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tv   WBTV News Prime Time  CBS  March 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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temperatures were in the mid40s. that was fun while it lasted. now the rain is moving off to the east. you will see these light patches of snow continuing to move in and out of the high country. the national weather service posted these for ash, hua -- watauga, burke. we are thinking another inch or maybe more than that in the highest elevations. we have had some up there. so again it is really beginning to get rung out. around 40 in the piedmont and mid40s in the corridor and hour by hour forecast. a slow drop in temperatures. we will be around 40 even by 11:00 this evening, maureen. and then thereafter, we will talk about a warming trend. that's part of your seven-day first alert forecast. >> maureen: eric, thank you. snow in the mountains lead avery county schools to close early.
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school will open tomorrow, make sure to visit keep track of the weather hitting your neighborhood. download the free weather app. it has free forecasts and push alerts to warn you of any problems this your neighborhood. >> maureen: right now, the search for a pregnant north carolina woman and her 2-year-old daughter. sara kelly and her daughter raya horton left their apex home. police don't know if they walked or if they were picked up. kelly's brother says she call him to say they were on their way home, but they never returned. if you have any information about where these two might be, take a good look at your screen and please call authorities. the march to the polls. it took place this evening and this event is a spinoff of sorts of the highly publicized moral monday rallies they had in raleigh. the rallies involve people upset over the state's voter
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it requires a government-issued id to cast a ballot throughout the state. supporters say voter id will protect the voting process. critics like the naacp say the law will make it harder for some people to go out and vote. >> maureen: now on "primetime" a sad case to report out of caldwell county. a man is accused of stabbing tonight we are hearing from the man's daughters who say their father was an abusive part of their lives earlier, and they were even hurt by him. wbtv's brody o'connell has their reaction. >> still to this day i am scared of my dad. a grown woman and i feel sick to my stomach when i see him. >> reporter: they say last night's violent attack should have never happened. the 25-year-old women tell wbtv their father, william henry pitts, has a long hits stree of abuse. >> my mom protected us a lot. she took most of the
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we dealt with it all our life until we were 13 or 14. my mom finally left and we quit talking to him. we see him every now and then. >> reporter: wbtv investigated and we found between september of 99 and november of 2008 pitts was charged eight times for assault on a female, but the charges were dismissed. it is not clear why they were dismissed. however, sonia and samantha say his abusive behavior was known outside the criminal system. this year the sisters say they reached out to the caldwell county dss to warn them about their father who they say was a threat to his girlfriend and two sons. >> called the department of social services a little over a month ago and they did two visits and didn't do a drug test. i told them he was on hard drugs. >> they should be at fault for what my dad done. they knew it. we told them before it happened. >> reporter: wbtv reached out to dss for comment. our call was not returned.
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brought this picture of their step brother to the crime scene as a reminder of the life that could have been lost. brody o'connell, wbtv on your side. >> maureen: more now on the number of mumps cases in north carolina. the north carolina department of health and human services says there are six confirmed cases in the state. officials are still looking [no audio]. another case of the zika virus in north carolina. wake county health officials confirmed one person in the county contracted the mosquito-borne virus while traveling abroad. this marks the first case in wake county and the fifth across north carolina. they hired two medicallen entomologists to track where the type of mosquitoes who are capable of carrying them
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we now know the name of the victim involved in a hit-and-run. it was 51-year-old jose gutierrez. you will recall the story is one involving a honda van later found backed into a parking space at a local apartment complex. the van had a lot of damage to the front and the driver has since been charged with driving while impaired and felony hit-and-run. the chesterfield county sheriff will serve as the chief law enforcement officer in pageland after an emergency town council meeting. the move comes after almost every police officer walked off the job yesterday protesting the reinstatement of chief larry brown who is under investigation by the state. brown will work under the direction of the sheriff and with town officials to get the police staffing addressed. the off duty county deputies are helping police in that area. >> what can grow to be 10 feet
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just moved to north carolina? it is a polar bear. today nakita was welcomed to the state. they offered the huge white bear a little romantic advice. wbtv has the bear facts from the state zoo. >> reporter: this lovely lady is anana. today we went to meet her new boyfriend. >> nakita, that is our new male polar bear and he is having the time of his life. he loves north carolina and he is actually fishing right now. he is taking a quick swim and then the rest of the time he is romancing anana. they are here as breeding polar bears and we are hoping to have babies one day. >> nakita has been here since january and today was the official introduction.
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guess you can call. it the polar express. >> yes, actually, it is very interesting. federal express moved nakita to us. >> dignitaries were on hand and the governor who has fond memories of the zoo. >> took it for granted that it was so close. this is the world's largest natural habitat zoo and not everyone has this. >> everyone hopes the great environment will set the mood. >> just in case he neated prompting -- >> we will get uh bottle of wine and a table and italian food and play a billy joel album. >> reporter: the governor could barely contain himself and had some romantic advice of his own. >> i never had to promote such a thing.
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side. >> oh gosh that's hysterical. anana and nakita are two of 35 polar bears of breeding age in captivity in the world. the governor's visit was also a campaign stop for the $2 billion bond package. now on the ballot, if approved the zoo would get more than $25 million in upgrades. >> maureen: up next on "primetime" we are hearing from the store clerk who fought off this attempted robber and it was all caught on tape. plus, when crimes like an ak47 shooting in uptown happen, is there a way for you to stay safe? and who is responsible for maintaining your security? we'll take a look. and a south carolina teacher who resigned after a student allegedly stole nude photos of threats. you are watching "primetime." we are your only live, local news at 7:00 and we will be
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stick around. >> maureen: here is a look at today's best video. an 11-year-old golfer has become an overnight sensation after hitting an amazing hole in one right in front of tiger woods. taylor had the teeing off honors at a new kids' course in texas designed by woods. watch that. boom, hole in one on the first shot of the first hole on the
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he made that hole in one. tiger was there to see it all and he even got a nice big hug from tiger woods on top of it. >> maureen: a dog runs the show on this michigan runway. 7-year-old piper is a border collie and he has an official job. he is in charge of chasing away birds and other critters off the runway. video of him on duty has gone viral on-line. it has about four million views so far. a florida family found an unexpected and uninvited best. guest. they say the nine-foot gator made the trek from a pond to her home. she said her husband noticed bubbles coming from the pool and realized it was this guy. thankfully the gator was captured and no one was hurt there. >> maureen: still to come on "primetime" a south carolina teacher who resigned after a student allegedly stole nude photos from her phone now says she is being threatened. here is what you can see if you are staying in and
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>> maureen: now on "primetime" we showed uh video of a store clerk fighting off an armed robber. now she is describing the insurance -- the incident that has many calling her a hero. she was working alone on tuesday when this hooded man came in for a mountain dew. she could tell by his body language something wasn't
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the money at the register she fought back. >> i said no i can't. he said i shoot you. i said go ahead if you want to shoot me. shoot me. >> can you imagine? he never got a chance. she slapped the gun away from her face and then grabbed a hammer. the embarrassed attempted robber is now in custody. >> maureen: time for a look at what is trending and these are the most popular stories on our social media sites. stories you may have shared. a python's appetite going viral tonight. after a snake catcher noticed an unusual bulge in the snake an x ray revealed the snake ate this purple teddy bear. experts say it is wenter -- winter and snakes are feasting. if a dog had been playing with the bear, the snake may have smelled that and that's why he ate it? he had surgery to remove the bear. >> maureen: a teacher is
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student discovered and distributed nude photos of her just a week after she was forced to resign. she said she received an anonymous [inaudible] on the back of one of the four nude photos that were taken by that student off her phone. >> it has been very emotional. you are positive one minute and then the next minute you are like, you know, the last 12 hours do i have anything left? >> maureen: who ever wrote the threatening messages will face a felony charge. he hopes to find the culprit by next week. now the carolina panthers released the veteran defensive end charles johnson after the announcement. johnson tweeted love, respect and hard work, # panther pride. >> maureen: the team released defensive tackle edwards and offensive tackle nate
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for more on these stories and others like us on facebook and make sure to click on the links. >> maureen: in our "primetime" pic it comes from garnet rose with the caption good morning maureen boil wbtv was the only sun we saw this morning. getting ready for more snow. thank you so much. i love to follow her. she is garnet rose. check her out on instagram. she is a soap maker up there and beautiful products. # wbtv and me. that's how we can find your pictures. follow us on instagram, wbtv underscore news. i am there posting pictures and people roll their eyes because i post lots of pictures of my dogs and food and weather. >> thank you. >> eric: soap is a lost art when you think about it. >> maureen: everybody is trying to go natural and it is a nice thing to do. >> eric: you just do this these days and you don't see the beautiful bars of soap anymore. i would like to see that. >> maureen: if you go to farmer's markets and things
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>> eric: they still got it there, yeah. ivory soap, remember it always floated? >> maureen: eric. >> eric: here we go, maureen. the rain is moving through and it is already now down to the corridor. what do we have left? just some sprinkles here and there and then the patchy light know up across the high country. we'll get to that. moderate rain is moving through lancaster county and chesterfield. this is part of the viewing area. you can see the heavy access moving down to i-95. into the high country we go. the power doppler radar is still scanning some of the patchy snow working across bristol. it will move eastbound and make its way back to the high country. they could see another inch up that way. it looks like things are under control and tapering off. that's what it looks like through overnight. then as we take you for a tour around the rest of the wbtv
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life temperatures. we are still in the low 40s. remember it was 46 degrees when we were hearing the reports of snow earlier in the afternoon. there is an extremely rare alignment of the atmosphere to get snow to hit the ground. that's impressive. outside of that, 30s across the foothills and 20s, yeah, that snow is in the air up in the mountains. we'll see the temperatures wobble around. you can thank the low clouds. the temperature won't be dropping much with the insulating blanket of cloud cover. as we roll through the rest of the overnight, the core of the storm through elizabeth city and off the eastern coast. you will see the cloud breaking up as the rain departs. chilly about 39 degrees and in the high country you could have a left over flurry up that way as the temperatures hover around freezing during the early morning hours. the rest of the day on friday, you have to like this. the clouds are clearing out. when you see that you know the sun will make an introduction
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a left over flurry in the morning hours. temperatures near 40 for most of the populated locations. we bring it down into the piedmont. mid50s all the way into the pd and also the sand hills. we bring you to the upstate of south carolina, midto upper 50s for you. beyond that first alert forecast over the next seven days and it is going to be nice and quiet and with more and more sunshine notice each day we are tacking on a few degrees and a few degrees and into the 60s into the weekend and the low and even the mid70s by midweek next week. that's the way it stacks up. maureen, back to you. >> maureen: eric, thank you. it is a crime that shocked many of us. a gunman unloading an ak47 in uptown charlotte. it happened this weekend. throw people are now -- three people are now charged. those are their mug shots. while they followed the ciaa tournament there is nothing from police to connect that shooting to the ciaa event.
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town to go to ciaa events. unfortunately history has proven violence during the time of special events like that no matter what it is whether it is a sporting event or concert. the security analyst joins us now. in your most recent blog on, you talk about these security at special events. what can someone do to maintain a safe environment? >> we have to understand that there is a crowd mentality, a group mentality that goes along when violence is initiated or arguments are initiated in events like that. there are certain things people can do. taking responsibility for their own safety is a very important thing. >> you also mention incidents of violence. the shooting at a party that featured diddy. why is it we see violence in
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is it easier for the people who want to commit these crimes to get away and get lost in a crowd? >> there are large gatherings and they are spectacles in and of themselves. they bring people together and get the pack mentality going. >> you mention in your blog that there are things, advice that you give to stay safe during events like this. can you go through that for us? >> sure. there are about four of those. when you book your seats for the event sit close to an exit. i know it is not always possible so if you can't sit close to an exit at least identify where the exits are. secondly if you see people rushing toward an incident going on, be smart. turn around and walk the other way. if you do get caught in a stampeed, move behind a solid object. finally avoid confrontations. we all know that good times
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in people. avoid it and walk away. >> maureen: it is important to hear this information, but it gives me goose bumps. you don't have to go far to get his information. head to and look under blogs. that's where you'll find carl's blog. as for the shooting in uptown following the ciaa, the events commissioner released a statement that read in part, we are awaiting all of the facts and we will be working with the city, the crva and the cmpd and our partners to fully investigate the incident. we are committed to taking action to identify ways to prevent violent behavior. while there were hundreds of events that went incident free over the course of the week, any act of violence is completely unacceptable to us. carl, thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> maureen: we'll be back after this. >> closed captioning on wbtv
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concord. >> eric: here we go, maureen. look at the numbers toward the end of the weekend. 60s and 70s are on the way. >> maureen: sounds good. thank you for watching and
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good night.
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