ sighs ] [ knock on door ] hey. um, i need a favor, and fast. >> natalie: i owe you a favor? >> summer: no. um [sighs] i was babysitting this kid, and he ran off, which is, i guess, kind of and then i called max's dad, and neither of them picked up, and i really need help finding this kid. >> natalie: why come to me? >> summer: because you can make
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>> natalie: maybe i could tap in
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