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tv   WBZ News  WBZ  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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he said he had spent the last week couple of weeks working on losing weight. had lost about 10 pounds and said i feel better than i felt in a long time. >> johnston's widow says her husband was passionate about his family his faith and his career and he died doing what he loved. convicted killer aaron hernandez wants to stop his second murder trial before it starts. reporter: it's the first time in a while we have seen hernandez. he is sporting that tattoo on his neck that reads lifetime and at the same time that he's fighting his conviction in the odin lloyd murder he's hoping to poke holes in the double murder trial he still faces. he's accused of killing two men in 2012 outside a nightclub in boston. hernandez' lawyer says the state found the alleged murder vehicle based on statements from hernandez' associate carlos ortiz. they argued today that search warrant should never have been
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granted because ortiz failed a polygraph. >> his credibility is basically worthless then there's no way a magistrate warrant. >> i believe in interpretation of the results. it doesn't automatically mean everything that come out of that witness's mouth us a lie. rule today. he's going to take the argument under advisement. we learned about alexander bradley the man in the car with hernandez during the double murder. today hearing revealed hernandez turned to bradley after the murder told him quote you better keep this between us. right now that trial is slated to start in early december. >> liam thank you. this right here is the search for survivors from a cargo ship lost at sea in the middle of hurricane joaquin. among them 7 people with ties to new england including jeffrey mathias a graduate of mass maritime academy. reporter: two graduates from mass maritime.
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while this is technically a search and rescue mission. i think people around mass maritime and people in the mayor time industry realize right now things are not looking very good. the bright sunny day belied the mood at mass maritime today where two of their graduates are still missing east of the bahamas. there are still few answers. >> it's still a coast guard search for evidence. they are no longer looking for a ship as we all know. so the time is running out. it's a sad situation. reporter: the 735-foot container ship el faro disappeared last week in the middle of hurricane joaquin. there were 33 crewmen onboard 7 from new england. only one body has been found. for mass maritime keith griffin class of 2005 and jeff mathias from kingston, class of 96. he's a father of 3. griffin's
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>> during this difficult time we want them to know that the massachusetts maritime academy community and the entire maritime community stands by them while the search continues. reporter: jeffrey mathias family issued a statement a short time ago reading in part jeffrey is our beloved son, brother, husband and father. he is the center of our world. the search continues. bill shield wbz news. >> your heart breaks for those families bill thank you. parts of south carolina are still underwater tonight. officials say from drowning to traffic sent at least 15 people have died in the wake of these record breaking storms. we could see more evacuation there is the next 24 hours. reporter: the sun is shining in columbia south carolina it
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after a historic damaging rainfall. >> 36 to 48 hours will be volatile. don't let the sunshine fool you. reporter: the swollen congress agree river has flooded area around it. this bridge cracked under the weight of toppled trees. >> we're just really hoping that no more he road erodes away. >> we put our heart and soul into it. reporter: families across the city are doing whatever they can to clean up but right now tens of thousands of homes are still without water. for residents who do have water, the mayor is ordering them to boil it before drinking or cooking. the university of south carolina canceled classes for the rest of the week.
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more than 800 people are staying in shelters and more evacuations could be ordered if the water starts to rise again. carolina. the pictures there just terrible. fortunately for us at home we're going to be dry. >> talk about sunshine eric this is spectacular. forecast. >> wall to wall blue skies out warmer than these last couple a great fall afternoon. temperatures at 70 in fitchburg. 65 worcester. province town at 57. but a great evening. clouds have stayed across the higher terrain of new england carved out the like of the white mountains clouds on the west side sunshine on the downwind side and clouds starting to move in from the west. a cold front here is a pretty weak one it will bring high cirrus clouds overnight. chilly one with 40, 45-degree lows. 48 in the city of boston itself. it's pretty typical for this
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october and we went headfirst right into fall after warm times in september. something to put on your calendar couple of hours from now 7:17 international space station disappears to the northeast. for the next few days some changes. yo-yo weather pattern we're in. we'll talk about that and one chance of rain coming up. >> something tells me you'll be on the roof at 7:17. >> that's a guarantee. cruz have turned the water back on after water main broke in the north end. basements in about 20 buildings flooded out. looks like. well it looks like one big mess. streets remain closed as crews can try to make sure that those roads are structurally sounds. crews expect the streets will be open for the morning commute. work to do. today a lockdown at bridgewater state but it was just a drill
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to check out the school security response. the university tested out the emergency notification system sending out warning text and voice mails. with the flip of a switch they remotely locked all the campuses buildings. it's actually a nearly deck aid old system made that possible. >> originally thought of more of a door access system after hours. over the years it has evolved into one of our key security features for locking down the buildings in the event we had an active shooter on campus we could do that in a matter of seconds. >> we should point out today's drill was preplanned. it was not in response to last week's shooting at an oregon community college campus. today the family of a massachusetts soldier paid their last respects 60 years after he went missing in action in the korean war. today's funeral for sergeant christopher vairs came a month remains. they were found in the early 90s in a mass grave near a
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army forensic experts suspected the remains belonged to sergeant bars but only concerned it with dna in july. the n b ta is hoping some new schedules will actually fix the commuter rail problems. the t is hoping the new schedules will cut down on delays. commuters won't see a drastic change in departure times. there will be a little more time built into the schedule which will account for conditions. the t plans to post the month. the t is putting up count down signs at more green line stations you've seen the signs that let riders know when the next tribe trane will arrive at kenmore. they activated the signs at copley and arlington. you'll see them eastbound at boylston k market science park all by the end of the week. the hub way is actually expanding there will soon be 15 more locations including the first spot in brighton as well as new locations in dorchester
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roxbury and charles town. boston bike share program has nearly doubled since its 2011 launch. it's interesting to see so many more going in this seem to be everywhere already. >> we can now right around our neighborhood. before you know what the holidays will be here. >> experts reveal the single best week to book those air flights. >> plus insider trading in fantasy football. are those by big money games rigged against millions of players? then all new at 6:00 students rallying around a beloved teacher who was pulled from class. why they say the punishment does not fit the crime. a local mother treated like a dog and forced to breast breastfeed in a pet relief
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. reality check for two of the most popular fantasy sports sites on the internet. an employee at boston based draft kings is accused of using insider information to win a big jackpot on the rival site fan duel. >> congress is investigating this case and the two companies are temporarily banning employees from playing. a closer look why it is a big problem. reporter: fantasy football season could change it all. >> if you watched one snap of
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>> i've won over $29,000 on fan duel. reporter: you see the online ads for fan duel and boston based draft kings. richard batten has followed recent play-by-play of allegations of insider trading after an employee at draft kings won $350,000 by playing on rival fan duel. >> it's sort of like the casino manager all of a sudden hitting a big score at the poker table just kind of makes you wonder. reporter: after an internal investigation draft kings said its employee didn't have access to info until players had lineups. a statement concluded there is though evidence that any information was used to create an unfair advantage and any are factually incorrect. >> if i had to bet there's regulation. reporter: boston college law professor says the controversy will only invite more scrutiny from state and federal lawmakers. until now the multibillion- dollar industry has managed to
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side step the same restrictions enforced on sports betting. >> it certainly puts them in a very questionable position because as they themselves have said the integrity of the game is paramount importance. nobody will play these games if they think they are rigged. >> i tried draft kings out. i played it for one week. reporter: fantasy football the controversies overblown. to him it makes sense that a guy who works at a fan say football site makes some good picks. >> it doesn't seem as terrible to me as it would if they won for their own company. reporter: massachusetts attorney general is already on the record saying she's taking a closer look at online fantasy sports sites. for now draft kings and fan duel are playing defense prohibiting their employees from playing fantasy sports on competing sites. >> all right ryan thank you. let's take a closer look how work. first of all you compete with others on a day-to-day basis or
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in the case of football a week to week basis and you're not playing a whole season. you're also picking your roster compete with other players. every single player has a salary value and you have to budget your team put it all together you have to stick to a budget. the skim is not just picking the superstars who are expensive, but also the chi players too who might out perform their price tag and who other people may not be paying attention to. after all it's easy to just pick brady and gronk. it's picking that legarrette blank. >> there may be a enough pumpkins for halloween canned pumpkin may not be available. you can blame the rainfall. experts say you may want to grab the canned stuff now and
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save it for later. >> i don't believe that those stories when i hear them. >> doo due buy many cans of pumpkin. >> i feel like every year there's a story around thanksgiving where they tell you you have to go buy the ingredient right now because it may not be around. >> the day after thanksgiving whole aisle full of it. >> they are laughing somewhere counting their money. >> lots of canned pumpkin. >> we're thinking about it for sure. even frost on the pumpkin in a couple of towns cold temperatures out there. you can see your breath walking out the door. norwood down to 32 degrees. frost there. pep really down to 34. taunton beverly 37. rebounded nicely we got to the 60s in boston. some towns topping 70 degrees this afternoon. right on target a typical beautiful october day to be outside. can still get very warm. actually our last 90-degree day on record in boston is october 12th next week. could still get very warm this time of the season we might do that next week.
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temperatures mainly in the 60s. 59 is the cool spot in city of boston. all across the northeast pretty seasonal airmasses in place of we're watching a coach off to our west doesn't have a lot of ump behind it few clouds late tomorrow going to move through dry through the evening. if you're wondering about joaquin it's very impressive in the north atlantic where the water temperatures are much cooler still has an eye it's still a hurricane moving off to the north and east. you can see well off to the east of new england. i bet a few surfers are running the swell. you're looking at cool temperatures back around 40 to 45 degrees on average. little bit milder toward the cape and the islands. there will be chill in the air in the morning. we're looking at another great day. in fact a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow. we'll be in the 60s bright skies at lunch time for the afternoon and evening topping out in the upper 60s low 70s. should be a nice one to be outdoors sunset at 6:16.
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this time of year. high near 72 norwood bedford as well as lawrence. new bedford up to 71. up to 67. great outdoors day. the trend continues we head through this week. weak cold front moves through high pressure builds in. so thursday cooler but still very bright. the one day we're watching for a little rainfall is friday. cold front will start marching in from the west. this one has a lot more energy work with. we could actually see some pretty hefty down importance friday late afternoon evening into friday night and maybe even a little lightning and thunder with that front as it moves on through. columbus day weekend that front should just be offshore. we'll have to keep an eye on it this week at this point it looks like a blast of chilly air for saturday to kick off the wicked. upper 50s to around 60 degrees on saturday. into the 60s on sunday. partly cloudy skies and warming trend for columbus day. monday we should be in the 70s. that warmth has really delayed the fall colors.
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i'm sure you've noticed at this point. this picture thinking about a little bit of snow not too far down the road. this evening more green than anything else. in fact it looks this way all the way up into vermont and new hampshire. some folks have been sending me e-mails or tweets and saying they cane remember it being so green. some decent color adirondacks northern green mountains into the white mountains. if you're wondering how late this actually is. by this time northern new england usually has lost most of its leaves. at this point being green and a little bit of color. the record warmth has everything to do with that. here's your accuweather 7 days. as we look toward the holiday week it looks like a pretty nice stretch. tuesday is that day we're watching we might have a shot at 80 degrees. warm to start next week. >> can't wait for that. >> new research about but receive texting and teenagers. study found teenaged girls who text constantly are more likely to do worse in schooling. on average boys text more often
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boys use technology to convey information while girls use it to build relationships. massachusetts lawmakers are thinking about passing a hands-free law making drivers use voice technology and bluetooth devices right now you can't text e-mail behind the wheel but you can make phone calls and use the gps. emily steen of medford lost her dads in a crash that was caused by a distracted driver. today she told lawmakers the current law is not working. >> the police officers hands are tied. they have so much difficulty enforcing it because they really have to prove that the person was texting or e-mailing instead of just doing anything else on their phones. >> beyond this hands fry freeh idea other bills under consideration include increasing fines under the current texting ban and banning school zones. if you want to go out of town for the holidays, this is the week to book. orbit says traditionally prices in the first full week of october are about 5% cheaper than regular fares.
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that is if you're traveling for thanksgiving christmas or new year's. and prices will go up again once we hit mid october. >> do it right now. >> right now. >> during the commercial. call him a four-legged crime fighter. >> still to come the new england dog that helped police catch the bad guys. plus -- like. cameras are rolling as co- workers learn they have scored history. >> coming up new at 6:00 a wbz exclusive. he was enjoying a swim off the coast of california when all of a study felt a bump. >> that's when my daughter said to me, daddy how come your back is all bloody. >> a massachusetts man attacked by a shark. >> the shark was a real message to me. >> tonight why that man says
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. i want to quit automatically. >> yeah you might too if you won tens of millions of dollars. then again you might not. that was 50-year-old julie leach the sole winner of the 300 million-dollar jackpot. >> the michigan worker worked at a fiberglass company she bought about $20 worth of tickets on wednesday night just before she headed to work at the job itself things weren't going so well. >> having a really bad night at work went to mcdonald's for lunch.
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check my numbers while i'm sitting here waiting for my lunch that's when i realized that i was the winner. i didn't believe it. i had to go back to work. >> she went back to her overnight job asked her co- workers to double check the numbers and she did indeed win. now she plans to buy land and build homes for herself and for her kids as well. she took the lump sum payment. if you want to be jealous you'll get jealous right about now she gets $140 million lisa after taxes. >> i can't believe she left her job david. so what does it really feel like to win a giant jackpot? the cameras were rolling in a canadian board room when one man told his co-workers that they were sharing a 60 million- dollar prize. >> we have a big winner. >> no (bleep). >> are you kidding me? are you serious? >> we won the largest jackpot.
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>> no way!. >> holy (bleep). >> that is excellent. the 12 winners in ontario had been participate national guard a weekly lottery pool for 8 years. we wanted to do that in the newsroom but we didn't get the chance. >> that is so awesome. >> it is great. >> 12 winners $60 million get about 5 apiece before taxes after taxes about 2 million probably. that's pretty good. so good news for prospective home owners. >> not as good as we showed you but what changed to make the mortgage process easier. >> tax dollars used to encourage people to buy electric cars is it a good investment if no one is plugging in. the dangers of vaping e get batteries are exploding
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. breaking news at 5:30 a united airlines co-pilot passes out in a cockpit. the plane was going from houston to san francisco when it had to be diverted to albuquerque new mexico. this co-pilot should be okay but yesterday you'll remember the pilot of a boston bound flight died in midair and was forced the plane was to make an unscheduled landing in new york. >> also tonight aaron hernandez lawyers trying to keep some evidence out of the
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