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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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chances for rain on the increase, midday high of 62, 59 by late this afternoon. we will be at least 10 if not 15 degrees colder tomorrow. talk about that plus rain chances, it will be wet for the first part of the week, all the details coming up. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. still looking pretty good early on your monday morning, taking a look this is i-85 at 77, volume of traffic pretty light across the region this morning and most of the majors are still running in the green. 485 looks good, 77, 85 looking okay. starting to see a few slow downs, wt harris up to albermarle this morning. let's come in to center city, 277 the john belk over to the brookshire, no problems there. 77 north and southbound through center city, also looking pretty good this morning. that is a check of the morning traffic, john, over to you. >> john: we continue to follow this breaking news, firefighters
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the hildebran town hall building. >> christine: brody o'connell following the details now in the alert center. brody, what do you know so far? >> brody: this is up near i-40 off i-40 near morganton at the hildebran town hall. here is the map giving you an idea where it is while i give you the latest details. we called dispatchers to see what was going on, we reached an official who gave us the address of 202 center street. we specifically asked if this was the town hall that was on fire, dispatcher said they were responding to a fire at the town hall, which is in a complex that shares office space with other buildings. so the town hall and other offices are located in a bigger building, that used to be the old hill hildebran high school. steve ohnesorge has done thorough coverage whether they were going to tear down the building. they are in the newer part of
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the section slate forward demolition was the oldest part of the build, built in 1917. we'll bring you updates whether we get crews to the scene. >> john: more breaking news covering for you out of huntersville. firefighters remaining on the scene of a major house fire. this was the scene on devonshire drive at 2:30 this morning. no one was in the home at the time of the fire. one person ran to the scene to see if they could help, was treated for smoke inhalation, the home being reason oh renovated. charlotte-mecklenb charlotte-mecklenb urg school board members will vote on student assignment goals tomorrow but first hearing from parents about the issue. ashton pellom is live in charlotte with more or this so ashton, what are parents saying about student assignment? >> reporter: good morning, christine. many parents agree that they want diversity in schools but it
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that is where some parents disagree. cms hilled two forums yesterday, one at johnson c. smith university and the other at old zion ame church. the concerns about busing come from a list of goals the school board laid out for the future. one was using student assignment to break-up clusters of poverty. some parents hope the plan doesn't stigmatize their children. >> i don't want my baby to think, or any brown baby to think that they have to be bused to another neighborhood with people that don't look like them to be educated properly. >> if your kids were assigned over on this side of town they are not being sent to some hole where no one cares. >> reporter: we asked the school board vice chair if forced bus, if the board discuss had, she said they have not discussed
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the board will vote on the student assignment plan tomorrow and have until november 15th to finalize it. we'll keep you updated. reporting live, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: today is the deadline to fill out the district survey about student assignment. the school board will hold two more sessions about the issue today for residents of district 5 and 3. the district 5 session will be held tonight at 6:00 at myers park baptist church. the district 3 session is set for 6:30 tonight at mayfield memorial baptist church. stay with wbtv and download the news app to your smart phone, we'll let you know what happens when the school board votes on this issue. >> john: also happening today the charlotte city council set to contract controversial non-discrimination ordinance. more than 140 people are signed up to speak about the proposal that would give more protections to the people in the lgbt community. wbtv's mark davenport is covering this story for you this morning. he joins us live in charlotte so
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first time the order nan has beenordinance hasbeen debated. >> reporter: it was debated last year, voted down, went down by one vote 6-5. this time another life here and city council will talk about it again like you mentioned 140 people are signed up to speak tonight, that is a ton of people. normally each person in public comment section is given three minutes to speak. now it is one minute because of the amount of people, we also found out that hundreds more people will be outside in front of the government center behind me before the meeting, an hour before hand rallying. we'll have a ton of people out here for this lgbt ordinance. kind of understand what we're dealing with this time around since it was in council chambers last year, the opponents thought the battle was over, advocates continued to fight to get leaders to take another look at it. now a new mayor, several new council members, they may see things differently, one of the
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someone to use a rest room of the gender he or she identifies with. that was the reason the measure failed last year by the one vote. also still a hot button topic this time around. >> every person in our community in charlotte deserves to have same rights and advantages that every everybody else in the community does. >> we do know there is a risk that individuals who do happen tore sexual predators would be able to take advantage of this. >> reporter: now in the next half hour i want to you hear what governor pat mccrory had to say about the lgbt ordinance here in charlotte. he sent an email to two council members overnight. we'll read that to you in the next half hour. reporting live, mark davenport, >> john: events will be held in support and in protest of the ordinance. equality nc and community members will deliver petitions to support the ordinance. that will happen at 10:30 at the
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center. then, this afternoon, the #don't do it charlotte coalition will rally to urge leaders to vote no on the ordinance. that begins at 4:45 at the charlotte-mecklenburg government center. >> christine: history made at daytona 500 with the closest finish in the history of the great american race. chase elliott started on the pole in the first race in the no. 24 chevrolet. his day would end early when he got loose and crashed in the infield grass. would finish 37th. dale earnhardt jr.'s day ended early crashing in the wall with 31 laps to go. the final lap, denny hamlin, who led the most laps in this one making a daring move, diving under matt kenseth, hamlin would race martin truex to the line and win by a hundreth of a second! look at this photo finish. >> john: incredible.
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daytona 500 and first for joe gibbs racing in 23 years. >> preparation was great, my team was ready for anything. we didn't lose, even taking four tires when everyone in front of us took two. spoil >> christine: the series heads to atlanta. >> john: a wild finish. >> christine: plenty ahead. >> john: after recent break ins at local fire fire departments, firefighters at one station are protecting themselves, that is coming up after the break. before we go to break, a quick check of first alert weather temperatures, mild, 59 in charlotte, a live look at i-77 at woodlawn, no significant issues on the interstates this
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giving you first alert weather and traffic every seven minutes, welcome back to wbtv news this morning. >> john: 12 after 6:00, several stories we want to you stick around for coming up in the 6:30 half hour. today at 6:35, a man who rode with the uber driver hours before police say he went on that deadly shooting spree is speaking out and we'll hear what he says changed his mood. some people don't like when others post about politics on social media, all new at 6:46, we're digging deeper how to handle those posts. >> christine: now to the crime alert police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital in north charlotte. police say two men got in a fight at the marathon gas station on north graham street saturday night, one of the men was shot in the arm, he drove himself to the hospital and police are searching for the oher man involved. >> john: a crime alert at huntersville fire department,
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they are now parking inside the station. they posted a picture with "sat state of affairs, a local fire station parking personal cars inside to prevent thefts, #see something, say something." >> john: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. be prepared for changes in the forecast here is meteorologist conklin. >> al: we have them as promised om last week, starting off with a wet stretch of weather over the next couple days. no rain showing up right now here in the metro area, so again coming down i-77 or from the west side on 85, 485 all very dry this morning but a damp start to the day, the rain has been confined north of i-40, you can see a stripe here right across watauga county, so 421 is wet, the parkway, spotty showers up there early this morning. let's go through futurecast, more gray than anything, but notice as we go past lunch time we get in rain that starts to develop here to the south of us
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front that is coming through now we'll sensely allow for moisture to come up from the south through the afternoon and in to tonight. keep that in mind. 50 hickory, boone, 50 salisbury, cooler north of town, 57 gastonia, rock hill and 58 right now down to the south in the gastonia area. 57 this morning, 62 lunch time, by late this afternoon, that rain will be moving in, so again our rain chances will be on the rise, mild start to the week, big thunderstorms possible wednesday, more on that in a couple minutes. right now here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start with an injury accident on monroe road at ramah, expect emergency crews on the scene, just off of highway 74, independence boulevard. looking live at i-77 northbound going away at wood lawn, volume picking up but most of the major
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green this morning and we will swing in center city, no problems on the john belk or brookshire and 77 north and south through center city looking pretty good this morning. that is a check of testifying, will they prevail? legal experts weigh in on "cbs this morning" at 7:00. >> christine: next at 6:00 we're one day away from tipoff of the ciaa tournament, we're on your side with a look ahead to the week's events. wbtv is always on your side, in
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is 6:16. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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happy monday morning to you, as you look live on the hd tower cam, nice start to the morning. fairly cool out there but things will get better as the day goes on and we have changes in the form of rain we'll keep you updated this morning. the charlotte hornets back in action looking for the fifth straight win on the road in kemba walk we are lead the way with 28 points while big al jefferson would add18 in the second game since returning from injury. they get the win 104-96, next up, cleveland and lebron james and cavaliers, wednesday night. >> john: a busy week at time warner cable arena as the ciaa basketball tournament returns. games tipoff tomorrow with events all week long. teams and fans already checking in to hotels, looking forward a week that is more than just basketball.
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families, a reunion, it's basketball tournament, it's alumni activities, professional networking all wrapped up in a weekend or week of activities. >> john: the tournament has a huge financial impact on the city of charlotte, raised more than $20 million in scholarship money. expect more traffic around hotels and time warner cable arena where the games tipoff tomorrow. >> al: in short just a lot of fun. >> john: a lot of fun and a lot of people. >> al: i hope they packed their umbrellas the first couple days. if they are returning, they know it, you get rain during the week and we have some in the forecast. we told you this last week, start off the first couple days on the wet side. low pressure now over louisiana, you can see a frontal system stalled to the east of us, that will change things around here as we go through time. now, yeah, low pressure is going to bring us rain but i tell you what, up to the north we have this area of high pressure that is sort of building in as well,
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to the area, starting tomorrow. temperatures will only be in the 40s across the area, so we have some changes afoot. no rain right now in the metro area, showers are spotty, light, mainly up across the mountains, 421 is wet around the boone area, take you up to boone. the rain falling now is, bringing us king street in boone and you have a wet time of it but all rain, close to 50 degrees up in the mountains, problem is you hold there all day long with spotty patches of rain, 50/50 chance as we go through the day today. what about charlotte? a little sprinkle over the weekend, actually down for the month and for the year and the deficit for the year is about two inches. we'll make a lot of that up going forward this week alone. overcast conditions in charlotte right now, no rain is falling, our temperatures are mostly in the 50s, wind up damp and mild at the bus stop, rain chance is small, picks up this afternoon. coming home from work and school, rain chances on the
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59 today. yesterday we hit 69. through futurecast you can see the rain here tonight, we have rain some of it could be heavy, notice tomorrow, there is lots of gray but not much green. we're damp and chilly, maybe a spritz or sprinkle. a big area of low pressure will cut north of us. we go from the 40s to the 60s and then that opens the door for strong thunderstorms wednesday afternoon and evening. very wet through wednesday night. dry out nicely for friday and the weekend, rain totals could be approaching an inch here in charlotte through wednesday, and perhaps some higher amounts as we get across the foothills, depending on the thunderstorms. anything today is light until very late in the day, midday high of 62, temperatures fall this afternoon. 40s tonight, 40s tomorrow, very spotty and light rain, good chance tomorrow, heavy thunderstorms wednesday, we dry out nicely for the weekend.
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60 by sunday. minutes away from weather and morning. here is chris. sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we have an injury accident on monroe road at ramah. if this is hart of your morning part of your commute you'll find delays there. i-77 at woodlawn volume picking up running along smoothly here on area interstate, 485 looking pretty good, yet to see any volume delays on 77, a few slow downs providence road in toward center city, there is the accident on monroe road and a few slow downs toward wt harris. right in center city the john belk, the brookshire again, no problems there. that's a check of the morning commute john, over to you. >> john: thanks, chris. get over to brody o'connell, he is live in the alert center with new video and pictures of the
6:24 am
houses the hildebran town hall. >> brody: steve ohnesorge sent in pictures, tweeted them out. show them to you right now the first look you're getting here. this is hildebran town hall in a large complex here, in fact this is what they call the old school building complex, you might know it as the old hildebrand high hildebran high school. the older part of the building we reported steve ohnesorge has done several stories they were considering tearing down part of the old part of the building which is not on fire, that was built in 1917. right now they are actively trying to put out the fire, our steve ohnesorge is on scene tweeting out the pictures you see here. we'll get a report from steve own own inohnesorge in a little bit. >> christine: the south carolina republican primary now in the books. >> john: now the democrats turn to focus on south carolina,
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candidates are set to visit the palmetto state, plus, a look ahead to nevada's republican caucuses, you're watching wbtv news this morning. the time is 6:25.
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>> christine: governor pat mccrory weighs in on the nondiscrimination ordinance in charlotte, he said it will strain relationships between the city and state. >> john: the man accused of killing six people in michigan will be in court today. this as we hear from the uber passenger who rode with him earlier that night. >> christine: politics and social media, all new, we are we have a closer look how to handle the issues. >> john: thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning here
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us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. we have breaking news of a fire at the building that houses hildebran's town hall, we have new video and working a live report from there but first, want to get you caught up on the forecast. some of you about to walk out the door, here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: we have a lot of cloud cover this morning a little spotty rain in the mountains. very damp conditions here early this morning. there is the loop over the last six hours, just spotty, very patchy rain moving in the region. no rain falling in belmont as you look down the hill toward main street, right in front of city hall, traffic is moving along nicely as they make the right turn on nc7. 59 is where we wind up, in between a midday high of 62, rain chances pick up in fact look at this, 4:00 this afternoon on futurecast, going to be a wet evening. so chris, this morning's commute not too bad in terms of weather
6:30 am
totally different story. >> chris: tonya may be busy come 4:00. first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. right now as al mentioned most of the major interstates are running smoothly and they are dry here across the charlotte region. we're looking live at i-77 southbound coming toward you going in south carolina, northbound certainly picking up, getting to see a little bumper-to-bumper traffic. an injury accident on monroe autocarp raroad at ramah. log hill, uptown, 21 minutes, concord in center city, 18 minute commute. lake norman southbound 17 minutes, 60-miles-per-hour. let's look at the big picture, 485 looks good, 77 down to the south up to the north, starting to see a few slow-downs coming in the huntersville area and heavier traffic around albermarle road as you make your
6:31 am
independence boulevard. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: we are staying on top of news breaking out of burke county this morning, get over to brody o'connell. >> john: he's live in the alert center with new video from the scene of this big fire in hildebran, brody? >> brody: our steve ohnesorge is gathering information. sent back video from the scene. let's show it to you for the first time this morning. this is the hildebran town hall on fire, this is the far eastern part of burke county. the town hall and other offices in the newer part of the old hildebran high school, no word what caused this fire you can see it is a very active scene out there still, and also if this sounds familiar our viewers just joining us, the old hildebran high school we have done coverage on this building because they were considering demolishing the old part of the building. what we're focusing on now is the new part. that is where the town hall and other offices are. no word on any injuries at this
6:32 am
at the scene hoping to hear live from him in a little bit. john and christine, back to you. >> john: thanks, brody. 6:32, when charlotte city council gathers tonight to consider a controversial non-discrimination ordinance, governor pat mccrory may be on some people's minds. mark davenport joins us now live in charlotte with more on this story and mark, we understand the governor is weighing in on the proposal, what is that about about? >> reporter: john, yeah, he's weighing in and not a fan of this ordinance here at charlotte city council that will be heard tonight. he is ready to support immediate state intervention if it does pass this evening. wbtv got a copy of the email he sent to a few of the city council members outlining his stance overnight. the governor emailed two city council members. the ordinance could create major public safety issues if it does pass. he specifically talked about the clause where people can use whatever bathroom or locker room
6:33 am
and in the statement he also said "this action also puts an unneeded strain on the relationship between the city of charlotte and the state of north carolina" he went on to say "the city of charlotte is causing more problems by trying to solve a problem that does not exist." equality north carolina called the response disappointing. not surprise, saying he has shown himself to be an adversary of the lgbt community. something we'll be following all through the evening and all through tonight, a big rally outside the government center where i am right now, later this evening, we will be here to follow it for you on wbtv. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: also happening today the north carolina chapter of the naacp will hold a news conference in response to the state's new congressional maps. it will be held at 2:00 this afternoon at the headquarters in durham. on friday the general assembly
6:34 am
federal panel of judges ruled that two districts were unconstitutional. state lawmakers hoped to delay the use of the new map until the next election but the supreme court refused to delay the lower court's order. the state's congressional primaries have been delayed to june 7th. now top stories across the nation and around the world. >> john: com pain 2016campaign 2016 heats up in south carolina, hillary clinton will visit columbia area tomorrow and wednesday. bernie sanders making a stop in greenville yesterday, he will be in columbia tomorrow for cnn's town hall. on the republican side after picking up 50 delegates in south carolina, donald trump now focused on another win against rivals ted cruz and marco rubio. they are each campaigning now for votes in tomorrow's nevada caucuses. >> christine: a michigan man will be arraigned on murder
6:35 am
shooting spree in kalamazoo. jason dalton, an uber driver, allegedly shot and killed at least six people at three locations saturday. this morning we're hearing from one man who got a ride with the uber driver a short time before the shootings. matt melon says he got a phone call during the ride when he started driving erratically. >> we were driving through medians, the lawn, speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> authorities arrested the 45-year-old married father of two early sunday morning. they have yet to identify a motive. we are watching the commute for you, several cameras we're looking at at this hour, one of them being here at the state line, i-77 and north and southbound traffic moving but things got a little thicker this morning. just consider that are you may run into slower areas. now go to meteorologist al conklin who has a look at first alert weather.
6:36 am
that is developing this morning, christine along the gulf coast, that is going to head our way and drag frontal system back through the area. that will promote quite a bit of rain around over the next couple days. in the near term, chiliier move in. while we were almost 70 yesterday, closer to 60, mostly in the 50s. numale fishing forecast, lots of clouds not much rain. chapses for rain pick up late this afternoon. midday high of 62, fall to 59 by late this afternoon. lynn baker of concord sent in the big catch picture of her son grayson. a sophomore, excellent student at central cabarrus high school, stem student 4.4gpa. gpa.
6:37 am
forecast down, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: we have much more to come on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: a look at what is
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wbtv. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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you're planning your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: this morning you can say one couple started their marriage on a high note. >> john: literally high as in 35,000 feet. christie and jim larson said "i do" in midair during an alaska flight from los angeles to seattle. her mom is battling stage 4 cancer, part of an effort to grant her mother's three dying
6:41 am
a flight atenant, attendant and see where she lives and get married. >> i'm glad we could ouch people and make their flight a fun experience. >> her mom says it was one of the best days of her life. >> what a wonderful wish for her mother. >> john: wish them the very best. weather-wise, it is kind of mild out there but things are changing, aren't they, al? >> john: oural. >> al: we're all over the board here with the weather. sort of a little change of situation, over the weekend we had our fair share of warm weather, still mild, but again now you can see a little bit of rain come in the picture, a little more concentrated than what we had over the weekend, this boundary will slide south of us and end result will see much cooler weather going forward tonight and tomorrow, even this afternoon, considerably cooler, hd tower cam from scott clark nissan
6:42 am
much of a sunrise, 50 boone, morganton the numbers may go up over the next couple hours and hold in the low to mid 50s the rest of the day. charlotte, we get in the low 60s before we tail off late this afternoon. south of town that is the case as well. let's break it down and show you first off the big picture the seven day forecast, 50% chance of rain today, mostly concentrated toward the end of the day, if you're out and about this morning, aside from a few spotty showers north of town, there is not much happening but late this afternoon, a 60% chance of rain on the rise and by then our temperatures will have fallen in the upper 50s. tomorrow i have a 90% chance here, i think there is a high chance that we get rain but the rain doesn't look to be all that heavy. tomorrow probably more drizzle an more low clouds than anything, but you look going forward, from tomorrow in to wednesday, we start to ramp up the rain and looks like a solid
6:43 am
picture and some of that is a reflective of thunderstorms that will get in here on wednesday. that is the day we're focusing you go from 60s to 40s, back in the 60s. you know that is a volatile situation, so tonight, rain, tomorrow more gray than anything, notice going in wednesday, that is the frontal system and this is robust, so that brings us the chance of showers and thunderstorms, potentially severe weather, something we'll be monitoring. once we get rid of the rain wednesday night, dry out, the rest of the week and weekend looks nice. chill down, low 50s for thursday, friday, saturday but by sunday, up close to 60. nice by the weekend. that is a forecast check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. again, still watching this injury accident on monroe road
6:44 am
few delays out there this morning. let's take a look we also have slow-moving traffic coming off albermarle and wt harris, making your way in toward the independence expressway, a few slow downs there at the merge looking live at i-77 at arrowood, southbound traffic going toward south carolina and the inbound traffic already backed up and bumper-to-bumper at 6:43. rock hill to uptown, 22 minutes, 61 miles an hour. concord to center city, 18 minute commute, lake norman, southbound at 21 minutes, 48 miles an hour. let's keep an eye on things here but another drive time for you, matthews to center city, 15 minutes, 17 from providence road and concord to center city, 18 minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: with campaign 2016 in full swing, social media, as you can see, is playing a key role in the election. candidates are trying to reach
6:45 am
they are the best person for the job but what about when your friends post their own views on social media? jamie boll consults experts to find out how to handle social media posts on politics. this is all new in this half hour. >> reporter: when not working as a furniture repairment, jeff davis likes to go on facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. and occasionally, he uses it as a political sounding board. >> the adage let's agree to disagree and that is where i fall with a lot of people. >> jeff admit his political posts have led some people to unfriend him. >> most of them it is a bittersweet thing because they are still friends as far as i'm concerned. >> the social media comments are what michael cornfield is studying. comparing how press accident
6:46 am
media and main street media. >> more and more people are getting news and opinions from facebook. >> cornfield doesn't necessarily think social media has made people more intereted in politics, but -- >> social media allows them to say a lot more than they ever could in public. >> this increase in dialogue is bound to stir up strong emotion. jessica myrick researches the way various media shape ours emotional reaction. >> i think people have been passionate about politics, now with social media more outlets and more ways for them to express it. you can share a news story and implicitly show your opinion but also write a page-long rant. >> myrick suggests people think before they post. and don't let's motions get the best of them. >> i think when people are posting about politics on social media, they should imagine if they ran in their social media friends in the grocery store and just said the same thing there
6:47 am
>> dr. cornfield reminds his polite cal science students what they post is public. >> they learn to post things as though they would be read 20 years from now in a job interview. >> myrick suggests using emotional energy in a constructionive way if you're offended by a political post. >> don't try to inhibit the emotion, that is unnatural, see if you can turn that energy in something more positive by doing research or volunteering for political cause you believe in. >> jeff says he is not out to hurt anyone and will continue to post his political views as the election heats up. >> i learned a long time ago that i'm not likely to change anybody's mind. >> that was jamie boll reporting. if you really can't stand a friend's political posts on facebook or twitter, one option unfollow that person until the election is over.
6:48 am
to avoid seeing their posts without going to the extreme of blocking or unfriending that person. >> john: after the break, new video, intense video from the scene of this fire at hildebran's town hall. >> christine: chef billy parise will give you great idea what's to eat while watching this week's ciaa tournament, showing us queso sluffed pretzels. here is where to find bounce based on your cable provider on
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>> john: we're continuing to follow this breaking news out of burke county this morning, firefighters on the scene of a fire in the building that houses the hildebran town hall. >> christine: fire has gotten worse since we last check in. let's go to brody o'connell live in the alert center with new images of more flames. >> brody: i'm working on bringing up steve ohnesorge's twitter feed, he has been tweeting out incredible, incredible images here. let me see if i can't get it for you. pulling up, we have video as well we can show you, let's look at that. this is new video, wow, unbelievable. seeing this for the first time myself. last time we saw video, 20 minuting ago we didn't have this vantage point. if you were with us 20 minutes
6:53 am
now, the flames projecting out of what appears to be the second or third story of the building. this is the hildebran town hall in a massive building this that used to be the old hildebran high school, the newer part of the building, our steve ohnesorge has been out there an hour now working to get developments for you, so far, no word on injuries, we have no idea what started the fire, but look at those roaring flames right now and steve ohnesorge is tweeting out not a whole lot firefighters can do, the flames are so high off the ground they will have to bring in reinforcements to help out on this. incredible stuff there, john and christine, over to you. >> christine: very intense, we'll watch that over on bounce tv whether we switch over in a few minutes. >> john: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: a lot of cloud cover this rning but not much rain, arting off in the upper 50s, we'll hold in the low 60 today by lunch time we start to tail back off, 59 late this afternoon, rain chances will be
6:54 am
morning not much rain around by late this afternoon and evening, the rain overtakes the area, 8:00 tonight, tomorrow lots of cloud cover, light, spotty rain and drizzle, we will be in the 40s and then heavy showers and even thunderstorms coming in on wednesday, as this frontal system approaches from the west and in fact there may be a little case for severe weather especially from i-85 southward and eastward. that would be wednesday. no severe weather today or tomorrow, today, low 60s, tomorrow in the upper 40s. then back in the 60s wednesday with showers and thunderstorms, some of which could be strong, clear out nicely, seasonal 50s, thursday, friday and the weekend lots of sunshine, check in with chris at six minutes before the top of the hour, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. i-77 at trade street, volume running smoothly. drive times, rock hill to uptown, 23 minutes. concord to center city, 18 at
6:55 am
southbound 24 minutes. most of the majors are still in the green but we are starting to see volume delays on 77 northbound coming across 485 and we are stylisting an still listing an accident at ramah. >> brody: a michigan shooting suspect, mass shooting, suspect will appear in court. 20 killed in that fuji cyclone over the weekend. winds of 177 miles per hour. the death toll now at 20. >> also, how about this headline expect development in this one, russian leaders requesting permission to carry out surveillance flights over the u.s., they want to use cameras that they have on board aircraft we will see what comes of that. >> christine: finally, throwing fish is an old college hockey tradition.
6:56 am
than expected. this fan trying to throw a fish over the glass but the fish didn't make it over. another try, fan dropped it before getting it finally on the ice. >> brody: i saw that before i went to bed, too funny. game end in a tie.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
more live b captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an uber driver is suspected of a deadly shooting spree in michigan. this morning, we hear from
7:00 am
them up after the rampage. marco rubio hopes a shrinking gop field will make him the anti-trump candidate. only on "cbs this morning," we will take you inside the american girl design studio to reveal its new historical doll. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. these were very matter of fact killings. they weren't rushed, they weren't hurried. he just walked up and shot people. >> a deadly shoot spree in kalamazoo. >> really heart breaking. take me a long time before we move on. >> we won with highly educated and pretty well educated and poorly educated. short people, fat people, skinny people, just one. >> the candidates for president right back at it after south carolina. and the nevada -- >> our message is resonating and, obviously, the proof of that is that hillary clinton is more or less echoing more or


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