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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at noon starts right now. now at noon tracking hurricane joaquin, the category 4 storm moving north away from the bahamas, workers inmarshfield aren't taking any chances, reenforcing the seawall there. thank you for being with us. first breaking news to tell you about two airman from the air force base among those killed in afghanistan today, the taliban now claiming
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down their u.s. transport plane the c130 crashed at the airport near the afghan pakistan border. a developing story this noon we're learning new information about a masker at a community college, they found several more guns at the apartment. he wounded others before dying himself with the police. the police haven't revealed a motive in the deadly shooting that sent students running for no-gun policy. they went through the apartment of mercer. as a result they've located
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>> police say mercer was wearing body armor, carrying three handguns and a rifle when open fire. the rampage continues until later. heroes. he fired upon them and there was an exchange of neutralized. the wounded were taken to area hospitals, some with critical injuries. mercer's father says he has spoken with investigators. i can't answer any questions right now i don't want to answer any questions right now obviously been a devastating day. hospitals are making mental health professionals available to everyone here in roseburg, community leaders don't have to look long or far to learn how other cities have dealt with mass shootings. >> a frustrated president obama addressed the nation last night according to the washington post, every week of his second
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term has seen a mass shooting somewhere in america. this week, it's roseburg oregon. one victim said they asked their religion before he shot them. in roseburg oregon, danielle nottingham, wbz news. stay with wbz for the continuing coverage of the massacre, we'll bring you any information as we get it. turning our attention to joaquin, a dangerous category 4 hurricane, causing fierce flooding in the bahamas, some areas 20 inches of rain. people are preparing for the worst, moving boats out ofmarinas. and trying to build dunes from protecting cities from any potential storm surge. it appears the u.s. will be spared from a direct hit, many hurricane.
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searching for a ship with 33 people aboard missing in the hurricane, let's check in with danielle niles for the latest on the storm at noon. good afternoon you guys, joaquin is still a category 4 hurricane battling the bahamas, its motion is to the north at 3 miles per hour. so that's one of the biggest changes right now, still obviously really slow moving but will accelerate to the northeast likely passed somewhere west of bermuda, a watch may be needed. and yes that hook out to sea there is still that cone ofuncertainty up and down the east coast we're talking about increased swell and also rip current risk too. speaking of swell, waves kicking up we've had this persistent on-shore wind which is gusting over 30 miles per the islands. we've got the coastal flood advisory in effect from 1 p.m.
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today from minor coastal flooding over same spots as yesterday we'll see it again this afternoon. 52 in boston, the rain has been filling back in northward here, on the cape and the islands with moderate pockets, then the further north you go, coupsprinkles in and around the city. in the southeast part of the state remain steady, we'll get pockets of rain, and saturday, there is improvement for sunday and i'll talk about that and the rest of joaquin back to you. thank you very much danielle. as danielle mentioned here is the proof strong winds of the storms already battling the south shore of massachusetts, there is that coastal flood advisory. susie takes a look how crews are bracing for more wild weather. >> reporter: the trouble comes in with the tied which is out right now, but around 3:00
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waves could be well over 10 feet putting this area at risk of coastal flooding. there is an electricity in the air in the south shore right before a storm. work crews race to close the gap between land and sea. >> we are closing up that will keep a lot of the water from coming in. barber tells us putting up barricades to the beach is something the town does each year, the weekend forecast brought crews out early. extreme weather is something the south shore is accustom too, scars from previous storm serve as a warning to take mother nature seriously. >> says his brother spends tens of thousands of dollars in repairs annually. he is hoping to help minimize that by removing these items on his house. >> i'm taking down the railings every year we take them down because of the high winds and the stones come up the waves go over here, 35 feet over the house over here.
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>> despite what steps are take b the storm will come and a behind. >> we'll see what the storm does, the model, right now it is okay, not too bad. >> that was our susie reporting for us, you can keep track of the storms anytime anywhere with the cbs boston weather app, it is free in the stores search cbs boston. causing big problems on the green line in brookline, the tree is leaning on over head wires near the reservoir station, could take about another hour, right now d-line service is suspended between fenway and reservoir. half a dozen students at loel high school are suspended after sending racially charged messages the group text started after a black student was elected as senior class president. said there are students from more than 60 countries in the
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cultures. nearly a year after a man was hit and killed police don't know who was responsibility. birthday. he was walking on belmont street when a minivan hit him. days later they released this video but never had enough information to make an arrest. a 23-year-old cold case now solved. police charged a 42-year-old man with the 1992 murder. she was killed after graduating with honors. investigators say that they believe that james is her killer, and he had to give dna in an unrelated case and matched from a sample from bruce's crime scene. today u.s. attorney general loretta lynch is taking on the
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she spoke about the challenges combating the issue. >> begins with not a doctor but a family medicine cabinet. this is the source as so much pain as well as help for people. last night the state senate approved a measure encouraging alternatives to easing patient main, lets patients note in their medical files that they don't want to receive them. and there are extra crews at logan, no need to worry. it is just a drill. everything from fire on the run way to mock evacuations there are dozens of emergency vehicles at the airport. the drill started around 8:00 and will last until 1:00 this afternoon. coming up the vatican talking about the pope's meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis. what the holy father may not have known beforehand. new charges, changes coming to your facebook profile the
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social network plan to help you personalize it even more. and a moose on the loose in central mass, you're watching wbz news at noon we'll be right back. i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one
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call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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. this portion of wbz news brought to you by westwood furniture. the vatican releasing a statement today clarifying the pope's meeting with kentucky county clerk, kim davis, the vatican says last week's meeting should not be for her position, davis has been at the center of controversy for refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples. the vatican ambassador and his staff arranged the meeting, not the pope's delegation. vatican spokesman says the pope was not properly briefed on davis or the impact the visit could have. sad news, carolyn lynch has
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diagnosed her with acute myeloileukemia, spotted the school of education at boston college she was 69 years old. campaign 2016 where presidential hopeful ted cruz cress crossing new england, fund raising in boston today, field fair. tonight and tomorrow crews will hampshire. also tomorrow democrat bennie sanders will make a couple stops in massachusetts, he is holding a rally and second rally at the boston center. new at noon, an unusual wandering the streets. you can see the big guy, coming right up to the camera and then going off into the woods a few seconds later, a patrol car goes by. there he goes. maybe? something like that. that's pretty close. you hear the breathing.
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don't make me break out my moose story. have you ever seen a moose before? she said when i was a kid in melrose, a moose came right down the street. >> a moose in melrose. so joaquin, you have to feel for the bahamas, this has been a category 3 or 4 hurricane sitting over the island. >> this video shows intense winds, the trees look like they are blown over. >> it is the rain, the wind, the surge, slowly moving to the north, that's the key, moving at 3 miles per hour. 3 miles per hour, that's it, but has started to make that turn and we will see joaquin start to accelerate, still a dangerous storm battling the bahamas, monday for early tuesday, that's when the closest path would likely be, new england packs rip currents not only here at home, up and down the eastern seaboard, looks like the coast will be
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hurricane watch that's issued by later on today notice monday 8 a.m., weakening taking that curve to the northeast if joaquin were to take a little bit further western track we may have to talk about a little bit more in terms of surf and swell kicking up. but right now, this is all good news in terms of joaquin curving out to sea. now, speaking of the sea, the ocean has been churned up we have wind gusts you notice it, 20 to 35 miles per hour strongest in the cape islands, 24 miles per hour wind gusts on the vineyard we have a wind advise i have for the island to 11 a.m. tomorrow morning in fact for nantucket up until 3 p.m., we may see some gusts as high as 45, even 50 miles per hour. here sa look at the doppler radar, let me get you situated here is boston, we've had a couple sprinkles around the city, it is light, more of a nuisance than anything, has been a wet, damp, dreary day, look at the temperature. worcester, 49 degrees, 52 we've
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been sitting there all afternoon here in boston. lower 50s with the steadiest rain focus back down on cape cod some of these deeper greens and yellows along route six towards chatham and new orleans. some of the seas being turned up in the heavy rain over the carolinas being whipped in by that stationary front, brings pockets of rain, the through the evening hours, tomorrow morning looks like a wet start and pockets of rain and drizzle will lingering during the day tomorrow, the evening should be a little bit dryer sunday does feature some improvement we start with clouds i do think we see breaks of sunshine that emerge sunday afternoon, few and far between but i do think we'll get some that come out nonetheless, between today and into tomorrow morning there may be here is the key, half an inch to an inch and a half of rain,
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amounts will taper off as you head into northern new england, the numbers here, low to mid-50s for highs during the day tomorrow, pretty similar the sun will come up just a little bit low 60s on the cape, but our friends in northern new england, temperatures in the low to mid-50s, we'll see more sunshine on sunday as well. again we'll watch joaquin closely for monday, temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s, sunshine coming out too, chris, back to you. thank you very much. we'll get a restaurant quality meal in a snap. today on tony's table, serve up a muscle dish with a twist. you know i love muscles anytime of the year, when i see muscles like this where you make them, oh, it's beautiful. >> it is a great combination, especially this time of year because the muscles are coming around the market is really great also one of the favorite pairings is broccoli. you added other ingredients. >> not so many.
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top of the broccoli. when you say, look at the crowns and if you don't use too much yellowing, save the top of them put them in a pan with hot peppers to give it a nice balance and they are cooking in white wine, stir them in here. that's it. >> that's all we did. the reason we cooked the muscles separately first, and clams if they don't open up in the pot, don't serve them. they were already dead not going to be any good. with the white wine, i'm going to add a touch of salt. >> and just to bring up the flavors of everything you need to have that seasoning layer, and then you just serve it like this. >> look at that. there is a lot of liquid on the bottom and a nice piece of bred. that looks beautiful. i have to find some bread right now and maybe a glass of white wine. thank you, oh, look at this. good rule of them, if they
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when you bring them home, if you open and you tap them, and they close, they are good. >> look at you. stephen colbert and the late show hosted secretary of state john kerry. in style, he asked kerry about the potential consequences of the iran nuclear deal. >> are we kicking the nuclear can down the road 15 years and letting somebody else secretary of state, taylor swift, letting her deal with this 15 years from now. that's better than gary busy. claire dance -- and blue bloods at 10:00, stay tune of course for the wbz news at 11:00 and the late show stephen colbert welcomes morgan freeman, wilson and shawn. hackers striking again.
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the personal information of millions of t-mobile customers may be at risk.
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. welcome back, t-mobile
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customers you may want to keep a close eye on your bank account, hackers gained personal information of 15 million t-mobile customers. investigators say hackers may have the social security numbers, birth dates and other details of anyone who applied for t-mobile service since september of 2013. the big changes from your facebook profile, you'll be able to use a short looping video, you can also set a temporary profile picture that reverts back to a specific date, perfect before a big game to mark a special milestone or show support for a specific cause, a customizable space at the top of your profile where you can feature up to five photos. i would put up there is that photo that you tweeted of the two of us, if you haven't
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ribbons. the western mass police department showing their support in an unusual way. checking in with weather watchers, everyone kind of has the same feel, we've needed the rain right, but it is just kind of gloomy out there, eric says 50 degrees, 0.9 inches of rain in the rain gauge, it doesn't look that great for the start improvement on sunday we'll
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. welcome back, october as you may know is breast cancer awareness month. the green field police department wants to unlock the cure some officers replaced their silver handcuffs with pink ones. they also just switched their standard blue and white pin to pink and white one featuring a ribbon and a pair of handcuffs. there you go. out there. weekend weather, everybody is wanting to know. all right. not looking great right but here is the thing tomorrow we get showers, drizzles, 50s,
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joaquin passes out to sea and the sunback up. be sure to join us at 5:00 be sure to join us on monday at 4:30.
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