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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 6, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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they just asked the judge to to as a search warrant. trial scheduled to start this december. >> federal investigators want to know why the engine failed on a cargo ship that sank with 33 people onboard. crews have found debris and life rings and one victim found in a survival suit. among the crew members jeffrey mathias a graduate of mass maritime academy. >> at 5:30 lighting up danger e-cigarette batteries exploding putting users at risk for serious burns. in fact right now a teenaged girl in new hampshire is recovering from burns to her face hands and her body. >> the issue here a battery that exploded. local doctors say this is a growing problem. >> reporter: there's been a lot of debate about what you're inhaling when you take a drag from an electronic cigarette. but now doctors and fire officials are sounding an alarm about the mechanics of the devices themselves.
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one exploded in a new hampshire teen's hands last week. medical director says boston doctors have had similar cases. >> hopefully somebody will get together and regulate it before these incidents are rare if you use them enough as a population of people there will be problems in irks in the five years before 2014, # .5 million americans reported using e- cigarettes. there were 25 explosions or fires involving them nationwide leading to 9 injuries. experts say accidents happen when users combine e cigarette parts ant meant to use together. at this store any time someone buys what's called a hybrid they have to sign a disclaimer and this says that they won't use with it the wrong kind of atomizer because that could cause an explosion. >> we try to educate everyone. we educate them how to fill it how to use it.
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cigarettes were estimated at $1.7 billion last year. as that number grows at a rapid fire pace so does the urgency behind the calls to keep them safe. christina hager wbz news. 3 people are under arrest roxbury. police say they were blocking the construction equipment at protesters have been safety. specter says the pipeline will lower costs in the area. late night fire in marlboro forced 9 people out of their home did damage to a historic home as well. firefighters rushed to the home on versailles street before 11:30. investigators say the fire appears to have started in the kitchen. the good news here is that no one was her. a lowell man will spend time
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tips that came in after investigators released surveillance pictures helped to catch that man. he's not an official canine but he tracks down the bad guys. police say five people broke into a home in rhode island led officers on a high speed chase to north providence and only stopped when they hit another car. that's when they took off on foot. when really the dog saw to of them under his owner's deck he started barking. his owner is a retired police officer. he pretended to have a gun. in the end all five suspects wound up in custody. #-year-old boy is grateful for a very delicate rescue. he got his leg caught between branches of a tree he was climbing. firefighters tried to saw him out at first. that didn't work. ultimately it was the jaws of life that did the job. the boy will be just fine. lisa, tonight an i-team investigation. the state is spending millions of dollars encouraging people to go buy electric cars but it
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going to waste. the i-team takes a closer look. reporter: filling up with electricity instead of gas. >> $35 a month. reporter: joe is saving a lot driving his new electric car. >> i was averaging a little over $300 give or take the gas prices that's 90% savings. reporter: helping the environment is one benefit, but he's also happy with the rebates he got from the government when he bought his bmw i-3. >> federal is # 500 the state's 2500 that's 10,000 immediately off the top. reporter: big subsidies to get electric cars on the road. judith judson is commissioner of energy resources. >> we see there's an opportunity here. >> what do you say to someone who says why don't we spend it on some other type of green initiative instead. >> if you look at the sources of greenhouse gas emissions, transportation makes up almost 40%. reporter: the i-team has learned the state has spent $4 million since 2010 in rebates
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another 5.4 million went to subsidizing charging stations in total the bay baker administration is committing $20 million for electric > the cost of these vehicles are coming down and coupled with the rebate we do see that these are catching on. reporter: but that's not what the i-team found we observed a state subsidized charging plymouth charging plaza one car pulled in for a charge. >> the average family is not going to take evacuate of these rebates to buy electric cars because electric cars aren't practical. electric cars are for wealthy people to drive to cocktail parties where they can amuse themselves by mentioning they came there in an electric car. reporter: the beacon hill suit a cover sirtive think tank thinks this program is a waste of money. >> people come up with ideas that aren't based on reality. reporter: electric car sales have stalled. cars like this that rely on
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electricity only make up about 3% of all cars on the roamed. that's the lowest share in the past 4 years. possible causes, lower gas prices and design issues like how long a battery will stay charged on road. >> critics who say this is only a niche industry what do you say. >> ? i say it's a growing industry and it's important to the future of the commonwealth. reporter: commissioner judson says these programs are not funded with taxpayer dollars but mostly with penalties and fines they collect against large polluters critics argue that public money could be spent in a more impactful way. for the i-team wbz news. >> if you have a tip for the i-team send us an e-mail. or call us 617779-tips. no matter what kind of car you have the globe is offering this useful information. police write more tickets downtown on streets with meters they give out the fewest tickets before dawn and write
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best to have your quarters parking app handy where people get the most tickets. >> i find if it's raining out write a ticket. just what i find. there is an unlikely new partner in the fight against prescription drug abuse. realtors across the south shore reseal able bags will be given to home sellers they are a way to secure prescription drugs when opening their homes for open houses. the hot massachusetts real estate market has become a target for addicts. >> maybe 15, 20 years ago you hear about people reading the obituarys. now it's open houses they are looking for opportunities to feed their addiction. >> authorities are urging homeowners to take any unused or expired prescriptions and drop them off at a prescription drug drop box. in one way david buying a home is about to get easier. new rules make the mortgage paperwork a lot less cumbersome. lenders will give homebuyers
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two forms detailing the terms of the loan. until now you got four forms from 2 separate government agencies. well the day the mcmusic fans have been waiting for has arrived. >> mcdonald's lawn ofed all day breakfast but not everyone is loving it. >> plus would you clean your teeth with charcoal? why some swear by this method. it seems a lot of you want to block the kardashians with a simple app what the creator
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of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. . grab the salt and pepper egg mcmusic 24 hours a day. however if you're craving something else you could be disappointed. >> mcdonald's offering all day breakfast started today rolling owl the all day breakfast menu at all 14,000 locations. fast food giant says customers have been asking for it for years but it's not the full breakfast menu.
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some have taken to social media to complain that not every store will have things like hash browns, mcgriddles and bagel sands which was. so most people are thrilled it's been trending light the day but not everyone is excited. >> it's a first world problem. we got something. >> i want to start the opposite i want to be able to get a quarter ponderate 10:00 al. >> or salad. >> start a petition tonight. it seems tom cruise may have paid for his daughter's wedding even though he wasn't invited to go. >> there are several reports bella cruise tight the knot last night he covered the cost but didn't attend and neither did bella's brother connor or their motznik oil kidman pretty unusual. >> they didn't want the mom or the dad there. >> apparently it was going to be really small. >> very small. >> app that blocks all kardashian news is a huge money maker.
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>> it has already raised more than $500,000. it's a google chrome extension that hides every mention of kim chloe courtney kendall and kylie from the internet. the man who created the app is 22 years old. he says he wants to crowd fund private island then turn it into a charity resort. so that's kind of cool. they didn't mention scott the brother-in-law. i kind of like him. >> his name doesn't start with a k. we should point out we talked about the canadians sharing that lottery and what it would be if they had to pay their taxes. >> $60 million to 12 employees. >> so this is even math we can do there is no prize tax in canada which means they all get five million. for those who called in thank you. >> good canada. >> after the break feeling anxious or tired. what if you dial the mood. the device that can help you think your way to a new frame of mind. to all our weather watchers gorgees weather temperatures in the 60s. checking in with dave bond in
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new england doesn't get much better than this. i'll let you know if the good times keep rolling in the forecast. as we head to break quick
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ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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. this sounds kind of nasty but some people say brushing your teeth with charcoal will brighten your smile. you just add soto your toothbrush. some varieties are flavored. you can buy it at health food stores before and after picture shows slight improvement. the american dental association has not approved the charcoal over concerns that it may damage the enamel and you don't have a beautiful smile right way that's for sure. >> i'm such a clutter it would
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be all over me. >> forget to rinse and show up at work. i'm lisa hughes. >> wearable tech is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. >> sales could reach nearly $5 billion we're taking a closer look at a new device that tries to change how you feel. if you turn to coffee for a jolt or grass of wine to relax a wearable tech company wants you to consider an alternative electric currents. the new device called think fits on the for head and back of the head it comes with two settings energy or calm and you control them through a smartphone app. a low dose of electric current is delivered to the skin's surface. think's makers claim the pulsees or vibes change brain activity by stimulating sensitive cranial nerves on the face or back of the head. ceo says think can help you learn how to self regulate your emotions.
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become self aware of what it feel like to be motivated or centered and how to handle stress in a better way. reporter: criticings say there is no need for a device to control your biological responses. >> most everything we do during the day is manipulating our biology. what you drink, what you eat. these are all active choices we make to change our biology to change our mood. reporter: think just gives people another choice digital rather than chemical. >> s it's not just a gimmick it really does help people to be able to feel motivated to relax, really helps you. >> you're supposed to wear this device for 10 to 20 minutes and cost nearly $300. >> you wear it while have you the charcoal this your mouth. >> exactly you feel so much better about yourself. >> brighter smile at all works. how about that weather this morning. i could not believe how cold it was this morning. >> cold and spectacularly
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beautiful. many people were in the best mood midday. >> it's one of those days there's something about this time of year makes me melancholy. i don't know what it is. it's so beautiful. >> we need you to to get on a coach and let you think about it. >> certainly today cool start great finish and the sun is back in charge after a gloomy stretch. mainly sunny skies toward the middle of the week also. next chance of rain is friday and it's mainly in the everyone and evening and into friday night. pretty short visit from a wet as we head into the holiday weekend. columbus day already here. so far it is looking very good. we'll talk about that in a moment. this evening still at 70 fitchburg. orange at 67 degrees. boston province town the cool spots dipping into the 50s. but clear skies going to be a nice evening all across southern new england high clouds starting to drift in from the west. those will increase overnight. harbinger of the front to come which right now is back toward detroit. that will move through tomorrow
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a few clouds mixing with the sunshine. tonight partly cloudy skies not quite as cold as last night. 40 to 45 most of the suburbs. about 48 in downtown boston which is right on target for this time of year. i want to give you a few good reasons to look up in the next 12 hours. number one, international space station fly by is at 7:17 tonight i think it's always a treat. look up at this thing know there's people in there. it appears in the west southwestern sky heads northeast and great viewing conditions clear skies for that. number 2 we've got the today con i had meteor shower peaking at the end of this week. at a handful of extra meteors it increase your odds of seeing a shooting star. tomorrow morning look to the east venus mars and jupiter in the morning sky. good things going on with the clear skies. tomorrow another nice day mix of sun and clouds. warm up in the 60s midday we're into the # 0s during the afternoon. cooling down a little bit as we head toward the evening sunset
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tomorrow is at 6:16. not too much wind to deal with either. high for 71 in plymouth. 72 bedford. in the 60s in worcester as well as gentleman are you really comfortable stuff by october standards. head toward thursday a blast of cooler air moves in but it's still bright lots of sunshine high pressure in control. the one weather system we're watching this week is on friday late in the day. enough moisture here we could actually see a couple of downpours maybe even a little lightning and thunder on friday evening as that front works its way through. trying to see the lawn good day to get a little moisture and not have to use the sprinkler. we head toward the weekends cold start to the weekend. 50s around 60 for high temperatures on satisfaction. it looks bright. starting to warm up by sunday. monday we're into the 70s here so pretty mild columbus day expected. heading northward great classic weekend in northern new england highs in the 50s to around 60 degrees. the foliage is getting there slowly but surely certainly with these cooler nights and a cool weekend forecast it's going to accelerate as we head
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is a peak weekend around here locally. this year it will be peak in northern new hampshire. accuweather 7-day warm air to start. 70s on monday and tuesday could possibly if everything comes together hit 80 on tuesday. >> 7:17 for the stay for the space station. >> what does it look like. >> little dot moves very quickly across the sky 3 minutes to see it. >> if you're a linked in user you could get $1,500 from the state. it settled a 13 million-dollar lawsuit. members sued because the quote ad connections feature sent e- mails without their consent. i ron committee linked in just e-mailed uses to let tell me know if they are eligible to make a claim. facebook is going to space the social network is teaming up with the french satellite company to provide free internet to rural areas around the world.
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when the satellite launches next year it will reef 14 countries in africa. the project is part of facebook' initiative to get the entire world online. starting today there's a new twitter feature it's called moments and lets you follow events told in the storm of tweets photos and videos. events range from sports and entertainment to news. look for the feature in the top menu next to the lightning bolt icon. when was the last time you filled up your gas tank for a dollar 91 a gallon. >> i don't know but i need to do it right now. the local station that can expect to see some big lines soon. then all new tonight at 6:00 a nursing nightmare for a breastfeeding massachusetts woman. you won't believe where dulles airport employees sent her and her baby. and more trouble in the skies. a co-pilot passes out mid- flight. tonight a closer look at the protocol in place to keep you
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. >> how low will it going one local gas station prices are dropping particularly fast. a viewer september us this picture of the speed we gas station west main street in norton. take a look at the price 1.91. the viewer is telling us that's 14 cents less than what drivers paid yesterday. nobody knows how long this will lasso get in line now.
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we have much more still ahead the news at 6:00 starts now. . we begin tonight at 6:00 with the show of support for a brookline teacher. dozens of students walked out of class protest what they call the teacher from driscoll since late last month. >> he could soon lose his job in part for using a swear word. students are standing behind their teacher. reporter: the driscoll school in brookline is grades k through 8. well today a group of mostly 7th and 8th graders walked out of class and organized a protest many all in support of a teacher in trouble. brookline teacher larry chin serenaded by students as he leaves town hall.
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which is now on the line. that has his pupils very upset. >> he teaches with the most teacher. tears. it was so devastating to find out that such a beloved teacher could have been taken away from us in that way. teacher schenn has been out of the classroom a couple of weeks. word is he was overheard using the longer version of the phrase b s in an after hours conversation with high schoolers. if there's more to it nobody is saying because of confidentiality. >> we uphold academic freedom and where we hope union hopes teachers are allowed to bring out the very special and rich talents. reporter: students left class and marched from the school to town hall joined by parents. >> i want to make sure that this is a fair trial and that he's given a real chance and
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that people appreciate what an
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