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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 5, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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at community college in rose berg, oregon. >> days a gunman opened fire ton umpqua community college campus the school has reopened. no classes were held today. students and faculty were offered counseling. last thursday you'll remember a gunman opened fire on campus killing 9 people. he then killed himself when police arrived on the scene. five survivors are still in the hospital. presidential hopeful hillary clinton by the way says the rose berg shooing is devastating proof that it's time to change our country's gun laws. >> we had a bipartisan bill that didn't make it through the senate. but we need to go back and with all of our hearts working not just in washington but from the grassroots up demand that we have universal background checks. >> clinton made the case foreclosing the gun show loophole at a community college in new hampshire he she says as president if congress won't change those laws she will.
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wonder about the safety off of our schools whether it's better to shelter in place or run. >> how prepared are we in massachusetts. reporter: officer rachel meade is patrolling the halls in the gratin school district and students have noticed. >> first couple of days they are like why are you here? because it was new. reporter: since school started this year, she's a constant presence as they respond to a new vocabulary active shooter. >> you want to give power to the people in the classroom. reporter: tragic mass shootings from columbine to sandy hook to last week in oregon have schools rethinking how they will respond to an armed intruder. it's a departure from the radiational school lock down which is keeping the kids in the classroom and simply locking the door. >> we've really taught our kids it's okay to evacuate run and hide in the woods and things like that.
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so, if god forbid something happens they would know what to do. reporter: there's better marking of locations and the school. should running become an option. this video shows how drills have been carried out at other school districts under a program called alice. alert lock down inform counter evacuate. >> it's not just sitting there and waiting it's reacting. it's listening to what's going on. reporter: some parents believe it makes the students less afraid. >> i think it does make the kids feel a little more comfortable if they feel they have a plan. what to do. reporter: in a small town they are prepared just in case. the trial of the danvers teen accused of raping and killing his math teacher begins this week. prosecutors say phillip chism followed 24-year-old colleen ritzer into a bathroom at her in 2013. he was 14 at the time but he will be tried as an adult. wednesday.
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an insanity defense. patients had to be evacuated from part of beth israel hospital in milton after a chemical spill there today. some kinds of coolant leaked in the sub basement of the hospital. it happened in an outpatient area of the hospital. patients had to be moved to another area until the leak was cleaned up. nobody was hurt. in ohio two days after a toddler went missing just as people were losing hope the little girl was found alive. she was visiting her great grandparents house when she disappear friday night. choppers searched through the air fbi volunteer found her sleeping in a field. >> you're okay sweetheart. >> is that her i hear? >> she's just crying. >> okay. i hear her. >> thank god. >> i just got goosebumps. >> me too. i couldn't give up on this kid. thank god.
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mile from her great grandparents home. she wasn't harm but spent the night in the hospital as a precaution. technology often helps teachers in the classroom add to the educational experience but sometimes access to technology can help students create opportunities for themselves. one student on cape cod created and funded her own organization doing all the research by herself. paula ebben shows us how. >> i started with zero dollars and a dream. reporter: katie's dream was to start a movement to stop a growing problem. young people aren't voting. >> voter engagement has been quite low in recent years and i really wanted to challenge that convention. >> why was it so important for you to start this? >> i believe youth are the greatest resource in our world if enough lives are changed our whole world can be positively influenced. reporter: on her own the senior from sturgeous charter high school in hyannis learned
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to apply for grants, raised $50,000 so far and with that money started and grew projects next generation. >> so i'm running for president. reporter: she and volunteers have run classes for 200 younger middle school kids on the cape on civic engagement model u n and community service. >> we give them the tools to find their passions hit the ground running create change in the community. >> i think it's opened up like what i think of. reporter: take for a freshman says it's expanded her horizons. >> i don't think of the cape anymore. i think of our country and all different countries. reporter: katie's history teacher can't say enough. >> it's just a great example for our kids. she's a leader within the school. reporter: her brother jerry hopes to follow in her footsteps. >> what i think kids really enjoy the most how much she includes everyone. like she always makes sure that the idea she's talking about are relatable. reporter: katie wants to run for office some day like some of her idols.
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>> it is my goal before the 2016 election to reach out to a few more thousand kids and make them aware of the vote. reporter: so katie's next step is to turn project next generation into an official nonprofit but she can't accomplish that goal until the end of january when she turns 18. so we know she'll accomplish that. if you have a story you'd like to see featured on eye on education e-mail us or tweet me at paula ebben wbz. >> great story. >> thanks paula. >> still ahead what's a winter in boston without snow. >> a to youism ad raising a lot of eyebrows. baseball players are trying to shake off the tailor swift curse. a death defying story on the big screen giving people far more than they bargained for. find out why the walk is
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. >> a new tourism ad promoting winter as a great time to visit talking. >> that's all because of what is missing from that video. >> every year we have our annual company meeting sales kick off in january. it's cool. there's definitely lots of snow, but the city really took their game to the next level. >> you might notice if you watch the ad there isn't a single shot of snow in it. this is all in efforts to bring business to boston in the slow winter months bring tourism here. the slogan was bring it on. the script mentions snow but only showed warm summary images of the city. i get you're trying to gets people here don't want to show devastation and snow but at
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>> make it a challenge are you tough enough to hang in boston. >> take the guys that saw the fun fish out on the harbor that's the boston you're looking at. >> even in the winter. >> your social media post can reveal how much you earn. >> researchers at the university of pennsylvania looked at tens of thousands of tweets and surveyed users salaries. higher earners wore less but expressed information fear and anger on special media those had earned less posted more optimistic tweets used naughty language a little more often. this information could be very useful to advertisers. >> does that mean they are going to wear at people to advertise to them? >> maybe. there may be bad blood between baseball players and pop star taylor swift. >> each time swift performs at a baseball stadium the home team's next game or several games goes terribly wrong. two days after her washington d. c. concert in july the power went out 3 times during nationals next game.
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diego in august the padres lost 18 of 29 games and the astros lost 7 of 8 games after swift's show at minute maid park in houston. hopefully baseball teams can shake it off. my theory on this. reporter: most of those teams are kind of bad. >> too bad we can't blame the sunshine season on taylor swift but we can't. >> it's one thing to have strong feelings about a movie but some movie goers are leaving the movies early. reporter: the new 3d movie about the daredevil 1974 tightrope walk at the world trade center is having a right affect on audiences. some theater goers saying the life like high wire scenes in the walk are making them sick. >> you have the illusion of motion, while the body is telling you you're not moving.
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battle of the senses between the eye and the ear can cause the body to rebell. >> it feels like something is poisoned. so the reaction is gastrointestinal reaction where you feel nauseous. reporter: research on 3d movies show half of viewers report discomfort. 10 to 12% actually getting ill. the doctor recommends people sit as far away from the screen as they can. he says holding a hand over one eye can help the body reset during dizzying scenes avoiding big meals can also help. hanson says he had a strong reaction at this matinee. >> i can feel my heartbeat instantly race up. reporter: if you're sensitive to vertigo or motion sickness experts say you may want to avoid the 3d experience. doctors also warn against taking drama mean or other motion sickness medications
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just the trailer made me i'm one of the 10 to 12% can't do it. still to come atm fees hit a record high. what can you do to keep more money in your pocket? that story just ahead. our weather watchers taking note of the very chilly evening. feeling like october it seems we switch gears so fast. all of a sudden it's the middle of fall. hanover at 61. new hampshire 57. warmer times in the forecast coming up. as we head to break a
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. >> break can news of a big recall. general mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of cheerios honey nut cheerios. it was labeled gluten free but wreath was accidentally put in the cereal. to find out which boxeser affected log on to the state's channeling millions of dollars in public money to promote clean energy investment. the i-team joins with us that story. reporter: if you don't drive an electric car your money is still paying for them. we wanted to take a closer look at just how much is coming out of state coffers. government rebates can definitely take some of the pain out of that sticker shock. we're talking thousands of dollars off the listed price if you're willing to ditch the gas
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of a battery powered car. >> federal 7500 state 2500. 10,000 immediately off the top. >> then there are those charging station you you probably spotted around the metro area also subsidized by the government. we checked to see how often those are actually being used and tonight at 11:00 we take our finance findings to state leaders. looking forward to that. the cost of using an atm is skyrocketing. new report from bank slows the average atm fee is 4.52. that's a hike of 21% over the past five years. study found atlanta new york and phoenix had the highest rates in the country. experts say it's easier than ever to avoid those fees. use atms within your bank's network join bains that
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let's talk about weather now. joaquin went out to sea, but still exerting its power on the shore line. >> we were wondering where it was going to go. where is it now? >> it is racing north of bermuda it did bring impact. they weathered the storm still folks without power it's and a land that takes a beating from these systems. you see bermuda off to the south. it is now accelerating racing off to the north and east still a pretty potent storm. winds 85 miles per hour. moving north northeast 20 miles per hour. pressure at 964. this is about as close as it's going to get to our shoreline. still several hundred miles off south and east of nantucket. could be its track to north and east eventually down the road by the end of this week tracks off toward the north. eventually could impact great britain by the weekend. everything connected here when it comes to weather. our surf starting to come down
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wave heights have been 5 to 10 feet. the swell from joaquin is arriving now. avid sure surfers some rough waters for sure. in terms of everyone else clouds have been persistent for 5, 6 days. starting to break apart in central massachusetts. we'll see gradual clearing from west to east as we head through the night. temperatures upper 30s to middle 40s milder in the city of boston around downtown areas but overall very chilly by tomorrow morning. looking for lows few upper 30s out there milder toward the cape and islands. tomorrow some good news. on the road to brighter times and warmer times after the cold start in the morning you want a jacket. midday we're into the 60s we top out near 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon nice mix of sun and clouds less wind to deal with. sunset at 6:17. temperatures like these past several days are going to feel great. nice and warm. the first day we hit 60 in the
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city of boston in this october. you go back to september routinely in the 80s and 90s forth. quiet week for us. cold front moves through on wednesday brings a few clouds does not bring any rainfall. thursday. we warm up as we head into friday. next system approaches for the end of the week. this one has a little more moisture. we should see showers thunder on friday afternoon into friday night before the next cool blast of air moves this to start next weekend. overall pretty seasonal stretch. you might be wondering we saw all this rain we've seen gloomy weather. how much of a dent do we put in the drought. 6-inch rainfall deficit in the city of boston for the year. 5 inches in worcester. 4 inches in providence. dry week ahead and still running a pretty descent defensive.
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decent deficit. it's the first time we see our frost occurring not until last october we see it toward the cape and islands. i think there's a chance as we head into the middle of this week a couple of nights could bring 30s and frost advisories. time of the season the gardens start to leave us unfortunately. 7-day milder weather for tomorrow and wednesday then cooling back down for thursday and the weekend right now looks pretty good. >> that's much better forecast than what we just had. >> compared to what we're seeing off to the southeast. we're doing all right. >> thank you eric. the patriots weren't on the field this past weekend but tom brady was still busy yesterday he was at his sister's wedding. he posted this on facebook later. his feet up watching the dallas new orleans game a great game with the caption back at it tomorrow all eyes on the cowboys. patriots are in dallas sunday afternoon in a game you will see right here on wbz. >> did he wear the rings to the wedding? >> maybe.
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at least passed them around. a love we know can be a roller coaster. >> creative marriage proposal taking one couple to new heights. >> coming up next at 6:00 two developing stories a pilot dies while flying a plane full of people cross country to boston. and amtrak train derails in vermont. what the train hit that knocked it off the track. plus have you noticed how many acorns are on the ground. we'll show you what's causing this bumper crop and why it
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. allison boil once told her boyfriend life is like a rollercoaster he remembered that when he asked allison to join him for the ride of a lifetime. >> i want to ask you if you want to be my rollercoaster buddy would you marry me. >> he has a ring on the roller coaster. the coaster is in a place called santa claus, indiana. if you're wondering. he was smart enough to bring a fake ring on the coaster. allison got the real one on bended knee proposal when they got off the ride. she may have had a bit of vertigo but said yes. we have much more still ahead the news at 6:00 starts now. a pilot dies in the middle
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of a red eye flight to boston. how the crew handled the emergency without telling happening. >> lost at sea hoping for the best but fearing the worst for two mass maritime graduates. how the cape cod school tries to prepare students for the dangers of the water. >> joaquin moving farther out to sea our s clouds starting to break up when sunshine returns to the forecast. >> going nuts overall the acorns. >> they are banging down on the roof. >> why there are so many this fall and how this bumper crop could cause problems for us next spring. a developing story a midair emergency a pilot dies in the middle of a cross country flight. that pilot was flying a red eye american airlines flight from phoenix to boston. >> but the plane had to stop in syracuse when one of the
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jim smith is live with the story at logan. reporter: the people on this flight initially had no idea just how serious this was. in fact at first they were simply told the pilot was not feeling well. as it turned out it was much worse than that. >> one of the pilots is unresponsive. >> , a phoenix to boston flight diverted to syracuse where ambulance crews were waiting. passengers were first told the pilot was simply ill then came word that pilot had passed away the co-pilot taking over. >> going down too rapidly a few minutes later the co-pilot apparently come on and said take they were making an emergency landing due the captain's illness. reporter: passenger photos and videos show the emergency operation, but most people on the plane did not realize how serious it was until later. >> when we landed we didn't know the magnitude of what was going on.
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all we saw was the fire trucks,
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