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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 4, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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windy conditions fan the flames as a fire breaks out in waltham apartment building. >> no sign of a vessel carrying three new englanders. >> warmer weather is just around the corner. preparing for the worst. the mass shooting drill today at a local school. developing news from
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>> thank you for joining us. lexington street. was everyone able to get out safely there? reporter: yes, lee. thank goodness everybody was able to get out and safely escape these flames. this was a serious fire. take a look. you can still see the damage here to this home. fortunately that fire broke out during the day people noticed that fire and were able to scramble to safety. thick smoke fanned by whipping winds, a dangerous combination sunday. the flames broke out in a four unit apartment house. orlando osorio lives on the first floor and says it all happened very fast. >> neighbors upstairs they had the biggest damage. when we opened it was like a dust cloud of smoke. it was pretty scary. reporter: 20 people live here and they all got out safely. nobody was hurt. a lucky break because fire
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>> heavy smoke showing from the third floor attempted an interior attack. heavy heat and smoke. we could not put the fire up we out. reporter: red cross juan was on scene helping residents who are temporarily homeless. meanwhile orlando high school sidewalk. now he has to find a place to stay too. >> it fields like a nightmare you're just like you don't believe that's happening to you. everyone's okay. we start from zero now. reporter: that is sadly the case for about 20 people, but again the good news tonight nobody was hurt at all. and this could have easily been a fatal fire given the flames and the situation. the cause it's still too early to tell. that's under investigation. the crews are still here overhauling. they may have a long night. back to you. >> meantime firefighters in upton battle this stubborn blaze overnight.
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bidding on main street. crews had to shut down the road until the morning. the cause of that fire is also under investigation no injuries there as well. a pelham new hampshire man is in custody after police found a huge arsenal of weapons in his home. someone living at the national road apartments called police saying that a man was yelling officers found a man naked sitting in a chair with a loaded weapon nearby. police did not find any gunshot victims but did find the man had shot several rounds into the wall. he is under observation tonight. the latest on that missing cargo ship that sail into hurricane joaquin in the bahamas. more debris to be from the ship el far 0 has been located in the area. shipping container life jackets as well as an oil sheen were spotted off the southeastern coast of the bahamas. there are 33 crew members onboard the ship including three people from maine. coast guard video over the
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bahamas shows the power of hurricane joaquin large areas flooded out and trees toppled by powerful winds. joaquin has weakened to a category 2 hurricane. kind of blustery around here today but tomorrow will be brighter and warmer. here's meteorologist barry burbank with the good news. >> that is good news. looks like we have nice weather coming up 3 or 4 days. what's happening in boston is pretty much what's been going on all weekend long. a stiff northeast wind 16 miles an hour. has dropped down a little bit from what it has been over the last couple of days. pretty cool temperature at 52 degrees. in boston with that winds blowing it's probably only get down to the upper 40s or so. it's going to be much chillier in other locations. there might be some forecast way out in western northern new england these are the current temperatures. yes tomorrow it will be a little bit warmer near 60. there will be areas of sunshine developing after some clouds break up in southern new england during the day. the rest of the forecast and we'll take a closer look at
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the families of those who survived the massacre at an oregon community college are giving chilling accounts of the gunman's 10 minute deadly rampage. the community is turning to their faith to find their way through this tragedy. reporter: for randy scrog begins pastor of new beginning church of god sunday was more than just another day to give thanks. >> my daughter is alive. she's alive, man. reporter: his 18-year-old daughter lacey survived thursday's deadly shooting at ump +++q-and-a community college without injury. the aspiring doctor made dead while 26-year-old christopher harper mercer went on a deadly shooting rampage in the classroom. he killed her teacher and 8 students before turning the gun on himself. >> this is not the first time evil has shown itself. reporter: he says lacey was pressed against another who was fatally wounded his blood
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that probably saved her life. religious organizations are the victims. >> christian nonchristian we don't care who you are you are welcome to come. reporter: another local church set up this tent for members to pray for the next 24 hours. this tight-knit community is message across. >> violence will not have the last word in rose berg. god will have the last word. reporter: as investigators try to figure out why harper mercer inflicted pain here people are already taking steps to heal. cbs news rose berg, oregon. the organize school shooting is the latest tragedy on a school campus involving a gunman. >> schools around the current are taking steps to try to stay safe. how one new hampshire town is preparing for the worst.
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reporter: shots fired inside a dark theater. this an actor playing the part of the bad guy shot down. it's a training drill at goffstown high school in rural new hampshire. this three days after the latest mass school shooting made headlines from douglas county, oregon. >> this is every superintendent's worst nightmare. so, the thought that you're considering and responding to a horrific act of violence or tragedy in your school is just -- it's the worst scenario you could ever think of. reporter: if this pretend case students came out on stretchers a second shooting taken down in a school library a police in a drill like this it's important to keep the element of surprise because if a shooting happens in a crowded theater like this or starts inside the building as opposed to an intruder coming in from the outside. different. >> everything that people learn today it's not just for an active shooter scenario.
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we could have a roof collapse we could have a hazmat situation or real fire. we'd be implementing the same procedures. reporter: the same students would be evacuated. >> if it's america at a time when unfortunately these types of incidents are all too common. reporter: a new spin on the emergency school drills of yesterday aimed at restoring that sense of safety now under threat. in goffstown new hampshire kristina haeger web site news. the trial of phillip chism begins this week. es the teen accused of raping age killing his math teacher. jury selection begins wednesday. chism was 14 years old when prosecutors say he followed 24- year-old colleen ritzer into a bathroom at danvers high then raped and murdered her. he will be tried as an adult. his lawyers are expected to use an insanity defense. there was a blessing today for the state's first responders cardinal shawn o'malley celebrated mass asking for police fire and emergency personnel.
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the mayor and governor were also at the cathedral at the holy cross. the governor by the way on crust there because of an old achilles tendon injury that has flared up. they are getting historic flooding in the south. >> coming up tonight drivers had to be rescued from their cars after record amounts of rainfall there. >> a fired up senator elizabeth warren challenges republicans who wants to take away funding from planned parenthood. going inside the kennedy family. the new information about enter
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. >> historic rains have swamped areas of south carolina between 1 and 2 feet of rain have
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parts of the state in columbia the state's capital drivers were trapped inside their cars. first responders were able to string lines across the road to rescue them as you can see there. the city has now warned residents not to leave their homes. just stay inside. president obama has already issued a state of emergency. >> unbelievable. senator liz wet bet warren said the effort by republicans in congress to defund planned parenthood is attempt to return america to the 1950s. she spoke at the washington ideas forum in the nation's capitol. >> when i talk about 1955 i'm talking about a world where women died. i'm talking about a world where women committed suicide rather be go forward with a pregnancy they could not handle. and what the republicans are saying is they they want to go back i want to make it clear we're not going back. >> warren also pointed out not a single dollar of federal money is used by planned parenthood to pay for abortions.
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speaker of the house. utah congressman jason chai fits is returning to replayers john boehner. he's part of the sharply conservative wing of the gop. he's fighting for the job with majority leader kevin mccarthy. there's a lot about hurricane joaquin whether we were going to get any affect here. >> we got the cold and the wind. >> it's so great. we're so grateful it went out to sea. missed all the united states. it's battering bermuda. >> it's a separate system causing all that rain. had a tropical connection to joaquin but really it was the other system coming in from the west that caused all the rain. >> what's the reason for cold november weather? >> it sounds like november today that's for sure. the wind surfers taking advantage of the gusty blustery
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conditions we've had over the last several days. wind surfers out there enjoying some of these big waivers. quite blustery weather outs there but not nearly as blustery as it is in bermuda. here is the storm which is battering bermuda. fortunately it has weak ends considerably from yesterday when it had top winds of close 150 miles an hour it's now down to 100. so the core of strongest winds actually just to the west of the islands of bermuda. they did have win gusts elevated location in the southwestern part of bermuda of 96 miles per hour. but generally at the bermuda airport they had winds 65 to almost 70 miles per hour. but it's going to take a track like this so it's out to sea and heading toward the british isles by the end of this week. no problems for us except that it's going to continue to generate some big waves even though the storm has weakened bigger waves getting out from that system. we'll see those on the new england coastline the next couple of days maybe 6 to 8
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we still have 7 to 9 footers from our buoys out there right now. it's still kinds of rough and choppy. but it's going to become less choppy and the waves have become more defined as we have more of an onshore winds by tuesday. in the meantime we still have the wind coming in from the northeast and it's still gusting. that wind will prevent any frost over southeastern massachusetts and along the coast. areas farther and farther northwest of boston the wind drops off the sky stays clear there was a forecast advisory temperatures falling into the 30s. mostly in the upper 40s. in southeastern massachusetts. when you head out in the morning you're going to need that jacket around 45. lots of clouds. sun rising, 6:45. not as windy it won't feel quite as bad tomorrow afternoon. highs around 60. few upper 50s. the question mark is how many clouds tomorrow. many areas saw a lot of sunshine today but some folks didn't see any at all.
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it looks like varying amounts of cloudiness in southern new england. it will clear out north and west of boston. on tuesday should be essentially on the sunny side. so it looks pretty good from here on tuesday. high temperatures going up to around 68 on tuesday, about 72 on wednesday. hey, that sounds pretty nice to me. everything is relative after having such a cool weekend. beautiful week tuesday wednesday thursday chances of showers friday. i'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> thank you barry. patrick kennedy is opening up to 60 minutes about his famous family. he talks about holding an intervention for his father ted kennedy as well as his own documented struggles with addiction and other mental health problems. >> i put vodka and spring water bottles i put oxycontin in bayer aspirin bottles. >> you can see the if you
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minutes right after this newscast. the patriots may be off but there's lots of action on the gridiron today. >> absolutely. coming up in sports the final red sox broadcast for fan favorite don or zillow is parting emotional words for red sox fans.
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we're not having a patriots game to watch today. >> nevertheless you were waking up at 9:00. >> it was the best. >> watch london football. >> had a cup of coffee watched the game. plenty of bad football in the nfl today. thanks goodness for patriots. they hit their bye week. week from today they meet the cowboys down in dallas. meanwhile plenty of action around the nfl. we begin in the afc east over in london. dolphins and jets at wembley stadium as nfl fans got a gift
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the jets jumped up to a 13-0 lead but ryan tan hell 13-78- yard touchdown pass to jake stone burn near the 2nd quarter. the jets took over again and scored 14 unanswered points including this 10-yard touchdown pass from ryan fitzpatrick to eric decker. they win 27-14. toll dolphins fall to 1-3. buffalo where the bills hosted the giants. 6 point lead for the giants late they add to it. eli manning to ha shad jenks he does the rest. 51 yards into the end zone makes it 24-10 giants that would be the final. both teams move to 2-2. 3-0 been gallons hosting the chiefs in cincinnati. bengals put together 15 point 3rd quarter for the win. 55 yards to make it 21-12 cincy. andy dalton 321 yards touchdown.
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they improve to 4-0 on the year. jags kicker jason myers misses wide from 48 yards out the colts then set up their own field goal attempt 27 yards out. adam convenient terry not going to miss that. the colts improve to 2-2 on the year. red sox wrapped up their 2015 season against the indians this cleveland. sox dropping 3-1 decision to finish 78-84. last place in the al east for the third time in the past four years. highlight of the day, david season. it would score xander bogart to give the red sox a one nothing lead. ortiz had a stand out year for this red sox team good to see him coming back. pitched okay. in the third he gives the indians 2-1 lead thanks to the missed pick off attempt. michael martinez would score. indians win 3-1. or sell 0 finished 9-15 on the season.
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the red sox officially announced john farrell will return as manager as long as he's healthy coming back from cancer. sox signed interim manager torrey look very 0 to two-year extension to return as bench coach with the stipulation he not pursue any managerial jobs around baseball this off season. the entire coaching staff will return with the lone exception being first base coach arnie baylor. with an emotional day in cleveland for long time red sox announcer don or zillow who said good-bye after 15 seasons as a play-by-play voice. working for the final time with analyst jerry really gotti emotional when he said good- bye. >> i now broadcast my last red sox game after 15 years as a voice of the boston red sox just shy of 2,000 total games but mostly i want to thank the fans of red sox nation. i thank you for your incredible support and your loyalty. i heard all of you and never forget your words as they touch me so very deeply. thank you for letting me into
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your homes into your families for the last 15 years. your tribute to me he will never forget ever. as many times over the last six weeks how he would like to be remembered and to be remembered at all is enough for me thank you. >> good stuff from donnie. the players coming out of the dugout to salute him. i worked with him for three years when we had the games on my tv 38 a first class guy fun to work with, just loved his job pretty simple. came into this job every single day. >> i know a lot of people they didn't let him do it here at home. >> he'll be missed. >> all right dany thank you. >> up next there are so many ways to enjoy them. >> celebrating a favorite wait till you hear how many tacos we
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. some lake their shells soft others like it hard but today is celebration of both varieties. >> break out the salsa. today is national taco day be it chicken beef fish or veggie. the taco has become a fast food staple. americans get this consumed 4.5 billion tacos last year. if you laid them end to end it would stretch 490,000 miles. that's enough to the moon and back from the moon. >> i am questioning the math on that. to the moon and back. that's a lot of tacos. i do my part. >> you get your cheese
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