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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. wbtv news starts now with breaking news. breaking tonight, four people are dead, 14 are hurt after a gunman opened fire at a kansas business. we're getting details in on the developing situation. it has been a very busy night. good evening and welcome. >> i'm paul cameron. >> i'm molly grantham. there are several crime scenes in heston. they are around the excel plant. the shooter is among the dead. he was an employee of the company. they happened at the plant in a parking lot and two other locations. investigators say at one point
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listen to this woman who works there and neighbors with the shooter. i feel like i'm in a nightmare,ky not believe the guy that shot people up lived right across the street from us. ten feet away. >> it has been a tense situation there in kansas, she was reunited with her husband moments later which you saw, four people are dead and 14 hurt in the shooting. right now we're working with our stations in kansas to get moore about the shooting. way get you more details. we have developments in a murder cold case. cmpd arrested eye na feldman's son charged him with killing his mother in 2014. and coleen harry was the first to break the story. she covered the case extensively
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>> a little over an hour ago they transported him to the county jail. he came in earlier today near the headquarters for questioning after investigators asked him to come in. since 2014, homicide detectives have been trying to catch the person who killed him. >> and he was the one who found his mother's body. now investigators say that he is the one who killed his mother. >> and to make the arrest. i would love to get into the specifics but what i can tell you is that physical evidence led us to the point we made the arrest. >> why did he kill his mother? was it for financial reasons? they will not talk about a >> earlier in the day his wife went into the center where her
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they interviewed feldman the technicians and investigators were at his town house. it is in the same community where his mother lived and strangled. >> i'm pleased there is an end to this. neighbors never forgot about the morning two years ago when they onlied their doors and saw -- when they opened their doors and saw the police and found out it was a murdered elderly woman. >> we didn't know what was going on for two years and it was scary. there is an end to this now. >> reporter: the neighbors are digesting the news her son is charged as her killer. >> that's a shame. you never know what goes on in families. >> very sad, i don't know him very well but he seemed to be a quiet gentle man. >> reporter: neighbors say they want to commend the detectives
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investigation and police say they are working the case they stress they do not believe there are other suspects. we're live in charlotte, coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> pedestrian rushed to the hospital after they were hit by a bus. this is from the scene. and that person was hurt can you see the broken windshield. the man walked in front of the bus, they have not said if anyone will face any charges. multiple outbreaks of the noro virus and schools are shutting down. alex giles is with the steps the leaders will take to keep the virus from spreading. alex? >> reporter: molly, after that caused the metro school here to temporarily shut down, the health director called attention aid alerting parents to the symptoms they need to look ought for.
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a meeting her at the school. they had not gotten word of what happened. >> we didn't know that it was canceled because of the virus. >> no meeting tonight and no classes tomorrow for the disabled children that go here. the school closed to students due to the threat of the virus. >> and it is something, it hit close to home it shut the school down. >> it is not just this school, dozens of students have reported symptoms of the virus as well, vomiting, diarrhea. >> for a mother the concerns are alarming. >> now i want to know how do i prepare for kindergarten but what do i do about the viruses that we're coming in contact with. >> the mecklenburg director spoke about just that in a conference today. >> i would say the parents, you know, keep an eye on things, if you don't see your child starting to get better in the next couple of days it may be good to check in with your
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child are feeling sick, just stay home. >> the health director said there is no treatment for the virus but runs its course in two or three days. make sure that you say high greated if you are experiencing the symptoms. they will make up the day of class they are missing in june. reporting live alex giles,. a state of emergency in they are recovering after the outbreak of the storms. the problem now is the number of power outages across the state. at the peak of the storm thousands were without power. and we just checked with duke more than 1800 customers without in mecklenburg county, gaston has more than 640 outages. it has been a day of clean up. there was a tornado in the area.
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we were on the air covering that yesterday at 3 to 3:30 when the warning broke v a look. where it occurred. you see charlotte in the picture. this was in chesterfield it touched down south of patrick and an ef-0 between 65 and 85 miles per hour winds. that was 315 to 3:30. and no injuries out of that but scary. the wind is whipping back into the high country and tapering off and not before another one, maybe 2 inches. alert to people up there. the roads will be slippery in the morning. 36 cold here. the next three mornings will be below freezing. more on that coming up in the forecast. details in a deadly plane crash. the ntsb just put out a cell report.
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engine to air traffic control. the plane crashed in union county near marshfield. a witness said that he heard the plane's engine sputtering. it looks like the pilot glide glided it down into woods. the pilot died in that accident. apple has until tomorrow to respond to a court order with software to hack into a phone owned by the san bernardino terrorist. the ceo of apple will take it to the supreme court. forcing the engineers to create code violates the first amendment and a report from "the new york times" reports engineers are working on new security measures that will make it impossible for the government to break into a locked iphone. we will be following this very closely tomorrow as it develops. campaign 2016, jennifer roberts helped to open hillary
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this will be the base for her grass-roots effort before the primary on march 15th. and bill clinton drummed up support while in rock hill. she is leading bernie sanders in most polls in south carolina, the democratic primary in south carolina is saturday. tonight the remaining gop presidential candidates laid it on the line in the final debate before super tuesday. this could be the last shot for them t t grab supporters away from donald trump who is leading in most polls. and ted cruz and marco rubio took a lot of shots. donald trump called marco rubio a jokester and cruz a liar. there was limited substance. cruz and marco rubio are fighting for second place. tonight a little puppy shoot with a bb gun 18 times has a new home. we have been following the story and you have, too. we met the girl who is adopting him.
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died two months ago and brody is bringing back her smile. >> when i lost woodrow, i just thought i last half my heart. now i have the other half back. >> that is a great story, brody has some of the bbs in him and he is making a remarkable recovery. the story is on our web site at wbtv. >> he looks better with that little girl than just two days ago when we saw him. he was a sad puppy, amazing he survived that. 18 bbs. >> the whole story on our web site. >> an investigation asking why a veteran died waiting for an appointment at the va. >> there is no excuse for that. >> he didn't say i will fight your war. >> a senior lawmakerrer is
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>> proposal for several suburbs to split away from cms. why the mayor says the district needs to be split up. we're following that breaking news in kansas. four people are dead and others inyouinjured. we're hearing from a person who
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the chaos in we are staying on top of breaking news in kansas. four people are dead after a shooting in a business. these are live pictures we're getting, that's from kansas. the cbs station there. this is video from today this is in heston the shooter is among the dead. we learned the police have that alleged shooter's home surrounded right now. there are crime scenes where the shooter opened fire. listen to the man inside of the building when the chaos erupted.
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gunshots a shooter we kept hearing pop, pop. i ran over there was a fellow, adam, he was shot i walked over i tried to help him as much as i could. >> 14 people are hurt, the f.b.i. and the bureau of investigation are on the scene t is a developing story. we will stay on top of it throughout the news cast bringing you the latest details. >> family demanding answers from the va hospital say doctors there failed to diagnose a veteran with the terminal cancer. charles earn hard died a week after he was told he had stage four cans they're had spread from his liver. now his family is telling our investigators that it is a diagnosis that should have been made weeks earlier. >> charles liked riding his bike. he would ride it all over town. run errands or get out of the
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went to the va clinic to see a doctor about the lack of energy and weight loss that put the brakes on his riding. >> he was feeling down, you don't have no energy. >> and he could not ride his bike on the track no more. he was getting winded all the time. >> the records show he was seen by a doctor on the sixth a note says a doctor at the clinic called three days later to say he suspected liver cancer and ordered an mri. no where in the record does it show that the mri was performed. >> my dad he passed away waiting on a va appointment, he said that was scheduled for december 15th. but he could not wait that long. he passed out on thanksgiving day, rushed to the hospital and told he had terminal cancer. he died six days later.
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had six days to gets had life in order. he passed away circumstances that acceptable to you, i wish i could tell you it is isolated. it's not acceptable. >> richard burr says he hears stories like that all too often. >> who is responsible for that. >> listen i hold the secretary responsible he is in the chain with not only the power to transform the va but the authority to do it. >> and a spokesperson where his mri was ordered provided the record but did not explain why it was not conducted closer to the time it was ordered. >> there is no exodus for that he didn't say wait -- there is no excuse for that, i didn't say wait, i'll go fight the war. he didn't state wait. >> reporting from salisbury. >> we asked the va to respond to the calls for accountability. a spokesperson said he would send a statement and failed to do. so if you have experienced delays or need help with a
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you. go to, fill out the form to get you the help that you need. tonight the student assignment controversy in cms has the mayor of matthews wants the town to break off from the district. the mayor jim taylor said he is ready to talk to state lawmakers about establishing a district for matthews, pineville and minthill. >> he is getting overwhelming support. >> we will do what we need to do to take care of our children. >> raising taxes? >> raising taxes. >> and to separate from cms, the leaders have to approve it there is no plan or time line on the table. >> information about a man who police say broke into the personal vehicles of some 40 firefighters at fire stations across six cities. they arrested johnny binge in charlotte. he is behind the break ins in more than a dozen fire departments in charlotte, core
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he was listening to scanners when the firefighters were called out he would move in. and this afternoon the police talked about how they were able to track him down, the piece of evidence,ky not tell you what the evidence was but it was in york county during a a investigation. >> that will pinpoint it, they were able to identify binge and a car he used. they located that at northlake mall. he was inside and found a weapon that was stolen. >> police and firefighters are happy to get him off the streets. >> crews are working around the clock to keep the roads clear in the north carolina mountains. look at that. people were bundled up, taking it slow. dot were clearing the roads, the side roads. they were dicey.
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the districts are delaying classes because of the weather. and allegheny are delayed. avery and mitchell delayed three hours. the wind has abated from last night but it is blowing out there and it is chilly. >> we're tracking it all for you. he is live in the weather center. >> let's get to it we'll talk about the wind you were referencing along with it. the snow that blows into the mountains, this is on the backside of the system that brought us the weather but you will see it is thinning out that's why we told you we're figuring only another inch or two up in the high country. the weather service will leave the advisory in effect for mitchell, avery, and that wind advisory will expire at 7:00, you could see gusts at 40 to 50 up there. let's get to the 7 day first alert forecast. this is looking nice, isn't it as we take into friday and the weekend.
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we'll take you up, though to 50 degrees in the afternoon. the high we showed you probably will hit close to the average high of 53 degrees. into the mountains. a different score and the snow is tapering off. and up there. but high temperatures don't get above freezing. we're in the foothills. mid40s. we're not looking for rain or snow. and into the piedmont we go. and all the way into the pee dee. low to mid-50s. you're in the money as well. you saw this. we'll sail into saturday and how about sunday right now up to 66 degrees. monday is fine. and there is a storm system on the way tuesday and it gets here on wednesday. we can talk about. well, how about that. the high of 62 but storms along
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this is the front that will race into the picture. with it i'm not seeing any chance of weather yet. but again this could change. we want to keep it here we track this. we are flat lined. we take you into the wednesday timeframe. another look at it again. so beautiful mild all the way through wednesday. you know what happens on the backside. it is a cold front. cool off we will dry out. there it is. the temperature trend. molly and paul in time for the weekend. plenty of sunshine. we'll talk another run at 70 degrees. back to you. >> eric thanks.
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ciaa tournament in sports. a perfect showdown for the ciaa tournament. and the host taking on living ston. a nice crowd for his one they were treated to a dandy of a game. smith down 2 with 12 seconds to go. davis the lay up and this game is tied. the other end. attack.
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back in before the buzzer. it is good and bon review, waved off. we go to overtime smith down. they run the perfect play, they get a lay up in on the other end. that's blocked. the refs call it goal tending. overtime 2. what a game. second overtime. the biggest bucket came from darrell hames trainen. a minute to go. and a thriller in double overtime. and ending the season 1 and done. and a tough loss for steven joiner. for the latest go to or the harley davidson sports app. you can get updates all week long. and the women take on virginia
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semi-finals, that's at 6:00. two more vehicles until the conference u.s. tournament in birmingham. 49ers hosting san antonio and remember the alamo. and set up the niners with a hot start. scored 17. right behind joseph achebo 21 points and 16 rebounds. he broke the single season rebound record in conference u.s. with 187, niners won the game in double overtime. 114-108. they host texas el paso saturday. the acc the tournament in washington, dc. florida state and duke. could be one of the most season stars and very confident now. and marshall plumly through in a double-double.
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checks other scores. high-point. they fell 87-85. and body slammed. and i guarantee the win on wbtv we don't lose at home. it's not allowed. hornets on the road at indiana. tonight on steph curry. the warrior needed a three pointer there it is. he broke the record shared by curry and going in. a three pointer and 127 straight regular season games. you might imagine he did it in the first quarter. he had 51 points. he had 10 three pointers.
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we are on top of breaking news as we have been saying four people are dead and 14 are hurt after a shooting inside of a business of heston. the scooter is -- the shooter is among the dead. his moment is surrounded. there are multiple scenes where he opened fire. and officials are on the scene now. this is a developing story. we'll stay on top of it. there is a lot of tension watching this we will watch overnight bringing you the latest details. >> you can see that this morning at 4:30 a.m. thank you for
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