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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now at 6:00. a community in mourning. the new overnight details after a gunman opened fire at a community college in oregon. >> tracking joaquin. the latest track, the shift to the east and what it means for us in new england. >> speaking of, communities in the shoreline are bracing for the worst case scenario. >> governor baker lashing out at dcf. the alarming report that blames the agency for a little girl's death. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning, glad to have you with us.
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i'm kathryn houser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. happy friday to you all. it's october 2nd. take a look at this video. heavy rains and storm surge causing serious flooding in areas here. >> a lot of us wonder what this means for the east coast. virginia and new jersey declared a state of emergency in anticipation of this storm. danielle is here with the latest track of hurricane joaquin. hi, danielle. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the track has shifted farther toward the east. good news for us. meanwhile, still impressive in the satellite. bahamas just getting rocked. category 3, 4. for the past cupful days, this has been a huge impact on the islands down there. 130 mile-per-hour winds right now. joaquin has now take than northwest motion with still a category 4 major hurricane. fill talking about a cone of
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uncertainty as we head into monday night. that would likely have been when it would make its closest pass to us here in new england. if it tracks farther to the west, we would have bigger here particularly on the cape and islands. the trend has been farther east. the rip currents are going to be it here. it's light rain through hansen, bridgewater along 24 but it's part. cape and islands here, too. it's 51 and upper 40s in worcester. periods of rain are going to fill back in, including into the city itself. mass/new hampshire border, we may be removed from it, but it's still a chilly feel with the wind coming in off the ocean. minor coastal flooding again during the afternoon high tide. we'll take you out through the weekend. let's get you on the roads, though, first. hi, robi. >> hi, danielle.
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accidents. to the south, we have a crash on braintree 128 southbound just before the split. and the split. north of the city we go. we have a crash up in andover 93 southbound at river road. 93 southbound backed up to 495 and 133 and you will bog down again at the woburn stretch. >> thank you very much, robi. [music] [playing "taps." >> a community in mourning as we learn more about the person who opened fire on a college campus in oregon. cbs news reporting that the harper mercer. >> ten people are dead this morning, including the shooter. their lives.
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>> he walked into a writing class and asked students to stand and state religion before witnesses. trying to make sense of it, investigators are looking at behind online. a my space page shows him holding a gun with a caption rifle." others appeared to glorify the irish republican army. the president said more guns do not appear to be the answer. the suspect's family, including his father and stepsister don't seem to know what to make of it. >> shocked. shocked is all i can say. i can't answer any questions right now. i don't want to answer any questions right now. obviously it's been a devastating day. >> i'm still shaking and my mom is in there krieg.
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>> he refused to say the shooter's name. the killer refused to blog about recent high-profile shootings saying it seems like the more people you kill, the chris, bark to you. >> the president says americans are becoming numb to these mass shootings and prayers are no longer enough to stop the violence. >> it does not capture the heart ache and grief and anger that we should feel. and it does nothing to stop it from happening again in america next week or a couple of months from now. >> reporter: despite the recent string of mass shootings, congress has not debated new gun laws since sandy hook. stay with us for the latest on the continuing investigation
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turning to hurricane joaquin now. people across the massachusetts coast are making sure for whatever the storm may bring, but it could have problems even before the storm gets here. susie steimle is live in scituate with more on the ongoing preparations. susie, you said a one-two punch is possible. >> reporter: absolutely, chris. we're live along the seawall in scituate where first they are preparing for the weekend storm and next they will have to prepare for the potential of hurricane joaquin next week. this is an area that's prone to flooding. if you look at the water, you can see just how rough the seas are. the tide is out right now. it was high a couple of hours ago. we saw some of the highest waters that we've seen at high tide this week because of the super moon on sunday. that should subside. as of next weekend that is somewhat helpful when hurricane joaquin could potentially hit. wind gusts are 18 to 20 miles per hour.
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as the day goes on. and they are preparing actively. this is a place that's used to this type of flooding. we caught up with the fire department with what their preps have been so far. >> we are starting our emergency plans now to get resources and logistics that we have to get ready. it may be tough over the weekend to get those resources. >> reporter: as always with coastal towns, the mentality is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. that's what they are doing out here in scituate. they are hoping joaquin takes a sea. we'll continue to monitor the ramps up. susie steimle, wbz this morning. >> all right, susie. we appreciate the update this morning. a second person in massachusetts dead from west nile virus opinion health officials say she's a 90-year- old woman from suffolk county who likely contracted the virus in the area.
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day after the governor says the agency dropped the ball and is partly to blame for a little girl's death in foster care. in a report out yesterday on avalena conley coxson's death, the report found the foster mother lied about a boyfriend with a troubling past who lived at the home. the home was overcrowded and dozens of 911 calls were logged to that address. >> i believe fixing those systemic problems is something that requires what i would call grunt work and grit. it's not going to happen overnight. i wish it could. i wish i could buy six months where nothing else happens. we're not going to get that. >> reporter: avalena who was just 2 years old probably died of heat stroke. there are more questions about the death of a 4-month- old in lynn.
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an autopsy could not determine the baby's cause of death. he was found saturday unresponsive at a family shelter and died sunday at mass general. dcf says they can't comment on the case until a cause of death has been determined. a heroin bust in southeastern mass. 25 people facing federal drug trafficking charges police made arrests in fall river, lawrence, taunton, marshfield, bedford and berkeley. some are facing up to a 40-year sentence. the state senate unanimously approving a new measure to fight the opioid crisis. that measure would provide doctors and patients with a list of nonopioid pain medications. patients would be allowed to indicate in their medical files if they don't want to be given opioids under any circumstances. the bill will now head to the house. 6:09 on your friday morning. coming up more on the deadly shooting in oregon. >> jon keller takes a closer look at how violence in pop
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culture could be impacting young americans. >> plus, there could be a lot of activity at logan airport. why you shouldn't be worried if you see a lot of flashing lights. danielle? >> tracking areas of rain out there right now. they are going to back up northward during the day today, too. what does that mean for the weekend and the track for joaquin?
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welcome back. it's 6:13 on your friday morning. several communities along the coast keeping a very close eye on hurricane joaquin. >> before it gets close to us, we're in for a couple of wet days. danielle niles is tracking it all for us. it has been a very busy week in the weather center, danielle. >> reporter: it has. i'm not going to lie. it's been quite busy. let's start with joaquin. 5:00 a.m. update puts joaquin at a category 4 major storm, just battering the bahamas. it has now shifted and it's making that motion to the northwest very slowly. passing to the west of bermuda, gradually weakening to the category 2 and sailing out to sea north and east. so the track has shifted farther east. there, of course, is that cone of uncertainty. so if joaquin were to back up a
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west, impacts may be felt on the cape and islands. the overwhelming trend has been to push joaquin out to sea. we'll watch the track closely but this is great news for the east coast. in the meantime up the coastline, it may feel more effects not from joaquin but the next couple of days with the astronomical high tide. wind gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour. gusts to 40 and 50 miles per hour possible through the day today and into tomorrow morning. speaking of the coastline, just like yesterday, coastal flood advisory is in effect. 1 to 5:00 p.m. so two hours either side of that high tide. that's when we're talking minor coastal flooding and splashover. meanwhile it is a wet, damp start and it's cool out there. it's only 46 degrees in worcester right now opinion 51 in boston. pockets of rain from the south shore and the cape, too. it's generally light rain that
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stretching back down to route 6. the back edge is stretching back towards pembroke, hansen, bridgewater as well. this edge will move northward later on this afternoon. it's not from joaquin but the front that came through a few days ago and stalled our coastline. that is what is responsible for all of the rain up and down the eastern seaboard. we'll be talking about flooding concerns in the carolinas opinion for us, let's time this out. notice the back edge from late to morning. the closer we get to the mass/new hampshire border, we may get cut off from the studiest rain. areas of rain continue at times through the day tomorrow. won't be as widespread. pocket of drizzle, light showers, cool onshore wind. sunday, in the morning we may get a spotty shower but look at the afternoon. not a great day because clouds linger but i think most of the
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afternoon and evening on sunday will be dry. that's why it's the pick of the weekend. i wouldn't even be surprised to see a break of sun shane or two as we head into sunday afternoon. so projected rainfall, 1 to 2 inch as long the southeast. this is for today -- along the south coast. this is for today, tonight and high temperatures don't climb out of the 50s. think about it, we're 51 for boston. joaquin makes its closest pass to us late on monday. then the sun breaks out. we go 65 to 70. it looks like a nice middle part of next week. robi, over to you. danielle, accidents north and south of the city causing slowdowns right now. to the north, a crash in andover. the bumper to bumper backup is to route 110. down in braintree a center lane crash 128 southbound just before the split.
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route 37 and the split. 6:16 right now. this morning, the nation is once again left dealing with a deadly school shooting. >> rather than blaming our country's gun problems, jon keller says we need to talk a closer look at pop culture in its commentary this morning. >> reporter: good morning. in his remarks last night of the latest atrocities involving a heavily armed shooter, president obamas what viz by asmalled as -- visibly appalled as well he might be. while his litany of disgraceful facts was correct, the president's speech did miss some important points. for instance, while he acknowledged we don't know much about the shooter yet, "we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of or enact." comparing the fair you're to have uniform failure to have unformerly tough laws compared with dangerous roads and protecting people from bad weather. what if this was a terrorist act?
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what if the guns and ammo used came from outside of the country? i suspect many would balk at accepting collective guilt at the actions of one der rangeed. the president's frustration of the intransigeance of the pro gun lobby is completely understandable, but i'd lake to hear more perfect him about the violence that permeates our that gun play is fun and murder is cool that oozes out of our video games, movies, tv shows and ipods. the nra may make it easier for creeps to arm up, but popular culture helps propel them from having the weapons to using them. laws are a crucial part of imposing order on a society, but not the only part. the slogan that too often passes for gun violence reform in our country comes from all
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across the political spectrum. you have your own opinion on this, i'm sure, and you can share it at large. russia admitting the targets it's bombing in syria are not just isis positions but bashar al asade. some of the rebel groups had u.s. support and weapons. the pentagon and russian military talked yesterday about ways to keep american and russian forces from firing on each other in syria. new york city's documenting every physical encounter it has with the public after the high-profile takedown of tennis star james blake. it coincides with the release of the report faulting the nypd for not doing more to discourage the excessive use of force. the department hasn't given
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what constitutes use of force. and at logan today, they are having a drill starting at 7:00 this morning that goes until 1:00 this afternoon. so if you are in the area, you might see smoke and large emergency vehicle presence. again, it's just a drill. doctors have tips to help you stay healthy. first, crack open a window. circulating the air makes it harder to pick up airborne germs. >> next, drink a lot of fluids. that'll help flush your system. finally, one you might not think of. eat spicy foods. chilis and other spices can help clear out your sinuses. >> danielle makes fun of me every morning about eating hot sauce with my breakfast. >> yeah. >> helps keep me healthy. >> it can. good to know. hillary clinton campaigning in dorchester. >> her message to voters and
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how she wants to stop the opioid crisis. >> john kerry sits down with stephen colbert and what he had
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welcome back. 6:24 right now. the u.s. attorney general will be advising doctors on opioid abuse. this it one day after hillary clinton spoke at a substance abuse forum. with prescription drugs. >> this is a vicious downward spiral, and i'm going to direct the fda to take another look and do a much better job at seeing who should receive these long. >> reporter: the fbi confirms they are investigating the security of hillary clinton's private e-mail server, but the presidential hopeful didn't comment about that yesterday. tomorrow, clinton's biggest challenger, senator
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springfield in the afternoon and another later in the day in exhibition center. ted cruz will be fund-raising in boston as well before hampshire. the presidential hopeful is stopping by the union club. he'll be in salem later tonight and hooksett tomorrow morning. secretary of state john show." >> stephen colbert asking about the consequences of the iran nuclear deal and colbert put his own spin on it. >> aren't we kicking the nuclear can down the road 15 years and letting somebody else's secretary of state -- secretary of state taylor swift, letting her deal with this 15 years from now? >> well, that's better than gary busey. [ laughter ] >> also on the show last night, claire danes, star of the show time series "homeland." tonight's guests include morgan freeman and hello games founder
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shawn murray. a lot more ahead in our next half hour including the deadly shooting at a college in oregon. >> what we're learning about the shooter overnight. plus we'll have a live report from campus. >> bracing for hurricane joaquin. the local community is preparing for the worst. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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good morning. it's 6:29 on your friday morning. up and at 'em. i'm chris mckinnon. >> danielle, we've had quite a bit of rain. >> steady red rain's ahead. that's what the old hancock says. >> this morning not in the city of boston yet but pockets of rain in the southeast part of the state right now. that rain will be heading north. to have the wet weather gear
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with you, 51 in brockton, 46 in worcester. here's the rain across southeastern massachusetts. again, it's generally light more of a nuisance than anything, but wet roads here. southern bristol plymouth county, look at what happens in late morning and midday. light to moderate for most of us. i'm not concerned with flooding. it's more of a nuisance than anything. still pockets of rain around as we head into the evening drive as well. joaquin is still a category four hurricane right now. is the trend is still farther east. still a little too close for comfort here. large surf and rip currents are the biggest concerns here in new england. i'll give you the look at the latest track and the details coming up. traffic and weather together, robi.
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danielle, keeping an eye on an accident onp mass pike right now. sky eye, as a matter of fact. let's take the shot right now. let's go to the helicopter, please, not the map. the crash is out in weston on the westbound side of the pike just after the state police barracks. you can see the vehicle is off to the right. looks like maybe a box truck. on the eastbound side, heavy and slow traffic from framingham to the weston tolls. now a crash up at andover at river road causing a bumper to bumper backup to route 110. awe're learning more about the shooter who opened fire on a college pus in oregon killing nine people. >> cbs news reports his name is chris harper mercer. danielle nottingham is live with the latest. good morning, danielle. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris.
6:28 am
small rural community in shock. students scribed a terrifying scene of hearing gunshot after gunshot. still, there's no explanation for the attack. hundreds of mourners filled roseburg stewart park well past midnight holding candles and saying prayers for the victims of thursday's mass shooting at umpqua community college. >> we need love and compassion and healing. at ucc. >> reporter: self people were killed, others woundd when the gunman identified by authorities as chris harper mercer opened fire in a classroom. sources tell cbs news the suspect who died in a gun battle with police had four guns, including a rifle and body armor. authorities have searched the campus and are calling on the
6:29 am
name but focus on those who lost their lives instead. attend the community college. officials say the campus will be closed until monday. live in roseburg, oregon, danielle nottingham, wbz news. chris and kathryn, back to you. >> we appreciate your reports. thank you for the update. many local schools train for violent attacks on campus including the possibility of an active shooter. bree is here now with a closer area. >> president obama said in his speech that responses to mass shootings have become routine. that is the case for community colleges in new england, not unlike the one in oregon. at middlesex community college, though, their dean joined the law enforcement group that assesses school threats the day after the virginia tech massacre in 2007. drills. they plan for an emergency management team and staff an armed lowell police officer on campus.
6:30 am
more importantly, though, they have resource officers working to identify potential problems. >> we get flagged if there's any kind of disturbing writings that occur or if there's something a teacher didn't care about in a classroom. they file these reports and have a computer program that takes that information and recognizes trends. when it comes to safety, they are paying attention to student behavior and staff members or people passing through campus. sadly, they fully acknowledge that no one is immune to this kind of violence. chris, back to you. >> tremendous interesting there. turning to hurricane joaquin now. south shore residents say they are ready for the storm whatever it may bring, but they are dealing with issues before joaquin gets close to us. susie steimle is live in scituate with more on the storm prep. hey, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris. people here in scituate are just keeping their fingers crossed that hurricane joaquin
6:31 am
continues on its path out to sea, but first, they have to deal with this weekend's weather. if you take a look out at the water, you can see how intense the wind is. just this morning, it's only expected to intensify throughout the day. right now, we've got 18 to 20 mile-per-hour wind gusts that's going to go up as the afternoon goes on. the real risk comes at high tide this afternoon between 1:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. that's when the coastal flood advisory takes effect. this is an area that has seen flooding many times before. they say they are prepared for it but they also told us yesterday during preparations that they have some trouble because of the heavy winds in the past couple of days. take a listen. >> we probably got 20 boats in a day, but with the wind up, it makes it more difficult, you know? >> reporter: so again, the risk of flooding comes in the
6:32 am
afternoon at high tide. this area has seen some of the highest waves and not because of the super man that was here on sunday. the good news, that gravitation at pull is expected to considerably subside by the we'ven. we will continue to closely monitor that path. we're live in scituate. susie steimle. an arrest in a decades old cold case. police say 42-year-old james when witkowski killed lena bruce, the only african- american woman in her class to receive an electrical engineering degree. her roommate found her dead. the taliban is claiming responsibility for shooting down a u.s. transport plane.
6:33 am
the c-130 crashed at the jill airport. six u.s. members and five passengers were killed. the massachusetts man who once held the most senior title in nato has died. he died at his home in georgia last week from complications of parkinson's disease. he was 86. after serving as nato's supreme ally, he became dean of law at tufts university until 2000. a massive data breach to tell you about at t mobile. 15 million customers' information exposed. credit agency experian says hackers accessed social security numbers and other personal information. anyone who applied for wireless information between september of 2013 and september 2015 is at risk. law enforcement says it does not appear that anyone has used the stolen information yet. the vaticp releasing -- the vatican releasing a
6:34 am
statement about the meeting with kim davis saying it should not be deemed as support for her position. she came under controversy for refusing to sign same-sex marriage licenses with her signature. and for today's "daily children inside. it is now banned in england. >> would you like to see something similar happen in the united states? hear's robi. >> reporter: my wife is one of four girls and remembers both her parents chain smoking in the car with the windows up with all four daughters inside. they eventually quit but there are probably plenty of people puffing away behind the wheel with the kids strapped in the backseat. should they do that? of course not. should it be against the law? that's debatable. as of yesterday it's against the law in england and wales. anyone caught with someone under 18 gets fined 50 pounds, $75 to us. the law enacted after an
6:35 am
experiment showed secondhand smoke in a car was 100 times above the safety guidelines. here in massachusetts, lawmakers have filed something called the little lungs bill. if passed, drivers would face a $100 fine for smoking in a car with a child young enough to be in a safety seat. smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable deaths in our country. so we asked, what do you think of this? should it be against the law? plenty of people are chiming in. let's look at the means right now. jared on facebook says when you are putting an addiction ahead of your child, you've got issues. if you need that cig that bad, pull over." jim says "smoking calms the nerves for some people. i think you might end up with more road rage, children being verbally abused or even more fatalities on the road." jim, jimmy, jim bow, come on. what's going on there? you can chime in facebook, twitter.
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love to hear ya on our web site, too. comments. one of massachusetts' greatest sports traditions is heading to fenway park. >> thanksgiving day school football is returning to fenway this year for the first time since 1935. organizers say four games will two on the day before thanksgiving and two on thanksgiving. one of the thanksgiving games is immediate um versus wellesley. wellesley. the nation's oldest rivalry dates back to 1882. last night, members of the wahlberg family were on hand to open up the new wahlburgers restaurant, the third massachusetts location. the other two are in lynnfield and hingham. up next, a check of the traffic and weather together. >> and a check of today's top stories, including more questions surrounding the death of a toddler in lynn. the latest on that investigation. >> plus, hurricane joaquin barreling down on the bahamas.
6:37 am
waiting to see where this one danielle? >> chris, the overwhelming trend has been to push it out to sea and curve it to the the east coast. meantime, checking in with our weather watchers this morning, 50s. peter says .09 inches of rainfall and breezy with gusts 15 to 20 miles per hour. coastline. wheel outline the coastal flood threat the next cupful days and take you through your weekend in detail coming up. stay with us. at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. all with fresh salad and unlimited bread.
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[ olivia crying ] leah: she was so perfect! taking a live look over the city of boston right now. take a look at that. traffic heading into the city. looks like the mass pike, but it's clouds. what's all that? it's friday. we've got that going for us. a lot of people are talking for, for the weekend. danielle is tracking it all for you. there's a silver lining here. >> here's the latest, you guys. joaquin is a category 4 storm battering the bahamas with dangerous conditions. 130 mile-per-hour winds.
6:41 am
and we're talking about the motion which is the key this morning starting to move to the northwest at 3 miles per hour but very slowly here. make a northward turn and the question becomes, when it passes towards bermuda, it is likely to make a bit of a shift back west and then curve out to sea. the cone of uncertainty is still close to the cape and islands. if joaquin were to take a closer track towards the cape, there would be bigger impacts. we could be talking about rain and wind. nonetheless, up and down the east coast, we're talking about building surf, rip currents and into the start of next week. the overwhelming trend has been to curve joaquin out to sea. we'll keep you posted on that. the impacts of the coastline the next few days are not in association with joaquin. it's the downshore wind we've been persistent with the last couple of days and over 30 miles per hour for plymouth back down to the cape. advisory that is up. we could see gusts as high as
6:42 am
50 miles per hour later on today. particularly the outer cape back down to nantucket and the vineyard. that wind advisory is up until 11:00 a.m. coastal flood advisory is up for 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. coastal residents, you know who you are. you went through it yesterday and you'll do it likely again tomorrow, too, with the onshore wind with the astronomical high tide. start. you are dealing with a little bit of rain. no flooding but we have pockets of wet roadways out there and reduced visibility. plymouth back down to the cape. light rain for the most part. the northern edge of that rain is now south of bridgewater. halifax, pembroke stretching over towards marshfield. this leading edge will make it through late morning and the afternoon. so have the wet weather deer with you. it's all coming through the flooding rain and has stalled in the eastern seaboard.
6:43 am
about the flooding concerns through the mid-atlantic. that's with the stalled out boundary that will sit over the region for the next couple of days. so for us, what does it mean? areas of rain today, not a great end to the week. however, no flooding concerns. just light to moderate rain for the most part. through the evening commute with pockets of rain tomorrow and admittedly not the best looking day. areas of rain generally light, scattered showers, pockets of drizzle. a cool onshore wind. sunday is my pick of the weekend then because of the fact that it should be drier. we may get showers in the morning sunday but look at that. the map is mostly not featuring green on sunday afternoon. there will still be lots of clouds around, bust i wouldn't sunshine. by the way, northern new england has a really nice fall weekend with sunny skies and temperatures in the 50s. so projected rainfall here through the day today, tonight into tomorrow morning. nantucket.
6:44 am
coast. amounts taper off quickly and less than a quarter of an inch when you get back over the hampshire. the weekend. once joaquin makes its closest pass, the sun comes back. robi? the crash on the mass pike is still causing problems. it is a two-car accident on the westbound side in weston after the state police barracks. you can see the box truck off into the wooded area there and towards the bottom of the screen, there is a car now on a wrecker on the left-hand side. we're not seeing major delays there, but on the eastbound side, that is a different story jammed between the framingham service area and the weston tolls. chris, kathryn? our top stories on your friday morning. we're learning more about the shooter in yesterday's deadly attack at a community college in oregon. >> his name is chris harper mercer. he's 26 years old. he died in a shoot-out with police.
6:45 am
nine other people were killed at the college, which is 180 miles south of portland. seven others are wounded. the father of the wounded said the gunman asked who was a christian then shot them. hurricane joaquin is barreling down on the bahamas. it is now a category four storm but could grow even stronger before heading up to the eastern seaboard. the residents in massachusetts are bracing for the storm's possible impact but it looks like all points are heading out east toward the ocean. more questions about the death of a 4-month-old in lynn. an autopsy has not determined the be ay's cause of death. he was found saturday unresponsive at a family shelter and died sunday at mass general. dcf says they can't comment on the case until a cause of death has been determined. straight ahead, the red sox and yankees facing off for the final time this season. >> but who had the last laugh. >> and the big honor for two pats players and why they are
6:46 am
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call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. welcome back. checking our sports news. the red sox are meeting up with the yankees for the last time this season. pitching well as of late but he'd like to have this one back. beltrand takes this one deep. it's gone. the yankees get the win and
6:49 am
they beat the sox last night 4- 1. the pats are off enjoying their bye week but still dominating the headlines. tom brady named the afc's offensive player of the month leading the pats to a 3-0 start while throwing for the league high 1,112 yards to go along with nine touchdowns and 0 interceptions. not too shabby there at all. and kicker steven gostkowski named the afc's special teams player of the month 7 for 7 onfield goal and broke the record for most consecutive extra point kick. for more on the pats, tube into wbz tonight at 7:00 for patriots all access including a one-on-one with tom brady. the first one-on-one since the deflate gate scandal. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. good morning, nora. >> good morning. ahead here on "cbs this
6:50 am
talk about the heroes who helped take down the gunman in the deadly school shooting. and growing outrage about a new app that lets you post reviews about people you know. the news is back in the morning.
6:51 am
it is 6:56 right now open your friday. a baseball fumble and a big jackpot. just some of the headlines for the last five days. >> i did not bring the umbrella-ella-ella. >> you warned us yesterday. >> a lot of heavy rain has been coming down consistently. >> rain, rain, rain. >> we'll continue to monitor this situation. >> brady threw his 400th touchdown. >> there you go. >> no! >> i don't care. >> based on new evidence of flowing water on the red planet. >> governor baker announced a new plan to fix dcf. >> police were able to arrest at least one person they say is responsible for rob mckenna's murder. >> whoa. >> rob gronkowski hosting a clinic for women only. kate pulled the best assignment of the day. >> that's what you get for being a yankees fan. >> there is an office pool, that's all i'm saying.
6:52 am
>> you said it publicly, you are on that bandwagon, too? two liars on the set today. [ laughter ] >> here we are. it is always fun to play that game. what if you win the lottery, what would you do? $310 million. >> they cut off the end of the shot there write was like, maybe -- where i was like, maybe i wouldn't work. >> maybe you'd just work the winter and take the rest of the seasons off. joaquin taking a turn out to see. good news there. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, danielle. "cbs this morning" is next on wbz.
6:53 am
captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's friday, october 2nd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a hero emerges in the oregon college shooting. new details on the victim and the gunman who witnesses say targeted christians. hurricane joaquin gains strength but the track could be changing. the latest on the threat to the united states. controversy over a new app considered the yelp for people. do you deserve five stars? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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