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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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basically moisture-starstar moisture-starved. a few flurries are within the realm of possibility including the charlotte metro area. you go wow it is snowing, a lot of that is not reaching the ground as the air is very, very dry. we have a winter weather advisory for the mountains through tomorrow morning. 2-4 inches of snow there most of it coming tonight. overcast. cloud cover keeping our temperatures up. not as cold, 32 charlotte, 24 boone, 29 hickory, 29 in monroe and close to freezing rock hill, 28 in salisbury. today, mostly cloudy skies, look for late sunshine and a few flurries possible, nothing that would accumulate with the high temperature of 42. much more important storm looming on the horizon next week. cover that in the seven day forecast. 5:30, let's talk traffic with chris. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. once again this morning, crews making repairs inbound
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lane closed, as you make your way to 277. that will cause delays. looking at briar creek, independence inbound toward the city, no problems so far this morning and we're looking good across the area, most of the major interstates running in the green. an accident here on providence road at south wendover, be aware of that, right now providence not showing any significant delays either. you're never more than seven traffic on wbtv news this morning. kristen miranda with the headlines as they hit the wires. what is happening now in the alert center? >> kristen: keeping an eye on the markets. we have been talking about this, asian markets already operating this morning and i wanted you to look at the numbers, japan's main stock index dived nearly 5% leading the other markets lower. i know investor are keeping an eye on that.
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the beginning of the year when china's market was that was propped up by government buying plunged dramatically. we have been watching it. two economic reports due out today, commerce department is going to release reports on retail sales data for january and business inventories for december. so investors keeping an eye on that. that is the latest from the the alert center, back to you. >> john: right now, one westbound lane of independence boulevard near i-277 in east charlotte is shut down, because of a water main break. there are concerns about water collecting in the road and freezing, crews there are working to repair it. mark davenport has more. >> reporter: we heard from nc-dot officials overnight. what they told us they are scheduled to have one lane closed down on independence boulevard heading in the city at least until 4:00 this afternoon. department of transportation officials closed this lane about two nights ago, they had concerns about water collecting
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worried it could create hazardous conditions for drivers this morning when you have temperatures below freezing like they are right now in charlotte. you can see traffic signals out here that are pointing drivers in the other lanes here on independence, heading right in the city. >> one lane is closed, will be closed until 4:00 p.m., crews figured out that a water pipe from the city caused all the problems to begin with. that pipe had burst, so the department of transportation handed over control of the road to the charlotte water department to figure out the problem and make sure that it was fixed. now crews will be out here at some point this morning, making sure they can fix the problem by 4:00 this afternoon and once they do, the orange cones will come off independence boulevard and that one lane will reopen as you are driving in the city. reporting here in uptown charlotte, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: as a spanish company continues work to build the i-77 express lanes here, one national group is issuing new calls to abandon the deal and
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public roads in private hands. the public interest research group recently called the toll lanes project a boondoggle. nick ochsner traveled to chicago where one expert says drivers have learned the hard way what happens when private companies get to set the price of tolls. >> reporter: drivers along the chicago skyway had to pay more and more to get to work every day. ever since the city sold the crucial connector between it and the southern suburbs in 2005. >> we're going from $2 a toll at the time to close to $5 now. >> city awarded a 99 year lease of a road to company co-owned by cintra. they were forced to sell the road amid declining ridership. >> the expectation force road projects and proposed roads are not realistic. >> abe works with the illinois public interest research group. he says toll road deals like the one in chicago have faced
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are based on bad projections. >> decades on a year-to-year basic, overall amount of driving that americans was doing was increasing, so it is safe to plan on building roads and infrastructure based on the assumption that trafficking would continue to increase. that trend ended. >> i sell a toll road based on the assumption the traffic will keep increasing every year i own the road i'm probably wrong. >> yes, that is what the evidence is. >> in charlotte, cintra's contract with nc-dot called for taxpayers to make up the difference if revenue falls short of projections. >> the public loses out. i would say that outnumbers where it has been a clear winner for the public. >> in a statement to on your side investigates a spokesman defended the deal with cintra saying "the decision to award the contract was based on the
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delivery capabilities of synura cintra us." that contract protects the taxpayers of north carolina by putting any financial liability on private equity bond holders. scar says what happened in chicago and to other cintra-owned roads should cause state leaders to pause before leasing more public infrastructure. >> proceed with great caution. >> nick ochsner, wbtv on your side. >> christine: we have been on your side investigating the toll lane project since it was announced. you can find our complete coverage including the cost estimates to cancel the project right now at >> john: new information, north carolina made a financial killing off that record powerball jackpot. north carolina education lottery officials say stores sold $79 million more in powerball tickets over a two-month period than what was anticipated. that turned in an extra $30 million on top of the
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system. >> christine: a live look at independence boulevard this morning, all right, we changed it to i-77, the clanton road exit, exit '70 the 7 on the interstate, looks good. this is independence, thank you, chris larson, we are continuing to watch that water leak situation near 277, so keep it on wbtv for updates and we'll let you know when things get fixed there. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: little disturbance coming through the mid and upper layers of the atmosphere, you can see it here, outlined with snow that is falling from indiana and illinois in tennessee, kentucky and in the carolina mountains, but again this is very very light and spotty, if we're getting any snow east of the mountains, i'm surprised. a few flurries around, breaks of sunshine, but 42 is a good 13,
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time of the year. dan clemons sent in a picture of his grandson, cash bake per, proud to pose with a stringer of catfish. an excellent first grade student, our big catch of the day. folks, i need your pictures, email them to me at look at the weekend, 37, windy cold, tomorrow, sunday, valentine's day, more clouds but stays dry, evening temperatures in the 20s. and presidents day on monday, oh, boy, mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain. we have problems. we'll break it down in the seven day forecast with more detail. christine, back over to you. >> christine: much more to cover. uber wants to settle a class action lawsuit by paying 25 million riders. why the ride-sharing service was taken to court. >> john: declaration of love in big letters, the special
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5:38, 22 >> christine: uber says it will pay $28 million to settle two lawsuits for safety procedures and fees. the company wants to settle the class action lawsuits by paying about 25 million riders who made trips between january of 2013 and last month. the lawsuits attacked uber for charging a fee for what the company called industry leading background checks on drivers, the problem is uber doesn't do the fingerprint checks required for taxi drivers. >> john: husbands, take note, one way to earn extra points on valentine's day, which is sunday. a man in indiana wanted to show his love for his wife with more
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he bought this billboard, it reads "pat and pat ty forever, 27 years and counting you complete me, love pat" his wife isn't sure how he will top the surprise next year. >> al: he's not. >> christine: awww. kristen is going a ehhh like really. >> kristen: it's sweet, it's nice, whatever. >> al: show off! ha ha ha. >> christine: stop drinking the hate-o-rade. >> al: carter, i don't know if you're going up to the mountains to ski. >> john: it would be perfect. >> al: snow falling tonight and a fresh batch here that is good news for the ski folks up there, a long weekend, head up that
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sugar and beech of more than six inches of snow just this week alone, they will get more today you can see the disturbance, a lot of this is spotty, light, coming down in the mountains. rest of us getting anything at all a sprinkle or flurry and that is it. again, it could be a sprinkle because we're right around freezing. lots of clouds out there, the air is very dry, the dew point at 5, a lot of that is not reaching the ground, falling from the cloud base but evaporating before it hits the ground. you will get snow showers in the mountains today and tonight. 2-4 inches of snow on top of what you received this week, temperatures to hold pretty much around freezing today. you get in the foothills, there will be sunshine late this afternoon, otherwise, mostly cloudy and 30% chance of a few flurries there. 20% chance across the piedmont, 42 this afternoon. shelby, lincolnton, 44 gastonia, 40 albermarle, 43 wadesboro, a few flurries, no huge deal. certainly nothing that will accumulate. partly cloudy skies late this
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let's look at futurecast, today, mostly cloudy, talked about the snow. notice how the snow is engaged for the mountains and tonight. winter weather advisory runs out of gas. lots of sunshine and turn our attention this is sunday morning, seeing snow across the middle part of the country, that is an indication things are changing, as we go through time, monday morning, another low will develop to the south of the gulf coast region, and that will start to throw moisture our way. the problem for snow lovers, it looks like things have changed a little bit, the low won't be so far south of us, it will be closer to us and that allows warmer air to come in aloft, while it probably starts as snow late sunday night, early monday morning, this i think will transition to sleet, freezing rain and plain rain across the area, with the exception of the mountains where there could be a good dump of snow monday night and into tuesday. outside of the mountains more
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details are still mud he'lldled. we will bring you more information. 7:14, 6:03, sun up and down. cold sunshine tomorrow, valentine's day is dry, increasing clouds, monday into tuesday, big storm system will be pulling out, we're closing in on 60 by thursday. that is the forecast here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. head's up if independence expressway is part of your normal morning commute, you will remember yesterday morning they had the right hand lane shut down, that will be the case again this morning as they make some emergency water main repairs. looking live at i-77 northbound at trade street, volume light, southbound as well, running smoothly and most of the major interstates are running in the green this morning. so as we swing in center city, significant problems. we have a disabled vehicle
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you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and morning. around the corner. is sunday. at means many of us are buying flowers for our loved ones. >> christine: at 6:30, a closer look at growing trend to buy flowers that are locally grown and e co-friendly. >> john: kristen miranda is live in the alert center checking in with her coming up.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. live from charlotte, this is wbtv news this morning. >> christine: welcome back to wbtv news this morning. >> john: kristen miranda is live in the alert center with new details just coming in. >> kristen: i want to you look at your screens right now, look right here, see this car? that is a very mangled vehicle
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this is a really important reminder how important it is to pay attention to the stop arms at train tracks. look at the damage done to the vehicle. an investigation underway this morning, i just got this video in from topeka, kansas, a driver ignored the stop arms at a crossing at a train crossing and that vehicle was hit by the on-coming train. the driver did not make it. no one injured on the train, just a little damage to would be of theone ofthe cars this. happened a short time ago in kansas. back to you. >> christine: for the first time in history the leaders of the russian orthodocs and catholic churches will meet in cuba. meeting will focus on religious reconciliation. the churches split in the year 1054, they remained estranged over a host of issues. >> john: a federal judge in massachusetts says bill cosby's
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part of a defamation lawsuit. they claimed cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. she may be a avoid testifying about private conversations. they hoped to depose camille cosby this month. >> christine: chris christie is asking for federal disaster aid to help new jersey pay for last month's winter storm. he has sent a letter to president barack obama, he says his state incurred at least $82 million in costs from 30 inches of snow that fell in some areas. power outages and coastal flooding. he face criticism from some for staying on the presidential campaign trail while the weather hit. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. we're anticipating a little bit of snow in the area, maybe not that much, al. >> al: a little bit today, that is right. part of the reason for that is that we've got a little bit of cloud cover this morning and with that, look at temperature change from this time yesterday,
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mild they are morning. close to freezing in and around the charlotte area, which isn't bad considering, 17 yesterday morning, that is because this cloud cover moved in and that is a blanket so that helps keep the heat in that we garnered yesterday hitting 48 degrees. there is also a little bit of snow as this comes through the area during the morning and midday, we may see a few flurries, that is it. late this afternoon, we get breaks of sunshine. 32 at 8:00. 39 at lunch time, 42 this afternoon. well below average for this time of the year, should be in the mid 50s. we won't be around that for another five, six days. looking ahead to monday, wintery mix monday into tuesday, more about presidents day storm and what the impacts may be here and look at what we can break down for your region, i'll have that part of the forecast in a couple minutes at 6:00. right now check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start with our latest accident, this is westinghouse
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your way to the ramps to i-77, so westinghouse past granite street up to i-77, accident in the roadway there. looking live, 77 at trade street, volume of traffic beginning to pick up but running along smoothly and check of drive times, rock hill to uptown, 21 minutes, 18 concord to center city and lake norman southbound, 15 and 65. most of our major interstates are continuing to run in the green early on this morning. christine, that is a check of traffic. >> chris: we continue to watch breaking news if you're just joining us the sbi now investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in maten. >> john: at the top of the hour we learned this isn't the first time the authorities responded to the home of the victim. >> christine: i-77 toll lane project is still a aource of controversy, at 6:30 on your side taking a closer look at the company behind the project with what leaders in indiana had to say about their own toll road. you're watching wbtv news this
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than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news
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we'll wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> john: that breaking news out of catawba county this morning, police shoot and kill a man in a home in maiden. this morning, two officers are on paid administrative leave as the state bureau of investigation is looking into the incident. wbtv's ashton pellom was the first to be on the scene and first to report this story, he will join us live with the details. >> christine: light snow overnight in the high country. this morning below freezing temperatures across much of the charlotte region. meteorologist al conklin is on your side tracking the threat of winter weather in the next few days. >> john: charlotte's roads are
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transportation officials are expected back out to do the same this morning. we'll tell you how charlotte-mecklenburg school officials are preparing. good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning here at 6:00 a.m. on this friday, february 12ing, good to have you with us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. a few school delays before we toss to meteorologist al conklin. avery, mitchell, and watauga county schools all operating on a two-hour delay. so head's up there. >> john: a lot of weather to talk about let's get started with charlotte's most conklin. >> al: there is snow falling from the midwest in the deep south, in the carolinas. but a lot of this locally is not even reaching the ground. surface. so, while it looks impressive on power doppler radar, you see the white here, a lot of this probably its is evaporating. snow picking up through the day
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dry here in charlotte, that is the metro school camera, a lot of cloud cover is helping to keep temperatures up a little bit. 31 in charlotte this morning, yesterday morning we were 17. a big difference. 29 ballantyne, 27 belmont, near freezing mountain island lake, lake norman, 28 until harrisburg. north, colder, mountains at 24, 30 in morganton, 29 shelby and 28 in monroe. for today, mostly cloudy skies, a flurry or sprinkle, morning, mid-day hours. this afternoon breaks of sunshine, get back to 42. big storm system on the horizon. cover that in the seven day planner, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather morning. traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. if you travel independence boulevard head's up you may remember yesterday, that right hand lane on 277 closed down. crews are still on the scene, broken water main, they are repairing that, water seeping on the roadway and worried about morning. so again, you will find delays building as we head in the rush


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