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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 cities in boston, wbz news at 11 starts now. first at 11, a developing story. the ntsb is now at the scene of cargo ship disaster to find out why the el faro sank. >> tonight in winthrop people were holding out hope for a more rack the in the hometown of one of the crewmen. but after days of searching, all the coast guard has found is some wreckage and one body. >> ntsb investigators arrived today. they immediately want to work. they say it will be a long time before we get any answers. >> reporter: friends and family tonight are realistic. we are hearing from the cargo's owner. they say the captain apparently had a plan to avoid
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but the ship's main patrol pulling system failed, stranding the crew. >> our mission is to understand happened, but why it happened. transportation safety investigation, individual data recorder. meanwhile, the -- searching for 32 of the 33 crew members on board the el faro, two of whom are from massachusetts. maritime engineers jeffrey matthias and keith griffin. >> lord father, one call your blessing tonight for all those people lost at sea. >> reporter: childhood friends guard to pray for a friend many hadn't seen in years. >> if anyone could survive, swim out of a hurricane, it's that gentleman. >> reporter: but remember fondly as this time had its pass. >> the sad moment is a different moment, but
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everyone is smiling, because any story you have is going to put a smile on your face, and it's just -- >> reporter: a force to be reckoned with on the football team, and time and again we heard just one of the toughest guys around. >> if there's a way to find his way out of this, he will find that way. >> got to be hope, because he had to swim a hundred miles, he'll swim a hundred miles. >> reporter: that dvr had a battery life of 3030 days. the npr said so far it hasn't heard that ping. live in the satellite center, july longchek, wbz news. back to you. an airport outrage. nursing mother looking for a place to pump is sent to a spot where dogs relieved themselves. karat merill is live at logan airport with the p story. kate? >> reporter: hear at logan, they have private rooms for nursing moms. at washington dullless airport, they do not.
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thanks to a newton mom who took to twitter to complain. liz is a new mom. candace is four month old, but she is back to work. that means pumping breast milk on the run. >> the doctors, before you even deliver, tell you breast milk is best for the baby at success months. >> reporter: when this new marketing and communications expert flew through washington dullless airport on business monday, she needed a private spot to pump. at logan airport, they have small rooms for breast-feeding, complete with a counter and sink. she assumed dull,s had one, too. she inquired at the united counter. the service agent directed me toward the family areas room or the pent relief center. >> reporter: liz had no idea what a pet relief center was. when she arrived, this is what she found. >> the red fire hydrant for a dog to relieve themselves. that's obviously not where i'm going to pump my breast milk for my baby. >> reporter: an open air for
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liz took to twitter posting thesetures and her disgust. the other option, a bathroom, was dirty with no area to pump. she asked again for a spot to pump. no luck. >> i don't want your wi-fi, anything. i just want a secure private location for 15 minutes to breast-milk, and i'll be on my way. >> reporter: with no other option, she pumped in public right in the terminal, a terrible choice she says no mom should ever have to face just to fly. >> there are a lot of working moms out there that need to pump their breast milk. this is not ground-breaking. >> reporter: united airlines finally called liz tonight. they apologized, and they said they would make an area at dulles for new moms. it would not be a bathroom. and liz said that it's all she wanted. live at logan tonight, wbz news. back to you. >> thank you. a little boy in maine has died of ecoli poisoning after visiting a
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the father said the boy had severe diarrhea shortly after visiting a petting zoo last month. maine health phils say another child also contracted ecoli at the fair, but they haven't do fintively linked those illnesses to the petting zoo. the top fair takes precautions to keep people safe. it's put in hand washing and sanitizing stations. charges for kicking and killing a 17-year-old dog. police say toby tow send was working on his reasonnal property when the economy what what mix walked into the yard and despite the charges, tow send the race. aaron hernandez made the trip from prison to court today as his lawyers try to get key evidence thrown out for his upcoming double murder trial. his lawyers say police never should have given a search warrant to seize his suv. prosecutors say hernandez is driving that suv the
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the judge did not rule on this today. jury selection starts tomorrow in the case of teenager accused of murdering his teacher inside cancers high school. the defense is expected to argue that phillip chism was insane when he killed colleen m,rcel. new at 11, you make improvements, save your property. than home sellers take a new step: remove all your prescription drugs. realtors say, sadly, open houses are becoming easy targets for pill thieves. >> it does change the dynamic. >> reporter: david waluca has been selling houses for almost 40 years, and over the past few, he's seen a recurrent problem get worse at open houses. >> at the end of the day, by myself, a two-story house. a young woman came with a baby on her arm. she said, "do you mind if i put the baby down and run upstairs." . >> reporter: she was in and out, the only person to see that house alone. >> the next day i got a call from the homeowner there were pills missing from the medicine cabinet.
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>> reporter: realtors are reporting a lot of the same problem: their open houses can attract drug addicts who in some cases try to steal the seller's prescription pills. >> we have had people go into through medicine cab net. >> reporter: police and addiction advocates offered a solution in these small plastic bags. real estate agents will start handing them out to homeowners who can clean out their prescriptions before an open house. >> every little bit and every bit of piece that can be done adds to address being opiate epidemic. >> reporter: if homeowners discover old pills they don't need anymore, they can drop them in one of these containers in just about any police department. >> it's sad we have to be in this kind of a situation, but it is what it is. >> reporter: but realtors say this is an easy way for them to be part of a solution. jim armstrong, wbz news. a united airlines co-pilot passed out in the cockpit. it comes a day after a different pilot died mid-flight. today's flight was heading from
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francisco when that co-pilot passed out. the plane had to be diverted to albuquerque. the co-pilot was conscious by the time that plane landed. it was yesterday michael johnston died of a heart attack on flight from phoenix to boston. well tonight, the rain is over, but the flooding still causing major problems in south carolina, and the governor is warning people that this could be the case far into the future. paula evans is following the latest developments. paula? >> reporter: the flooding around columbia is receding; but these floodwaters are now expected to shift toward the sea, overwhelming levees and dams, and leave behind more devastation. residents are bringing damaged belongings to the curb after record flooding in columbia, south carolina. >> what we'll have to do is gut the entire house, dry it out, and start from scratch. >> o'my good. >> reporter: angela kohl's house is ruined. she and her family were rescued
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after posting an sos on facebook. >> we're here, and we're alive, and that's all that matters. my cuds are safe. >> reporter: crews worked to form a make-shift dam on the congaree river. they plan to drop hundreds of sandbags to close a breach in the canal. the big concern is the low country. for several rivers -- make their way to the sea. >> we're going to be extremely careful. we are watch being minute by minute. >> reporter: tens of thousands don't have applicants is to drinking water. donations are pouring in, and four distribution sites have been set up in columbia. more than 800 people are staying in shelters, and additional evacuations could be ordered if the water starts to rise again. seventeen deaths in north and south carolina are now blamed on the flooding. david? >> all right, paula. and the staggering amount of rainfall in the carolinas brings us to our number of the night. eleven trillion, that's how many gallons of rain has fallen, nearly enough to erase
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new tonight, new york's attorney general has begun an investigation into the fantasy sports site's draft kings and span iel over concerns of possible insider information. an employee won $350,000 from rival fan dual. new york officials want documents to see how these sites prevent fraud. mother area healy is also looking into these sites. coming up in this newscast, john keller looks at how the growing popularity of these sites could threaten our state's casino boom. tonight a celebration of the best in boston sports. >> right. david ortiz, rob konkowski, they were taking part in the globeies tonight. also honored, liam fits gerald, named most inspirational fan. >> first time out for the globe doing that. looks like it was a big hit >> right. really giving some great people much deserved attention. coming up next, the
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why you could be spending a whole lot loss heating your home this went glare how a shark attack wound up saving a local man's life. >> and showing their love, students rallying to save a teacher's job. >> the powerball winner's plans to spread the wealth. >> a nice warmup coming our way for tomorrow. 70s in the forecast. will they stick around? take a look at your holiday
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on,
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the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew, and bluecross blueshield has me. students in brooke loon love larry chen's passion in the classroom. >> now his job is on the line because someone overheard him using the full version of -- for the couple of kids after school. today students marched from school to town hall to voice their outrage. >> it was so devastating to find out such a beloved
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away from us in that way. >> whatever resolution allows me to get back to these guys as soon as possible, that's what matters. >> no comment from the school department. in fact, it won't even say when there could be a decision about ch,n's future. there's a job opening tonight working the third shift at a fiberglass factory in michigan. if you're asking how is that news? well it is, because the person who just left is july leech, who just claimed the $310 million power-ball jackpot. the suddenly retired leech said she's going to use some of that money to build homes for her friend and for her three children. this is sort of a mini jackpot for homeowners in new england, should be spending a lot loss to hat your home this winter. whether you use oil, propane, or natural gas, the government says the combination of lower prices and warmer weather will save you some cash. however, it is worth noting this same forecast predicted a warm winter for us last year. >> they're going to try to get it right for -- let's talk about a beach
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day, which is what we actually had around here. >> didn't seem it started off as a beach day. we were down in the 30s. >> what's the source on that forecast? it definitely wasn't warm last winter. today, you know, if you add about 15 degrees to this picture, warm enough to enjoy a gorgeous summer afternoon, be it as it may it was a nice day, blue skies and big surf rolling in. the combination of kind of a few days of on-shore flow; but also, of course, joaquin, which is looking very impressive, moving at 29 miles per hour, 80 miles per hour winds, maintaining strength over the north atlanta. that's a little bit rare. heads up to portugal. as it moves this way to the northeast, it won't be a hurricane any longer. it will become a storm like a nor'easter heading into the start of next weekend. our story tonight, another chilly one. not expecting widespread 30s like we started the day with today, very cold out the door. mostly we're going to hold in thes across the region.
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every day has been below average. some chill in the air. tomorrow we're going to do a better job of rebounding. a few high clouds drifting across the region tonight. there's a cool front that's approaching. you notice there's no rain with this front. tomorrow with that actuallyically start, you want a jacket out the door. by the afternoon, we're up around 70 degrees, a nice mild finish after that cold weekend. sunrise at 6:48. as we head toward midday, we're up into the 60s. mostly cloudy and pleasant, a west, northwesterly breeze. most towns top out close to 70. a nice fall evening, goody to be outdoors. 72 in boston, the first above- average day of temperatures this month. pittsburgh up to 71 degrees. and rockport a high of 69. for the rest of this week, ups and downs in the forecast. we have that warm day tomorrow. thursday, high pressure builds in, cooler air. highs just may get into the low 60s. wind turns around to the south on friday. that brings up more moisture, and our only chance of rain in the forecast. friday afternoon into the
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night, some showers, even some downpours expected with this front. friday night, maybe some issues with your plans. the good news, we head into the holiday weekend, that front is starting to move offshore. a chilly saturday to cub off your columbus day weekend. sunday we moderate a little bit, getting up into the 6 0s. by monday, we're talking about 7 0s for high temperatures. a little something for everybody out there. if you're moving north to do a little leaf peeking, highs in the 50s for saturday and sunday. i think the clearest days will be saturday and monday. a little more cloud cover around during the second half on the week. your full acuweather 7-day. friday is the only one we're highlights for a little rainfall. other than that, a great fall stretch. plenty of opportunities to got outside, and yes the chilly nights are gouge continue. the heating builds, maybe just beginning. >> and it's been good for the grass, too. >> making a rebound. >> all right eric. thank you. now to a wbz exclusive. saved by a shark attack.
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shark smashed into him, leaving him with a deep cut, bruises as well. but that encounter actually ended up saving his life. >> the shark was a real message to me. >> reporter: it was just a family vacation on huntington beach, california. eugene, his two kids, and a girlfriend having a care-free time; and during a swim. >> something struck me from behind. i've never been hit like that before. it was pretty jarring kind of gave me an instant whiplash. >> it was a shark. eugene struggled out of the water. >> that's when my daughter said to me, how come your back is all bloody. >> a mean gash down his back. >> that night i started having pretty soar use head and chest pains. >> reporter: he went to saint elizabeth's in brighton. >> the pain was caused by bruising of the thoracic cavity dow to blunt force trauma.
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>> reporter: but it was what they told him next that hit harder than any shark. >> they discovered a growth or tumor on my right kidney about the size of a walnut. >> reporter: it was cancer, and two weeks ago, dr. ian gulf terr took it out. >> if this hadn't happened with the shark, causing many to go in with this chest pain, i would have never known about this cancer. >> that led to a solution that saved his life. that is pretty fascinating when you think about it, right? . >> i feel fortunate. i really feel like i've gotten life. it. >> what a story. catching the can sr. early, even if it was by accident, they say, made a huge difference. his prognosis is great. doesn't need radiation, doesn't need chemotherapy. >> how often do we ask people, "are you gouge go . . >> so much to celebrate.
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the red sox are in the in the playoffs. i kind of like the way they are going. >> there's some good news >> sometimes you can still win when you're not in. houston got rid of one big problem: the yankees. the crowds began tonight and ended quickly tonight for the yankees. it was 0-zip in the al wild card game. top of the 2nd, no score. off the bat, colby, a solo shot, off tanaka. 1-0 houston. top of the 4th, another no- outer. way back into the seats, putting astros up in front 2-0. dallas kiko looked ever bit the cy young award
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candidate tonight, 6 shut-out innings while striking out 7. that was on 3 days' rest, by the way. bottom of the 9th, down 3-0. astros win the wild card 3-0, and will now face the royals in the alcs. the preseason in italy this afternoon, taking on olympia milano in part of the's global games to promote the league overseas. this one was -- newcomer david lee got the start. 3 assists, 2 steals, just 21 minutes. amur johnson, a sweet ally oop. johnson had 6 points, 0-4. jared saling,r came off the bench. he was productive as well. scored 4 point in 15 minutes. how about isaiah thomas? also off the bench, looked good. the easy layup. thomas led the team with 18
11:24 pm
minutes of action, and marcus smart -- on the way up. smart 11 points, 6 assists. 124-91 win they're back in action thursday night, and they talk on madrid in spain. the patriots get the day off. they get back to work tomorrow, gear up for sunday's game in dallas for the cowboys. for a preview, check out "all access" this friday night at 7 right here on wbz. sunday, wbz gets started with the patriots game. kickoff is sat 4:25. followed by a 6th quarter postgame show. wbz is your home for thursday night football. this week, the texans host the colts. big z missed the 2nd half of training camp with an upper-body injury. after practice he said he felt better, but wasn't sure if he'd play in the season opener thursday night. that's sports for now. guys? .
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>> all right, steve betting on sports is getting almost as popular as the game itself. >> next john keller looks at why the fantasy frenzy could mean big trouble for our new casino. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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as you might have heard, an employee of the popular fantasy football web site has raised eyebrows by winning 350 grand from a come competing site. the volume of that big score and the attention paid to it shows how hot this form of online gaming has become, and we wondered, what does this mean for our economic bet on casinos? . >> football is already exciting. this is taking it to a whole other level. >> reporter: and with mind-bog ling speed. on-line fantasy sports are emerging as game of choice for 20 and 30 somethings, including the students of gambling industry expert richard mcgun of be right backc, who polled one of his classes recently on the topic. >> eighty percent of the women were playing fantasy sports. >> reporter: and as the jackpots get bigger and the height grows, there's no end in sight unless regulators step in to curb the upstart new industry. is that locally? . >> in.
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you can try to regulate, but the vast majority of the population wants to do it. >> reporter: even as traditional casinos face an uncertain future. the planned mgm casino in springfield has suffered delays and dramatic cutback in the original plan. and while the slots parlor in plainville is off to a hot start, the clientele skies older. >> they like to play against each other in a fun way, and that's what fantasy sports allows you to do. >> would you bet on the casino business model looking the same five years from now that it does today? . >> it will not be. it's going to look very different. >> reporter: yeah. and the question may be how different. >> but they're always adjusting, aren't they, the casinos in order to stay relevant. >> sure. they've transitioned more into a family entertainment kind of thing. the whole rise of destination resort casinos, but they've already got a problem: the cold-weather casinos, like the ones we're building here. how do you get people to come out in february, as we were talking about last night to go out for an evening out?
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and, you know, when the alternative is you can hang out at home with your friends and play fantasy sports. that's a big question facing the industry. >> big money in your living room. >> what could be better? . >> thanks, john. appreciate it. up next, eric takes one more look at the forecast. >> we'll be right back after this. now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast
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