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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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starts right now. p and tonight two men rushed to hope a couple one a good samaritan after their hose completed. >> he jumped out of his car without a hesitation and runs into the frames. we go in after him. >> neighbors are telling bus the man who pulled the family out of the fire. good evening and welcome, i'm molly grantham. i'm paul cameron. the devastation can you see that a driver failed to make a turn and ran into a propane tank and it blew up killing the couple. the fire did not stop neighbors and a stranger from running in to pull them out. >> and there was a scramble to rescue the couple.
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trying to help. >> it was a truck hitting the house. i stuck out and called 911. can you see how the word emergency was a understatement. and they wonder what could have caused the driver to go off the road. he spoke with the driver at the scene, i gave him a jacket, he said i went to sleep. >> after the driver hit the tank, he felt no other choice but to run to help. >> he was getting out on his own, assisted him and hear the gas line spewing. >> a couple was in the house, i was yelling at her and waiving out of the back of the house. she finally heard me. she turned around and made two steps the house blew up. air. >> you see it 35 feet in front of you.
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a man drives by, he jumped out without hesitation and runs into the flames, we go after him. he got mr. newton hout. when we got him across the road he was coming carrying the woman. >> they don't know who that is. they say they never have seen him before. now they are waiting for answers. >> the driver stated when i got to him that he fell asleep. later on the story changed he was dodging a deer. i don't know. >> reporter: coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> i heard her say there was a mysterious man driving along and ran out of his truck. he only identified himself as an exmarine. there was a neighbor, 20-year-old who only wants to go by justin. he ran in, too.
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>> and you heard her last words. >> yes. is my husband okay, i said yes, she said tell him i love him. i went to tell jd he said tell my life i love her i went and told her i was carrying a conversation between them. >> and they later died at the hospital five minutes apart from each other. remarkable and heartbreaking story. there will be a gathering at the baptist church to pray for the family and the first responders working on the case, that is tomorrow night 7 p.m. in long dale. we have developments around the charlotte city manager who is stepping down. and the city of charlotte announced ron carly will stay on and serve through the end of the 2017 budget process. he is happy to stay on. his contract ends at the end of march. it is not clear how long it will take. the council will take action on this in two weeks.
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health warning, another case of mumps this time a student at unc-charlotte. the student lives off campus and is in isolation at home. there are three total cases of mumps in the county and for mower possible cases. a school shut down because of a noro virus will remain closed. and dozens of members were sick with the noro virus symptoms. we're live on your side digging where it may have started. >> molly it is quiet here and that will not change tomorrow morning as you said. classes have been canceled here at covenant for tuesday. they were canceled today. we're not hearing of any students that have been affected but the faculty is a completely different story.
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department saying this started and mercy mikes. and 50 and with the virus. and recently and this is the time for the outbreak. >> and. >> they are making us suspect that and responsible. now official tests will be back from the lab at the end of the week. >> the best way to stay away
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in matthews. >> and the school reopened today. more spring-like temperatures in store. >> a chance for rain. >> there are a couple of opportunities let's look at that first one. we have severe weather over the next 24 hours. and it could be a shower showing up by late in the afternoon. we have 4:30. we're on the leading edge of this, the bulk will not be here. and this is what you expect.
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>> chill in the air. and rain and snow after that. tomorrow three men accused of shooting in up town charlotte will appear in court. and and kevin thompson and fire 40 to 50 shots into two it had people in a panic. we took the concerns about the violence to a council man. >> i hope they do not look at this. >> the ciaa commissioner said the conference is working to figure out why new ways to tighten
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events. >> and officially booked into the york county jail. there is a mug shot and after he was extradited. he shot and killed jessie campbell in his home in january. campbell owned a greenhouse and dejesus used to work there. there is not a motive. he is expected to go before a judge in the morning we will be there to let you know what happens. the governor said he will not call lawmakers back to a special session to address the ordinance. and lawmakers will take it up. >> and and overturn the move. and it is concerned with the
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is 42,000-dollar as day. we're hours away from super tuesday. voters in a dozen states will hold primaries and caucuses tomorrow. donald trump was fending off attacks from other candidates. >> and disavowing the leader david duke. and people interrupted the rally. he took hits from candidates from both sides of the aisle. >> there is no place for bigotry. and. and and refusing to condemn the kkk. there were a dozen contests on
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ted cruz is hoping to get a boost in texas. republicans are competing for more than 150. and voters are concerned about jobs and the economy. if the hols are accurate. >> on super tuesday they will choose half the required delegates and a third for the democratic nomination. nascar ceo weighing in on the political race endorsing donald trump. he appeared alongside donald trump. he pointed to his success in business and personal life. france has known him for 20 years.
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be proud. >> and. there is information on a photographer thrown down by a secret service agent. what he did that elicited the response. >> i'm investigating robberies near the popular mall. i talked with a victim who was
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stuck a gun in her face. a mother and father robbed at gun point. we have discovered two near the mall. they were hours apart.
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cameras in the area caught it on tape. >> and angel townsend and her boyfriend were leaving. another vehicle pulled up behind them a man got out and started talking to them. >> he said all right. >> put the gun in the window. they were robbed just before dinner time, i was very surprised. this is happening right now. >> and the suspect took $50 drove off. >> and shaken up. and a month later. and a target down the road. a shopper said the latest robbery.
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>> it is frightening. the suspects were two men who hopped into a sedan and took off. if you have information and contact police. police are trying to find the person who opened fire at a gas ton county home a person was killed and father of a child. this is the home where it happened in gaston police say 300 people partied there on saturday night. police say they believe that party goers took him to the hospital, that's where he died. the attorney-general weighing whether to pursuit the death penalty for a couple that were killed. and arguments were in
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he is accused of ordering the killing of doug and debbie london. the attorney-general will decide whether to seek death penalty against the two. several members of the bloods have entered deals. >> construction officially underway. the concourse is on the side of the facility and it is just one of the projects at the airport. part of the plan that will guide expansion into the next decade. we have information on a fronton station between a photographer and a secret service agent. a time photographer got into a scuffle at the donald trump rally. the photographer stepped out of the media area to get a better photo. the photographer was pulled back and then the photographer can be heard cursing at him. that's when the agent pulled him
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it is aware of the incident. >> this what you have to do w a tornado bearing town the driver of a truck looks for shelter. she is locked out of a store in louisiana. >> here it is. >> you will see her come up. >> there she is, she braces herself. she is just out. there she escaped without any serious injury. >> and watch this. look at that how fast it happened. she is there. >> and you have a person out in the open. >> and moving,ky not think of a more helpless feeling than to. >> tell us about that. >> no severe weather to report.
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running for cover but you know what, we're going to start off here. the forecast no waste of time for rain coming up and snow. let's break it down. the high how about that. limited sunshine. clouds on the increase and 68. cloudy skies. that's noted about. and and and later on in the afternoon.
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and this is later in the day 65. and rain and late in the afternoon. and down into the piedmont upper 60s. >> and very nice. and it is in the morning hours. and a half inch of rain. and we're cooler on wednesday but that system is moving out very, very quickly during the day.
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that is our way for thursday. here and this is thursday night now. and up that way. here it is. >> and we're going to bottom out on friday. and overall. and tuesday and thursday night into friday. new at 11. bombs bursting in air.
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at the park for for the knights games. people came out in uptown to give a rendition of the star spangled banner. the chance to sing in thousands of people. >> i saw a student sing. that was amazing.
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it's not march yet thanks to the leap year but time to leap into the throes of the play. and the conferences you have league tournaments then on to the big dance.
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time and interplay. and a big father in their cap for the bid. and and meeks. and they control early. and and three of 17 senior bryce johnson who was announced as one of 11 players in the player of the year. and. >> and keeping the hopes alive. and. and success. but they have to make the playoff. and come and gone. luring to the con spines hosting phoenix.
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24 games and they are very much on the bubble of making0 or missing the playoff. and gaining ground jumping from 7th to 6th. they didn't play. good news there. the nfl deadline for franchising players is tomorrow. what will the panthers do. it is thought they would use it on josh norman. they started negotiationss and talks are ongoing and. if they phrase norman he will make 14 million give the team more time to work out a long term contract and do that up until july 13th. the 28-year-old had a break out season. >> rolling the dice.
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>> and dale junior's old number. and the in 7th place on the cups win. and heading to vegas. all things sports. the sports app where the previews and recaps, scores
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