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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 7, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now at 4:30, taking sites. the new investigation under way this morning. >> a toddler dies after visiting a county fair. he's not the only child who got sick and what parents can do to keep their kids safe. >> plus, a nursing mother from massachusetts prompting change. how her humiliating ordeal at an airport is getting change for other moms across the country. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail:
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this wednesday. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. yesterday felt so good when the sun was shining through the >> it's so clear. a repeat, danielle. >> it will be absolutely beautiful, you guys. i was just about to run away because this is not the graphic be on. i bread the play button -- i pressed the play button, but it doesn't seem to want to work. temperatures under the 60s and0s. this morning, we're in the 40s in a lot of spots. 54 in provincetown. just a few high, thin clouds over the region filtering the sunshine a bit this morning. your planner goes this way. cool start. sun and clouds, 67 degrees for lunchtime today. the wind pretty light out of
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the west-northwest and top out around 70. upper 60s at the coast. quite pleasant for the ride home with sunset at 6:16. we have cooler air on the way for tomorrow and showers for friday. we'll talk more about all of it when i catch my breath, kathryn. >> you get an" a "for effort. she ran all the way over to the computers and all the way back. new scrutiny over concerns of insider information at boston-based draftkings. last night, new york's attorney general launched an investigation into the site after it was revealed an employee at draftkings won $350,000 from fan duel. massachusetts attorney general maura healey is looking into the sites. a boston college professor expects more regulations. >> it's going to come either from outside or from within.
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individual would have confidence in the game unless i can say i can trust there's no one cheating on me. >> there's no evidence any insider trading was used. new york officials have asked for documents to show how the site prevents fraud. for now, both companies have temporarily banned workers from playing on each other's sites. the defense for philip chism is expected to argue he was insane when he murdered his teacher. chism was 14 at the time but will be tried as an adult. the coast guard is still searching for any sign of
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>> reporter: the 41-year-old ship was due to arrive. it was there to prepare the engine room for a retrofitting. that engine lost power last thursday as it neared hurricane joaquin leaving the 33 crew members stranded at the worst possible time. the el faro's owners don't problem. the ntsb will take over. the coast guard located one body in a survival suit. they are still looking for the rest of the crew, which includes two massachusetts men. jeffrey mathias and keith griffin. in griffin's hometown, childhood friends gathered to pray for a friend. >> i pray that there is that miracle and glimpse of hope.
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moment. everyone's smiling because any story you have that involves face. he was just the greatest kid. >> reporter: another vigil is scheduled in kingston, the hometown of jeff mathias. chris, back to you. today, boston's mayor and top cop are taking their to washington. mayor marty walsh and commissioner bill evans will attend the summit of violent crime today to discuss some of the ideas they've used to help build community relations like walks against violence. the two have often hit the streets together. boston has seen its lowest homicide rate in 15 years. a city council candidate is facing charges for kicking and killing a 17-year-old dog. police say toby was working on a rental property saturday when the chihuahua mix walked into the yard and relieved himself. despite the charges, he says he
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won't quit the race. a maine toddler has died of e. coli after visiting a county fair in maine. he was 20 months old and his father says the boy had severe diarrhea shortly after visiting a petting zoo last month. maine health officials say another child contracted e. coli at the fair but haven't linked the illnesses to the petting zoo there. experts say the best defense dense e. coli is -- against e. coli is washing your hands effectively. in south carolina, flood waters are receding, but the danger isn't over yet. more dams are in danger of failing.
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make them see the damage left behind. the state's capital supplies drinking water. several people have been killed. cruise are working overtime to reopen the intersection of salem and prince street in the north end. there was a massive water main break. roads buckled. prince street is still closed but salem and the surrounding streets are back open. a nursing mother looking for a place was sent to a spot where dogs relieve themselves. the woman's complaint is leading to big changes. >> reporter: liz is a new mom. camden is four months old but she is back to work, so that means pumping breast milk on the run. >> doctors before you even deliver tell you breast millic is best for the baby for the first six months. through washington dulles
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airport on business she needed a private spot to pump. at logan airport, they have small clean rooms for bumping complete with a sink. so she summed dulles had one, too. so she inquired. >> the service agent direct me towards the family rest room or pet relief center. >> reporter: when she arrived, this is what she found. >> a red fire hydrant for a dog to relieve themselves. that's not where i'm going to pump my breast milk for my baby. >> reporter: an open air for dogs to go to the bathroom. liz took to twitter to discuss her discussion. the family bathroom was dirty with no area to pump, so she asked again for a spot. no luck. >> i'm not looking for free drinks. i don't want your wi-fi. i just want a secure private location for 15 minutes for breast milk and i'll be on my
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>> reporter: with no other options she pumped right in the terminal, a terminal choice no mom should have to face. >> there are working moms out there that need to pump their breast milk. this is not ground breaking. >> reporter: united airlines called liz on tuesday night. they apologize and said they are changing their policy and there would be a room available to new moms. kate merrill, wbz news this morning. 4:39 is the time. a united airlines co-pilot passed out in the cockpit one day after another pilot died mid-flight. the plane was heading from houston to san francisco yesterday when the co-pilot passed out. the plane diverted to albuquerque. he regained consciousness by the time the plane landed. on monday, michael johnston, a pilot for american airlines died of a heart attack during a flight. coming up on wbz this morning, equal pay for equal work.
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it's 4:42 on your wednesday morning. dunkin' doughnuts is trying to compete with mcdonald's new all day breakfast. >> jill wagner joins us with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> good morning, chris and catherine. california is leveling the playing field when it comes to wage gaps between men and women. bosses can't pay women less than men for "substantially similar work even if they have different titles or work in different locations." dunkin' donuts' response to all day breakfast rollout, bring on the bacon. all day coffee and breakfast sandwiches are a huge money- maker for dunkin' donuts and now they are rolling out a bacon sausage sandwich, sweet black pepper bacon sandwich and even a doughnut with crispy bacon and maple glaze.
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christmas book this year starting with the fantasy gifts including a grab bag for $125, a ride to space for $90,000 and the $150,000 motorcycle that includes a two-day ride with leaves along with keanu reeves. >> where has he been? >> i'm still stuck on "speed," when i think of him. >> or the "matrix." >> thank you, jill. today is international walk to school day. >> cutting traffic congestion as well, but will it be warm enough this morning? there that's the big question.
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let's check in with danielle nilesp. >> it is beautiful. no weather-related issues. we'll call it 46 on average so typical for a fall start. you'll need the light jacket if you are walking to school or heading to the bus stop. sunrise, 6:48 this morning. look at this, by the end of school today, you will be up to around 70 degrees. it looks like a beautiful fall day on tap for new england. currently, the temperature in boston is 52. the air is crisp, dry, and the wind out of the northwest right now won't be an issue during the day today. we're in the 40s for most of the suburbs. it's 41, one of the cooler spots in taunton right now. 45 in nashua, same with keene where we were in the 30s yesterday. satellite and radar shows clouds overhead. it looks worse than they actually are. a lot of these are high, thin clouds. we'll get filtered sunshine as it comes up. you'll notice there's not a lot
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of action across the northeast. there is a cold front. can you tell where it is on the map. look at the temperature. 26 degrees in international falls. so that's the change in air mass. we won't be that cold, obviously, but we will get a reinforcing shot of cooler air that comes in during the day tomorrow. the colt front approaches and we'll -- the cold front approaches and we'll get the classic cold front, sunny crisp, cool tomorrow. here comes showers. friday morning, i think most of us will be dry. north and west of boston, particularly through vermont, western new hampshire, the berkshires could see pockets of rain. i can't rule out an isolated shower but most of the activity will come in during the afternoon and evening hours. eye few downpours can't be ruled out and this pushes
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through on friday night into early saturday. after midnight, still dealing with pockets of rain. meantime today, look at this, upper 06s at the coastline today. low to -- upper 60s at the coastline today. norwood back up to fitchburg 71. tonight is similar to what we have this morning. mainly clear skies, about 50 downtown. tomorrow will be a bright, beautiful day. notice temperatures about 5 to 15 degrees cooler. mid-60s inland. those showers come through on friday and push out of here saturday. then the weekend looks great. cool on saturday, a little breezy, too, and then a warming trend into columbus day and the low 70s, you guys, for the start of next week. 4:47 is the time. shark attack. he was swimming in california when the shark smashed into him. >> the injuries from that encounter ended up saving his life.
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to me. >> reporter: it was just a family vacation on huntington beach, california. eugene, his two kids, and his girlfriend having a care free time. then he took a swim. behind. before. it kind of gave me an instant whiplash. >> reporter: it was a shark. water. >> that's when my daughter said, daddy, how come your back is all bloody? >> reporter: a mean gash down his back. >> that night, i started having serious chest and back pain. >> reporter: when he got home, it only got worse so he went to st. elizabeth's in brighton. >> the pain was caused by interior bruising of the force trauma. >> reporter: what they told him next hit harder than any shark. >> they had discovered a growth or a tumor on my right kidney
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>> reporter: it was cancer. two weeks ago at the hospital, the doctor took it out. >> if this hadn't happened with the shark causing me to go in with the chest pain, i wouldn't have known about the cancer. >> it led to a situation that saved his life. that is fascinating. >> i have a second chance at life, and i'm not going to blow it. >> catching the cancer early made all of the difference. >> what a story. >> yeah. like a shark attack saved my life. what do you mean? what? unbelievable. coming up, what led to a frat house fight in rhode island? >> two football mayors off the team. >> plus, new details for people trying to sell their homes and what you are being asked to do
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. >> 4:52 on your wednesday morning. new york's attorney general has launched an investigation into two fantasy sports sites. the ag's office has asked boston-based draft kings and new york-based fan duel for documents to show how the sites prevent fraud. the request comes after it was revealed that an employee at fan dual.
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today in the case of a teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher inside danvers high school. the defense is expected to argue that philip chism was insane when he killed colleen ritzer. he was 14 at the time but will be tried as an adult. clearing out clutter is part of selling your home. now you may want to clean out the medicine cabinet, too. they are easily becoming targets for thieves looking for prescription drugs. in norfolk county, realtors will start handing out resealable bags to help homeowners get all medications out of the house. tomorrow on beacon hill, governor baker will mark the 20th anniversary of national depression screening day. a new screening tool is being unveiled at the statehouse. good morning, bree. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn. screening for mental health is a group based in massachusetts. they work to raise awareness
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now they help in the push to destigmatize depression and mental illness. >> there's a little welcome message here. >> reporter: check it out. this is a screening for mental health tools where folks can self-test for depression at the statehouse tomorrow. they walked me through the screening tool that can be deployed to college campuses, health clinics, you name it. they envision the kiosks sitting alongside other medical equipment like a blood pressure cuff to send a message that than physical health. >> anywhere from 7 to 8 million people suffer from depression who do not get treatment. some of it is that they do not recognize their body symptoms such as sleep or eating or depression. >> reporter: the kiosk can confidentially screen for more disorders. it's not a substitute for a diagnosis, but you can print
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you to our own doctor. or if you need help find ail professional, the kiosk can help you with that as well. the screenings invite the public to check out the kiosks tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. when governor baker proclaims october 8 national depression screening day in massachusetts. kathryn, back to you. >> thank you, bree. two young men from massachusetts have been kicked off the university of rhode island football team after a fight at a frat house. 19-year-old barrett lyons of belmont and michael leblanc are facing assault and disorderly charges. three fraternity brothers were taken to the hospital after the fight happened saturday night. five other football players have been suspended. the yankees make a short appearance in the playoffs. they face off against the astros and new york last night. colby rasmus put houston on the board with the solo shot in the second. houston goes on to win the wild
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card game 3-0. they will now face the kansas city royals in the american league division series. the nl wild card game is tonight. it will be the chicago cubs against the pittsburgh piratesp. a celebration of the best in boston sports. david ortiz and rob gronkowski take part in the first awards show. it honored bruins. liam fitzgerald named most inspirational fan. and pete frates received the community hero award. a massachusetts man who capitalized on our brutal winter is trying out a new business venture. >> the latest item he's shipping all over the country, and we'll tell about you it. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. you may remember this from the winter. a massachusetts man offered to ship snow from here to anywhere in new york. >> this time, he's back at it sending out a bundle of fall foliage. he's using a unique preservation process so the leaves last year years. the three-leaf bundle will cost about $20 which he says is a steal considering the piles of snow were $89. the web site began accepting orders yesterday. >> you have to give it to him. it's unique. >> danielle will get mad at me because she was home sick at
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college and her mom sent her foliage. >> that's sweet.
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