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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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all we saw was the fire trucks, the ems everything out there. we thought he was just sick then we find out later on he's passed. reporter: replacement crew eventually came onboard and flew the plane on to logan airport. passengers said that original flight crew handled things extremely well especially the co-pilot who landed the plain with 154 people onboard. >> thank god for him too by the way. because he just -- i don't know what would have and. >> i get a feeling if it wasn't for the co-pilot using a cool head it might have been more disastrous. i think the captain died mid- flight. that's my feeling. reporter: at this point the name of the deceased pilot is not being released. the exact cause of death is not being released either. the investigation goes on. live at logan airport jim smith wbz news. >> thank you. to developing news 7 people are in the hospital tonight after
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track south of mount pill year. the ntsb says rocks from above fell on the tracks overnight. a locomotive and passenger car went over an embankment and passengers had just gotten on to the train. >> i had only gotten on i texted my family. >> we swerved to the left and to the right. pretty soon it just stopped. and we were very lucky that it stopped like that but we were all going are you okay. >> one of the 7 who were hurt suffered serious injuries but everyone is expected to recover. tonight the coast guard says it believes a cargo ship that vanished during hurricane joaquin sank. two graduates of maritime academy were onboard. el faro was sailing from jacksonville to puerto rico near crooked island.
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it was nearby a category 3 hurricane winds up to 120 miles an hour. the coast guard has recovered one body and this empty lifeboat. they are not giving up. >> we are still looking for survivors or any signs of life, any signs of that vessel. we are still doing that. so the search for survivors continues. >> bill shields is live in buzzard bay where the mass maritime community is praying for some good news. reporter: everyone here at mass maritime the instructors, the students, they realize that when they go to sea it's very dangerous out there they all realize that. but still when you lose two of your own very tough for everyone here on campus. >> the loss of power is catastrophic for a ship. reporter: one of the last transmissions from the massive cargo ship was at the el faro had lost power of it onboard the 790-foot container ship were two graduates from mass maritime academy.
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jeffrey mathias class of 96 and keith driven 2005. both engineers. >> certainly one of the more difficult days we're going to have on campus, although with the optimism we have holding out hope with the prayers across the entire maritime community. reporter: it appears the shipping sank east of the bahamas caught in the middle of hurricane joaquin. >> you're talking up to 140- mile an hour winds seas upwards of 50 feet. reporter: the coast guard has found a debris field and body unidentified. students train for all emergencies on the 570-foot kennedy. >> the cadets are trained very thoroughly in emergency procedures. what do you do in the circumstance of heavy weather. when he u start having stability issues. how to survive. reporter: the car cadets we
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talked to were very well aware of the dangers at sea. >> do you think about what you got to do in future and prepare for it. reporter: the mathias family is really known they run a big farm in kingston. griffin his wife is pregnant with twins. reporting live from buzzards bay bill shields week news. >> thank you very much. hurricane joaquin has also helped intensify the flooding that's crippling south carolina. the rain isn't falling as hard today, but a dam has broken near columbia forcing more evacuations. at least 9 people have been killed. a former police officer who was videotaped slamming a drunk driving suspect into a wall has now pleaded guilty. mark richardson pleaded guilty to one count of simple assault at the most he'll serve less than a month in jail. richardson was a new hampshire police officer when he was videotaped doing this flowing michael bergeron headfirst into a cinderblock wall. he was not indicted until five
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bergeron posted the video online. a winthrop police officer was hurt trying to stop a man who were threatening his wife and officers. that man barricaded himself inside his home on shirley street in winthrop and fired at pellet gun at police. they moved into the home they arrested him. the officer sustained cuts was not seriously hurt. maggie hassan is running for senate taking on one of the republican party's rising stars. she announced today she'll challenge republican kelley ayotte. she has become a prominent voice in the party and is sometimes mentioned as president. there was an emotional appeal for tougher gun control laws from hillary clinton today. the candidate held a town hall hampshire. clinton vowed to expand
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regulations on the buy buyers and sellers of firearms. clinton says the time to act is now. >> this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries, knows no limits of any kind. how many people have to die before we actually act, before we come together as a nation. >> here's a look at where some of the other candidates stand clinton's primary opponent bernie sanders supports banning assault weapons and closing the gun show loophole. republican carly fiorina opposes the assault weapons ban. donald trump doesn't want anymore limits on guns instead he says all legislation should focus on mental health. coming up on wbz news paying the price. patrick kennedy's own brother blasts the book that exposes his family's struggles with substance abuse. substance abuse guidelines.
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a yankees star the stunning announcement from c. c. sabathia. >> plus acorns falling fast and furious why there are so many this year and what that means for our winter and our spring. short term forecast the clouds finally moving out the sun returning tomorrow and a warmer forecast as well. we'll talk about that when we come back. i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but
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leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized.
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fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given. it's taken. . >> city sports i don't see filing for bankruptcy. the athletic clothing chain based in boston owes $50 million including big unpaid bills to nike under armour and paths gone ya. they will shut down 8 stores. the company may be looking for a buyer. going nuts. acorns are everywhere. have you noticed? but why? we started talking about this after barry burbank post aid blog about all of the acorns at his house. apparently barry really struck
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been commenting sharing his blog. we went out to see what's going on. >> they are fun to kick and squash. they are kind of pretty. reporter: pretty and plentiful. >> they are banging down on the roof we can hear it at all parts of the day and we just had a baby a few weeks ago and we're afraid to actually bring her in the back. >> it's crazy. reporter: it's definitely a bumper crop. rodger rubble habitat and education center in belmont says it's all part of a cycle. >> probably from about 2 to 5 years oak trees will produce lots more acorns than they usually do. reporter: the oaks know what they are doing. >> the tree wants to produce young trees so by flooding the system with acorns in one year it overwhelms the predators that are out there. reporter: squirrels and other critters won't be able to eat all the acorns ensuge that many will become oak trees.
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but there could be a downside. deer and mice like acorns. so they will fluorish and that could lead to more ticks and more lyme disease. but don't worry about one thing. more acorns do not mean a bad winter. >> there's no correlation between the amount of snowfall or the temperature with acorn production. so we don't have to worry about that one. >> so another mystery solved. >> that's definitely not true. a lot of people say acorns mean a bad winter. >> biggest observation any weather department in the northeast gets is about these acorns we haven't found any connection whatsoever between. i think if anything it would be an indicator of the previous year and not the upcoming season. nature fighting back producing more seed after going through traumatic weather experience. >> if i hang rosary beads over my head. >> it can't hurt that's for sure. >> we have changes in our weather we're also talking about what happened in south carolina and joaquin over the weekend. let's gets you caught up. we've got clouds finally
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breaking apart from west to east tonight. that trend will continue as we head into the evening chilly one out there. you see joaquin a little bit uncomfortably close to our shore heading well out to see. we got this cut off area of low pressure cut off low cut off from the jet stream flow it sits and spins over time it's produced unbelievable amounts of rainfall into south carolina and north carolina. how much are we talking? well just over the week these areas in yellow 20 inches of rain, and that's a tough number to kinds of wrap your head and. so wants to do a comparison between one town in south carolina and city of boston. for the past 72 hours this one town has seen more rain almost 27 inches than boston has seen the entire year. that includes all the water snowfall. so think about every rain shower you stood every thunderstorm came across every snowflake that fell and think of that falling over one weekend. carolina. unbelievable set up there. for us quieter times temperatures in the 50s it
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feels very much like october. we'll find a few upper 30s tonight most towns in the low to mid 40s. that gradual clearing from west to east. the last place to see those clouds break up would be cape cod and islands. they may linger all night. tomorrow morning a chilly start. sun rises at 6:46 going to feel a lot better outside once we get warming going on 60s to around 70. nice mix of sun and clouds less wind than we've seen over these past few days. compared to the temperatures which have mainly stayed at 50s every day in october so far a. mid-60s to around 70 degrees. that's going to feel pretty warm outside. a jacket in the morning but comfortable in the afternoon event we might see a couple of towns just top 70 degrees. pittsburgh at 71. most of our weather this week pretty quiet. another cold front is going to approach on wednesday. going to bring a few clouds along with it but moisture starved so not expecting any rain. little blast of cooler air moves in behind for thursday but it's another good one to be outdoors. then on friday the next front starts to move in. so things going pretty quickly. this should bring some showers
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thunderstorms late friday into friday evening and thin behind that another blast of chilly are autumn air. overall we're up and down but on either side of average for this time of the season. our mildest days are tuesday and wednesday. a cool shot for thursday milder again on friday and cool back down as we kick off the upcoming weekend. in terms of fall foliage it is really late. it's very green outside for october. starting to see some locations in northern new england adirondacks getting close to peak to be at least a week late there. this will accelerate as we move forward temperatures have started to cool off. here's your accuweather 7-day only chance of rainfall comes on friday with showers and again a chance for a little thunder. as we also look toward thursday morning and friday morning some cold temps might be a couple of frost advisory. we're getting to that part of the season where the gardens starting to come to an end unfortunately. >> but the weather is coming back.
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>> the patriots they had their bye week but steve this was probably a good thing you had to get some rest and take some more time to plan against the cowboys. >> which is what they have been work. the pats are back to work. they had perfect attendance everybody was presents abandon accounted for including center ryan rendell. bill belichick's team lit the practice field under threatening skies in foxborough. tom brady and company certainly enjoyed their mini vacation but they were also excited to get back on the field. we mentioned wendell. he hasn't practiced since september 17th due to an illness. he has yet to play in a game this season but he feels he's getting closer to a return. >> we all work hard to contribute to the team. it feels good to get out there to practice. another rep you can get working with the guy next to you.
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and so it just feels good to do your job. you don't want to get paid to do nothing. >> we'll see if he plays in dallas on sunday. the cowboys are still feeling sting of last night's bitter defeat in new orleans. 13 seconds in drew brees hooks you up for c. j. spill are goes 80 yards for the game winning score just like that the saints stun the cowboys 26-20. dallas drops to 2-2 on the season. for a preview of the pats and cowboys check out patriots all access friday night at 7:00 right here on wbz. as for sunday we'll get you going with patriots game day at 11:00. kick off at 4:25. followed by postgame show on my tv 378. wbz is your hoping for thursday night football this week it's texans hosting the colts. other nfl news miami dolphins fired head coach joe philbin. dolphins off to disappointing 1- 3 starts for the season.
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finish 24-28 record. dan campbell will take over as the interim head coach for the rest of the season. meanwhile the red sox finished up 2015 season yesterday in cleveland and today the team's clubhouse attendance busy at fenway cleaning out the players locker. sox finished last place for the second consecutive year and third time in the last four seasons. in other baseball news yankee pitcher c. c. sabathia announced he's entering alcohol rehab center today and will not pitch in the postseason. he's coming off the worst season of his 14 year career. they host the astros in the al wild card game tomorrow night. finally bit of a surprise bruins place forward max talbot on waivers today. >> thank you so much. up next brother versus brother. pa particular kennedy
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. cbs evening news is coming up at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins with us a preview. good evening. >> good evening paula liam great to be with you in boston. we're going to talk about the 11 americans who have died in this terrible flooding all up and down the east coast particularly in the carolinas. also 28 americans lost at sea after a cargo ship broke up and sank in hurricane joaquin. we'll have very latest on the search for survivors and the rest of the world niece coming up in news coming up in 10 minutes. >> a second person has been diagnosed with the west nile virus. it's a woman in her 90s and she is hospitalized. they announced the first death from west nile. suffolk county is already classified as a high risk area. patrick kennedy has said his family is not happy about the bookie has written now we
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know that includes his brother patrick kennedy's book a common struggle details not only his history of alcoholism but his parents' problems with substance abuse. kennedy says he wrote the book to break the stigma surrounding alcoholism. >> patrick kennedy's brother ted, jr. told the boston globe quote my brothers recollections are quite different from my own. mental illness and addiction are critically important issues that deserve a serious discussion not an arrogant that is misleading and hurtful. kennedy sayses understands why he's brother's upset. tomorrow lawmakers will talk about whether we should be forced to go hands-free behind the wheel. texting while driving is banned in massachusetts. there are several bills that could extend that to talking too. the legislature's transportation committee will hold a hearing tomorrow.
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still to come. when we come back big time brain power right in our own backyard. >> a local scientist will get
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s tonight at 10:00 on my tv 38 liam and i have this for out a warning tonight in city of lawrence. the animal keeping neighbors on guard. >> tonight at 11:00 the state is spending millions of dollars to encourage people to buy electric cars. the i-team took a closer look and found out where a lot of money is going to way the town of and over is home to nobel prize winner. >> william campbell was born in ireland now lives in north andover. he worked with another scientist to develop a drug
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which essentially eradicated two diseases that had affected millions in africa latin america and asia. he said is there some way i can verify this? >> the reporter knew before he did that he had won the nobel prize i love that. >> congratulations. >> the weather it looks like pretty good. >> we're getting there. we finally had a stretch we could see the lawns. people in september were thinking how do i get my lawn back in shape after all the heat and drought. we've have rain had the clouds now we get the sun. >> there are plenty of acorns. it's going to feel pretty warm and pretty nice quiet weather week few showers on friday that's it. >> steve. >> pitchers wants to pick up where they left off. >> you got to feel good about this team see the way the other
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>> the other teams don't look so good. >> they are missing kicks. >> why is that happening? >> because now there's more pressure on the i can caners to make these extra points. >> they are missing everything. kind of wild. >> we don't miss here. >> thank you so much we want to thank you for joining us. >> we'll see you at 10:00 on my tv 38 back here at 11:00 wbz news. good night everybody. andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy
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who used to be down in me,
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