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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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introducing longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. right now at 6:00, the murder of a math teacher goes to trial today. we have a closer look. >> a child dies after visiting the county fair and what parents can do to keep their kids safe. >> a nursing mother prompting big changes. how a humiliating deal is getting results from other traveling moms. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail:
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good morning to you. it is wednesday, october 7. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. i want to get a look at danielle with a look out the door. >> reporter: we have a gorgeous afternoon on tap with sunshine, temperatures warming up to 52 in boston right now. 41 in norwood. widespread but not as chilly as yesterday. we have 30s on the map so it's not that cold. we have high, thin clouds out there. there's a cool start, 48 degrees. no weather-related issues, though. beautiful by lunchtime, 66 with a blend of sun and clouds topping out around 70 degrees today. quite pleasant for your ride home. 67 with the sunset. cooler air tomorrow and showers for friday. coming up, let's get you on the roads. an accident north of boston highlights the problems
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on the roads right now. the crash is up in haverhill. the scene is at the bottom of the ramp from river street to 495 south. 93 southbound is heaviest in the wilmington stretch. to the south, we've got plenty of slow spots. 128 southbound route 3 northbound heavy roqueland to the split. finally 95 north, stop and go neponset street to 128. chris, kathryn? the teen accused of raping and killing his math teacher in danvers goes on trial today. >> jury selection will get under way today. nicole jacobs has a closer look at this case. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. it was nearly two years ago colleen ritzer's body was found behind danvers high school and almost immediately
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one of her ninth grade math students. he was also reported missing and seen on surveillance video and following ritzer into a spool bathroom. it was inside prosecutors say the then 14-year-old chism attacked his math teacher raping her slitting her throat. the next day ritz wears found dead and chism walking along the side of the road. it was widely reported that ritzer asked chism to stay after school as he seemed distracted earlier in class. with videotaped interviews, he confessed saying ritzer provoked the attack by insulting him. that videotaped confession became the source of debate. chisms lawyers say they coerced him into making that confession. ultimately, the judge denied allowing it to be part of at
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he is being tried as an adult. his attorneys are expected to use an insanity defense. we're live in salem, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. today, boston's mayor and top cop are taking their passion for community policing for washington, d.c. mayor marty walsh and commissioner evans will attend a summit on violent crime to discuss ideas they used to build community relations in the city. the two have often hit the streets together right after incidents of violence. boston has seen its lowest homicide rate in 15 years. and facing charges for kicking and killing a 17-year- old dog. police say toby you see here was working on a rental property saturday when the chihuahua mix walked into the yard and releaved himself. despite the charges, he says he
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won't quit running in the race. two fantasy sports sites now under investigation. the new scrutiny comes amid possible insider information at boston-based draftkings and new york-based fan duel. susie steimle is live in boston with the latest in the good morning, susie. chris. she's sites promise to make they're players a lot of money. this week, that turned out to be true. it was a draftkings employee who made a ton of money playing on the site fan duel and now fans want to know if they are being duped. winning big money from watching one week of football. the latest fantasy football sites promise to make that ape reality. our employees at draftkings and fan duel use inside information to an unfair advantage. >> sort of like the casino manager all of a sudden hitting
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>> reporter: an inquiry was opened after a draftkings employee won $350,000 on rival site. there is no information that anything improper happened. >> if i had to bet there's going to be some kind of regulation. >> reporter: right now, the sites have managed to have the same regulations enforced on sports betting. >> nobody will want to play the games if they think they are rigged. >> reporter: employees from both sites are now banned from betting. the new web sites have given the state an idea of how it can make money like this according to "the boston herald." the state treasurer was talking about launching a fantasy site through the state and says they wouldn't have these types of problems because an estate-run system through the lottery. the employees couldn't play. right now it's just an idea, though.
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wbz news this morning. a payne maine toddler has died. colleton gray was 20 months old. he has severe diarrhea after visiting a pet zag at the oxford county fair last month. maine health officials say another child contracted e. coli at the fair but they haven't definitively linked it to the petting zoo. the best defense against e. hands. they have put in more than 400 hand sanitizing stations. buildings flooded out and roads buckled. prince street is still closed.
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sail sum now open. the ntsb is now on the scene of the cargo ship disaster near the bahamas to find out why the el faro sank. the coast guard is still searching for survivors out there. good morning, bree. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the 41-year-old ship was due to retire from crimean duty soon. the five polish workers on board were there to repair the engine room for receipt 'stro fitting. that engine lost power thursday as it neared hurricane joaquin leaving the 33 crew members same. the el faro's owners do not believe the work caused the problems that ultimately led to the sinking. the ntsb will take over voyage data recorder. the coast guard welcomed one body in a survival suit.
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crew that includes massachusetts men. griffin's hometown of winthrop, the town and friends gathered to pray. >> i pray that there is that miracle or glimpse of hope for him. if anybody deserves to be found. >> everyone's smiling because any story you have that involves keith will put a smile on your face. he was just the greatest kid. >> reporter: another vigil is scheduled for tonight in kingston, the hometown of jeff mathias. in south carolina, flood waters are rae seeding but the danger is not over yet. more dams are in danger of failing. additional evacuations may be ordered. it's revealing the extensive damage left behind. right now, the national guard is trying to close a breach in the state's capital that
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15 people have died in south carolina. another two were killed in north carolina. a united airlines co-pilot passes out in the cockpit one day after another pilot died mid-flight. the plane was headed to houston when the co-pilot passed out. that plane then diverted to albuquerque. he regained consciousness by the time they landed. united airlines is apologizing to a newton mom and promising to install a room for nursing mothers and washington's dulles airport. liz cooper took to twitter when she was told to pump her breast milk to where a dog relieves himself. when asking for a private place to pump, she ended up having to
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pump in the terminal after being told to go to the rest room or a dog relief station. >> there was a red fire hydrant for dogs to relieve themselves. >> reporter: at logan airport there say small, clean room complete with a counter, seat, and sink. coming up, a local man says he owes his life to a shark. >> the attack that uncovers a serious health problem. it is a wbz exclusive. two football players are off the university team. those details are coming up. >> and standing up for a teacher. the controversy that's had them staging a walkout. temperatures once again on the school side. we make a rebound. beautiful sunshine and 71 degrees with a great stretch of fall weather. coming up, a live look at the city of boston.
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right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center specializing in you. 6:14 on your wednesday morning. today is supposed to be the best weather we see all week. so it's very appropriate that today is also international walk to school day. >> the massachusetts d.o.t. is urging parents to walk
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their students to class or help them get their by bike. last year, 50,000 students took part in the day. every day. really? i did in elementary school. >> all of the schools are close together so not too far to walk. >> today will be perfect for it. it will be a repeat of yesterday but even better, danielle, temperature-wise. >> yes, if you like the warmth, while be two, three degrees above where we were yesterday in many communities. so great for walking to school. a cool start and no weather- related issues. mild today, we do turn cooler tomorrow. we'll be in the low0s today, 60s tore tomorrow afternoon. the columbus day weekend forecast is look going. we'll have a warming trend into columbus day as well.
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meantime, temperatures are in the 50s. rise. notice 60s by 11:00 a.m. during the day today. yesterday. yes, it's a chilly start running in the lower 40s in the suburbs, but we will here nor many communities. 48 in chatham and falmouth right now. some of the middle and high altitude clouds out there. the sunshine makes for a really nice sunrise coming up just over a half hour from now. mean tile, not a lot of action across the north -- meantime, not a lot of action across the northeast. that's the cold front and leading edge of the chillier air that will come back into the picture during the day tomorrow. until then, we load up and passing clouds.
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around 60 toe coast. changes. the high slips off the coast. clouds friday morning, but there's going to be rain close england. you might get clipped around the mass/new hampshire border. friday afternoon, showers north and west of boston. they will be scattered in nature as the front approaches by the evening. that bill last. the front clear this, overnight clear. highs tomorrow about 10 degrees cooler and evening showers on friday. the holiday weekend is looking great. breezy and cool to start on saturday. bright and pleasant mid-60s. low 70s for columbus day. seeing plenty of backups out there now, north and south of the city starting with the south. the toughest ride is probably
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route 3 northbound crawling split. 24 north, heavy brockton and 128. checking the north with a live look over 93 in somerville. that's in wilmington and montvale ave. route 3 southbound inches along in the lowell stretch with 495 to trouble cove. chris, kathryn? we have a wbz exclusive for you. a fitchburg man saved by a shark attack. >> it's odd putting these things together. eugene was swimming during a family vacation when a shark smashed into him leaving with cuts and bruises. after returning home, he had pain. doctors found internal bruising from the shark attack but also found a cancerous tumor on his kidney.
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>> if this hadn't happened with the shark, i wouldn't have ever known about the cancer. >> catching the cancer early was great and he doesn't need cancer or chemo. and fighting for one of the teachers on the verge of losing his job. his job is on the line because someone overheard him using the full version of the term b.s. school. >> yesterday, seventh and eighth graders marched to voice their outrage. >> it was devastating to find out such a beloved teacher could be treated that way. >> whatever gets me back to these guys as soon as possible is what matters. >> they won't even say when there could be a decision. two young men from
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massachusetts have been kicked off the university of rhode island's football team after a fight at a frat house. 19-year-old barrett lyons and michael leblanc are facing assault charges. they were taken after five other football players that have been suspended. >> the yankees making a short appearance in the playoffs. colby rasmus with this solo shot. houston goes on to win 3- 0royals. tonight will be the chicago cubs against the pittsburgh pirates. it is 6:20 right now. is technology taking over our life? >> the two new apps that got our jon keller's attention. >> volkswagen announces when it will start recalling cars in
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welcome back. volkswagen's new ceo says fixing the damage from an emissions rigging scandal. software was installed in as many as 11 million diesel vehicles designed and he hopes that number is much lower. repairs would be finished by the end of 2016. nowadays it seems like there's an app about everything. >> jon keller questions if they are taking technology a little too far. >> reporter: good morning, i was startled and appalled yesterday when i saw an ad for a gnaw smart basketball that pairs with an app on your smoke phone to prevent crowd noise,
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may by plagued countdowns as you rise for the game-winning shot. the running commentary that you and your friends provides for your pickup game was part of the fun. we saw no need for a running calculation of our statistics. what's next, a computerized ref fouling you out? i'm sure this product will be a big hit as our culture gives itself over completely to technology that often undercuts any need for human interaction or imagination. >> i felt better when i learned about card block a new add-on that will intercept and block any mention of any member of the kardashian family, replacing them with links to charitable causes. god bless american ingenuity. the problem is, you can't block out all exposure to the cultural depravity and boredom
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kids to choose real life over virtual existence. once they've got that smartphone, the horse is out of the barn. in the end it's up to us, the consumers, to use our brains instead of just letting them be used. are we up to that challenge? tell me what you think at weller@wb and restoring your pearly whites, but does it work? >> as we go to break, four things you might want to know
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right now at 4:30 a police cruiser involved in a crash while transporting a prison. >> and rounding up and the local city where police made a big bust. >> we have your first look at a new screening tool being unveiled tomorrow. >> good morning to you. it's 6:30. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. temperature-wise throughout the day. >> it's going to be a beautiful
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afternoon with middle and high sky. degrees. right now. it's from portsmouth to orange and manchester all sitting at 45 right now. we're in the mid to upper 40s in the cape. there are the clouds and clearing will come in. sunrise officially coming up at 6:48. midday lunch fantastic. the west-northwest breeze about 5 to 15 miles per hour at times today and a nice, fall evening, which should be around 68 in general with temperatures topping out around 70 later on today. sunset at 6:16. we turn cooler tomorrow with showers for friday. details on all of it coming up. let's get you on the roads. busy out there, robi? >> reporter: two accidents to tell about you west of boston
6:29 am
right now. one's out in concorde at a busy spot. crosby's corner with a lot of ongoing construction going on anyway. mass pike eastbound where the left lane is now blocked out there. chris, kathryn? >> thanks, robi. new this morning, a crash involving a state police cruiser overnight. we're told a trooper transporting a prisoner was arrested for oui when his cruiser was hit by a car in dorchester. the trooper and driver were not hurt. the prisoner was taken to the hospital. the other driver was cited for driving under suspension. jury selection gets under way this morning for the teenage er accused of killing his teacher.
6:30 am
>> reporter: good morning, kathryn. colleen ritzer and her student were reported missing. within 24 hours, ritzer's body would be found behind danvers high school and chisholm would be found walking along route 1 reportedly with some of ritzer's belongings. prosecutors say it was on surveillance video they saw the then 14-year-old following his math teacher in a bathroom. that's where they say he raped her and slit her throat. court documents say ritzer asked him to stay after stool when he seemed distracted. one piece of evidence is a videotaped interview with investigator where's chisholm allegedly confessed, reportedly claiming ritzer provoked the attack by insalting him.
6:31 am
investigators coerced him into making that confession. his defense team says he was insane at the time. that is expected to be the defense. jury selection begins today determining those who will ultimately decide chism's fate. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. more than a dozen suspected gang members are off the streets. 16 gang members and associates were arrested. this is a spark by a spike. you may want to clean out the medicine cabinet. realtors say open houses are becoming easy targets for prescription drugs. in norfolk county, realtors are hoping homeowners get all of the medication out of the house.
6:32 am
tomorrow on beacon hill, governor baker will mark the 25th anniversary of national depression screening day. in matters of the mind, bree has a sneak peek at a new screening tool being unveiled at the statehouse. this is interesting, bree. >> yeah, i think so. screening for mental health is a group based in massachusetts. they work to raise awareness and screen individuals for common disorders and now they are adapting familiar technology to help in the push to destigmatize depression and mental illness. >> you walk up to it, and there is a little welcome message here. >> here we go. screening for mental health will show case a kiosk. they watched me through the screening tool that can be deployed to health clinics, you name it. they envision this kiosk like a blood pressure cuff. sending a message mental
6:33 am
>> 7 to 8 million people suffer from depression. they do not recognize that some of the body symptoms such as sleep, eating, or energy could be symptomatic of depression. >> reporter: the kiosk can confidently screen for more than a half dozen different disorders. it is not a substitute for a diagnosis. you can print the findings and take them to your own doctor. screenings for mental health in the massachusetts department will invite to you check it out tomorrow morning at 10:00 when october 8 is dubbed as national depression screening day in massachusetts. a judge is considering a new request to throw out key evidence in the upcoming double murder case against dan hernandez. his lawyers argued police should never have been granted a search warrant because the
6:34 am
information came from a man who faroe island lie detector test. police say he was killing two people in 2012. new trouble for two popular fantasy sports web sitesp. >> new york's attorney general just launched an investigation into draftkings and its rival fan duel. live outside in boston with more on this controversy. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. these sites promise to make their players a lot of money, but this week, a $350,000 payout by fan duel to a draftkings employee raised a lot of eyebrows. it also prompted the new york a.g. to launch an investigation. maura healy will be looking into this in massachusetts as well. if you are just keeping up, these work like any other fantasy football sites but instead of playing the entire season, you can make money on a week to week basis.
6:35 am
a -- the allegation is that right now the employee had unfair advantage raising information. >> if they won at their own shady. questionable position. the integrity is of paramount importance. nobody wants to play if they think they are rigged. >> reporter: now in massachusetts this is launching an investigation by the ag's office and also acquiring interest as they might be able to make money off of it. they are talking about doingen a cider problems that these
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right now, this is just analyst ideal. the signs let you know when the next train will arrive. they were already in place in kenmore. yesterday crews activated signs in copley and arlington. you'll see them eastbound at boylston, park street, hey market, north station and science park by the end of the week. it's time for our "daily talker." there's a new way to clean your teeth and enhance the pearly whitesp. >> hey, robbie. >> that's right, halloween is right around the corner. so you might not be surprised if you saw someone with black teeth. you probably thought it was the wax stuff to pretend you are a hillbilly. this is to make your teeth look better. really atrabive.
6:37 am
the about it on pinterest. it's marketed as a teeth cleaner night a whitener. it does not carry the seal of approval from the american dental association. the paperwork is in that packaging that proves it's safe, so they say. the two testers didn't notice a difference in the whiteness of the teeth but they did say their mollars and bicuspids felt super duper clean. this is what you are saying. "no, because it stains caps and crowns so beware." tomorrow on facebook posted "good or bad, they could have come up with a better way to dispense the products."
6:38 am
a number of ways to with spectacular teeth with black charcoal in hand. >> robi, you didn't want to try that one out? >> well, i like cinnamon. a child dies of e. coli, another gets sick, how experts are setting the stage. >> mayor walsh and the police commissioner will be highlighting programs in washington today. danielle? >> great to see so many reports and temperatures running in the 30s and upper 40s. low 40s in belmont. thank to you all of your observations. i appreciate them every morning.
6:39 am
. homeowners in new england should be spending a lot less to heat. >> the government says the combination of low are prices you some money. >> it's worth noting that the same forecast predicted a warm winter for us last year. >> wait, so danielle? >> no. >> why are you blaming me?
6:40 am
[ laughter ] >> give me the credit for a nice weather day. can i just say that was the government forecast. >> thank you very much for telling him. that's not our danielle. look at you throwing her under the bus. >> you guys never throw me under the bus. you guys thank me like today. let's focus on the gorgeous sunrise. look at the colors and textures. megan o'leary grabbing this shot and tweeting it out minutes ago. it is going to be a beautiful fall day. it's chilly again. new hampshire is 39 right now. wakefield memorial sitting athe 42 and newton north high school 45 degrees. if you are walking to school or taking the bus, you need the extra or at least long sleeve sweatshirts. shortsleeves underneath those becoming sunny later on.
6:41 am
showing some of those middle and high altitude clouds. no precipitation as you run into the great lakes to run into scattered showers. look at chicago. 58. look at international falls. we've dipped even more. 22 degrees this morning. so you can see just the difference in coloring here. we won't get that cold but behind this front, there is a shot of cooler air that will arrive in new england by tomorrow. for now, nice weather this afternoon. up into low 70s we go with passing clouds. tomorrow, another nice classic fall day. sunny, crisp, cool. high temperatures 60 to 65. friday some changes. high pressure slips off the coast. it will be quite gusty on friday afternoon. clouds in the morning, rain to our north. the bulk of the action comes in later on in the day. so mid-afternoon, scattered
6:42 am
showers north and west of boston. they'll spread east toward the morning front. some periods of rain. looking great meantime up around 70. the wind out of the west- northwest, maybe 5 to 10 miles per hour today. 72 with sunshine in taunton and the 60s on the cape. overnight tonight, mainly clear. similar to this morning, right? so 50 downtown with low 40s in the coolest suburbs. highs tomorrow will be 10 degrees cooler than today. low 60s will do it. the light wind, accuweather seven-day forecast. 68 on friday, again, mostly cloudy with the late day showers. breezy, cool, 60 to start the weekend.
6:43 am
start next week looking like a great columbus day. robe why i? >> we have an update on the crash on the mass pike. let's go over the scene in framingham. this is the pike eastbound b. you can see the state police are on the scene. that wrecker just arrived a few minutes ago. so hopefully we can clear that situation up soon. a broken down car on the hov lane is backed up to the braintree split. chris, kathryn? while the coast guard searches for survivors, the ntsb is looking for the voyage data recorder, similar to the plane's so-called black box.
6:44 am
power during a storm. police say toby was working in his yard when a chihuahua walked into the yard and relieved himself. colleton gray's forth says the? if. another rhode islandville. health officials haven't officially linked it to the petting zoo. the best defense is thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water. boston's mayor and police commissioner are taking their participation to washington d.c. today. boston is seeing its lowest homicide rate in 15 years. it is 6:49.
6:45 am
pay for women. >> plus, what massachusetts is doing with dunkin' donuts is doing to compete with all day
6:46 am
welcome back. the hub way is expanding. there will soon be 15 more locations, including the first stop in brighton as well as new roxbury and charlestown.
6:47 am
the bike share program has nearly doubled in size since its launch in 2011. california is leveling the playing field when it comes to wage gaps between men and women. the governor signed the fair pay act yesterday. the law says bosses can't pay women less than men even if they work in locations. dunkin' donuts responded to the all day breakfast rollouts. all day coffee and breakfast sandwiches are already a huge money-maker. now they are testing out a bacon lovers sausage sandwich and sweet black pepper bacon sandwich and a doughnut with crispy crumbled bacon. mgm unveiling its vision for the springfield resort.
6:48 am
the "boston globes" award show has a main street feel. also the most inspirational fan and pete frates received the community award. it was 6:54. time for what's coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." >> good morning to you, chris and kathryn. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson is in studio 57. we'll ask about the controversial comments and we're in las vegas betting on the video game that requires skill and not just dumb luck. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages,
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like the new pumpkin macchiato
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. you may remember this story from the winter. a massachusetts man who offered to ship snow from boston anywhere in the u.s. >> now he's back at it. this time, though, sending out a bundle of fall foliage. kyle's using a unique preservation process so the years will last for years. the three-leaf bundle will cost about 20 bucks, which he says
6:51 am
piles of snow were of the shipping for it. i missed the fall when i was in florida state. i didn't even ask for it. my mom saint card and leaves fell out. i didn't even ask. i'll never forget it. >> have an awesome holiday weekend with a warming trend. >> i love that story with your mom. "cbs this morning" is cute. we'll see you back here for an update in 25 minutes.
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