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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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was the first reporter to tweet this message out, we'll have more as it comes in. this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning, you made it to monday, march 7th, good to have you with us i'm john carter. >> al: i'm meteorologist al conklin. i didn't think that was a difficult of a task making it to monday. hope you had a great weekend, get set for a real spring-like high pressure will dominate for much of the week. that means we'll have temperatures that will be up in the 70s eventually. that is not the case today but eventually that will be the case as southerly breezes kick in big time this week. clear skies this morning. this is our camera at metro school in center city charlotte, dry conditions there, and dry in your neighborhood as well. temperatures not all that cold,
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38 in monroe, 40 charlotte, salisbury, 32 statesville, 36 hickory, close to freezing shelby and albermarle, below that for boone and morganton. this afternoon, a real nice one. mostly sunny skies. wind up at 67. hit 60 both days of the weekend, tack on six to eight degrees to that today, should be a nice day coming up. let you know when we get in the 70s, also the next opportunity for rain, that part of the forecast in a couple minutes, back over to you. >> john: thanks, al. following breaking news overnight in union county. troopers with the north carolina highway patrol say a driver was killed in a crash on north ridge road. happened before 11:30 last not. the driver lost control, hit a tree and overturned. the name of the victim will be released when family is notified. we're learning more about a good samaritan hit and killed by another driver as he was trying to help someone stranded on the interstate in mecklenburg county. it happened early yesterday
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the highway patrol says 26-year-old alastair teguiin was the victim. christian flores has more. >> reporter: if you looked through alastair teguiin's facebook page, a fitness fanatic. troopers tell wbtv teguiin saw a woman with a flat tire on the side of the inner loop of i-485 near exit 33. moments after pulling over getting out of his car and asked her how to help he was hit by a van and later died. troopers are calling it an accident. less than two months ago jefferson heavner saw a truck spun out on the ice. the driver of the truck was marvin lee, police say acting odd and belligerent. when he tried helping the man, lee shot and killed him. >> we never thought something like this would happen. >> fortunately not all good
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last week in kannapolis, ben marble and his family driving to church when they heard a loud pop a few cars in front of them. that loud pop was a gunshot. marble helped a stranger, shot during a if it of road rage. he applied first aid knowledge obtained in the military and victim survived. >> i put pressure, talking to him, walking through everything, making sure he was okay. >> reporter: most good samaritan stories end in this fashion. the stranger receives help and the person providing help goes on like nothing happened. unfortunately for these two, their kindness turned in tragedy. that was christian flores reporting. troopers ruled out alcohol as a cause for the accident and results of the blood test for drugs have not been released. no charges have been filed. we're learning more about a drive-by shooting that killed an 18-year-old in rock hill.
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with 23-year-old quintonio porter. porter is charged with attempted murder plus several drug charges. rock hill detectives say the investigation is not over. a dangerous weekend for lincoln county detectives. the sheriff's office says he was nearly dragged while making a traffic stop. authorities say 52-year-old harvey eugene boyd had cocaine in his car and refused to get out. when a detective reached in to unlock the door, boyd tried to roll up the window with the detective's arm inside. detective freed himself and boyd led them on the chase in gaston county where he was arrested near exit 17 on i-85. facing several charges and due in court today. a jacksonville jaguars defensive back briefly kidnapped while visiting fayetteville. police responded to a call two weeks ago. earl wolff, a north carolina
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rover by a grouprange rover, one man was charge. a transformer caught fire sunday, the transformer was engulfed in flames in seneca. declared an unusual event, which is the lowest of the four nuclear emergency classifications. democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing at a cnn debate in flint, michigan. they faced off in the seventh debate. sanders opened with comments on the flint water crisis. called for republican rick snyder to resign after meeting residents of the city and clinton agreed. >> i agree. the governor should resign or be recalled and we should -- (applause) -- support the effort of citizens attempting to achieve that. but that is not enough.
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done to help the people of flint. >> the debate comes on the heels of several caucuses and primaries saturday night. sanders won the maine caucuses, several contests are taking place tuesday including michigan. presidential politics in the area, hillary clinton's husband bill, will be in north carolina today along with another big political name ahead of the primaries. today former president bill clinton will stump for his wife state-wide. his last stop of the day will be in the queen city at 4:15 at johnson c. smith university. republican front runner donald trump is going to be in concord at the cabarrus arena and events center. that event starts at noon. latest poll numbers suggest donald trump and hillary clinton are poised for sweeping primary wins this week in michigan. 57% of those surveyed came out for clinton in the poll. trump picking up 41% of support in the primary compared to ted cruz, 22%. the poll was conducted between
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marco rubio wins the puerto rico primary, a second win for the hopeful. the florida senator look in line to pick up 23 delegates from the u.s. territory. the victory could give him a boost in the republican presidential race. he trails donald trump and ted cruz, rubio also won minnesota last week. hoping to win more states, rubio opened a campaign office in north carolina. thom tillis endorsed him in the past, has a strong support base. despite other calls for rubio to drop out of the race. >> if you had a competitor in the race would you want them to drop out too, right? marco is doing very well. you know, no candidate has near the commanding lead you need for the nomination. marco has a lot of reasons to believe he can go all the way to the convention if necessary and win the nomination. so if i were mr. trump or anybody else in the race i would
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and make it easier. marco is running and running hard. robert pittenger was at the opening. you have time to cast votes early in north carolina. early voting continues until march 12th. the primaries are next week. a week from tuesday on march 15th. still to come this morning, one of the most influential first ladies in u.s. history has died. coming up, a look back on the life of nancy reagan. how charlotte recognized young leaders doing good in the
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>> john: now 4:42, wbtv always on your side, you said you wanted news first, and that is exactly what you get only in the wbtv alert center. our brody o'connell is there right now following a stories you'll want to know about. he's there the entire morning show getting news that is just in we'll check in with him in a few minutes. celebrating young black leaders in the community. hundreds came out to the duke energy building of the young black male leadership for black history month, they celebrated 29 leaders in the community each day. the second year for the ceremony. >> generally speaking, we recognize black males from schools, so for the opportunity to see them in an environment
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the community, being successful in different ways, that what is this is about. an opportunity to highlight success and show role models in the community. >> the ybm leadership line says the leading college prep and leadership development programle for young black men in the community. still ahead on wbtv news this morning, leaders in the carolinas react to the death of nancy reagan. their words on her passing, just ahead. 17 minutes before 5:00.closed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. lemme get a mcpick 2. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! lemme get a mcpick 2
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>> john: 14 minutes before 5:00. she was one of the most in influenceinfluential first ladies in u.s. history. >> reporter: former first ladies nancy reagan died of con jess tif heart failure sunday at her home in los angeles. officers gave a final salute as the hearse passed by. she was remembered at the church where she and former president ronald reagan had attended for many years. >> we join the rest of the nation in our prayers, not only for her family, but also for thanks for the life she lived so well. >> nancy reagan a champion for people battling alzheimers after president reagan died from it. in 2004.
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late husband at the presidential library in simi valley, california. >> amazing woman, amazing man, especially now, seems appropriate to take time to show respects. >> she had many critics during her days as first lady. her admirers credited her with restoring grace and elegance to the white house. president obama offered condolences on behalf of the first family. and in a statement, former president jimmy carter said their's was one of the great love stories and a model of shared devotion to our country. she and president reagan were married more than 52 years. she celebrated her 94th birthday last july. >> that was chris martinez reporting. governor pat mccrory issued this statement, nancy reagan was an uncommon combination of strength, grace and devotion, it is a sad day for our nation.
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to keep the reagan in their thought and prayers. nikki haley said she inspired her with her strength. ed a had we could call take comfort knowing she is with her sweet ronny again. 12 minutes before 5:00, here is a live look at charlotte skyline from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, not such a bad start to the day. more on that let's check in with meteorologist al conklin. >> al: it is cool but not all that cold. temperatures are likely mostly going to be in the 30s as we approach daybreak, which is still about an hour-and-a-half or so away from us. high pressure that is governing the weather. warm weather coming up from the south, area of low pressure with rain across the middle of the country. that is in no hurry to get here. the high will be a blocking high and so with that, warm conditions will be coming our way for the next several days, really for the foreseeable future, will break down enough that we will have rain chances but that is toward the end of our forecast cycle. dry conditions mostly clear skies in lincolnton, take a look
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here in charlotte, clear and it is chilly at 40 degrees, good visibility, light breeze out of the southeast and again, not too bad as far as humidity goes, may be a little bit of frost this morning. particularly in the mountains where temperatures are at or below freezing. 31 boone, 29 morganton, freezing in shelby, 30 in lincolnton, 34 concord and then south of town we're in the 30s but mainly above the freezing mark. for today, plenty of sunshine, nice warming trend start at 43 this morning. 62 at lunch time, 67 this afternoon, that is seven degrees above both saturday and sunday. were on the edge, a little cool better. 67 this afternoon. minnesota, the timberwolves are in town to take the hornets, 58 at tip-off time at 7:00 this evening. overnight lows in the 40s. not as chilly as it is this morning and highs tomorrow look at this, rebound in the 70s, and this will be the theme going
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as that high is just going to again continue to pump up warm weather as we go in tuesday and wednesday and beyond. so i think you'll like the seven day forecast. as far as the numbers go, today, 67, above average, but we kick in high gear as we go in tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. by the weekend there will be more cloud cover around potentially rain, as the back door front is forecast to move in. still a lot of details on this to be determined, because going out in time often times you're getting difference in each and every model, we'll see about that. between now and friday the chances of rain are very very low. that is something to factor in make weekend plans, i wouldn't cancel anything but be mindful a much better chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. if i had to say when they come in late saturday in saturday night ending early sunday but time will tell on that. so for today, 67, mostly sunny and decent amount of sunshine, not total sunshine, some cloud cover around the next several
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mid to upper 70s here tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, lows at night in the 50s. and then as we go in saturday and sunday, there is a little better opportunity for showers and storms. don't forget this weekend, daylight saving time begins, that will be saturday night. john, that is the forecast, back
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more >> john: 4:53, talk a little
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nascar in vegas. drivers were concerned with the high winds gusting to recorded 43-miles-per-hour. kurt busch led the first 31 laps. he was caught speeding on pit road, had to drop to the back of the field. 53 laps to go. smith spins, coming off turn 4 and just behind him through the smoke, kyle larson spins, guess what? we have a caution flag. 43 laps to go, matt kenseth spins between turns 1 and 2, slides in chase elliott, pins him to the wall, behind them, kurt busch and carl edwards get caught up in the mayhem. that's racin'! back stretch, brad keselowski powers total inside makes the pass on kyle busch to take the lead.
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log ano, johnson, just had that win last week, kyle busch and then austin dillon. that time of year, what month is it? march, march madness. regular see play finished up and teams head to the respective tournaments in hopes of making it to the big dance. the acc tournament kicks off tuesday at noon. north carolina state takes on wake forest, the winner faces duke wednesday in the second round. north carolina which beat duke saturday, will play thursday at noon in the quarterfinals. they will face the winner the pitt-skirt game. pitt-syracuse game. it will be in washington d.c. instead of greensboro. wbtv will keep you update on all the action throughout the week leading to the acc championship, the championship is saturday at 9:00 p.m. that will be a good one.
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asheville against the win drop winthrop eagles. dylan smith misses the layup, sutton scores, bull doings lead 66-61. unc asheville holds off winthrop and wins the big south championship, final score, 77 77-68. south atlantic, lincoln memorial defeats wingate, 95-83. al was telling us a moment ago about the tipoff time and the weather but hornets are back in action tonight at the hive, hosting the timberwolves. currently in sixth place following friday's win over the pacers. the hornets have won 9 of 11 to move within a game of fifth place atlanta. timberwolves coming off a win defeating the nets last night. hornets beat minnesota in their most recent meeting, that score was 104-95.
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the hornets tonight as they continue the playoff run. whoo, it will be a good one, a lot of exciting action coming up between now and the playoffs! coming up at the top of the hour, continuing to follow breaking news in west charlotte, an amtrak train hits an suv, wbtv was the first to report this, we're now hearing from passengers on board that train. al? >> al: chilly, 30s and 40s right now but get set, we have a warm week of weather ahead of us, what about rain chances? ahead. chris? >> chris: al, tracking the monday morning commute. right now looks pretty good, most of the major highways no problems. brody? >> brody: starting off the week remembering the legacy of nancy reagan, plus north korea making nuclear threats, all of that coming up here in the alert center.
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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: breaking news coming out of west charlotte an amtrak train hits an suv happened on old dowd road and wbtv was the first to report this. this morning we're hearing from train passengers. >> christine: charlotte getting attention from the presidential campaigns today, who is stopping by as the north carolina presidential primary nears. >> john: welcome to wbtv news this morning on this monday, it is march 7th, 5:00 a.m., good to have you with us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow, those stories plus brody o'connell getting new headlines in the alert center. >> brody: hope you had a good weekend. violent start in the middle east but also take time to remember the legacy of nancy reagan, former first lady i'm sure you know passed away over the weekend. pay tribute to her this morning. >> christine: look forward to that.
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the morning weather-wise. check in with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: a nice start, temperatures cool but not terribly cold, a nice stretch of weather on the way starting today. plenty of sunshine courtesy of high pressure. wind up in the 60s but warmer weather will come our direction, temperature trend this week will be up. there is rain back across the midwest, eventual lely we'll deal with that. fog is not too much of an issue, good visibility around the metro area, 42 charlotte, most everybody else running cooler, 34 in rock hill, 32 for wadesboro, albermarle, shelby, below freezing at 29 in morganton, 30 in boone, 34 hickory and 37 from monroe and salisbury. starting off this morning, about 43 in charlotte, outlying areas cooler than that. coming home from work and school, really pleasant, a few


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