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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> wake up sunday morning, coffee, paper. >> 9:00 football game. >> nice. patriots all access at 7:00. we will be back at 11:00. you can see us at 10:00. have a good night. >> pelley: roseberg remembers the victims of the college massacre. >> we have been trying to figure out how to tell everyone how amazing pliewkas was, but that would take 18 years. >> pelley: also tonight, how do we stop the killing? we'll listen to voices against violence. >> the president ought to take full charge and do whatever is necessary to protect the lives of united states citizen. >> pelley: the search for 28 americans lost at sea in hurricane joaquin. and the latest on where that storm is headed. and steve hartman takes us for a ride on the gravy train. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, we plrnd their names and saw their faces, the nine gunned down yesterday at umpqua community college in oregon. some were fresh out of high school, new to college. others were returning to education to make a new start in life. president obama this evening has ordered flags across the nation at half-staff. nine others were wounding, including chris mintz, a hero amid the horror. he was shot three times as he tried to stop the gunman. john blackstone is in roseburg, oregon, and begins our coverage. >> reporter: the smiling faces of the victims are now known ranging in age from 18 to 67. they include three 18-year-olds, recent high school graduates, rebekah carnes, lucas eibel, and quinn cooper. carrie boyd spoke for cooper's family. >> quinn was funny, sweet, exapgzate and such a wonderful, loving person.
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he always stood up for people. >> reporter: 19-year-old lucero alcaraz hoped to be a pediatric nurse. and 20-year-old treven anspach was a fire and e.m.s. member. douk fire chief marl delivered a message from treven's family. >> treven was larger than life and brought out the best in those around him. in justin and kim's words, treven was a perfect son. >> reporter: there was also 34-year-old jacob johnson whose family said he finally found his path. sarena dawn moore. 59-year-old kim dietz, and the dplrk professor, 67 freerld lawrence levine. another student in that classroom was chris mintz, who's now being called a hero. the 30-year-old army veteran ran toward the gunman in an effort to stop him. he was shot seven times but survived. 18-year-old anna boylan had a bullet hit near her spine. as he lay wounded she called her
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brother telling him the gunman asked about their worry and brave. it's bravery. >> reporter: here at the college, classes have now been canceled for all of next week. this is a small community, scott, where virtually everyone has been touched in some way by this tragedy. >> pelley: john blackstone for us tonight. john, thank you. the 26-year-old dwun man died in a shoot-out with police. he had several extra magazines of ammunition. he lived near roseberg in an apartment with his mother. seven guns were found in that apartment, and six more guns were found at the crime scene at the college.
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troubled man for a very long time. here's justice correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: investigators say chris harper mercer's arsenal of more than a dozen weapons includinged a smith & wesson, taurus 40-caliber pistol, glock 19 and a rifle. all were purchased legally. he also had the type of steel-plated body armor worn by police. investigators are discovered what they are calling a manifesto. the sources say the multipage rant was philosophical, at times racist, and authored by someone who was mad at the world. the writer lamented not having a girlfriend and talked about going out in a blaze of glory. mercer, who family says was born in the united kingdom, moved to the u.s. as a young boy. he lived in torns, california, with his mother before moving to an apartment less than 10 minutes away from the communities college. a neighbor says his mother told others he was depressed. >> the mother mentioned how he just stays on his computer behind his closed door in his
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room all the time. >> reporter: in 2008, mercer enlisted in the army but he was discharged after a month for failing to meet army standards. some of his social media accounts galore fight irish republican army and criticize organized religion. in august, he commented on the killer of two roanoke, virginia, journalists. >> guns are certainly an issue. mental health is an issue. >> reporter: mary ellen o'toole is a former f.b.i. profiler. >> they do paint a picture of someone that has equal opportunity hatred. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> that means he hates everybody. it's not just women. it's not just christians. these kinds of individuals have a hatred for the world. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say a receipt was found at the shooting scene indicating indicating that mercer had recently made a purchase at a campus store. scott, his status at the school remains unclear, but he may have been taking a course. >> pelley: jeff, is there any
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reason to believe that mercer had been in trouble with the law before? >> reporter: well, right now, all of the research that we are doing and what we are seeing is that he does not have a criminal past with law enforcement, but as you know, today, they announced that all of the guns, the guns that they found not only at the scene but at his home were purchased legally. >> pelley: and why did he wash out of the army in just a month? did the army say anything more about that? >> reporter: well, they did not give too many details about that. that is also still unclear. put he lasted only a short time, as you know. >> pelley: jeff pegues reporting for us in the washington newsroom tonight. jeff, thanks very much. in another important story tonight, 28 americans are missing, along with five polish sailors, all of them aboard a cargo ship that has been caught in hurricane joaquin. david begnaud is following this. >> reporter: tonight, the united states coast guard is
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hurricane trying to locate the elpharaoh cargo ship. yesterday a satellite distress alert was sent at approximately 7:00 a.m. eastern time, indicating that the ship was taking on water and was without power. since then, silence. >> that last known position was right next to the eye of hurricane joaquin. >> reporter: captain mark feeder is with the u.s. coast guard. >> that puts them in a very vulnerable position and that's why we're trying to get an asset out there as soon as we can to at least confirm their status. >> reporter: the coast guard sent two aircraft and a cutter, but they're battling 140-mile-per-hour expwindz 30-foot waves. >> the vessel is without propulsion. that means they have no way to operate their engine, so they're just sitting in the water, and they're susceptible to the full fury of that hurricane. >> reporter: last night, the coast guard succeeded in rescuing 12 crew members on another cargo ship. this one was stranded in waters
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near haiti. hurricane hunter planes usually fly at 10,000 feet. the coast guard is flying at two. scott, the captain told me tonight, quite frankly, the safety of his crew is on the line because they are literally pushing their limits to find that ship and save that crew. >> pelley: coast guard goes out when other ships are sinking. david begnaud, thanks very much. today, u.s. astronaut scott kelly sent this picture of joaquin from the space station. the bahamass for two days. it's expected to track north over the weekend, and turn away from the u.s. coast. the east coast is already flooding from a separate nor'easter, and kris van cleave has that. >> reporter: the problem is too much water, punishishing waves in new jersey, coastal flooding in ocean city, maryland, and streets underwater in charleston, south carolina. outside new york city, crews are working to keep the water from this slow-moving nor'easter
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away. in virginia beach, nearly nine inches of rain since wednesday has the ground saturated. public works. >> you can't assume because it hasn't flooded before it's not going to flood now. that's a wrong assumption to make in this kind of storm. >> reporter: this storm actually has city crews more concerned than the hurricane because it has parked itself on top of virginia beach. it's bringing a lot of rains and strong winds. the strong winds whip you want tides so there are extra high tides. flooding. >> we are concerned, yes. >> reporter: josie is standing in what should be the parking lot of a restaurant. bubba's has to be dry and ready for business in just hours. >> we have some parties tonight. we we cannot cancel anything like that. we have to honor that. >> reporter: north and south carolina are expected to get hammered with rain this weekend. already several counties there are under flood warnings. scott, here, emergency crews have not ruled out the
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possibility of some evacuations in low-lying areas because of flooding concerns. they say those concerns could stretch into next week. >> pelley: kris van cleave, thanks. so, where is the hurricane read of headed now. lonnie quinn is the chief weather caster of wcbs. >> i will give you the latest from the national hurricane center and here it is. it has weakened a little bit, still a category three, major hurricane, winds at 125 miles per hour. the official track from the keeps it offshore. no one on the eastern seaboard even in the cone of concern but we've got to talk about the storm. i know we've got the two different systems one around the southeast and joaquin. take a look. you can see the tail of that rain coming from the carolinas right down to joaquin. so even if joaquin continues to push further east like we think it will, it still supplies a lot of rain to our area. >> pelley: lonnie quinn, wcbs, thanks. 11 americans are dead in afghanistan after the crash of a u.s. air force transport plane. the c-130 was on takeoff.
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it appears to be an accident, not enemy fire. 2,370 americans have been killed in the 14-year-old war in afghanistan. president obama said today russia's entry into the syrian war say recipe for disaster. mr. obama called out vladimir putin for bombing rebels that the u.s. supports in order to rescue the syrian dictator bashar al-assad. at a white house news conference, the president also said he'd be willing to negotiate with russia and iran about syria as long as it involved assad's exit. holly williams reports that today, russian pilots added the isis terrorist group to their targets. >> reporter: russia said its air strikes destroyed an isis command center and a training camp near the group's stronghold of iraqa. but russian airstrikes have also
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targeted so-called moderate rebels, some of them backed by the u.s. this video seems to show the aftermath of a russian air strike just outside the syrian capital of damascus. syria's civil war has already cost more than a quarter of a million lives, many of them taken by the syrian regime's bombing of civilian areas. russia supports the regime with weapons and money, but now it's also giving syrian government forces an even more critical advantage. "russian aviation is helping us a lot," said this commander in the syrian army. but for those syrians who oppose the regime, russian air strikes will only strengthen government forces and worsen their agony. in the suburbs of damascus today, emergency workers rescued children from the aftermath of a
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bombing, though it's not known whether it was the work of russian or regime forces. and then... another blast, and another blow to any hope of peace in syria. the u.s. and its coalition partners in europe and the middle east accused russia today of causing civilian casualties in syria. and, scott, they called on russia to stop attacking the syrian opposition and instead to target isis. >> pelley: holly williams reporting tonight. holly, thank you. an explosion has rocked a luxury high rise near miami. and what americans are saying about how to stop gun violence when the cbs evening
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violence, and we have asked several people to give us their views. it's part of a new series that we're starting here tonight called, "voices against violence." >> i'm calvin butts, pastor of the abyssinian baptist church in the city of new york. gun violence in america is an epidemic that is exploding all over our nation. in our churches, on our college camp u.s., in our movie theaters. this is a threat to our national security. there must be severe legislation that addresses the manufacturing and the sale and the interstate trafficking of guns. we can no longer sit by and watch mothers and fathers and husbands and wiestles, brackets and sisters, friends and neighbors, crying at the loss of life. right now, we've got to draw attention to this problem by
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little strict but it has to be done or else these killings will, as we have seen, continue. >> i'm milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. any time we have a horrific horrific incident like a mass shooting, these things have a tendency to become politicized. one of the things i would do to reduce-- we're not going to be able to eliminate these entirely-- but reduce the likelihood of mass carnage get rid of these gun-free zones. these gun-free zones, theaters, churches, college campuses, elementary schools-- are chosen by the perpetrator fair reason. he knows nobody is going to be able to interrupt him until mass carnage occurs. and we ought to give people the individual freedom, the individual right to, under certain circumstances like conceal carry license, to go armed in these venue in case something like this happens for their own protection and to have a chance. look at chicago, illinois. look at washington, d.c., the federal district.
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those would be two of the safest areas in the united states. violent. >> i'm dr. kelly posner the founder of suicide center at columbia university. 90% of school shooters have well-documented suicidal issues. 30% of shooters actually say that suicide is their motive. so if we screen, meaning ask a few questions, we may bably to find people and get the help they need before things like this happen. the questions about suicidal thoughts are quite simple. you start with, "you have wished you were dead or wished you up?" or "have you actually had thoughts of killing yourself?" if that's no, you move on. however, if that's yes, then it's tiered so we can in a very feasible way figure out who is really at risk and horeally needs help. imagine that an employee of a gun store or when somebody goes to get a gun license, all of
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trained to ask these questions, and maybe somebody who is suffering in silence will be identified before it's too late. >> pelley: president obama talked about the shooting today. he said, "let's not forget, this is happening every single day in forgotten neighborhoods." police in cleveland say that just yesterday, a five-month-old girl was killed in a drive-by shooting. it's the third time in a month that a child has been killed in a drive-by in that city. and in chicago, at least five people have been wounded since yesterday. the victims include a 15-year-old boy shot while and we'll be right back. and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults.
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suspected fraud we're cracking downv on medicare fraud let's make medicaret stronger for all of us . >> pelley: the labor department said today that the u.s. economy added 142,000 jobs last month. that's considered weak and far fewer than expected. the unemployment rate held
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steady at 5.1%. wall street took the hiring slowdown as a sign that the fed will hold off increasing interest rates, and so the dow was up 200 points. there there was a gas explosion today atop a high rise in miami. the explosion was in the penthouse boiler room on the 33rd floor. six people were hurt, including two firemen. debris from the explosion landed on the beach. the cause still under investigation. steve hartman "on the road" coming next. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays... consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company... the only medicare supplement plans that carry the aarp name, and the ones that millions of people trust year after year. always have a plan. plan well. enjoy life. go long. >> pelley: it's not easy to surprise steve hartman, butting? did "on the road." >> reporter: i came to fort worth, texas thinking i'd seen everything.
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a guy on a mower pulling nine dogs on a train. that's a new one. in fact the only thing more surprising than the sight may be the story behind it. this train ride is the brainchild of brothers eugene and walter bostick, and it's just a small part of a much larger mission. the bosticks who live in the same 11-acre woods they grew up in, spend thousands of dollars a year just feeding wildlife here. >> you name them, coons, possum-- yeah, the beaver does eat corn and bread. sure does. see the ducks over there? >> reporter: they don't misso much as a mallard. if you're wonder yg they have this insatiable need to feed, the answer is it simple-- childhood guilt. >> when we first moved here, we killed them all. the rule of the day, anything that moved, we shot. >> reporter: but now these repentant hunters are making amends in any way they can think of, which brings us back to the train. over the years a lot of stray
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dogs have wandered on to the property. of course, they're carried for but that wasn't enough for the bosticks boys who thought the mutts might like some movement. >> it makes you feel good to see them loaded up and how happy they are. >> reporter: the train departs joy. the mangy misfits now the envy of the neighborhood. the dogs no one wanted now like celebrities on a catwalk. for the brothers, each trip takes them one step closer to redemption. they say all dogs go to heaven, and if that's true, there's got to be room for those who engineer their happiness. steve hartman "on the road" in fort worth, texas. >> pelley: dog training. tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley, and i'll you sunday on
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good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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