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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we're back in under all new on wbtv news sunday morning a double shooting in salisbury leaves two brothers shot. one dead. following the latest in the investigation as officers search for the person who did it. plus loved ones remember a local high school student. how she's being honored by those who knew her next. >> hope you're having great start to your sunday morning. i'm brody o'connell. >> good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. >> it is a cool start to this sunday morning but it sounds like if you liked yesterday today is not going to be too bad. >> if you liked yesterday today will be better. >> today will be better. >> at least.
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low 60s. >> we did 60 but it clouded over and it started to feel cooler but today it will be in the low 60s. so it should feel a little warmer today. we're starting out this morning in the 40s. we're going to be 44 around 8:00 o'clock through the early morning hours. by noon up to 61 and even if you do wake up to cloudiness to start things off this morning west of charlotte you may that's going clear out pretty quickly. so we've got the afternoon through the early evening full on sun. so it's going to feel really nice and then we get warmer from here. so we've got 60s and 70s for most of this week. we'll talk about that in just a few. >> right now let's get to headlines. we start with a crime alert. we're working to learn more about a robbery in charlotte.
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there was a foot chase possibly drugs involved at the scene we'll stay on top. police are searching for who shot two brothers and killed one of them. they were called out to the post yesterday morning. when officers arrived they found 29 year old and 24-year-old brothers in a field behind the building. both were flown the hospital where the younger brother passed away. the commander of the legion post says it's been nine years since they have seen anything like this. >> but of course of all the good things we do sometimes you can have 150 good people and one person can come in and cause some kind of a problem and then you know it's bad apple for everybody. >> you may recall in 2007 a teenage girl was caught in the crossfire of gangs shooting at a
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the facility houses a school for high risk children and as many community parties. if you know anything about the shooting this weekend you are asked to reach out to police. well another shooting to tell you about this one happened in east charlotte. now two victims in the hospital with serious injuries. they were found with gunshot wounds to the head according to police. this happened in front of an apartment complex on carriage drive circle. officers responded to a call to a neighbor. one person says she has a child and after something like this happens so close to home she has to be extra cautious. >> i cannot leave them outside because we have to keep an eye. you never know what happens. i mean if it was a drive by it could have hit them. >> cmpd has not released the i'd dent titties of the victims. the shooter is on the loose -- identities. >> a person shot by a tow truck driver is expected to survive.
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happened yesterday after the victim's car was booted on central pacific avenue in south charlotte. police are now looking why the tow truck driver fired his weapon in the first place. somehow he was able to make it to c.m.c. pineville. the tow truck driver was arrested charged with assault with deadly weapon. >> one person died while test agg race car this happened here in rowan county. state highway patrol says the person was thrown from their car on performance road in mooresville near the mooresville drag strip. it appears the car went off the road and hit a ditch causing it to roll over. there was a harness in the car but not a traditional seatbelt the driver of the car was from canada. he was test driving the repairs made on the car. the victim was claiming to take it back to canada. now state highway patrol are investigating. >> mcdonald's is helping the
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restaurant at their hickory branch wednesday night. -- lost audio. one died at the scene and the other passed away friday from his injuries. all mcdonald's in the area will host a fund-raiser tomorrow. here's how it works a dollar from every big mack extra value meal sold will be donated to the victims. account. we posted that for you on our website. well friends and families are remembering a student who was killed this past week in a crash this accident happened tuesday on wendy grove road killing 15-year-old heaven shay. the car she was riding in crashed when the driver was speeding. during a vigil last night we talked to heaven's sister who has been overwhelmed by
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>> she was my only sister i got and i got told that she died. i just like didn't think so because she's always been there for me in everything. i didn't want to lose her. >> truly heart breaking. our hearts go out to the family there. heaven was a student at the high school. >> well politics politicians and loved ones showed up to say their final goodbyes to malik kai green. a memorial was held for him -- malakai green. he was a fixture in the community. he was a former charlotte counsels tillman and served in governor martin's administration and kept up with current events in the charlotte area. people say green was one of kind. they say he knew how to get things done. >> he always had me lauflg about stuff hef would tell me about things going on in his life and i had the same so you know he was a fun guy to be around and hang out with. >> green apparently was battling
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age of 73. >> wells the salisbury fire department is teaming one the american red cross to help a lot of people stay safe. they installed smoke detectors for people in the moreland park neighborhood for free yesterday. there were 300 people in that area. the door to door event was response to a tragic fire from where they set up yesterday. unfortunately she didn't have the early warning necessary to evenings scape early prior to such injury. >> officials encourage you to get the latest fire warning technology -- they include a battery that only needs changed every 10 years. use daylight-saving time to battery. >> well looking ahead the final
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girder first will kick off this morning -- it's been a lot of fun down there. sixty-eight teams face-off in back-to-back games tomorrow event is hosted by the north carolina youth rugby union that is the governing body of the rugby. it's their largest rug girder first yet -- and rugby is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the nation for youngsters. it's going to be in the olympics this year. >> sure rugby is the father of football. it's where touchdown comes from. if you think of touchdown what does that mean? in rugby when you get to the end zone you have to touch the ball down with control to get the points. if someone tackles you and you drop the ball there's no score. >> it's a fun sport to watch. 100 percent of the money will be supporting north carolina youth rug guy. that's great for kids out there work something hard. it's an olympic sport.
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kind of like soccer and football all combined except you don't kick the ball. >> you can kick the ball. it's really interesting. i mean -- >> i'm interested in learning more about this sport. >> i don't want to -- i'm not going to pretended to be an expert but you can kick the ball. i believe the thing you cannot do is throw it forward in your effort to score. >> we'll see that in the olympics. morning. >> yes good morning. it's 6:10. sunrise is 645. so we're getting close. >> next week at this time well -- not confuse the issue -- but it will be 710. >> you will be confuse thing issue. you get used to it getting lighter earlier in the morning. it's nice to have the daylight in the evening but then your mornings are darker. so give and take i suppose. so one week from today will be beginning of daylight savings
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so we will be springing forward or already have sprung forward by next week. here are your current temperatures this morning. -- lost audio. forty-one. we're still holding at 40 in gastonia. 30s and 40s in the region. here's what it looks like hour by hour for you -- so we'll be in the low 40s by about 8:00 o'clock. coming up to the low 50s by 11. fifty-four by 12 noon. 57 by 2:00 o'clock. sixty-one by four which will be going to have full sun from start to finish today. now in the mountains you may have morning cloud cover but even that clears out by later on this afternoon giving way to a mostly sunny sky getting them to 52. so low 50s and 60s with all that
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now this week we're just going up up up with the temperatures. we've got several days in the 70s. we'll be talking about that as well as your rain chances as part of your complete forecast. >> thanks lyndsay. >> still much more to come on sunday morning. pro wrestler hulk holing began -- hogan will face-off with media giant gwalker in court. >> stay with us.
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>> gwalker published from one of hogan's sex tapes in 2012 and hogan is suing for innovation of property but gwalker claims the sex tape is news worthy. according to hogan the video was made without his knowledge. >> well lean in dumb man has been taken to an undisclosed hospital -- the 29 year old has endo meet three gross says that occurs when tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows out of it. dunham writes in the t.v. series girls --. >> rupert murdock and actress jerry hall emerged from a church
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their marriage and they walked out from saint brides church. the couple married friday in london's experience house built by the ancestors of the late princess diana. >> long time of harper she biting -- writing a book on her. he expects the book a mix of memoir and biography to be finished by the end of the year. flint has known lee 35 years and as you probably remember lee passed away last month at the age off 89. she's best known for american classic to kill a mock king bird. >> this morning we're taking a look back at the late pat conroy. he is the author of a dozen books including the prince of tides. >> pat conroy wrote about flawed and wounded people most notably himself his tortured
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marine pilot father inspired the great san continue any. >> robert duvall earned an oscar playing the title role -- the november novels -- lords of discipline drawing from conroy's years at the citadel and the prince of tides. >> it took a woman i hardly knew to help me face my past. >> with nick not tee deepened conroy's repudiation. >> conroy was battling pan cry yacht particular cancer -- pan kree yachts particular -- pancreatic. she said the water is wide and he has now passed over. pat conroy fell deeply in love with south carolina over the course of his life.
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at the age of 70. >> well good luck back i'm sure a lot of you were fans of his. that was jim axle rod and i'm a sure a lot more will becoming out -- time for mru sick history. >> all my troubles seem so far away. i need a place to hide away. >> it doesn't get any better on sunday morning this is 1976 by the way on this day yesterday by the beatles released as a single in britain for the first time a very young paul mccartney pluck thing base there. how about this? this song has been covered. it was released here in 1962 to 1970. the song remains popular. more than 2,200 cover versions. >> there goes to my baby moving on down the line. >> wondering where wondering where -- >> how about this?
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in time it was on this day in 1959 the drifters recorded there goes to my baby. this was the first single by the sekdcond song of the drifters reaching the five crowns. the drifters were a due would and r&b vocal group -- if you didn't know. >> i guess you say what can make me feel this way. my girl. my girl. yeah we're all kind of sway anything the studio to this one here. it was this day in 1965 the song my girl by the temptation shins hit number one on the charts. that's one of the all time classics. today the song is known as the moe town signature song -- my girl was written and produced by
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>> let's go back to the drifters. i said they wr dshere -- >> i meant reason kwarn made -- reason can made not incarcerated. >> we're not trying to miss report that. >> they were reason can made. >> oh, it's early this sunday morning -- >> i had you covered. >> i get excited you get the beatles in there and i'm on cloud nine and i get into it. >> and then you get excited and start reading words that aren't in there. >> yeah lousy job at reading. it's pretty. twenty-five minutes away from sunrise this morning. so hope your sunday is off to a good start your weekend is going well. we've got a really nice day to close out the weekend. temperatures will be in the low
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so a r@al pretty start out there. really not much cloud cover showing up on the tower cam shot. those of you who have cloud cover into the mountains that will melt away as we heated through the mid to late morning hours and certainly by this afternoon. so pretty much all of us will be sunny the majority of the day today. still holding around 40 up towards monroe 36 concord. lincoln on the 31. salisbury 37. thirty-nine statesville. forty hickory. thirty-five morgan tan. >> -- morganton. >> it doesn't look like we had showers over the city. maybe a couple sprinkles. most of the showers held just directly on either side of mecklenburg but either way those have pressed east. clouds moving out behind this shower. you can see a little cloud cover left in the mountains but that should be fading away before too
6:20 am
we've got high pressure to our west. that's going to be our weather ahead. so not only will that high keep us clear and dry. it's also going to be responsible for the big time warm up. big time surge in temp commerce that we'll be seeing which starts with tomorrow. for today we're still -- lost audio. the 50s. again with a southerly component to that win. in charlotte the wind won't have turned quite from the south yet so we'll hold around average around 61 with that sun. south carolina in the lower 60s. so it's really tomorrow when the big surge in temperatures begins mid-60s which is above average. by the time we're talking mid to late week we are well above average by 10-15 degrees. check it out.
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way through next friday dropping back oh down to 70 by next week end. so a nice stretch again. and very quiet to go along with that surge in temperatures. that spring like warmth we've got under way. future cast has clouds fade away by 1:00 o'clock and we are clear from there on out. a little more cloud cover gets back in here tomorrow afternoon but it still will be dry for us. so here's how that plays out for the rest of the first alert forecast. 66 tomorrow. forty-three tomorrow night. not only is the week ahead in the 70s but the morning also going to be quite mild. those morning temperatures in the mid-50s. we're mainly dry through the first part of the day friday and then we could get showers friday night into saturday next weekend which next weekend is the beginning of daylight-saving time so you'll have to set those clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed saturday night. >> thank you, lyndsay.
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many of us buy lunch at work or school but why not take a few minutes in the morning or night to make your own and bring it with you. >> a local chef is talking about the national observance of doing that very thing after the break.
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this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. well right now we're getting you ready for national pack your lunch day. a healthy practice of taking some lunch in. maybe help you eat healthier throughout the day. that's the goal and we brought in chef sandra of south charlotte chef here to talk about this very important day that's coming up. i do like the idea though. if you take your to work lunch
6:25 am
eat healthier i find in my experience. >> this is an example of things you can buy that are healthy and flavor full but you can take anything you have left over from dinner at night if you have left over salmon, chicken, steak, put it on a salad throw vegetables on. >> people love when you bring in the left over salmon because it stinks up the entire -- lost audio. >> with national take your lunch to work day. >> yes. we're going to make an indian tomato cook come better sauce and it goes well with all the indian items here -- cook come better. >> talk about it. >> it's an american version of something made by a huge indian company and these things are great. my husband is indian and i do give them to him because he wants something he can put into his briefcase.
6:26 am
better son -- cumbersome and it takes a lot of money. you have lunch versus going out losing time. and you can add something you know and then you feel i have a client who takes all the food to fit in her containers and then she feels she made it. >> exactly. >> whatever you have to do. what are we going to make here? >> it's a great dip when it works really well and you want to take cook come better -- and it has to have fat. >> is this greek yogurt. >> it is. they have does sigh -- but as long as you have fat in your yogurt it's going to work and what i have here is you can use couple mun. if you go to an indian store -- they have walls of spice fwloendz help you. >> what's the flavor -- blends. >> this is clean basically if i can just get it out.
6:27 am
you can see basically it's just couple min -- >> you can season it to your taste. >> everything is to your taste. i have persian cucumbers -- i like them you don't have to peel them so those aren't the pick learning and they're very good. >> i love this simple easy restaurant. you can add to it. i like to get the seasoning into the dressing because then you couldn't have to mush stuff as much. >> i love this. hey, by the way hopefully this is some good ideas for you here and maybe a bit of encourage meant. hey, ashley do we have the exact date of national take your lunch to work -- it's march 10th and congratulations you have a new restaurant. >> yes i'm going to have a soft opening wednesday and south shar lot chef in mathews --
6:28 am
it's next to if owes office. >> it's just a take out -- the post office. >> you'll have take out every day maybe italian or indian. whatever i'm thinking of. >> making the chef the meal of the day. >> meal de jour -- >> we'll get the recipe up if you'd like to try some of this. >> yes. we've gotta go to break but i'm going to end you this. we'll get this information up online for you though. of course up on stick around for the headlines
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right now we want to take you to breaking news. police are investigating after they say a body was found in the middle of a roadway. this is a live picture you have
6:32 am
this is a look at i 485 at exit 33. so that's between highway twooip -- and usually verse i think city boulevard in northeast charlotte -- highway 29. police are trying to figure out how the body ended up on the interstate. that's something we're looking into right now. we've been talking to police trying to get more information. as soon as they're ready to pass that along we'll bring it to you on air and online throughout the day. we'll get updates for you at >> we hope you're having a good start sunday morning. the sun is up here and it's still cool out there. >> it's chilly sunny up on a mostly clear day. so as we head through this afternoon we'll be in the low 60s. cool to start things off this morning. we're down into the mid-30s in charlotte as of 6:00 a.m. there's your live view over up town from our h.d. to you consider cam.
6:33 am
overall seas by cool start and this afternoon it will be seas by warm and yesterday we got up to 60 -- today we'll be up to 61. temperature wise not a whole lot warmer but we'll have a mostly sunny sky that stays with us all day long that will feel warmer later on this afternoon. then we've got 70s for this weekend forecast. so we'll talk about that coming up. >> very x-rays sighted to hear that. >> let's look at your top stories -- excited. >> victories came on day of primaries and caucuses in five states. mel list as is has more on your side -- melissa. >> i told the pilot we're going to kansas. >> donald trump's last minute detour kansas didn't help. as senator cruz won the sunflower state this super saturday. >> let me say god bless kansas.
6:34 am
day. >> but trump's winning streak continued as he came out on top in kentucky and louisiana. >> thank you to louisiana and thank you to kentucky. >> and i want to gone congratulate ted on maine and on kansas -- and he should do well in maine because it's very close to canada let's face it i mean. >> meanwhile this the democratic race senator sanders won kansas and the caucuses in nebraska. >> the way to the white house is the win democrats and to win independence and make sure trump does not win independence. >> hillary clinton won louisiana putting her closer to winning the deep south. now she's looking ahead to win the mississippi. >> i'm a progressive who looks to get things done. >> i'm melissa rainy reporting. >> -- saturday's clashes between clinton and sanders in a
6:35 am
will set the stage for c.n.n. debate in flint, michigan. the state holds republican and democratic primaries this tuesday. a lot of action there. >> we wanted to know what residents of flint, michigan wants to hear from clinton and sanders. >> you know i want to talk about flint, talk about the water, talk about how that has affected our community and how we can move forward and protect children from lead poisoning. >> under served flints are all over the country. >> -- they have addressed the issue sanders and clinton. >> a boston employee fatally shot a city worker. the suspect has turned himself
6:36 am
thirty-four year old darren johnson junior was shot thursday after an argument turned physical. well a coroner investigators says an rapper has been shot to death outside a popular recording studio in atlanta georgia. twenty-eight year old rapper bank roll fresh was found outside the studio friday night. police told local news media they collected 50 shell casings in and outside the recording studio. >> two men are in police custody in northern ireland. the men 166 and one 19 are accused of breaking into a fire station -- stealing a fire truck and taking it on a joyride with lights and sirens blaring this is the damage after crashing into several cars and buildings. both are in police custody. >> jail beat out columbia
6:37 am
clench their spot in the ncaa tournament for th first time in 50 years but the bull dogs were without their captain. his departure has embroiled the campus in controversy. that story all new this morning. >> jail bull dogs senior guard jack mop that hue withdrew from the school february 10th two weeks later the school sent out a press release saying he would not be returning citing school policy. they would not say why he left. despite campus rumors of a sexual assault accusation. in a new haven article the player's father says his son was expelled. he called it ridiculous and says he has strict orders from his lawyers not to talk. montague's teammates are standing behind his captain. that move sparked outrage on campus and posters demanding the
6:38 am
a rape pis. new haven police have no cases involving montague and no victim has come forward -- rapist. we did not get a response from montague's family. in an interview last may with the jail all access montague said h h embraced being a team leader. >> we had a good season this past year and you know nothing too out of hand. >> while jail administration is being tight lipped jail's women's center is not. in a lengthy facebook post they wrote sexual violence is a problem in every campus community and that jail also action shijs speak much louder than it's words. >> -- actions. >> a jail dean says he is committed to providing a safe campus. kenneth greg c.b.s. news new york. >> schools are reporting anti muslim rights bullying.
6:39 am
attacks in paris and san bernardino, california -- they're looking to expand efforts protect gays racial minorities and other marginal liesd groups. >> new this morning -- you don't have to be a spy to work at the c.i.a. the central intelligence agency has a job forking a librarian. the pay is not too bad -- job opening. that's saying nothing of the benefits. librarians they have the opportunity to be employed and even deployed during their employment yeah. and their role will be as information experts i'm told. translation here there might be some james like opportunities with this librarian. not your run of the mill librarian work. you must have a master's degree some prior library experience and the ability to pass an intensive background check.
6:40 am
>> i think that's between 50 and 10018 k how about that? >> i don't think i'm employable or qualified -- i'm sure i'm eligible but i don't think i'm qualified. >> the master's degree and they want experience but that's kind of interesting i thought just the fact that a librarian could be employed by the c.i.a.. >> but would you be able to tell people you work for the c.i.a.? >> -- we know the job is posted but i wonder if we'll find out. >> if we could say anyway. >> well we digress. it's 6:41 here this sunday morning. we're glad to keep you happy and hopefully everyone watching from home is happy too because we've got a great very very spring like forecast head for the upcoming week. sun up at 645. sundown 632. average high is 60.
6:41 am
of days where our average high got to back up to being 60. that's nice. that's a little bit of a turning point i guess as we get closer to spring and will be a little bit above average this week ahead. thirty-six in charlotte. 30s and 60s in the region. today in the charlotte area we're up to 61. now yesterday we hit 60 but we kind of clouded over turning during the middle part of the day so it got kind of cool with the clouds but today not an issue. sunny from start to finish. that 61 will feel warmer for us and into the mountains you'll be in the low 50s. here you have morning cloud cover that gives way to sunny afternoon. so feeling nice across the high country as well. we've got more on the major warm up headed our way this week coming up as well as our next rain chance details part of your first alert seven day forecast.
6:42 am
we still have a lot to come on wbtv news sunday morning. he's worked two decades trying to get human bones a name. out of the nearly 100 cases he's trying to solve there is one in particular that strikes a cord. find out why that's up next. >> you're waking up with wbtv news sunday morning. >> most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at
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well imagine trying to put a puzzle together without the pieces and it would be frustrating. now you have understanding of what the state medical examiner's office is up against when a body is found with no identity. steve crump sees how they're trying to find missing pieces. >> mr. gibbs has been at this for 20 years and always comes back to the same series of questions. >> was it a blunt force injury? was it a sharp force injury? was it a gunshot injury? >> his task is who is it? in many ways he's north carolina's bone collector -- >> we've had cases that we go back to the 1970s of cases that
6:47 am
>> tucked away and stored at the state medical examiner's office in raleigh are 100 boxes of human remains afrom across north carolina. one case happened 120 miles north of charlotte -- >> a child case from orange county from 98 that's a 10 year old male that has still remained unidentified that i think is biggest on radars in regards to why is there still a 10 year old child that's not got a name? >> box is kind of beat up and has been replaced a couple times. i kept it under my desk so i wouldn't forget about it. >> lieutenant horn has been connected for two decades. >> i've been there since day one when the 911 call was made. beneath the sign near buck horn road a simple cross pays a tribute to the unknown victim. the memorial spells out the year but doesn't offer a name.
6:48 am
it as a homicide based on the fact it was an eight to 10 year old child that was left there unattended in these circumstances. >> so a lot of this is rooted in science part of it gum shoe detective work and in the case of the unidentified boy clyde gibbs has relied on reconstructive art to work help investigators in orange county. >> we've worked with the state bureau of investigation the f.b.i. smithsonian. >> and even an skultd image of what this boy looked like has managed to get hits on youtube -- skup ted. >> his workload is staying on cynical. >> we want to make sure they are treated with due respect rebars -- regardless of whether they're unidentified or identified. i think it's more important that we have something returned to
6:49 am
>> at the end of the day clyde gibbs feels closure comes in finding the name behind an unsolved case number. steve crump wbtv on your side raleigh -- >> interesting steve. the case of 10 year old boy could have new news now that the smithsonian will help narrow do you know what country or part of the world he came from. >> here we are it is 649 on sunday morning. let's check back in with lyndsay tapases. >> beautiful day. good morning to you. this is from our h.d. tower cam for you. not much cloud cover mixing in with the skyline this morning so mostly clear start to the day for us and really we're going to have that sun most part from start to finish today so not looking to cloud things over like we did yesterday. thirty-six in charlotte right now. dewpoint 35. so our feels like is 31 as we've got a small breeze that's going to do -- started up over an hour
6:50 am
we're in the 30s and 40s in the region. we're getting ready to come up on the 7:00 a.m. hour. some of you may have had a brief shower that passed through late last night. those have all pressed off east. most of the cloud cover has cleared out. this is the back edge of the cloud cover out near the i-95 corridor. most of us waking up to a clear start in our viewing area. the exception is where you can see cloud cover hanging back towards the mountains and western foothills but that should clear out as we head through the rest of the afternoon. you're looking at 50s for places like boone after a partly cloudy morning turning mostly sunny. south wind at four miles per hour. foothills.
6:51 am
lower 60s will take us across south carolina. then the warm up begins starting tomorrow. so high pressure is going to continue to drift offshore. it's going to the set up shop right off the coast for this week. with a clockwise flow around this area that draws in south wind sends that warm air up the east coast and that's why our temperatures will be surging into the 70s once we get past tomorrow which by the way will be in the 60s. so warmer then today starting tuesday taking us all the way through friday we've got those temperatures well into the 70s not calming back down until next weekend so definitely a spring like week ahead considering our average high is 60 about 10-15 degrees above average for most of this upcoming week. to go along with it here's that clear sky future cast takes us through the afternoon. even in the mountains you do way
6:52 am
this evening is clear. a little cloud cover getting back in here monday but it is still dry to start out to woke and as we talked about it will be warmer too. sixty-one this afternoon down to 35 tonight. tonight will be the last night in the 30s for the rest of the week too. not only do our afternoon temperatures come up but so do our nighttime temps. sixty-six monday down 43. and then the rest of the week we're talking 70s in the afternoon. mornings in the 50s. it's well above average mainly dry through friday. it looks like we could have our next rain chance friday night and into saturday next weekend. next weekend also is the beginning of daylight-saving
6:53 am
clocks this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage,
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brooke: hey everyone, this is chicken soup for the soul's hidden heroes, the cameras are rolling. this is a different kind of hidden camera experience. we're on the lookout for everyday people who show courage and kindness to total strangers. they know how to do the right thing. what they don't know is that we're about to share their stories with the world. on today's episode, watch what happens when these hidden heroes turn the act of listening into a moment of caring for those less fortunate. and, anyone hiring? actor: oh...hi. brooke: we're on the hunt for a hidden hero at this restaurant. actor: i have to get their other salad, can you sweep that up for me? woman: i don't work here. brooke: then, tell me something good. our reporter is on the street ready to broadcast some great news today. actor: and it doesn't have to be big news to be great news, it just has to be good for you. male 1: it's a secret. i'm watching every move you make.


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