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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 3, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. now at 5 a.m., the search is on for a ship that disappeared with 28 americans on board. a priest is going to be set free, why there is nothing they can do. and racist comments the hope for healing. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning everybody, it is 5:00 in the morning thanks so much for being with us so early it is the kind of day you
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we couldn't do that. but we did wear our black, sorry about that. better news in the seven day forecast, eventually we'll get sunshine and weather on the way, today, just like the last couple days the same old, drizzle and foggy conditions, a live look at doppler radar shows we don't have anything too heavy on the radar, just drizzle all over the landscape from boston. current wind gusts are strong, the wind will be an issue coming from the northeast a brisk wind with temperatures in the 50s, highest wind gusts 36 miles per hour there in plymouth. and a wind advisory from the cape and islands been extended but also been reduced not including the south coast at this time. gusts up to 50-mile per hour throughout that time.
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coastal flood advisory because of the strong wind speeds from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. today, minor coastal flooding to moderate coastal floodings, because of the strong winds. hurricane joaquin is still away to the south, great news it will pass out to sea as the category one. however monday into even tuesday and wednesday we might see some effects of that i'll go through those details in just a bit. all right pamela thank you so much. hurricane joaquin turning out to sea but it doesn't mean we're in the clear strong winds strong surf heavy rains battering the coast, the hurricane three storm will still have an impact in massachusetts, on the south shore, concrete barriers are in place to support the seawalls. you can stay with wbz for the latest track and conditions. and the coast guard is
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missing in hurricane joaquin, the 735-foot strip sounded a distress call, there are 28 americans and 5 polish nationals on board, sent two planes and a cutter to search but it is hard to get to the area in such bad weather. a former catholic priest who raped an alter boy will soon go free. experts determined he is no longer a danger. as jim smith reports not everybody believes that. he is a monster, he was a monster to many. reymond still remembers what he tries to forget, the first time ronald abused him. an alter boy, he was about 10, taking him and other boys to a swimming pool. >> i was the last one to
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change, he made comments about me and my private parts. and i got kind of scared and ran out and jumped in the pool. and on the way home, he had me sit next to him and while he was driving he was fondling me. now being released 13 years after being accused of many assaults and pleading guilty to raping an alter boy. two court appointed experts concluded he is no longer sexually dangerous. saying they have no choice but to release him. decades later wayne reymond decided he had to do something. he got legal help reaching out to attorney. he helped reymond get a financial settlement to the church and represented other victims. >> there is no doubt in my mind based upon his history based
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children. it is unclear when he'll be released, the attorney did not return our calls. the high school football team is forfeiting today's game a mid-a hazing investigation. saying high school sophomores undressed and did cheers with upper class man. participating in an event that includes students getting naked and being yelled at is not dignity and respect. some students may be punished individually. apologies in healing after a new elected class president was targeted by racial slurs and text messages, tells wbz she is satisfied with the resolution. >> its been a long way for the family. after an even longer week.
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we all laughed, actually, walking on healing. late friday, attended a meeting with the parents of six high schoolers accused of verbally attacking her son with racial slurs online. >> hope the children learn from them hope the parents learn. it should have been his president. no sooner he took office people took to twitter. >> he will never be a good president, he can't speak english. >> in the days that follow something special happened. other students rallied around their leader. knowing that yes, we might have failed right now but we're going to get through this. >> a lesson this wise teenager likely learned from his mother. >> what he says is we just need
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to be able to learn from this and move forward. the 6 students involved have all been suspended. wbz this morning. this morning, we're waiting to learn the identities of the airman killed in a military plane crash. two were deployeded out of the air force base, they were among the americans who died when their c-130 transport plane crashed shortly after take off yesterday. grief counseling is being offered to everyone at the bedford base. devastating day for the united states air force. our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we grieve with and for the families of these great airman. >> the military says the two men who were stationed were not from new england, the taliban is claiming they shot the plane down but the u.s. says that is unlikely. new this morning, a new
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arrest that sent his car in a home. jesse was drunk behind the wheel and speeding when he lost control of his car yesterday. the car hit several trees before plowing into a home at banks road on main street. his passenger was seriously injured and had to be taken to the hospital but helicopter. campaign 2016 coming to massachusetts. democrat hopeful bernie sanders, both events are free to the public if you want to check it out. presidential hopeful ted cruz heads to new hampshire today, yesterday he attended afundraiser in boston and deer field and salem. running wild in worcester, the tourist getting an awful lot of attention.
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we all know rob gronkowski, business adventure. features. temps in the 50s, drizzles and clouds coming up in just a bit, we'll have the latest when we'll see sunshine in your forecast. and as we head to break we'll take a look at your winning lottery numbers, there they are, break out your tickets!
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facebook app they'll look a little bit different but definitely show up. for more tips and tricks including security settings, head to our website. in san francisco, cbs news. she is in season francisco wouldn't that be nice right now. love san francisco. sort of a dreary morning out there i would say, it is not going to get any better today. no, not really. just we're going to have to deal with it again today and even a little bit for tomorrow. then in the seven day forecast is looking better sunshine warmer temperatures, we'll get a break from all of this fall- ish weather, keeping track of hurricane joaquin, it is still a strong hurricane and moving a little bit quicker with the latest forecast information coming in. still a category 3, max speeds 120 miles per hour moving northeast at 120 miles per hour.
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continue out to sea, forecast models matching at this point in time, there is a lot of question earlier this week but now things are lining up. monday into tuesday this is going to pass out to sea, close enough to us that we might see some of that high surf into the later part of monday and early tuesday, then as you see this storm will continue to push and weaken out way out of our area by thursday, live look at doppler radar back home here we're dealing with a drizzle some areas of light rain nothing too heavy, no severe weather or anything like that, this is going to be one of thoseyucky days drizzle and fog throughout the day. hour by hour forecast, here is 5 a.m. this morning we have the potential for spotty showers at best, drizzle continues throughout this afternoon, the drizzle in. further to the north you might briefly, over night tonight another area of drizzle will move in from off the shore
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here. 7 a.m. sunday, another drizzly foggy start to the day, sunday afternoon, we're going to keep the chance for spotty showers and drizzles along the coast, further inland you guys might see breaks of clouds once again, slightly better conditions inland, dryer conditions, at least. visibility reduced in some dealing with any dense-dense you posted. wind gusts are strong, that's helping to keep the fog out of here at this time. plymouth, 36 miles per hour gusts that's coming from the northeast, we have a wind advisory from the islands until 3 p.m., winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour, and co between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. minor to moderate coastal flooding along the east facing and north-facing beaches here, minor beach erosion is likely too. hour by hour forecast, temperatures stay nice and
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in the upper 40s lower 50s, 53 degrees here in boston tonight dipping back into the 60s, 40s, a cool one for us, keep it cool for your day on sunday as well. a chance for rain, especially along the coast here, drizzle more likely inland looking better monday that's when we could see high surf from joaquin, 60 degrees tuesday, 66 by wednesday fantastic. that will be nice pamela thank you. legendary actor morgan freeman stopped by the late show last night played a wide variety of roles but colbert said there are a few more he'd like to see. look right into the camera right over here, okay, right there. they'll know what you're doing. >> okay, okay.
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draw me like one of your -- >> yeah, wouldn't he be great? all right here. here try this one. >> oh, no! it's christmas! and i'm a small boy who has been left home alone! he got the part! that's awesome. freeman's current roll as executive producer of the show madame secretary. also directs and guest stars in the season premier episode which airs tonight on wbz. you can catch the late show with stephen colbert at 11:35. some of the most intensive scenes black mass belongs to a mass boy. do you think that's the best thing to be telling your kids? >> yeah.
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. a country visitor is get worcester. can you believe it? the animal was spotted wandering through the neighborhood snorting all the
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he is not afraid to get up and personal with the camera, they've been on the moose's track, so far they can't say where he is actually living. >> that's so cool. >> well if you have to come up with a business motto for tight end rob gronkowski, might have something to do with partying gronk and his brothers are launching a party bus business. it is a 2015 ford f-550 limo, has a frat screen and a lighted ceiling and a custom-etched drawing after gronk. that's so funny. i love it. >> one man gets the surprise of a lifetime when he opens the oven in his kitchen coming up the sweet announcement 17 years in the making. it is the great story stay tuned for that.
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. welcome back, a pregnancy announcement nearly 17 years in the making, was preparing a romantic dinner for his wife dana when she told him they were expecting. >> there's some stuff in the oven too. >> what's in the oven? you pregnant! >> guess how far along.
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>> how long? >> 19 weeks almost 5 months. >> come here! >> due february 16th. >> come here! >> and it's a boy. >> awe, that is the best i could cry! the emotion just pouring out of the man, the couple endured four miscarriages and a stillbirth. them. that's the best. congratulations to them. it is 5:27 right now, a lot more ahead in our next half hour we'll tell you why the police force in one community isn't aggrade to show their girly size for a good cause. meet the actor who scored
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. yes it is, good morning everybody, thanks for being with us on this saturday morning, i'm here along with pamela. it is that kind of morning dark and dreary. >> wearing the black today. >> i know. you can tell what kind of mood we were in when we looked out the window and got dressed.
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>> it is a tough one to get up and get moving but we'll deal with it. we have sunshine in that seven day forecast. something to look forward to. we'll definitely look to the future here and definitely appreciate the sun once we get it not so much for today, drizzle, cloudy conditions a dreary look. all though not dealing with any heavy rain that's good news there the wind has picked up and it remains strong this morning wind gusts from the northeast between 25, 35-mile right now from plymouth, 36 miles per hour gusts, 36 miles per hour off ofnantucket, temperatures will stay lower 50s with a strong wind from the north and east areas of drizzle, keep the rain gear with you. we're still keeping an eye on hurricane joaquin, major hurricane spinning up and affecting the bahamas, moving northeast at 13 miles per hour. by the time we get to monday, still a category 1 all though
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it will be way off the coast here, we might see some high surf from this monday into tuesday, and then completely goes out to sea not affecting us at all by the end of the week, that's great news compared to what we were expecting earlier this week, big changes with that, coming up, when we'll see that sunshine in that seven day. thank you so much. right now looking at some of our top stories even though it looks like hurricane joaquin will miss the east coast residents along the south shore aren't taking any chances shoring up seawalls and clearing branches joaquin could cause flooding and storm surges are also a concern. a formal priest who pleaded guilty to raping an alter boy will be released two experts testified that ronald is no longer sexually dangerous, which means prosecutors were forced to withdraw their petition to have him committed indefinitely as a sexually dangerous person. all though he was only
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convicted of one rape, several other people accused him of sexual assault. he is 72 and has been -- it is not clear yet when he'll be released. two of the airman killed were from the air force base, in all six military personnel and five other americans were killed when the c-130 went down. they were not from new england but everyone on the base now has access to grief counseling. the taliban claims it shot down the plane but the u.s. calls that unlikely. now to the latest on the campus massacre in oregon we now know the nine people and who they are that were gunned down by a fellow student. we're learning more about the hero who tried to stop the shooter as paula evans shows us what we still don't know is the motive. >> these are the faces of the
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community college shooting, victim. pediatric nurse. 18-year-old rebecca karns, lucas, quinn cooper were the youngest. the fallly released a statement. beyond repair. police say the shooter chris harper mercer was a drop out who was enrolled in class when the shooting happened. investigators recovered 13 weapons and a letter suggesting angry. cory was in a near by building when the gunman shot his sister, she survived. he started asking people to get up asked my sister to get up she didn't move played dead. >> the clark sisters are friends with a 19-year-old who was shot five times. she got shot right here and
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went up through the front. a steady stream of people lined up to donate blood in honor of the victims, paula evan, wbz this morning. the green line is backup and running this morning after a tree near the tracks forced service suspensions you can see it on over head wires in brookeline, they shut down the d-line service for a time to it. emergency workers at logan airport sharpening their skills to handle any disaster, boston fire, ems, state police and fbi took part in the drill yesterday, simulating a plane crash on the run way with fire injuries and evacuations, airports have to hold a drill like this every thee years. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch is taking on the opioid epidemic, yesterday she spoke to hundreds at an opioid and drug summit about the challenges in combating the issue.
5:33 am
opioid addiction often begins not with a law-breaking doctor, but with a family medicine cabinet. this is the source of so much pain as well as help for people. >> on thursday, the state senate approved a measure encouraging health care providers to concern alternatives to easing patient pains it provides a list of -- and lets them note if they don't want to receive opioids. october is breast cancer awareness month and the police department wants you to unlock the cure some replaced their silver handcuffs with pink ones and switched their standard blue and white collar pens featuring a ribbon and a pair of handcuffs. black mass is not appropriate with kids with one notable exception. a local boy is in the movie
5:34 am
about his acting career. >> the life of a movie star at age 8 luke ryan plays the son mass. >> same kid and same house, the same friends. >> these are photos they took on the set with the movie roll, i asked red carpet questions. he is very quiet luke was impressed how the stars were normal like when he asked if he could bring his brother. >> luke filmed for three days, he showed the breakfast scene and shared a memorable moment from the table he was scripted to eat eggs, but hates eggs, johnny depp intervened. >> he said, to the people on they changed it.
5:35 am
>> luke is one of five brothers they don't take acting lessons but they like to book spots in commercials and independent films. we started kind of as a college fund. >> they brought him to see the movie though they covered his eyes on parts of it. now in the third grade, luke has big plans for the future, he has audition saturday and a game on sunday. wbz news. that's so exciting. well the red sox learned the hard way, cleveland rocks. coming up the team falls to an old friend. pamela? it really feels like the season here, season of fall. the colors are starting to pop up and we have early color across much of new england with high color. way, way to the north there, and it looks like things are just a little bit behind schedule at this time pretty close to it the rain will help the color hopefully becoming more brilliant here is a look
5:36 am
this time of the year also keeping watch on hurricane joaquin, it was a category 4 storm, now down to a category 3 this brings us to the first question of the morning here. when hurricane joaquin was the category 4, this was the first category 4 hurricane to track through the bahamas in october since when? >> 1850, 1866, 1888 or 1902.
5:37 am
. good morning everyone, red sox in cleveland for their final series of the season, sox would have made it a three-game sweep in order to finish at 500 for the year, last night, messing around with red sox play by play before the game, red sox get off to a good start, a canon of the arm as he nailed francisco at the plate what a throw, the red sox trailed to this one 4-0 in the fourth inning, but david ortiz gets it back with one swing of his mighty bat number 37 in the air, 503 of his career, indians
5:38 am
struggled in the fifth, sands with the rbi double, owens going four and a third innings giving up 7 runs on 10 hits the fame record 4 and 4, 8-2 was the final. >> the bruins in d.c. against the cavs. final minute of the game still 1-0 but they can't hold on. alex, ties it at 1-1. fourth overtime, so onto a shoot out, t.j. knows a thing or two about those he'll beat jeremy smith here, bruins lose 2-1 open up their regular season thursday against winnipeg. and held their final practice before taking off for their pre- season opener. play two games over seas opening up their season october 28th against philly at the garden.
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relaxation for the patriots in week four. a week from tomorrow against the cowboys visit the saints tomorrow night. even though it is the bi-week we have plenty of action, should be fun starting at 9 a.m. withengland, followed by the chiefs and bengles at 1. we'll wrap it up at 11:35. hosting yukon at walter brown. time running out of the third, rebecca puts it home with .3 seconds left in regulation, win it for bu. takes their season opener for a start to the year. finally in college football, harvard taught georgetown, tim murphy's 150th of his harvard career, a great career for murphy so far. wbz sports. all right dan thank you so much. pamela is here now with a look at our weather not too much
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sunshine today. >> not really. >> sports probably canceled, light rain, muddy conditions. >> we'll see. i always played soccer in the muddy conditions of fall. normal. sometimes it is more fun, if you get dirty, get real dirty. we keep the rain the drizzle the clouds around for the next couple of days and then we get some sunshine, there is hope in the seven day forecast. be patient. it is coming, but we're keeping a close watch of hurricane joaquin, asks a category 3 hurricane, still spinning up around the bahamas, our friends are having quite a time with heavy rain and winds, max winds 125 miles per hour starting to move a little quicker to the northeast at 13 miles per hour in the track of this, awesome. way better compared to what we were experiencing earlier this week with the uncertainty of the forecast models things are now lining up and it will pass
5:41 am
way out to sea here once we get into monday and tuesday at the category 1. strong enough close enough to us here in boston that we're going to experience high surf and even minor flooding because of it we'll keep you updated over the next couple of days if that becomes more clear but all though it could of course be much, much worse. for today, looks like you're going to be drizzly, cloudy, areas of drizzle and light showers on live doppler radar, nothing too, too heavy, hour by hour forecast as we continue throughout this afternoon, 11 a.m., 12:30. pausing it here the best chance for some of those showers will be along the south eastern parts of massachusetts and rhode island and connecticuit, and if you don't see the heavy rain the drizzle is just annoying enough. keep the rain gear with you the clouds and drizzle, more areas of drizzle and the same deal
5:42 am
we continue in that hour by hour forecast sunday evening things clear out inland but the coast will keep the drizzle and the fog in the forecast. wind gusts are pretty strong at this time 25, 35 miles per hour coming from the north and east, because of that you still have a wind advisory, winds could gusts to 25 miles per hour through 3 p.m., wind advisory flood advisory along the eastern coast, and nantucket today, and that's coinciding with a high tied, coastal flooding and beach erosion later today. boston right now, 51 degrees is a cool chilly day, northeast wind at 20 miles per hour. temps in the 40s and 50s, we'll not change too much with the temperatures, having a high maybe of 53 degrees here in boston upper 40s further inland, 44 degrees, still windy, drizzly, foggy and
5:43 am
as we head into sunday, some improving conditions inland along the coast we stay drizzle, clouds, et cetera and wind too. 60 monday, tuesday, 66 and monday that's the day joaquin passes way off the coast out to sea all though close enough to us that we'll get high surf tuesday, 66 wednesday, 70, that's the day that's going to be fantastic. a happy hump day right there. >> happy hump day. you said it. weather trivia time. hurricane joaquin is the first category 4 hurricane to track since when? >> this is easy. >> b for sure. >> i thought if i sounded confident maybe it could help. >> 1866. >> what happened to our friend that sends them in, is he sleeping? he sent an e-mail to me last night.
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i just lost it. he is like the best. >> we'll get it. we'll give you a shout out. >> still ahead, it is an app that lets you rate people the way you would a restaurant.
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. welcome back the all the good that coming on the
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internet, creates a space for anyone with a keyboard and a gripe to vent. a new app lets you rate the people in your live it is way you would a hotel and restaurant. and there is already a lot of backlash. we want you to get those rock star comments by all the people that love you. julia and her best friend nicole created the app because they wanted a way to research strangers. >> you're going to be able to really find out who somebody is before you invite them into your life. >> the app allows people to create a profile for themselves or anyone else a cell phone number for. anyone can post a rating or comment to that profile, positive or negative. though bad reviews aren't posted anonymous reviews aren't allowed. freedom of speech is allowed but at the same time i feel you should respect people's space. and i feel like this kind of a
5:48 am
this week critics slammed the app online for an encouraging cyber bullying all the negative attention caused the website to crash. i think the people who are most motivated to write a rating about you is someone who doesn't like you. and that could be trouble. senior editor says that can mean defamation or liable. >> you can't exactly say anything you want on the app, profanity, racism and sexism is banned on the app and users can dispute most our ratings. everyone judges on a daily basis, so you have to. i think it is human nature. maybe this is the next step. >> julia insists people is apposite app constant complainers will see their own star ratings drop. >> kind of encourage you to be a positive person, good attributes of other people. >> right now, people doesn't have an opt out feature which means anyone with your cell
5:49 am
phone number can post a review about you and you can't stop them, that would be nice. but the founders say they are willing to listen to feedback and make any changes necessary. if you know anything about me, then you know that i love animals coming up we're teaming up with a television dog trainer to help shelter dogs increase their odds of survival
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it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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. welcome back, 5:56 in just a few hours a new season of lucky dog begins right here on wbz every week dog trainer brandon finds dogs unadoptable because they are untrained but he brings they will back to his ranch for a bit of dog by boot camp. we caught up with brandon in cambridge and he explained his methods. i assess the dog what they know more importantly what they don't know from there i saw the training process and then the happy ending is always finding a forever home. >> and if you watched the show it is such a happy ending, we all love the season premier of lucky dog is today at 10:00 right here on wbz and brandon will be here for our pet parade tomorrow so tune into that top
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stories and an update on your accuweather forecast, kind of a crummy day, pamela has the info. as we head to break here is something from our editor mike. he is about to start a three- week visit to california for a reunion, good timing, mike.
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