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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 2, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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egnancy after 17 year -- pregnancy after 17 years struggling to have a baby. our top stories now at 5:30 hurricane joaquin moving knot is now a category 3 -- north is now a category 3 storm. southern oregon a community is grieving the deaths of nine victims killed in yesterday's mass shooting in roseburg. police killed the gunman and now we know he had six weapons with him. home. the army confirms 226 -- two service members are among the 11 americans killed in an afghanistan plane crash. the u.s. military hasn't released the names of the victim bus says the crash is under investigation -- but says the
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-- having a asian investigation. the new president is responding with the kind of leadership that is earning him more respect. right now he is meeting with leaderships at the high school. >> well it was a competitive race for class president here but when the winner was announced this week, it went downhill fast. it was one of the highest points in his teenage life. he won the election. >> i was excited. it was celebrating with my friends. >> then came the messages popping up on social media. . >> [ indiscernible ] he would never be a good president. he can't speak english. [ indiscernible ] i was hurt. >> one of his best days quickly became one of his worst when he saw the tweets, texts and posts with the n-word. rule out blacks.
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imagine him doing our graduation speech and much more. it has led to six students being suspended. >> [ indiscernible ] did things that now they all regret very much but you can't take it back once you say it. especially in today's age with electronic media. >> within a matter of days it seems one of the schools lowest points may have opened the door to something very bright. >> this whole school, we are all family. >> when kids spilled out to start the weekend, some had pins. >> i thought he was going to be a worthy president candidate. pretty sure he will prove that. >> my first thing is to start with trying to bring all class back together. people all over are looking and saying look at that school. i am trying to bring us together knowing that -- we might have failed right now but we will get through this and once this is over, we are going to be remembered as one of the best here. >> well now the students who
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were involved and their parents are at the superintendent's office meeting with him and his parents there are apologies and and handshakes expected. it is not over yet. police are investigating and they say that depending on what they find out, there could be more discipline, possibly even criminal charges. back to you. thank you. on the move tonight, hurricane joaquin pushing up the atlantic waves whipping up the surf off north carolina you see here. the storm track also shows this category 3 hurricane heading away from us. >> well still we could feel an impact. we turn now to chief metrologist with more on that. >> it is all about the squeeze play. some of that topical moisture works its way up the coastline. take a look at our satellite radar picture.
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the real heavy stuff down through the carolina's. that is the area we are watching for flooding heading into the weekend. it will be the carolina's that could see historic flooding. winds at 125 miles per hour. we will keep on top of this through the weekend but certainly all the signs have been very encouraging for us. you have all the wind that has been creating some power outages with those gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the weekend is not a wash out but it is damp. northeast winds staying at 20-25 mile per hour range. the temperatures will stay quite cool. low 50s tomorrow. we might manage some late day sun inland. it is not the pret yis weekend.
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about the pope's visit to the united states. the vatican now says the pope's only audience in washington d.c. was a former student of his who is gay and his partner. this raises questions ability kim davis' claims that she -- about kim davis' claims that she met with the pope. the vatican says the interaction was only in a receiving line between them and should not be considered a form of support for her position. to you remember where you were 20 years ago when the trial of the century came to an end? acquit. >> on this date in 1995 a jury did acquit o.j. simpson of murder in the death of his it was gripping. more than 150 million people tuned in for that verdict. her sister by the way say she's
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he is guilty but she has for given him. >> it doesn't mean i forgive you here is a hug -- [ laughter ] it is more like i cut the ball and chain you no longer own me. >> simple some by the way is serving a 33 year prison sent phones stealing sports memorabilia in las vegas. next at 5:30 a badge of honor for a little boy battling cancer. the love story that -- [ indiscernible ] years in the making. chicken, cheese and sauce made just right.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor
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so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology,
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improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. m. a pregnancy announcement nearly 17 years in the making. >> this is very sweet.
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he was preparing a romantic dinner for his wife when she told him they were expecting. >> there is some stuff in the over entoo. you pregnant? you're pregnant! >> guess how far along? >> how long? >> almost 5 months. >> come here. >> due february 16th. >> come here. >> and it's a boy. >> [ crying ] >> the emotion just outpouring out of him. well there is a background to this. the couple endured four miscarriages and a stillbirth. this has been a long road for them. >> after all of that disappointment it almost seems in that moment this this can't reel really be happening. >> so sweet.
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a young couple are walking down aisle for a second time. >> 17 years after they both played a role in another wedding. back then they were the ring bearer and flower girl. she was 5 and hardly thrilled. she looked pretty happy. safe to say it was not love at first sight for this couple in north carolina. >> [ laughter ] he couldn't stand me. >> she had a crush on me but she got on my nerves. >> oh really? [ laughter ] well she turned out just fine. their paths crossed in middle school. they started dating and now they are husband and wife. [ laughter ] >> i love that all he rem remembers that she annoyed him. the new police officer may be the cutest. they is just 6-year-old. >> he is the latest recruit.
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it is a lifelong dream for the little guy who is fighting stage four cancer. it has spread all over his body. his mom said the new job gives him a new outlook. >> he is always in pain or doesn't feel good. now he gained four pounds in a week. i don't know -- he just feels like he -- has a purpose instead of just cancer. instead of just living in the hospital. >> how awesome is that. besides the buzz downtown word of him has spread all over south carolina and now all across the states. he razz received cards and gifts from -- has received cards and gifts from strangers. look how proud he is. that is powerful. when you are in that moment, kit help you get healthy again -- it can help you get healthy again. >> i have to think it is powerful for the otherers too
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we look for the best chicken parm. >> marco's restaurant is known for serving a chicken parm so big it stretches beyond the plate. >> we put the dishes on the table, they go wow and say wow for us because they see how big it is. after they taste it, how good it is as well. i want to be honest with you, i have to lot of customer who have come here and said it is the best chicken parm they have had. along with burgers, buffalo wings and craft beer, they make one of the hardyest chicken parms in metro west. >> nobody finishes our chicken parm. >> real comfort food. >> they might look like an english pub but their specialty twist. >> we top it with eggplant pardon me.
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>> the truth and you can't find good chick -- chicken parm or chicken parm in italy because it doesn't exist there. for more food and fun watch the phantom gourmet saturday and sunday. coming up, could be a restaurant review, it could be an e-mail. >> new technology putting social media in a heads up display. convenient but is it safe. and a chilly night. peter checking in this evening. he says he feels like he should play a little november rain in the background. a little more of that rain in fire cast coming up.
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coming up. car. from facebook to twitter and
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that take your eye toufs road. new technology put it right in front of you. >> does that make it any safer? >> when they gets behind the wheel there is a lot of information to take in. some of it is projected on the windshield >> i like the idea of being able to look straight ahead and seeing all the information i need without having to look away from the road. >> he has test driven cars with this type of technology built in. he feels this improves safety. >> if you think about when you look at your speed gauges or your-and-a-half -and-a-half -- navigation scene, you taking your eyes off the road. >> they allow a driver to receive and respond to text messages or post to social media ail while keeping their eyes on the road. >> the technology seems promising.
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displayed could improve drivers safety if they don't end up being another distraction. >> they are all factors that can impact what the workload is that a driver might experience. >> [ indiscernible ] another concern is the volume of potential information. >> the risk is that if we are projecting information on the windshield then we are over loading the driver. >> right now head up displays are available in a small amount back to you. >> certainly better than doing this or looking down at your console as opposed to -- yeah. i would be curious to try it. storm.
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so many of the communities that were hit hard throw years ago in sandy are -- three years ago in sandy were hit hard by this. >> they have been saying what does this mean for us. we are still really concerns after going through sandy. they will have coastal flooding but nothing like we saw three years ago. here is what we know about joaquin tonight. it is starting to turn to the north leaving the bahamas. all signs are pointing east. yesterday we talked a about -- about that trend it has started. we are not completely in the clear just yet. we can't to keep tabs on this through the next three days. it will be tracking off to the north and east accelerating tonight just to the west there. it is watching the progress of this. any crew ships heading in that
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direction will be watching the forecast. lot of wave action out here in the ocean. then you see it taking a hard right off to the east of new england. that being said you have a deep storm to the south, jew a very strong area of high fresh -- you have a very strong area of high pressure to the north, then you have a squeeze plane between them. that will produce a lot of wind. gusts will be 30-60 miles per hour. it will cause coastal flooding and a lot of erosion. the over big story, some tropical moisture will move up into south carolina and north carolina. they could have tremendous historic flooding over the next couple of days. certainly keep that in your thoughts here. for us, more rain moving it's way northward tonight. most of the rainfall is going to be around the new hampshire border and southward. it is not going to be enough to cause flooding but we have seen plenty of it over the course of
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that week. winds continue to howl. there have been some ferry disruptions. you want to check with those scheduled this weekend. wind advisory continues till 11:00 a.m. for tomorrow. some gust could reach as high as 50 miles per hour. areas of rain throughout the overnight and into tomorrow morning. as we head through saturday becomes more wide spread in nature. still a lot of clouds. a very raw day to be outside. by saturday little punch of dryer air will come done from the north. up towards new hampshire, western mass, we should be able to break into some sunshine by the end of the sunday. in terms of rain totals, 1 and a half to 2 and a half inches.
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that drought has pretty much been erat kated in most locations -- erat kated in most locations. temperatures tonight are falling into the 40s. very cool day tomorrow. upper 40s to low 50s. you want to catch up on netflix, maybe pick some apples. good day to bake some pies. will be a good day for sure. sunday looking at some increasing sun. little more sunshine to the north. here is your full seven day. next week things are quieter. they are dryer and a little warmer as well. it is a very chilly start to october. >> was that night long ago it was 80 plus around here. >> it it was third warmest september on record in boston. well tonight at 11:00 the eye team is digging into the state's insurance system to see
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>> we have learned that thousands of people have paid for insurance coverage but when it came time to use that insurance they were out of luck. >> i need to have a scope do governor down my throat and look into -- go down my throat and look into my stomach to see what is going on and i can't have it done. >> had drop out of some of my classes because i couldn't get through them without my medication. >> how we helped one woman get the coverage she deserved and paid for. a wedding favor becomes a groom. the two were traveling through the denver airport carrying these little bottles of bubble baths for their guests. 20-minute evacuation. they used the picture as a travel tip to be mindful of what you are carrying and what it says on the label.
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well we all know it has been a week of sad news. >> up next a reason to smile. coming up, trading in the classrooms for the [ indiscernible ] who is launching his own run for the white house. and a wild surprise in wooster. a moose on the loose. the add venture that has people talking -- adventure that has people talking and police
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well today dissipate the weather, just mild. all -- despite the weather just mild. people are celebrating national smile day. much more still ahead. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> now at 6:00 the latest trends with joaquin. the wind coastal flooding still in our forecast this weekend. waiting for joaquin. the emergency move to the coast to protect the most vulnerable neighborhood. the oregon campus shooting. >> we become numb to this . >> why does at no time -- doesn't the anger and outrage
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a large moose getting the neighborhood buzzing. >> now at 6:00 hurricane joaquin taking a turn it seems for the better. finally heading north. next stop out to sea. it looks more and more like new england land will avoid any direct hit. >> this huge powerful tomorrow will create problems for the coast. >> this is an example of not having a landfall but still having a large impact up and down east coast. a lot of moisture all streaming its way northward. it has been churning there for over 36 hours. 90% of the population is further off to the west. that will create flooding rain. 125 mile per hour winds that has
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weakened just a touch.
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