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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 5, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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my dog would not sit in the car like that. well your traffic is head on wbz this morning. developing right now at 5:00 a state of emergency in south carolina after historic flooding is blamed for at least seven deaths. >> and the debris found floating off the shore of the bahamas. plus hillary clinton is proposing tougher gun control legislation. >> this is wbz this morning. hi, good monday morning to you.
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week off with a little bit much calmer week. >> reporter: yes, we have some frost advisories that actually turn to freeze warnings from concord. 50s in the kappan islands. it's right at the freezing mark in bennington vermont. there will be some peeks of sunshine here and there. a chilly start. we rise to about 59 by lunchtime today. i can't rule out a sprinkle but dry in the afternoon. breaks of sun 56-degrees for the ride home. let get you on the road with
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traffic and weather together. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. traffic is expected. but right now, total traffic network says there's an accident just before theroby tunnel. there's at least seven flooding in south carolina. more than 2 feet of rain in areas in less than two hours. and 1st responders rescued drivers trapped inside their cars.
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searching for any sign of life for a cargo ship that went directly into the eye of hurricane joaquin. >> reporter: what we know so far is that searchers found a container, a life ring and other items. the vessel steamed into the path of hurricane joaquin trying to get to san juan puerta rico. the coast guard searched 70 nautical miles. >> it is so comforting to be
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going through the same thing we are. >> reporter: the lifeboats can hold three times as many as the crew. right now a much weaker hurricane joaquin is hitting bermuda, it is now a category one with sustained winds at about 70 miles an hour. so far there are no reports of hurricane related deaths. one person is dead in a crash in somerset. witnesses say the car went out of control, hit two utility poles and landed in the -- the cause. 10,000 rounds of
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found in a new hampshire man's home. susie steimle is with us. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn. it 67 years old mark sleigh mark shlegl under going treatment. he called police and found him in a chair completely naked with weapons nearby and he told this police that he believed there were four people in his apartment coming at him. he did own the guns illegally,
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case as they started the investigation last night. neighborssay this was extremely upsetting and some are filing for a restraining order. >> i don't mind people with guns, but i don't think we're strict enough to people that we give the ammo and guns to. >> he thought there was truly intruders in his home, but there's no evidence that there was anybody in his apartment. >> reporter: he is facing charges of felony reckless conduct and is due for a mental evaluation at massachusetts mental hospital. it's 5:06 right now. a dramatic scene in a new hampshire mall. you can see the officer talking to a man, the suspect takes
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off, hits that parked car, hits a tree and then lands on top of a fire hide hydrant. police are searching for two suspects wanted for a home invasion yesterday in whister they ransacked the home and demanded money. a two-year-old girl was at home and was unhurt. peoplethat witnessed
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shootings met for a memorial yesterday. >> the blood that covered my daughter, saved my daughter's life. >> police say the gunman killed himself and they are still trying to find out the reason for this deadly attack. and one school is preparing for a worst case scenario. emergency responders police and even the fbi were at gofftowwn high school. >> it's not just for a
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for any emergency situation. the former secretary of state hillary clinton will propose four bills to tighten gun control laws. cbs news is reporting that vice president joe biden is leaning toward the race for president. the would likely skip the 1st dramatic debate which is next week. hear what john farrell had to say to red sox fans.? >> reporter: we have a lot of
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clouds, peeks of sunshine, but a warming trend coming.
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apparently how we eat says a lot about what we eat.
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broke it down that says a lot about our personalities. a slow eater says you make the most out of everything. people that don't like their food to touch says they keep track of multiple things. >> you're considerate. you're considerate. >> all right. it's like chilly out there this morning. >> reporter: it is chilly, but this week is going to be much better than last week and we're going to be up by 70 and hurricane joaquin is moving out. the dew point is in the 40s the winds crisp, winds out of the
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north at 10 miles per hour. look at kein new hampshire. we have now dipped into upper 30s in nashwa. we are over 18 miles per hour in plymouth. even up to 20 miles per hour in vineyard. there will be some peeks of sunshine here and there. there's that tropical band of moisture that continues to impact the north carolina border. and here is joaquin. bermuda. winds. it will continue to sail out to
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for us, high pressure building in a stray sprinkle. we will start for a few clouds in the cape, but temperatures tomorrow will be in the upper 60s low 70s. wednesday here comes a cold front. not a lot of moisture with it. we have sun, building clouds and the sun fizzles it out. behind that front there will be some cooler air that filters into the region. highs today upper 50s, lower 60s, a few sprinkles. 47 tonight, some of the suburbs will dip into the lower 40s. look at this tomorrow 66 in
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it will be a touch cooler and lower 60s fromprovince. some cooler air comes back in for thursday, but still a nice fall day, friday will feature some scattered showers. not a big deal, they should be generally light. for the weekend we start off with a cool note. could be a shower isolated on sunday. did you have a nice weekend? >> i did. so no more cone of uncertainty? >> not for now. twitter? i hope you bring that back some time, but not the hurricane.
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there's an accident on 93 tunnel. there's a construction crew, not sure if that contributed to yet. update. >> the m.g.m. head will be -- proposed a major re-design of its concept 28 teen. some question whether the project will deliver on its promises. a possible hands free las
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legislation is up for debate tomorrow. supporters say it cuts down on distracted driving and prevents accidents by no phones while driving. good morning everyone, sox wrapped up their season against the indians in cleveland. they finished 78-84 and at last place in the alc in the last four years. john farrell will indeed return next season as long as he's healthy enough to come back from cancer. and the bench coach is stipulated to return as long as
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and the play by play voice orsillo said good buy. >> i now broadcast my last baseball game. mostly, i want to thank you the fans of red sox nation. i want to thank you for you loyalty i heard all of you and will never fete your words -- forget your words as they have touched me for the last 15 years. your tribute to me i will never forget ever. how i would like to be remembered and to be remembered at all is enough for me. thank you. done orsilloa 1st class
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that's it sport for now. i'm barry roche with sports. the patriots had their bye week. >> the pats play the cowboys on sunday. he looks comfortable in the slippers. >> it's slipper season. and patrick kennedy opening up about family's battle with alcohol and drugs. and hillary clinton, what she has to say about defunding planned parenthood
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welcome back, it's 5:23 monday morning. patrick kennedy opening up about his family's fight with addiction. he has hopes for a political movement. bree joins us. >> reporter: good morning, guys, we interviewed patrick kennedy, and it is parent that
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living with a struggle on his shoulder. the former congressman sitting desk. >> people have this miss take that people think is that you get high and what it really is is relief from a low. i was hostage to the family code that no, don't say anything about it. anything you say, it's disloyal, it's against the family code and it doesn't matter whether it's in a private therapy session. that psychiatrist could go out and tell somebody. >> reporter: it's not the family's preference that will surprise you but patrick's
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mom, quick, get back into your room. i just understood this was not something that you want anyone to see. >> reporter: he says the death of his uncle bobby dropped out his father. the family staged an intervention for teddy, but it failed. >> he wrote me a letter and it basically said don't think of coming by for a visit. >> reporter: he agreed to support his son's addictions. catherine back to you. he will talk more about
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his memoir on cbs morning show. republicans to defund planned parenthood hillary clinton says is an attempt to -- >> rather than go forward with a pregnancy that they could not handle. what they are saying is that they want to go back and i can tell you that we are not going back. >> she also pointed out that planned parenthood does not use any federal money to pay for abortions. stormy weather this morning has left many people stranded.
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ammo seized and why the suspect is now in a hospital this morning. and historic flooding is blamed for at least seven deaths. from the channel 4 studio in boston. this is wbz this morning. it is 5:30 right now welcome back, i'm kathryn hauser and i'm chris mckinnon. this week looks pretty nice. >> yeah. >> reporter: we are going to be up near 70 by wednesday which feels pretty awesome. we get these cool mornings, dry afternoons and the kids at the bus stop you need the sweatshirt and jacket. at 6:45 the sunrise. temperatures around 60s on the
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ride home. i can't rule out a stray sprinkle today. there's a wide range of temperatures depending on where you are we're in the 50 in boston. 34 in keen. we have had some clouds filling in here and they'll be with us at times in fact look at the hour by hour forecast. temperatures do come up around 60 by one or two p.m. then we'll see a break in temperatures through the upper 60s by the afternoon. >> reporter: we have an accident and slowdowns south of the city now the crash is at
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bumper to bumper, let's check the north real quick with a live over summerville. 93 southbound is one slow pocket between 195. >> checking our top stories this monday morning. at least seven people have been killed in flooding in south carolina. hundreds more had to be rescued and search teams will be out today. in some areas more than 2 feet of rain fell within two hours. president obama already declared a state of emergency. a man is under going
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mark select shlegl started shooting after believing that there were four men coming at him in his apartment. good morning. 2 men in their 40s were in a home and a two-year-old child and i should mention the two- year-old was not injured at all. in fact the police officers say she was completely unaware of what was going on. but here is what we know so so far. according to authority it was in the early morning hours sunday two men allegedly forced their way into a home on pure tan avenue armed with a knife and handgun, one was pistol whipped and the other stabbed. both victims were conscious and
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they were transported to a local hospital. the pistol whipped victim who also happens to be the father of that child and the child's mother was reunited with the toddler at the hospital. the two victims waited about an hour before contact police. of course anyone with information is urged to give police a call. the trial of a dan veer student danielle chisholm followed 23-year-old colleen -- in 2013 and raped her. his attorneys are expected to
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a fire broke out on russell street yesterday. thick smoke and strong winds were hampering things. a man is in trouble for keeping an alligator as a pet. authorities found a four and a half foot gator living in his house. he did not have an exotic pet permit. it is being kept in a 300- gallon pond. certain asthma medications can stunt a child's growth. doctors often prescribe it for infants with reoccurring
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showing they are growing at shorter rate. hacking usually means something bad but someone out there is putting a positive spin on it. a vigilante hacker is breaking into people's wifi routers to make hem more secure. the -- them more secure. the if watch kills the viruses. the software is nice, but still, hacking into someone's computer is still illegal. >> i think its funny what people name their wi fie network. i always think, oh, okay, who does this belong to? >> and up next what the happiest place on earth could cost more. and what you can snack on
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danielle is up on this chilly morning. >> reporter: yes, you need a jacket. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s and i want to check in in new hampshire where it's low 30s. we won't be as chilly -- overnight. we have a warming trend. we'll take a look when we come back. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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welcome back, it's 5:39 it could cost you more to visit the happiest place on earth. and jill has more on the stock exchange. >> reporter: former fed chair says some executives should have gone to jail in the cries cries sis. disney may be charging based on demand on tickets. and may raise prices on busier days and lower prices on slower days to be more in reach with middle income families. kohls believes the way to their
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their stomachs, they are going to try out having a cafe. >> hey, food always helps. we are a big fan of snacking. i am. i am starving right now. it is 5:44 right now. we have a check at your traffic and weather. plus a big weapon seizure. plus a missing cargo ship with several new englanders on board.
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welcome back, some new footage of a 12-foot shark off the cape. pro. they posted it to twitter last night and said that the shark was curious bobbing and weaving around the boat.
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>> we were just talking about halloween. october feel. >> reporter: well, we have a warming trend by the middle part of the week. good morning, everybody, it's a crisp start, 50 in boston. but lock at this 30 at keen, 39 in nashwa only 32 in conquer new hampshire. a bit of a breeze is still gusting from the northeast over 20 miles per hour from plymouth back down to the cape. you have seen the satellite and radar, not a lot of green showing up, but the clouds will win out today as we get some
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portions of eastern south carolina and right around the border of north carolina. here is hurricane joaquin, by the end of the week it will be just a low as it's weakens out. tomorrow morning we get some clouds in the cape, those too will depart, looks like a beautiful day. i think one of the biggest things that you will notice is the winds is going to be light so even at the coast where it's been so per sis about per sis is that not. -- it will be a cooler than
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average day today. lower 60s here from lawrence back in new hampshire. we have high temperatures in the cape high 50s to low 60s. take a look downtown some of the suburbs may dip into the upper 30s. it will be a chilly start in the morning, but pleasant light wind up around 60. a little cooler on wednesday still a nice fall day, scattered showers bringing us a cooler start. is it busy out there? >> reporter: yeah, we are
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route 18, the express way to crawl 128 southbound bumper to bumper, let's check the north. 93 southbound has two heavy pockets andover between daskum road. all right. thank you very much. 5:38 police in we are -- the 790-foot vessel went straight into joaquin's path. there's been no communication since thursday. the coast guard searched 70 square nautical miles. we know there are at least
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you can see here a driver hits a car and then ends up on top of a fire hydrant. he will be in courted to facing charges of reckless construct. a new hampshire man is undergoing a mental health evaluation. he was found inside of his apartment with 10,000 rounds of ammunition. his neighbors say he had fired four shots into a closet because he thought that people were after him. his name is mark shlegl his neighbors say they want to file a restraining order and they say this highlights the background checks for gun control.
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susie steimle this morning. i'm nicole jacobs live in worser. a two-year-old child slept through an entire home invasion, she was not injured but her father and another man were, where one stabbed and the other pistol whipped. 2 suspects forced their way inside the home and demanded money. police are still investigating the case and police have questioned the victims and they haven't gotten an answer. right now a state of emergency in south carolina. at least seven people have been killed after more than 2 feet of rain fell over a matter of hours. in columbia drivers were trapped in their cars and 1st responders had to string lines to get to them.
5:46 am
roads are impassable and flooded out and many don't have drinking water. and at least 16 deaths and people missing this is this scene in cann nearly 2 feet of rain fell in two hours. >> the apple watch -- [indiscernible] orders will start on october 18th. [indiscernible] be made available online. >> the martian was the runaway
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emily blunt took in just over $12 million. time for today's daily talker. the drive to bring people to the area. >> reporter: what's glaringly missing is the snow. if they needed stock footage from this winter they could have called us. the producer said we can talk about snow but we don't have to show it people know what snow looks like. >> we have our sales kickoff in january, but the city really took it to the next level. >> really? remember when the street were shut down and the hazardous?
5:48 am
you see a few shining shots of the city. the producers told the globe the goal was to confront the elephant in the room from snowmageddon. do you think they sugar coated winter in boston? are they pulling the wool over the eyes of potential visitors and conventioners. >> kind of deceiving, good luck to the groups when they can't find any parking because of the snow piles. >> just like politicians they talk about problems but they don't fix them. >> you can talk about this on twitter. would love to hear from you, another bad winter according to
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